专业英语四级考前恶补??语法词汇 专业英语四级考前恶补??语法词汇 ?? Test One
  1)通常作复数的集体名词? 通常作复数的集体名词 集体名词,如:police, people,cattle,militia,poultry 等, 通常作复数,用复数动词。如:? Domestic cattle provide us with milk, beef and hides.?
  2)通常作不可数名词的集体名词? 通常作不可数名词的集体名词 有些集体名词,如 foliage,machinery,equipment,furniture,merchandise,通常作不可数名 词,随后的动词用单数。例如:All the machinery in the factory is made in China.?
  3)既可作单数也可作复数的集体名词? 既可作单数也可作复数的集体名词 集体名词,如 audience, committee, class, crew, family, public, government 等,既可 作单数,也可作复数用。? The city council is meeting to set its agenda.? +复数名词?
  4)a committee,etc. of +复数名词? 如果主语是由“a committee of /a panel of /a board of +复数名词”构成,随后的动词通 常用单数。例如:? A committee of five men and three women is to consider the matter.? 近义词辨析 tired, exhausted, fatigued, weary, worn out 这组词均含有“疲惫的”的意思。 tired 可指因体力或脑力消耗太多而需要休息,还可指因长期做某事而失去兴趣。 Henry was so tired that he went to bed immediately after he got home.亨利很疲惫, 一到家就上床睡觉去了。? exhausted 表达的疲惫程度最强,指因劳累过度而精疲力竭。? The exhausted engineer fell asleep on the bus.精疲力竭的工程师在公共汽车上睡着了。 fatigued 所表达的疲劳程度比 tired 和 weary 强,表示由于过度劳累而引起疲乏,不能再继 续下去。? He felt fatigued and didn’t want to say a single word.他疲惫不堪,不想说一句话。 weary 语气比 tired 强,指由于长时间努力工作或由于做单一的事而引起疲倦。 After a long and weary wait, the plane finally came to take them back.经过漫长而又 令人疲乏的等待后,飞机终于来接他们回去了。? Worn out 这个词不太正式,多用于口语。? The troops were worn ? out after winning the battle.战后,部队疲惫不堪。?
全真模拟试题? 全真模拟试题?
  1. AlthoughSpanish, he attended the course.? A. he was knowing C. having a knowledge of A. ought to write C. should write A. to escape A. is summer.? A. which is A. in B. B. which it is of C. on C. it is D. by ? D. where it is ?
  6. He set up in business ?? his own and was very successful.?
  7. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class; he ?? last night. A. must study C. must have studied A. would he
  9. A. C. B. should have studied ? D. is sure to study ? D. wouldn’t he ? B. he is knowing ? D. knows ? B. ought to have written ? D. should be writing ? B. to have escaped ? C. to escaping C. were D. be ? D. to be escaping ?

  2. You ?? that letter to James. However, you didn’t.?

  3. Joseph was very lucky ?? with his life; he almost did not get out of the room.
  4. Bread and butter ?? liked by Westerners.? B. are
  5. The back garden of our house contains a lawn, ?? very pleasant to sit on in

  8. Frank almost never received any education, ??? B. did he ? C. didn’t he B. D. Even if his letter ?? tomorrow, it ?? too late to do anything. will arrive...is arrives...will be B. should arrive...were ? arrives...would be ? ? C. just as well D. easily as well ?

  10. We can hear
?? from the back of the room.? just as easy
A. just as good surface.? A. coats

  11. To obtain a satisfactory result, one must apply two ?? of paint on a clean B. levels B. B. C. times D. courses ? D. cut away ? D. posed ? D. tendency ?

  12. The small mountain village was ?? by the snow for more than one month. A. cut back
  14. A. fined cut out ? C. C. cut off punished Miss Green was ?? $100 for driving after drinking.? charged B. Modern ?? perhaps causes more problems than it solves.? A. technique technology ? C. tactics sleep.? C. ticking D. humming ?

  15. Mary tiptoed over and took the clock away because she hated to hear it ?? when she was trying to go to A. sounding B. ringing

  16. Under this ?? pressure some of the rocks even became liquid.?
A. intensive
bulky ?

  17. Of course, most immigrants did not get rich overnight, but the ?? of them were eventually able to improve upon their former standard of living.? A. maximum A. split up
  19. A. condition B. B. minority broken down C. majority D. minimum ? D. knocked out ?
  18. Nancy was surprised that they have ??. They seemed to be a happy couple. ? C. fallen through C. state The beach is in an ideal ?? to draw tourists.? B. situation D. publicity ?

