论文参考题目 一 论文参考题目(一) 题目

  1. 《红字》中海丝特 ? 白兰不理智的一面(The Irrational Side of Hester Prynne of The Scarlet Letter)
  2. 《董贝父子》中的矛盾冲突(The Conflict in Donbey and Son)
  3. 论文化不同对联想意义及翻译的影响(On Influence of Cultural Differences on Associative Meanings and Translation)
  4. 美国教育的衰弱(The Drop of American Education)
  5. 19 世纪欧洲移民对美国工业化的积极影响(The Positive Impacts of European Immigration on American Industrialization in the 19th Century)
  6. 朱丽叶之人物分析(Character Studies in Juliet)
  7. 主述理论在文学中的运用(The Application of the Thematic Theory in Literature)
  8. 语用学中的会话含义理论(Conversational Implicature Theory in Pragmatics)
  9. 英语语音简析及对提高初学者口语的指导 Brief Analysis of English Phonetics (A as well as a Guide to Improve Learners’ Oral English)
  10. 比较两种对于哈姆雷特复仇的评论 (Comparison on Two Kinds of Comments on Hamlet’s Revenge)
  14. 英语语言中的性别歧视 (Sexism in English Language) 英语的学与教 (English Learning and Teaching) 由美国 2004 年总统选举所想到的 (More than 2004 Presidential Election) 论腐朽世界中的纯洁品质??关于 《雾都孤儿》 的赏析 (The Purity in a Corrupt
World?An Analysis of Oliver Twister)
  15. 论理智与情感之关系??对《理智与情感》的人物分析
  16. 入 世 对 中 国 银 行 业 的 挑 战 (Challenges on Chinese Banking Sector after Entering the WTO)
  17. 西进运动对美国的影响 (The Influences of Westward Movement on America)
  18. 史蒂芬?克拉申的听读假设和二语习得 (Stephen Krashen’s Input Hypothesis and Second Language Acquisition)
  19. 艾 ? 巴 ? 辛 格 ? ? 犹 太 文 化 的 守 护 者 (L. B. Singer?the Patron of Jewish Civilization)
  20. 二十世纪 60 年代美国妇女运动的派别 (The Politics of American Women’s Movement in the 1960’s)
  21. 论《红字》的模糊性 (Ambiguity in The Scarlet Letter)
  22.《嘉莉姐妹》中无心的欲望 (The Limitless Desires in Sister Carrie)
  23. 英语广告语言修辞特点 (Rhetorical Features in Advertising English)

  24. 《儿子与情人》 中的恋母情结 (Pau Morel’s Oedipus Complex in Sons and Lovers)
  25. 造成苔丝悲剧命运的原因 (The Reasons for Tess’s Tragic Fate)
  26. 论恐怖主义的根源 (On the Root of Terrorism)
  27. 2003: 中印关系新纪元 (2003: A New Era of Sino-India Relationship)
  28. 希兹克利夫的复仇 (The Revenge of Heathcliff)
  29. 弗洛伊德理论对美国现代文学的影响 (The Influence of Freudian Theory on Modern American Literature)
  30. 论萨姆一家人之“变形” (The Etamoephosis of the Samsas)
  31. 亚伯拉罕 ? 林肯的民主思想初探 (A Preliminary Research on Abraham Lincoln’s Thought of Democracy)
  32. 评析《傲慢与偏见》的男主人公达西 (Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice)
  33.《简爱》的圣经情书 (The Relationship Between Jane Eyre and the Bible)
  34. 库区三角浮出水面??万州、开县、云阳经济宏图 (The Triangle of Reservoir Region Is Surfacing?Wanzhou, Kaixian and Yunyang Open a Great Diagram of Economy)
  35. 会话中的合作原则和礼貌原则 (Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle in Conversation)
  36. 浅析海明威笔下圣地亚哥与其它主人公之异同 (Analysis of the Similarities and Differences Between Santiago and Other Heroes by Hemingway)
  37. 对嘉尔曼的偏见 (The Prejudice Against Carmen)
  38. 简爱??关于简爱的性格评论 (Jane Eyre?A Review of Jane Eyre’s Character in Jane Eyre)
  39. 《呼啸山庄》中凯瑟琳和希斯克力夫之间的苦痛恋情 (The Suffering Love Between Catherine and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights)
  40. 简评妥协??研究《傲慢与偏见》(A Brief Comment on the Compromise?A Study of Pride and Prejudice)
  41. 《傲慢与偏见》中的婚姻面面观 (Analysis of the Marriages in Pride and Prejudice)
  42. 试论简奥斯汀生活对其小说的影响 (On the Impact of Jane Austen’s Life on Her Novels)
  43. “真实的诺言”与传统文化的碰撞??简析“真人秀”的实质和本地化过程 (When True Lies Challenge Tradition?An Analysis of the Reality and Localization of Reality TV)
  44. 从台湾问题看中美关系 (The Sino-US Relation?The Taiwan Issue)
  45.《傲慢与偏见》的生命力 (The Great Vitality of Pride and Prejudice)

