07) 全真试题
( C )
  51. There are as good fish in the sea ever came out of it. A. than B. like C. as D. so ( B )
  52. All the President’s Men one of the important books for historians who study the Watergate Scandal. A. remain B. remains C. remained D. is remaining ( D )
  53. “You borrow my notes provided (=if) you take care of them,” I told my friend. A. could B. should C. must D. can ( A )
  54. If only the patient a different treatment instead of using the antibiotics, he might still be alive now. A. had received B. received C. should receive D. were receiving ( B )
  55. Linda was the experiment a month ago, but she changed her mind at the last minute. A. to start B. to have started C. to be starting D. to have been starting 注:was to: 本来计划要做某事,相当于 will ( D )
  56. She fifty or so when I first met her at the conference. A. must be B. had been C. could be D. must have been ( C )
  57. It is not much the language as the background that makes the book difficult to understand. A. that B. as C. so D. very ( B )
  58. The committee has anticipated the problems that in the road construction project. A. arise B. will arise C. arose D. have arisen ( A )
  59. The student said there were a few points in the essay he impossible to comprehend. A. had found B. finds C. has found D. would find ( C )
  60. He would have finished his college education, but he to quit and find a job to support his family. A. had had B. has C. had D. would have ( B )
  61. The research requires more money than . A. have been put in B. has been put in C. being put in D. to be put in ( A )
  62. Overpopulation poses a terrible threat to the human race. Yet it is probably a threat to the human race than environmental destruction. A. no more B. not more C. even more D. much more
注:no more...than 含有消极,否定的意味,译为"A 与 B 都不……,不……也不"等。 not more...than 含有积极,肯定的意味,表示程度上的差异 程度上的差异。比较: 程度上的差异 He is no more diligent than you. 你不勤奋,他也不勤奋。(两人都不勤奋) He is not more diligent than you. 他没有你那么勤奋。(意指两个人都勤奋,但你更勤奋) She is no more a teacher than a worker. 她既不是工人,也不是教师。 She is not more a teacher than a worker. 说她是个教师,倒不如说她是个工人。 仅仅,
  1)后面接数词时,no more than 相当于 only,是“仅仅,只不过”的意思;not more than 相
当于 at most,是“至多,不超过”的意思。前者强调少,后者说明事实。试比较: 至多, (表示不多了) There are no more than ten tickets left. 只剩下十张票了。 There are not more than ten tickets left. 剩票不超过十张。 (说明事实)
  2)后面接比较状语从句时,no more than 的意思是“和……同样不”,not more than 的意思 是“不比……更”,“不及”。试比较: Jack is no more diligent than John. 杰克也和约翰一样不勤奋。 =Neither Jack nor John is ( diligent.) Jack is not more diligent than John. 杰克不如约翰勤奋。 =Jack is not as diligent as John.) (
( D )
  63. It is not uncommon for there problems of communication between the old and the young. A. being B. would be C. be D. to be
注:There to be 和 there being 的用法 There+be 是一种常见的“表示存在”的句型。 There+be 后可接名词或动名词。 There must be rules for the changes. 这些变化一定是有规则的。 There is no knowing what may happen. 谁也不知道将要发生什么事。 下面就 there to be 和 there being 的用法做一简要介绍。
  1.there to be 的用法
  1) 用作动词的复合宾语。 Would you like there to be a picture on the wall? 你喜欢墙壁上挂一张画吗? We don't want there to bve any commrade lagging behind. 我们不希望有一个同志掉队。 I don't want there to bwe any misunderstanding between us.我不希望我们之间有什么误会。
  2) 用在 It be + adj. for...的结构中 不可能在有机会了。 It is impossible for there to be any more chance. It was too late for there to be any buses. 时间太晚,不会有汽车了。 We waited for there to be another opportunity. 我们期待着还有下一次机会。
  2.there being 的用法
  1) 用作介词后的复合宾语 I never dreamed of there being a picture on the wall. 我从未想到墙壁上有幅画。 I was wrong about there being some misunderstanding between us.认为我们之间有误解是我 的错误。
  2) 作状语用的独立结构 There being nothing to do, we went home. 因为没有什么事要办,我们就回家了。 There being nobody else at hand, I had to do it by myself.由于身边没有别人, 我只得自己干了
( B )
  64. at in his way, the situation doesn’t seem so desperate. A. Looking B. Looked C. Being looked D. To look ( C )
  65. It is absolutely essential that William his study in spite of some learning difficulties. A. will continue B. continued C. continue D. continues ( C )