  20. Our ?? sensitivity decreases with age. By age 60, most people have lost 40 percent of their ability to A. sensible wants.? A. wasted
  22. A. give into A. peace
  24. B. spoiled ? C. destroyed D. uneducated ? D. give away ? If a substance is dissolved in water or heated, it may ?? a gas.? B. give over ? C. give off C. ease D. best ? smell and 50 percent of their taste buds.? D. sensory ? B. senseless ? C. sensitive

  21. The eldest child is thoroughly ?? because they always give him whatever he

  23. His manner was so pleasant that Bolla felt at ?? with him at once.? B. large ?Can you take A. permission A. weakness 您的得分率为: the day off tomorrow?? B. permit ? C. allowance B. merit ? C. defect / 25 D. possession ?
?Well, I’ll have to get ?? from my boss.?
  25. The ?? in Janet’s character has hindered her from advancement in her career. D. shortcoming ?
试题答案与解析?? 试题答案与解析
  1. C) 【句意】虽然只懂一点西班牙语,但他还是参加了这个课程的学习。? 【难点】know 是静态动词,不能用于进行时;选 knows 从句中又缺少主语。knowledge 作“知 识”讲时是不可数名词,但作“了解”讲时,前面可加“a”,常用于词组 have a knowledge of 中,所以选 C)。?
  2. B) 【句意】你本应该给詹姆斯写信,然而,你没写。? 【难点】ought to have written 是虚拟语气,与本句句意相符。?
  3. B) 【句意】约瑟夫幸运地逃了性命;他险些没从房间里逃出来。? 【难点】to have escaped 是不定式的完成式,表示过去的某一动作业已完成。?
  4. A) 【句意】黄油面包受西方人青睐。? 【难点】bread and butter 是西方人吃的一种食品,虽然有三个字,表达的却是一个东西, 并且是不可数名词,作单数。?
  5. A) 【句意】我家的后花园有一片草坪,夏天坐在上面会令你心旷神怡。? 【难点】which 引出非限制性定语从句,在句中作主语,且和 sit on 构成动 宾关系。类似的句子有:This room is comfortable to live in 这句中 live in 和 this room 构成动宾关系。?
  6. C) 【句意】他独自一人开始经商,并且做得很成功。? 【难点】on one’s own 是个常用的介词词组,意为“独自”;of one’s own 表示“某人自 己的(东西)”,如:I have a flat of my own.我自己有套房子。
  7. C) 【句意】约翰的考试分数全班最高;他昨天晚上一定学习了。? 【难点】表示对过去某一动作行为的猜测须要用 must have done 这一句型结构。?
  8. B) 【句意】弗兰克几乎从未受过任何教育,是不是?? 【难点】这是一句含有否定副词 never 的一般过去时的句子,由于主句为否定形式,所以反意 问句用肯定形式。?
  9. C) 【句意】即使他的信明天到也无济于事了。? 【难点】在条件句中表示现在将来的时间,需要用一般现在时,主句中使用将来时。?
  10. C) 【句意】我们在房间的后面也能听得很清楚。? 【难点】as well 意为“(程度)同样地好”,是副词短语修饰动词 hear;just 表示程度,意 为“刚好”。?
  11. A) 【句意】为获得一个满意的结果,你必须在一个干净的表面上涂两层油漆。? 【难点】 coat 意为“覆盖物, 层”;level 意为“(建筑物)楼层”;times 意为“次, 回”;courses 意为“(一层)砖面;一排”。?
  12. C) 【句意】这个小山村被大雪封住达一个多月。? 【难点】cut back 意为“削减;缩减”;cut out 意为“停止;切下”;cut off 意为“切断; 使隔断”;cut away 意为“切除;砍掉”。?
  13. A) 【句意】格林小姐因酒后驾车被罚 100 美元。? 【难点】 fine 意为“处…以罚金”;charge 意为“要(价), 收(费), 要(人)支付(钱)”;punish 意为“罚,惩罚”;pose 意为“造成,引起(困难)”。?
  14. B) 【句意】现代技术所引发的问题也许比它所能解决的要多。?
【难点】technique 意为“技法;具体的技术”;technology 意为“工业技术”;tactics 意为 “战术,兵法,策略”;tendency 意为“倾向”。?
  15. C) 【句意】玛丽蹑手蹑脚走过来把钟拿走了,因为她讨厌在自己想睡觉的时候听它滴哒 地响。? 【难点】sound 意为“作声,发声,响”;ring 意为“鸣,发出清脆响亮的声音”;tick 意为 “发出滴哒声”;hum 意为“发连续低沉的声音(如蜜蜂、马达的嗡嗡声)”。?
  16. C) 【句意】在这种强大的压力下,一些岩石甚至变成了液体。? 【难点】intensive 意为“加强的;集中的”;weighty 意为“沉重的;笨重的”;intense 意 为“强烈的,剧烈的”;bulky 意为“庞大的;粗壮的”。?
  17. C) 【句意】当然,大多数移民不是一夜之间就发财的,但是他们大多最终改善了自己的 生活水平。? 【难点】maximum 意为“最大限量;最高点”;minority 意为“少数,半数以下”;majority 意为“大多数”;minimum 意为“最低限度,最低点”。?
  18. A) 【句意】南希对他们的离婚表示十分惊讶,因为他们似乎是一对快乐的夫妇。? 【难点】split up 意为“分裂,离婚”;break down 意为“(精神方面)垮掉;(健康)变得衰弱; 崩溃”;fall through 意为“失败;成为泡影”;knock out 意为“使筋疲力尽”。?
  19. B) 【句意】这片海滩所处位置理想,吸引了很多游客。? 【难点】condition 意为“状况;形势”;situation 意为“位置,地点,环境”;state 意为 “状态,情形”;publicity 意为“公众的注意,名声”。?
  20. D) 【句意】我们的感官能力随着年龄的增长而下降。比如说,到 60 岁的时候,多数人失 去了他们 40%的嗅觉能力和 50%的味觉能力。? 【难点】sensible 意为“明智的,合情理的”;senseless 意为“失去知觉的,不省人事 的”;sensitive 意为“敏感的”;sensory 意为“感觉的,传递感觉的”。?
  21. B) 【句意】他们的大孩子被彻底宠坏了,因为他要什么,他们就给什么。? 【难点】waste 意为“使衰弱;使消瘦”;spoil 意为“宠坏,溺爱”;destroy 意为“破坏; 毁灭”;uneducated 意为“未受(良好)教育的”。?
  22. C) 【句意】如果一种物质溶解在水里或被加热,它可能释放出一种气体。? 【难点】give into 为非固定搭配;give over 意为“托付,交托”;giveoff 意为“散发”; give away 意为“送掉,分发(奖品)等”。?
  23. C) 【句意】他那平易近人的风度使得博拉立刻放松了情绪。? 【难点】at peace 意为“和平地”;at large 意为“自由地;大体地”;at ease 意为“不拘 束”;at best 意为“至多”。?
  24. A) 【句意】??你明天能休一天吗?? ??呵,我要征得老板的允许。? 【难点】permission 意为“允许”;permit 意为“许可证”;allowance 意为“津贴”; possession 意为“拥有”。?
  25. C) 【句意】詹妮特的性格缺陷阻碍了她事业进步。? 【难点】weakness 意为“弱点;嗜好”;merit 意为“优点,长处”;defect 意为“缺点,缺 陷”;shortcoming 意为“缺点,短处”。?
Test Two
关于 used to 的意义和用法 used to (只有过去时形式, 没有现在时形式)表示过去习惯动作或状态, 这种情况现已不复存在。 例如:? He used to smoke a lot, but he has long given up smoking.? 在否定陈述句或否定疑问句中,用 didn’t use to 或 usedn’t to 均可:? He didn’t use to smoke cigarettes.? He usedn’t to smoke cigarettes.? Didn’t Maria use to be interested in the theatre?? Usedn’t Maria to be interested in the theatre?? 在肯定疑问句中也可有两种形式:? Used you to go to the same school as Edward?? Did you use to go to the same school as Edward??? 近义词辨析