  46. 平凡中的不平凡??《傲慢与偏见》(Significance in Commonplace?Pride and Prejudice)
  47. 萨皮尔沃夫理论 (Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis)
  48. 论格里高尔的悲剧 (An Analysis of Gregor’s Tragedy)
  49. 对大学生心理健康问题予更多关注 (More Attention to the Psychological Health of College Students)
  50. 文体学: 语言学习的科学 (Stylistics: A Scientific Approach)
  51. 佛教在西方 (Buddhism in the West)
  52. 非语言交际 (Nonverbal Communication)
  53. 国际反恐 (International Anti-Terrorism)
  54. 全球资金市场近期特征与走向 (The Character and Tendency of Global Capital Market in Recent Decades)
  55. 从《老人与海》中桑堤亚哥的性格可知??人是打不败的 (A Man Cannot Be Defeated?From the Character of Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea)
  56. 南方的失落 (The Loss of the South)
  57. 戏谑与幽默 (Banter and Humor)
  58. 《嘉莉妹妹》中的现实主义和自然主义(Realist and Naturalist Factors in Sister Carrie)
  59. 论中国的口语教学(On Oral English Teaching in China)
  60. 浅析英语教育中的文化教学(The Teaching of Cultures in Foreign Language Education)
  61. 广告社会责任感诉求(Social Responsibility Concern of Advertising)
  62. 英语中的性别歧视(Sex Discrimination in English Language )
  63. 电影《乱世佳人》长期受到青睐的原因(Gone with the Wind ? Why This Movie Has the Lasting Popularity)
  64. 广 告 英 语 特 点 分 析 ( An Analysis of Language Features in English Advertisement)
  65. 美国青少年教育问题浅析(An Attempting Study of the Problems of American Adolescents)
  66. 简爱自我价值的实现(The Realization of Jane Eyre’s Self-Worth )
  67. 自由贸易与保护主义(Free Trade Versus Protectionism)
  68. 如 何 在 课 堂 上 调 动 学 生 的 积 极 性 ( How to Promote Motivation in the Classroom)
  69. 在英语教学中运用“交际法”提高学生的交际能力(Using CLT in English Teaching to Improve Students’ Communicative Competence)

