I. Directions: (Vocabulary) Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best complete the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points) Example: The homeless couple at last in finding a flat to rent. A. managed B. did C. finished D. succeeded The sentence should read, "The homeless couple succeeded at last in finding a flat to rent." Therefore you should choose D.
  1. I generally eat a balanced . A. diet B. food C. dine D. soup
  2. He is the most singer in his country. A. public B. popular C. respecting D. referred
  3. "Can you me a few minutes?" is a polite expression to be used when you want to talk with someone. A. spell B. spare C. spend D. shift
  4. He doesn't work but he gets a good from his investment. A. income B. salary C. money D. wage
  5. living here at the top of the mountain with no one else near you must be very . A. lonely B. alone C. single D. sole
  6. Well, as it turns , her niece has made the mistake. A. up B. into C. out D. on
  7. "Better three hours too than a minute too late." A. earlier
B. soon C. beforehand D. in advance
  8. I generally eat a balanced . A. diet B. food C. dine D. soup
  9. Tom and I are seeing you, so don't disappoint us! A. looking for B. looking forward to C. looking to D. looking out on

  10. She was in white like a nurse. A. clothing B. dressed C. wearing D. worn
II. Directions: (Structure) Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best complete the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points) Example: the airport, they waved again and again to us. A. We left B. When leaving C. They left D. Left The sentence should read, "When leaving the airport, they waved again and again to us." Therefore you should choose B.
  11. We had to leave quietly not to disturb other people. A. so as B. so that C. so D. therefore
  12. He ran all the way home and arrived breath. A. without B. lack of C. beyond D. out of
  13. We might never have gone if you us. A. didn't remind B. wouldn't have reminded C. hadn't reminded D. couldn't remind
  14. If I had more time, I . A. did travel
B. travel C. had travel D. would travel
  15. Mary wasn't happy about it, and . A. her brother was neither B. her brother wasn't either C. neither her brother was D. either was her brother
  16. It's important for a person in position to behave so badly in public. A. such a high B. a so high C. such high D. so high
  17. From now on I want you to keep me of how things are going on. A. informed B. to be informed C. inform D. informing
  18. It was in the year of 1925 John Biard found a way to send pictures by wireless. A. when B. that C. in which D. which
  19. We found that the plane when we got to the airport. A. already took off B. had already taken off C. was already taking off D. was already taken off
  20. One of the things she wrote about life on a small farm in Virginia. A. has been B. were C. had been D. was III. Directions: Choose A, B or C to complete each conversation, using the sentences below. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points) Example: ? Oh, look. Joni Mitchell is in town. ? . ? What? She's one of the greatest folk singers in the world! A. Who's that? I've never heard of her. B. Sure, I'm in town. C. Yes, I'm glad she' coming. Answer A is correct because the conversation should read.
? "Oh, look. Joni Mitchell is in town. " ? Who's that? I've never heard of her. ? What? She's one of the greatest folk singer in the world.
  21. ?So, Mrs. Park, how have been feeling lately? ? . A. I am feeling like going to the park. B. I have been feeling really tired. C. What is your feeling then?
  22. ?Haven't we met somewhere before? ? . A. Nice to see you. B. Yes, I think we met in Shanghai last year. C. I hope to make friends with you.
  23. ?What have you been doing lately? ? . A. In fact, I was not in this city. B. My sister is staying with me. C. I haven't been doing much of anything.
  24. ?Do you want to play tennis sometime? ? . A. Sure. If I have time next week, I'll give you a call. B. I think it will be fine tomorrow. C. Thank you for your advice, anyway.
  25. ? What's new at the office? ? . A. Well, I ran into Carol on the street. B. Nothing much. C. I like it very much.
  26. ?I need someone to take care of my daughter. ? . A. Who will you look for? B. What kind of person are you looking for? C. Please inform me of the one you will employ.
  27. ?How much do I owe you? ? . A. I will return you as soon as possible. B. Please return me if you have enough money. C. $
  5.35 with tax.
  28. ?Do you know if there's a bank around here? ? . A. Yes, there's one on the next block. B. I know where the post office is . C. can I follow you?

  29. ?Let's go for a walk. ? . A. It is a long road. B. I don't have enough energy to go for a walk. C. The weather is too hot.
  30. ? Could you speak up? ? . A. I can't talk very loudly. Someone's in my house. B. Something is wrong with my house. C. Where did you say you lived? IV. Directions: For each numbered blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points) It was an early morning in summer. In the streets, sleepy-eyed people were moving quickly, heading towards their
  31. This was the beginning of another 32 day in New York City. 33 this day was to be different. Waiting 34 the crowded streets, on top of a 35 110 stories high, was Philippe Petit. This daring Frenchman was about to 36 a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center. Philippe took his first 37 with great care. The wire held. Now he was 38 he could do it. 39 only a balancing pole, Philippe walked his way across, a 40 of 131 feet. Soon the rush-hour 41 began to notice. What a 42! There, 1350 feet above the street, a 43 figure was walking on air. Philippe made seven 44, back and forth. He wasn't satisfied with just
  45. At times, he would turn, sit down, and 46 go on his knees. Once, he had the astonishing 47 to lie down on the thin thread. And thousands of 48 watchers stared with their hearts beating fast. After the forty-five -minute 49, Philippe was taken to the police station. He was asked 50 he did it. Philippe shrugged(耸肩) and said, "When I see two tall buildings, I walk".
  31.A. jobs
  44.A.experiments B. homes B. hot B. So B. in B. position B. walk B. landing B. uncertain B. Against B. height B. crowds B. pleasure B. strange B. circles C. buses C. same C. But C. by C. wall C. climb C. step C. glad C. With C. space C. passengers C. wonder C. public C. trips D. offices D. ordinary D. Thus D. above D. building D. fix D. trip D. nervous D. On D. rope D. city D. danger D. tiny D. movements

