中央广播电视大学 2001-2002 学年度第二学期"开放本科"期末考试
2002 年 7 月
Approximately 30 minutes (+10 minutes transfer time) Instruction to the examinees Make sure you answer all questions. You will have 10 minutes at the end of the test to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. All answers must be written on the answer sheet. Information for the examinees There are three parts to the test. Each part will be played twice. There will be a pause before each part to let you read through the questions and a pause at the end of each part for you to check your answers. You can write your answers on the question paper as you listen. You will have 10 minutes at the end of the listening test to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.
Paper 1
Listening Test
Part 1 Ordering Flowers: question 1-10
You are going to hear a phone call between a florist and a young man ordering flowers for his girlfriend. Fill in the florist's order form with the necessary information. When you have finished, write the answers on your Answer Sheet. You will hear the text twice.
For delivery Date of delivery Recipient's Name Address Phone Ordered by Phone Credit card number Bouquet or basket arrangement Value Description: Message: (
  1) Jane Walker (
  2) (
  3) (
  4) (
  5) (
  6) (
  7) (
  8) Flowers of the season, but (
  9) (
  10) Ithaca NY 14850
Part 2 Talk about a Market Survey: question 11-
  20. You are going to hear a talk about the results of a market survey. As you listen, fill in the missing information in the table below. You will hear the text twice. Food consumed Dairy products Meat (
  12) Fruits Poultry Beer (
  16) Wine (
  18) Seafood (
  20) Percentages 72% (
  11) 47% (
  13) (
  14) (
  15) 27% (
  17) 11% (
  19) 7%
Part 3 A Talk Show Questions 21-30
You are going to listen to a talk show. Listen and answer the following questions according to what you learn through listening. You should give short answers to the questions.
  21. How much was the ticket to the concert?
  22. Why did Mr. Luke want his money back?
  23. How long did he wait before he called Quick Action?
  24. What was the initial response from the Ticket Master?
  25. What did the manager say when he called back the next day?
  26. What did the manager say when he called back the next day?
  27. What did Mr. Luke do after he was told what the manager had said?
  28. Who paid Mr. Luke's bus fare?
  29. Who did Mr. Luke call after he received the book of discount coupons?
  30. What will next week's program be about?
Paper 2 Reading Test Part 1 Questions 31-35
Reading and Writing
Information for Tourists to Malaysia Getting the visa. Travelers can come to Malaysia individually or with a tour group. The travel agencies which organize the tour will go through all the necessary formalities for the group members, while individual travelers should find out if they need a visa to enter Malaysia. For nationals of most countries of the world, a visa is granted at the port of entry, but nationals of some countries have to apply for a visa before their arrival. You should check with the Malaysian embassy in your country whether or not you need a visa to enter Malaysia. You should apply for it well ahead of time if you do need one. It usually takes at least two weeks to process the visa application. Physical Check-up. Tourists should go to their doctors before leaving for Malaysia and get some vaccinations or medication according to their doctor's advice. Malaysia has many well-equipped hospitals, and many clinics operated by doctors in private practice, but the fees charged can vary greatly from hospital to hospital, and from clinic to clinic. In Malaysia, all doctors speak Malay. It is also easy to find doctors who speak English, Chinese, or Tamil. Doctors
who speak other languages are more difficult to find. If you do not speak any of the four languages, there may be a problem in communication when you seek medical help in Malaysia. Money Matters. All hard currencies, for example, US dollars, German marks, French francs, Japanese yen and sterling pounds, are accepted in Malaysia. Tourists can use cash, traveler's checks and credit cards according to their own needs. Foreign currencies and traveler's checks can be changed to Malaysian ringits at the exchange desk of most hotels, the major banks, and authorized money changers. Don't change money with any unauthorized money vendors, it is illegal and not safe. The major credit cards, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Million, JCB and Diner's Club, are accepted in most of the big hotels and department stores. Hotel Reservation. There are plenty of hotels in the big cities of Malaysia, most of them are rated one-to-five star hotels. Most hotels are equipped with air-conditioners, single or double beds, and private bathrooms. Hotel guests can get IDD DDD, fax, laundry and wake-up services. In hotels above the three-star level, there are also business centers, beauty salons, health centers and discos. Buffet breakfasts with both Western and Southeast Asian food are served. Hot and cold drinks are provided in most hotels, and the tap water is drinkable in Kuala Lampur, but elsewhere tourists should be more cautious. The prices of the hotels vary according to their categories and the season. Tourists should reserve their hotels before they come especially during high season. Reservations can be made through a travel agency, an overseas branch of the hotel, or by fax. If you arrive without a reservation, you can telephone the hotel upon arriving at the airport. There are also hotel reservation desks operated by the Malaysian Tourism Association at all the major airports of the country.
Questions 31-
  35. Find out if the following statements are true or false according to the text. Mark T on your answer sheet if it is true, F if it is false. Then write your answers on your answer sheet.
  31. You can find out whether you need a visa or not by asking at the Malaysian embassy in your country.
  32. When you apply for a visa at the embassy, you can expect that you will receive it within two weeks.
  33. All doctors in Malaysia speak four languages.
  34. Credit cards may not be accepted in some smaller hotels.
  35. Reservation for hotels during the high season is highly recommended.
Part 2 Questions 36-40
Off Slope New York offers more than just great fun on the slopes. You'll find endless ways to fill your off-slope time, too. In the western part of the state, take a quick trip from Ski Tamarack or Kissing Bridge to Buffalo, home of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and 15 theatres ranging from traditional to avant-garde. From there it's a short drive to Niagara Falls and its Brilliant light festival. Enjoy accommodation at the top-rated Inn at Holiday Valley, then plan an evening in the delightful resort village of Ellicottville. Ski the Adirondacks, then surround yourself with rustic charm or lavish splendor. After a day on the slopes at Gore, pamper yourself in the spa at The Sagamore on Lake George. The ultimate winter town, Lake Placid, a mere five minutes from Whiteface, offers an amazing selection of shops with unique clothing, ourdoor gear, rustic furniture, art, jewelry and so much more. Saratoga Springs, with its Victorian splendor and charm, is a short hop from West Mountain in Glens Falls. Spend a few days in the Finger Lakes region. Ski at Greek Peak or Song Mountain, then visit the fun-filled town of Ithaca. Enjoy the nightlife in pubs and restaurants in Collegetown, just off the Cornell University campus. Visit Canadaigua, with its amazing boutiques and galleries, and take in the magnificent Sonnenberg Garden's holiday season Festival of Lights celebration, which dates back to 18
  99. It's the perfect ending to a superb day of skiing at Bristol. Rochester and Syracuse offer evening entertainment, great museums and shops ranging from small boutiques to large shopping malls. Catskill skiing is enhanced with a visit to Caskill Corners in Mount Tremper, featuring the Festival Marketplace; entertainment; dining; and, the main attraction, a fantasy of lights, music and magic in the world's largest kaleidoscope. Margaretville, close to Ski Plattekill, bobcat and Belleayre, is brimming with antique ships. Near Hunter Mountain, the towns of Tannersville and Hunter are alive with nightlife. On the other side of the mountain, the town of Windham, in the shadow of Ski Windham, in the shadow of Ski Windham, is picture-perfect with snow blanketing the Victorian wrap-around porches of its many inns and lodges. Just a short drive from Manhattan, you can ski all day at Mt. Peter, Sterling Forest, Holiday Mountain or Thunder Ridge, then return for an exciting evening in the city. Or stay in the nearby village of Nyak on the Hudson, with its quaint shops, or, to the north, the magnificent Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz. This National Historic Landmark, founded in 1869, offers themed weekends, cross-country skiing and spa services. Day or night, on or off slopes, winter hears up across New York State. Questions 36-
  40. Complete the following statements by choosing the best from the answers a, b, c, and d and write the letter on your answer sheet.
  36. The place names mentioned in the text does not include .
a. Manhattan
b. Buffalo
c. New York
d. New Jersey