  66. The painting he bought at the street market the other day was a forgery. A. man-made B. natural C. crude D. real 注 : man-made: 人 造 的 , 合 成 的 , 人 为 的 natural: 简 单 自 然 的 , 天 生 的 crude: 天然的,粗糙的,拙劣的,粗鲁的 real: 真实的,不动产的 ( A )
  67. She’s always been kind to me I can’t just turn on her now that
she needs my help. A. my back B. my head C. my eye D. my shoulder 注: turn one’s back on sb: 拒绝帮助某人,背弃,弃于不顾 ( B )
  68. The bar in the club is for the use of its members. A. extensive B. exclusive C. inclusive D. comprehensive 注: extensive: 广泛的,广阔的 exclusive: 唯一的,独占的 inclusive: 包 含在内的,包括的 comprehensive: 全面的,广泛的,综合性的 ( D )
  69. The tuition fees are to students coming from low-income families. A. approachable B. payable C. reachable D. affordable 注: approachable: 可接近的,平易近人的,亲切的 payable: 可付的,应付的 reachable: 可达成的,可获得的 affordable: 买得起的,担负得起的 ( B )
  70. The medical experts warned the authorities of the danger of diseases in the of the earthquake. A. consequence B. aftermath C. result D. effect 注: consequence: n. 结果 , 推论 , 因果关系 in consequence: 结果 , 因此 aftermath: n. 结果,后果,尤指灾难或不幸事件的后果,灾后时期 result: n. 结果,成效,计算结果, 一种有利的或有具体成果的结局或效果或: 一 种特殊的行动、运行或过程的结果 effect: n. 结果,效果,作用,影响, 由 某种原因或行为而产生的事, 能引起某种结果的力量 ( A )
  71. This sort of rude behavior in public hardly a person in your position. A. becomes B. fits C. supports D. improves 注: become: vt. 适合,与…相称,适宜 fit: vt. 适合,使合身,使适应, (使) 成为 合适的大小和形状,量身,与…相一致 support: vt. 支撑,用户,维持,赡 养 improve: v. 改善,改进 ( B )
  72. I must leave now. , if you want that book I’ll bring it next time. A. Accidentally B. Incidentally C. Eventually D. Naturally 注 : accidentally: 偶 然 地 , 意 外 地 incidentally: 附 带 地 , 顺 便 提 及 eventually: 最后,终于 naturally: 自然地 ( D )
  73. After a long delay, she replying to my e-mail. A. got away with B. got back at C. got by D. got round to 注: get away with: 逃避惩罚 get back at: (俚)实行报复 get by: 通过, 混过 get round to: 腾出时间来做 ( C )
  74. Personal computers are no longer something beyond the ordinary people; they are available these days. A. promptly B. instantly C. readily D. quickly 注:promptly: 敏捷地,迅速地 instantly: 立即地,即刻地 readily: 乐意地, 欣然,容易地,轻易地 quickly: 很快地 ( A )
  75. In my first year at the university I learnt the of journalism. A. basics B. basic C. elementary D. elements 注: basics: n. 基本要素,基本原理,基础,基本 basic: n. 基本语言 adj. 基本 的 elementary: adj. 基本的,初步的 elements: n. 基本原则,基本假 设, “一个组合整体中的单个组成部分之一” ( D )
  76. According to the new tax law, any money earned over that level is taxed at
the of 59 per cent. A. ratio B. percentage C. proportion D. rate 注: proportion 强调比例,比如什么东西在什么中占的比例很大, 指部分,是指大

percentage 指百分比 将一般的比值化成百分数 rate 指比率,速率 比如利率什么的 The car was going at the rate of 60 miles an hour. 汽车以每小时六十英里的速度行驶。 ratio 指比例 是指 A 在一个整体中所占的比例,一般可以数字化,比较具体 We divided it in the ratio 3:
  1. 我们将它分为三与一之比。 rate(比率):是以 1 来相比某数,其基本单位并不相同。.例如汇率(exchange rate)是 1 美元:
  6.84 人民币.又如国民拥有手机率是
  0.873,是说 1 个国民拥有手机
  0.873 部 手机.有些时说'每千国民拥有手机率是 873'===1,000 国民拥有 873 部手机.但不 会说每 1,500 国民拥有 1,310 部手机. ratio(比例):便不是以 1 来相比某数,其基本单位可以相同.如 A:B=4:7,当 A=20 时, 则 B=
  35. 此外%(百分率),其基本单位必须相同.例如折扣 50%,便是原价(币值)的一半.这和 Faction 有所不同. 又 proportion 用于地图上,例如 10cm==1KM ( C )
  77. Thousands of at the statium came to their feet to pay tribute to an outstanding performance. A. audience B. participants C. spectators D. observers 注: audience 和 spectator 都作“观众”解。audience 指的是艺术、表演、电影、 The 演讲等的观众和听众, 常用单数形式: actor presented him-self amidst the loud acclamation of a crowded audience.spectator 特指观看比赛等的观众。Observers: 观测者,观察员 participant: 参与者 ( B )
  78. We stood still, gazing out over the limitless of the desert. A. space B. expanse C. stretch D. land 注: space: 空间 , 空地 , 间隔 expanse: 宽阔的区域 stretch: 一段路程 land: 陆地,国家,国土,地带 ( C )
  79. Doctors often uneasiness in the people they deal with. D. touch A. smell B. hear C. sense (发觉,检测出) ( A )
  80. Mary sat at the table, looked at the plate and her lips. B. opened C. parted D. separated A. smacked (咂嘴) 注: smack one's lips 是 (馋得)舐嘴唇; 垂涎三尺



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