  70. 文化差异对跨文化交际的影响(The Influence of Cultural Difference Upon Cross-cultural Communication)
  71. 论基督教对中世纪早期西欧文化的影响(On Christianity’s Influence Upon European Culture in the Early-stage Middle Ages )
  72. 《 哈克 贝利 费恩历 险 记》 是一 部种 族主 义 小说 吗? (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn-a Racist Novel?)
  73. 第二语言学习中的文化学习(Culture Learning in Second Language Learning)
  74. 试论哈姆雷特的两个主题(On the Two Themes of Hamlet)
  75. 谚语中的文化差异(Cultural Differences in Proverbs)
  76. 浅谈电视暴力和儿童的关系(TV Violence and Children)
  77. 《建设有中国特色的大众文化》(Construction of Popular Culture with Chinese Characteristics)
  78. 理性视角看待当今文化多样性(Rational Perspectives toward Contemporary Culture Diversity)
  79. 米切尔在 《飘》 中的思想矛盾 (Mitchell’s Ideological Contradiction in Gone With The Wind )
  80. 浅析马克?吐温作品之《竞选州长》 Brief Analysis on Mark Twain’s Work (A Running for Governor)
  81. 美国霸权的文化诠释(Cultural Interpretation of American Hegemony)
  82. 中国人学习英语的语音问题(The Phonetic Problems of Chinese Students Learning English )
  83. 传统的中国文化对中国商业的影响(The Influence of Traditional Chinese Culture on Chinese Business)
  84. 《双城记》中的典型人物角色及其对主题的诠释(The Typical Characters of A Tale of Cities and Their Annotation to The Themes)
  85. 从儒家理论角度浅谈赡养年老父母的责任 (On the Filial Obligation in the Light of the Confucian Theory)
  86. 消费需求与广告策略(Consumer Need and Advertising Strategies)
  87. 古埃及女性的地位(The Status of Women in Ancient Egypt)
  88. 成功的秘诀??电影 《阿甘正传》 的语言分析 (The Secret of Success ?Analysis of Forest Gump’s Language)
  89. 文化全球化和文化民族性(Cultural Globalization and Nationality )
  90. 儒家文化与现代教育(Confucianism and the Modern Education)
  91. 委婉语的产生与交际功能(Social Function and Origin of Euphemism)
  92. 对旅游市场营销的探讨(Tourism Marketing)