  37. The text does not mention . a. mountains b. oceans c. towns d. villages

  38. Lake Placid is . a. home of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra b. close to Whiteface c. noted for its nightlife d. Lake George

  39. The world's largest kaleidoscope . a. was built in 1899 b. is close to Ski Tamarack c was built in 1869
d. is not the National Historic Landmark mentioned in the text
  40. The Finger Lakes region includes a. Margaretville b. Ithaca c. Gore d. Windham
Part 3 Questions 41-50
  1. In the thousand or so years since the British pub first appeared, its popularity has remained unshaken. Pubs are written about and talked about; they are laughed in and fought in; games are played in them, meetings are held in them. They are relied upon for food, drink and social contact. Pubs have always been important for every kind of club, society and organization. They have been used, over the centuries, as courts, churches and auction rooms. In the past, pubs in smaller communities were even used as mortuaries at times. It is claimed that both cricket and football were born in pubs! Great music has been launched from pubs and all sorts of present day pop groups played their first performances in the local pub. English literature is said to have begun in a pubChaucer's Tabard and literature and pubs have been closely linked ever since that time. Shakespeare frequented inns and alehouses and often wrote his plays over a jug of ale. Pubs also feature prominently in the works of Charles Dickens. Pubs have been used by highwaymen and smugglers, artists and writers, geniuses and intellectuals, criminals and comics all types of people from a variety of backgrounds and, these days, from all around the world.




Beer has a traditional British taste but there are many different flavours and varieties: light ale, pale ale, brown ale and bitter to mention only a few. It's served from bottles or barrels in pints or half pints
Questions 41-
  45. Identify among the following topics those which are dealt with in different paragraphs (Write down the letter representing the topic as the answer). a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. Pub laws and customs Uses of pubs Pubs as insights into British culture Britain's first pub The process of making beer Prices of drinks The popularity of pubs The layout of typical pubs Connections with literature Jokes about pubs People who use/have used pubs Paying and tipping
m. the taste of British beer n. o. The number of pubs in Britain Pubs as places to relax

  41. Paragraph 1:
  42. Paragraph 2:
  43. Paragraph 3:
  44. Paragraph 4:
  45. Paragraph 5:
Question 46-
  50. Look at the italicized words in the text and find out their correct meaning through the context, then choose the option closest in meaning from the lists below by writing a, b, or c on your answer sheet.
  46. unshaken a. intact
  47. pop a. pub
  48. frequent a. often
  49. comic a. comedy b. magazine that contains stories told in pictures b. frequently c. visit regularly b. fizzy drink c. modern music b. unshaven c not attacked
c. entertainer who tells jokes in order to make people laugh
  50. bitter a. extremely cold b. a kind of beer that is light brown in colour
c. a taste that is sharp, not sweet, and often slightly unpleasant
Writing Test Write a short essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Travelling by Air. There should be two main paragraphs, one giving your ideas about advantages and one on what you see as the disadvantages of air travel.
试卷代号 1006
学年度第二学期"开放本科" 中央广播电视大学 2001-2002 学年度第二学期"开放本科"期末考试
(供参考) 2002 年 7 月
一,Listening Test: 40 points I. (1 point each for question 1-20, Two points each for question 21-
  2. 165 Broad Street
  6. 4569-655-503-025
  8. 20 dollars
  11. 59%
  17. 13%
  9. no red flowers
  12. vegetables
  13. 46%
  18. soda 1



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