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英语专业四级 历年真题

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   初一英语句型转换专项练习题 根据句后括号内的要求,填入句中所缺的词: 1.I know the answer.(一般疑问句) know the answer? 2. We can see some birds.(一般疑问句) see birds? 3. There is a computer in my house. (一般疑问句) a computer in house? 4. There are some flowers on the teachers ’desk. (一般疑问句) ...


   初 中 英 语 写 作 教 学 的 整 体 规 划 与 实 践 作者:张丽君 文章来源:本站原创 点击数:594 更新时间:2009-5-27 随着英语新课程改革的不断深入,培养学生的交际能力已成 为中学英语教学的目标之一。长期以来的“哑巴英语”现象受到 了广泛的关注和研究,学生的听说能力得到了提高。相比之下, 英语书面表达能力的培养在教学领域内普遍受到冷落与忽视,初 中学生的英语写作能力总体还比较薄弱。 究其原因:一是现在考试中的书面表达命题比较单调,不少 教师对写的重要性认识不足,忽略了 ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高考必备 介词用法口诀大全 in, 黎明,午夜,点与分. 早,午,晚要用 in,at 黎明,午夜,点与分. in. 年,月,年月,季节,周,阳光,灯,影,衣,帽 in. 年月,季节, 阳光, 以后, in. 将来时态 in ... 以后,小处 at 大处 in. by,语言,单位, in. 有形 with 无形 by,语言,单位,材料 in. 特征,方面与方式, in. 特征,方面与方 ...


   Many people insist that... 很多人坚持认为... With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that... 随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为... A lot of people seem to think that... 很多人似乎认为... 引出不同观点: People's views on... vary from person to person. ...

九年级英语 全册知识点总结 冀教版

   优思数学-新人教版初中数学专题网站 WWW.YOUSEE123.COM 九年级英语第一单元知识点归纳 1.break a world record 打破世界记录 2.get a gold medal 获得金牌 3.with a time of … 用…时间 4.at the same time 同时 5.up and down 上上下下 6.set a world record 创造世界记录 7.as fast as possible 尽快 8.believe in sb 信任某人 beli ...