  93. 《黑暗之心》的内容与主题(The Content and Theme of Heart of Darkness)
  94. 诗词翻译中的 4?R 翻译理论(On the 4-R Theories in Poetry Translation)
  95. 词组记忆单词的有效性(Vocabulary Study through Phrasal-learning)
  96. 伊拉克战争中所体现的美国价值观(The American Values Represented in the Iraq War)
  97. 实践词汇教学法(Word Teaching through Practice)
  98. 中国加入世贸组织对于国内旅行社的影响(The Influence on Domestic Travel Agencies of China’s Entry to World Trade Organization)
  99. 高校校园文化及其建设(College Campus Culture and Its Construction) 1
  00. 试析 《了不起的盖茨比》 里的象征主义手法 (Symbolism in The Great Gatsby) 1
  01. 大 学 英 语 阅 读 教 学 中 的 问 题 及 对 策 ( Reading Teaching in College English :Problems and Measures) 1
  02. 口语课堂中引入文化教学(Add Culture Into oral English Class) 1
  03. 意外结局的大师??欧?亨利(The Master of Surprising Ending?O?henry) 1
  04. 浅析中国女 性传 播者话语权的 突破( On the Breakthrough of Discourse Analysis of Chinese) 1
  05. 浅析成都报业市场的竞争及启示(General Analysis of Chengdu Newspaper Market’s Competition and Enlightenment) 1
  06. 机遇?挑战???试谈报纸应对网络的冲击(Opportunity ? Challenge??The Impact of Internet on Newspaper) 1
  07. 菲茨杰拉德: “爵士乐时代”的代言人(F .Scott Fitzgerald : The Spokesman of the Jazz Age) 1
  08. 霍桑的善恶观??浅析《红字》中的四个主要人物(Howthoren’s View on Good and Evil ?An Analysis of the Four Major Characters in The Scarlet) 1
  09. 中 美 文 化 差 异 之 集 体 主 义 与 个 人 主 义 ( Collectivism and Individualism: Different Cultural Values in China and America) 1
  10. 通过人物分析思考 《汤姆叔叔的小屋》 中的基督教理念 (Christianity in Uncle Tom’s Cabin as Seen from Character Analysis) 1
  11. 中美商业交往文化之差异比较 (A Comparative Study of Cultural Differences in Business Communication Between Chinese and Americans) 1
  12. 光荣与耻辱??英国足球文化观察(Honor and Disgrace ?An Observation of the Football Culture of UK) 1
  13. 《格列佛游记》中的讽刺手法(Satire in Gulliver’s Travels) 1
  14. 狄更斯小说《双城记》中人道主义思想的分析(The Analysis of Dickens’ Humanitarian Sentimentality?After Reading A Tale of Two Cities)
  15. 《大卫?科波菲尔》的人物分析(An Analysis of Good and Bad Characters in David Copperfield) 1
  16. 语言歧义(Language Ambiguity) 1
  17. 美国英语变体和身份(English Variety and People’s Identities in the United States) 1
  18. 哈代对传统伦理道德观的批判(Hardy’s Criticism on Traditional Ethics and Morality in Tess of the D’Urbervilles) 1
  19. 《汤姆?索亚》??对儿童心理的深入分析和充分展现(Tom Sawyer, Full Analysis and Display of Children’s Psychology) 1
  20. 从扭曲到恢复??试析《李尔王》中的人性(From Distortion to Resuscitation ? An Analysis on Human Native in King Lear) 1
  21. 浅谈《美国悲剧》及物质主义的消极影响(An American Tragedy and the Negative Influence of Materialism) 1
  22. 情感与语言学习??中学英语学习中焦虑情绪(Affect in Language Learning ?Anxiety in Middle-school English Learning) 1
  23. 一部反战小说??浅析 《永别了, 武器》 An Antiwar Novel ?An Analysis of the ( Heroine in Gone with the Wind) 1
  24. 哈姆雷特悲剧成因探索(What Bring About the Tragedy of Hamlet) 1
  25. 透过 《傲慢与偏见》 看十八世纪英国绅士特点 (Exploring the Traits of English Gentlemen in the 18th Century Through Pride and Prejudice) 1
  26. 论双语教育在中国的可行性??透过高新区第一实验小学的调查(The Feasibility of Bilingual E



   四川外语学院成都学院本科毕业生论文参考题目(一) 论文参考题目 一 论文参考题目(一) 题目 1. 《红字》中海丝特 ? 白兰不理智的一面(The Irrational Side of Hester Prynne of The Scarlet Letter) 2. 《董贝父子》中的矛盾冲突(The Conflict in Donbey and Son) 3. 论文化不同对联想意义及翻译的影响(On Influence of Cultural Differences on Associativ ...


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   2010 年大学英语四级阅读理解重点词汇 1. rough adj.粗糙的, 粗略的, 大致的, 粗野的, 粗暴的, 粗略叙述的; v.大体描述 adv.粗糙地 2. doormat n.(放于门前的)擦鞋垫 3. fail to 未能…… 4. lawsuit n.诉讼(尤指非刑事案件) 5. compensate v.偿还, 补偿, 付报酬 6. liable for 负责 7. misfortune n.不幸, 灾祸 8. anticipate vt.预期, 期望, 过早使用, 先人一 ...


   利用构词法巧记单词-后缀 . 名词后缀 (1) 具有某种职业或动作的人 1)-an, -ain, 表示"……地方的人,精通……的人”American, historian, 2)-al, 表示"具有……职务的人" principal, 3)-ant,-ent, 表示"……者” merchant, agent, servant, student, 4)-ar, 表示"……的人” scholar, liar, peddler 5)-ard, -ar ...


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   英语六级词汇 2010 年最新英语六级词汇(新大纲,含补充词汇) 年最新英语六级词汇 新大纲, abbreviation abide abolish absent absorption abstract absurd abundance accessory accord acknowledge acquaint action adhere adjacent adjoin adjustable administration admiration adoption adore advantage ...