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Enlightenment from Jane Austen’s views of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
Abstract ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ? 摘要 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ? Introduction ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 1
  1. Background ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2
  1.1The background of work ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2
  1.2The background of Austin ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3
  1.3The Four Marriages and the Revealed Concept of Love and Marriage in Pride and Prejudice ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3
  1.4The Concept about Love and Marriage in the Society ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3
  2. Different marital condition in the work ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3
  2.1 Collins and Charlotte’s Marriage ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3
  2.2 Lydia and Wickham’s Marriage ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4
  2.3Jane and Mr. Bingley's Marriage ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4
  2.4 Darcy and Elizabeth’s love and marriage ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4
  3. The Different Understanding about Love and Marriage in Pride and Prejudice ??????????????????????????? 4
  3.1 The Marriage Based on Same Interests ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4
  3.2 The Marriage Based on Vanity and Carelessness ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 5
  3.3 The Marriage Based on Money or Benefit ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 5
  3.4The Marriage Based on True Love ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 7
  4. Austin’s Concept about Love and Marriage ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 8 Conclusion ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 9 Bibliography ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 10
Enlightenment from Jane Austen’s views of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
[Abstract]: Pride and prejudice is a very popular novel written by Jane Austen and it is read
widely all over the world. It was written in 18
  13. That specific history time decided that people at that time took money much more seriously, even on their marriage. In this paper, the marriage cases of most characters in the book were taken as typical to analyze how money influenced their matrimonial value orientation.
[Key Words] :Pride and prejudice
matrimonial value orientation
Enlightenment from Jane Austen’s views of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
[摘要] 简?奥斯丁的《傲慢与偏见》写于 1813 年,一直以来很受欢迎,并被广泛阅读。特 定的历史时代决定了那个时候的人们对金钱特别看重,影响波及婚姻观念。在这篇文章里 面,书中大部分人物的婚姻选择都用来作为典型,证实金钱体现他们的婚姻价值取向。
[关键词] 傲慢与偏见 金钱
婚姻价值取向 婚姻观
Enlightenment from Jane Austen’s views of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
"Pride and prejudice" is about commonplace things and ordinary people, which is one of Jane Austen’s famous book, being the representative of realistic literature. It portrays the life and ideas of middle class who live in countryside, with special sensitive characteristic of female writers. This novel makes an analysis of human nature and then sticks up readers to think over social relations. This novel takes young people’s marriage as the thread covering the inheritance of fortune, women’s social status, ethics and customs. Being the masterpiece of Jane Austen, it comes to the extensive favor of literary lovers and experts at the same time. This paper makes an analysis of four marriages in "pride and prejudice" and discusses the deep outlook for their love and marriage in the light of social back ground at the time. It talks about trivial matters of love, marriage and family life between country squires and fair ladies in Britain in the 18th century. The plot is very simple. That is how the young ladies choose their husbands. In this thesis, three daughter's marriage patterns , the education ceremony being that are what restrained because of the eldest daughter takes form respectively combine Bannate I have been given an account of to everybody in this middle class family. Wisdom of two daughters and amatory lively form consummation combine , vanity and excited perfunctoriness that frivolous character of minimal daughter brings up combine and. Have confirmed the money position in marriage , have emphasized the significance that emotion exchanges in marriage more in these representative marriage patterns .in this paper, the marriage cases of most characters in the book were taken as typical to analyze how money influenced their matrimonial value orientation.
Enlightenment from Jane Austen’s views of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice


  1.1 The background of work In this great book, the author amply demonstrates her point about love and marriage. Therefore, in order to analyze these points of views, we should firstly start from her great work. “At that time, according to the social conditions in Britain, a good marriage for a young woman was critical. This phenomenon was closely associated with the British society and the status of women in the society. In the 19th century, women were not well respected compared with the ones in the present society. There was no equality between woman and man. Women were considered to be inferior to men in terms of intelligence and capacity. The central life of women was forced to be staying at home, their roles were to deal with the family affairs, such as taking care of the children and serving for the husband.”.(Zhu Hong,P34,19
  95) People naturally thought that women should be submissive to their husbands. The virtues of women were patient and deferent. They must recognize their inherent inferiority to men, so they must restrict their abilities without conditions. Although the status of women was slow, few of them expressed dissatisfaction about their own destiny. At that time, many middle-class young women had three solutions: getting married; staying at home as old maids or working as the family female teachers. The income of family female teacher was very low, and the status was low as well. It was very difficult for them to change or swap out of this status, no one would like to be a maid forever, therefore, in terms of young women, especially those who don't have enough properties, to get married was the only way for them to gain respect, stability and social status. Austin fully critiqued some bad phenomenon in her work pride and prejudice, taking some perfect points about marriage and love to demonstrate her own view on love and marriage.
  1.2 The background of Austen “Jane Austen (1775-18
  17) was born in Hampshire, a country priest family located in Hants, the village of Kingston, Sidemen in north England. She was a beautiful, talented middle class woman with extraordinary temperament and good
Enlightenment from Jane Austen’s views of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
cultivation. Her six novels-Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Manshifeierde Manor, Emma, Persuasion all describe more than marriage.”. (Wang Shouren, P64, 20
  05) However, her marriage is like a blank paper in her 42 years real lifetime. Going through the finest time, but eventually without meeting a comfortable partner, she gives up her love. Going through the sweet and bitter feeling which helps her to write the great work pride and prejudice.
  1.3 The Four Marriages and the Revealed Concept of Love and Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
  3.1 The Concept about Love and Marriage in the Society The stories show the ordinary lives, feelings of the ordinary people. They were linked up in a harmonious order under the author's meticulous concepts. The work mainly describes four marriages. Two are the main and assisted by the other two assistant marriages. “Darcy and Elizabeth’s love and marriage is the main theme of this work. After undergoing many setbacks, Darcy’s arrogance and Elizabeth’s prejudice eventually eliminates, the lovers finally get married. The marriage of Elizabeth’s sister Jane and Darcy’s friend Bingley is another clue. They deeply love each other, but they are multi?blocked, after their departure, Jane misses Bingley very much. The two marriages reflects the another point of view in positive way that marriage should be based on true love, which is the ideal marry in the author’s opinion. The stories seem to be the ordinary lives, feelings and persons linked up in a harmonious order under the others meticulous concepts. However, the marriage between Charlotte and Collins is a negative example with the marriage between Lydia and Wickham, which help to make the plots more tortuous and richer.”.(Zhu Hong,P12,19

  2.Different marital condition in the work

  2.1 Collins and Charlotte’s Marriage In pride and prejudice, the first part is the marriage of Charlotte and Collins, their marriage is lucky and natural. They get married without any expectation. Charlotte is William Lucas’s daughter, who is the neighbor of Lizzy Bennett. She was born of humble parentage and very mediocre in every aspect. So she has not got
Enlightenment from Jane Austen’s views of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
married even until she is 26 years old. She may be a typical questionable girl. However, there are 5 daughters in the Bennetts, the five daughters are gradually growing up to the age for marriage. So both of the two families rival mutually, especially in the eyes of the vulgar women, such rivalry was particularly tedious. Bennett’s wife was especially typical; she does not give birth to a boy but five girls. The family’s property couldn't be given to a daughter according to the custom at that time, and the family without a son can grant the wealth to the



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