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语专业 级阅读高频词汇

  1.Most people abhor cruelty to animals. hate
  2. The pain-killer abated
v. 缓和,减弱
his splitting headache.

  3. The mountain village is adjacent
to a highway.close to

  4. A good student does not need to be admonished about being absent too much. warn
  5. People are much better informed since the advent of television.arrival
  6. A good friend will not desert you in time of adversity. abandon,difficulty ……
  7. The French and Italian languages have many affinities ['finiti] with each other.close relationship
  8. The young man spends money like water in that he comes from an affluent family.because.rich
  9. She didn't mention Mr. Smith by name, but it was clear she was alluding to him. v. 暗

  10. The little restaurant has a pleasant ambience ['mbins]. Atmosphere
  11. Kate Chopin, a great American writer, maintains an ambivalent [m'bivlnt]
矛盾看法的,或矛盾感情的, 矛盾心理的,矛盾情绪的 a. (对同一人或物)有
attitude towards mother-women in her fiction.

  12. Parks and a theater are just some of the town's local amenities. n. 令人愉快之事物

  13. Her whole being was filled with a vague anguish, which was like a shadow, like a mist passing across her soul's summer day.
  14. The army annihilated the enemy. v. 消减,
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  15. The people of that tribe are dressed in strange apparel. 衣服
  16. The aroma n. 浓香,香气 of lilacsn. 紫丁花,丁香花,淡紫色 lingers about the garden.
  17. He finds it very difficult to articulate,明白地说 his distress. n. 苦恼,贫困
  18. The police are trying to ascertain exactly who was at the party.
  19. The luxurious furniture attestsv. 证明,作证,为...作证 to the family's wealth.
  20. His audacious[:'deis] disaster.
  21. He received an avalanche of thank letters.
  22. Hester Prynne wears a letter A on her bosom that serves as a badge of shame.
  23. Christians believe that God is benevolent. [bi'nevlnt] a. 仁慈的,乐善好施的
目前无法连接服务器, a. 大 胆 的 , 放 肆 的 , 无 礼 的 , 厚 颜 无 耻 的
action turned out to be a

  24. The exotic bazaar seems quite bizarre to me. a. 异国的,外来的/strange
  25. Brevity is the soul of writing.
  26. The drowsing boy didn't even browse the book.
  27. The husband failed to catch his wife's capricious mind.
  28. The First World War served as a catalyst for major social changes in Europe.
  29. Nuclear explosion can be a fatal catastrophe that will cause heavy loss of life.
  30. Professor Smith possesses a charisma. That's why he is so popular with his students.
  31. The project is not compatible with the company's long-term plans.
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  32. The two judges concurred with each other on the ruling.
  33. His military service was deferred until he finished college.
  34. It's hard to cope with that old cranky/eccentric old man.
  35. Overeating has made him corpulent/obese.
  36. A series of hard experiences has made the diffident man become confident again.
  37. He narrated in his book about his doleful experiences in war.
  38. Marriage rolled on and their love gradually dwindled away.
  39. Overhearing is quite different from eavesdropping.
  40. He heard an eerie sound while crossing a dark wood at night.
  41. His large hear melted their enmity and hatred.
  42. It's an erudite book on the history of the Roman Empire.
  43. It's advisable that you eschew bad company and alcoholic drinks.
  44. The girl was extremely exasperated at her boyfriend's forgetting her birthday.
  45. I could not understand her evasive answer.
  46. As she had forgotten her keys, she got into the house by the simple expedient of climbing through a window.
  47. He flunked the exam again.
  48. His fallacious arguments cannot hold water.
  49. Her merits are extolled in the newspaper.
  50. Peter handled the meeting with great finesse.



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