  45.A.walking B. staying C. acting D. showing
  46.A.almost B. even C. often D. rather
  47.A.spirit B. result C. strength D. courage
  48.A.patient B. terrified C. pleased D. enjoyable
  49.A.show B. trick C. try D. program
  50.A.how B. why C. whether D. when V. Directions: Each of the passage below is followed by some questions. For each question there are four answers marked A, B, C and D. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each of the questions. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (20 points) Questions 51 ~ 55 are based on the following passage. It seems to me that British newspapers aren't really newspapers at all. They contain news, it is true, but much of this news only appears in print because it is guaranteed to shock, surprise or cause a chuckle. What should we expect to find in a real newspaper? Interesting political articles? Accurate reports of what has been happening in distant corners of the world? The latest news from the stock exchange? Full coverage of great sporting events? In depth interviews with leading personalities? It is a sad fact that in Britain the real newspapers, the ones that report facts, sell in thousands, while the popular papers that set out to shock or amuse have a circulation(发行量) of several million. One's inescapable conclusion is that the vast majority of British readers do not really want a proper newspaper at all. They just want a few pages of entertainment. I buy the same newspaper every day. In this paper political matters, both British and foreign, are covered in full. The editorial column may support government policy on one issue and oppose it on another. There is a full page of book reviews and another devoted to the latest happenings in the theatre, the cinema and the world of art. Stock exchange prices are quoted daily. So are the exchange rates of the world's major currencies(货币). The sports correspondents(记者) are among the best in the country, while the standard of the readers' letters is absolutely first class. If an intelligent person were to find a copy of this paper 50 years from now, he or she would still find it entertaining, interesting and instructive. So my favourite newspaper is obviously very different from those popular that have circulation of several million. But that does not mean that it is "better" or that they are "worse". We are not comparing like with like. A publisher printing a newspaper with a circulation of several million is running a highly successful commercial operation. The people who buy his product are obviously satisfied customers and in a free society everybody should have the right to buy whatever kind of newspaper he pleases.
  51. What kind of newspaper does the author prefer? A. A daily newspaper B. An entertaining
C. A popular newspaper D. A serious newspaper
  52. Popular newspapers sell better because people . A. don't like real news B. have bad taste C. are mostly uneducated D. want entertainment
  53. The author thinks that the popular newspapers are not . A. entertaining B. instructive C. interesting D. amusing
  54. The real newspapers are more suitable for . A. common people B. curious people C. intelligent people D. hard-working people
  55. According to the author, the popular papers are . A. better than the real newspaper. B. different from the real newspaper C. worse than the real newspapers D. more interesting than the real newspapers Questions 56 ~ 60 are based on the following passage. It is my honor to introduce again a yearly report of the work of Our Lady's Hospice. Our Lady's Hospice, the first of its kind in these western islands, has entered the second century of caring for those with terminal illness. It was first opened in Milltown and its opening was the realization of a long cherished dream. For years people had longed for a place where poor, lonely, friendless dying persons no longer fit subjects for hospital wards could find care, comfort and peacefulness in their last days of life. In December 1879 these hopes were realized when Our Lady's formally welcomed the first patients35 in number. So great were the applications for admission that six years later the foundation stone of the present Hospice was laid on 18th July 1886 and completed in August 18
  88. Much has been written about the spirit of the Hospice and much will continue to be written with present increasing interest in the Hospice movement. Yet it is difficult to capture a spirit in words. Over a hundred years ago Our Lady's Hospice was opened in spirit that regarded neither race, nor belief, nor class but looked simply to the need of the person for help and for peace in the last days of life. We hope the same spirit born out of love, care and respect for the dignity and worth of each human person, will comfort all, both patients and their loved ones, who seek our help in the Hospice today.
  56. This report is given by . A. a reporter who is interested in Hospice work. B. a patient representative C. a leading figure of the Hospice D. One of the founders of the Hospice.
  57. Who can be admitted to the Hospice? A. The poor. B. Lonely and friendless people. C. Dying patients. D. People badly in need of care and comfort.

  58. Our Lady's Hospice was first opened in . A. 1897 B. 1888 C. 1886 D. 1879
  59. "their loved ones" in the last sentence refers to . A. dying patients B. patients and doctors C. those whom patients love D. human persons
  60. Which of the following is in agreement with the Hospice spirit? A. Taking care of those seriously-ill people who believe in themselves. B. Showing love for those who live in these western islands. C. Freeing white patients from pain and comforting their fears, and supporting their loved ones. D. Loving and helping those of the terminally ill. VI. Directions: Read the two columns of sentences. Choose one sentence from the right column to match each of the sentences in the left column. The two sentences will make up a dialogue. There are four more sentences than needed in the right column. Each sentence can only be used onc


英语专业 综合英语翻译句子答案

   Unit 1 1. Our big old house was closely related with the joys and sorrows of four generations. 2. I planted these roses a long, long time ago before your mother was born. 3. Many sons left home to fight against the Fascist Nazi. 4. Take the first f ...


   应用文(包括信签、便签、备忘录等)写作是全国硕士研究生入学考试从 2005 年新增加的 考试形式, 旨在考察考生准确和恰当运用英语语言的能力, 符合中国英语语言教学的发展趋 势和时代要求。 根据考试大纲的要赤诚,考生的作文必须很好地完成试题规定的任务。包括所有的要点;使 用丰富的语法结构和词汇;语言自然流畅,语法错误较少;有效地采用了多种衔接的手法, 文字连贯,层次清晰;格式与语域恰当贴切。对目标读者完全产生预期的效果。 (指在书面 和口头表达中根据不同的交际对象,所采用的话语方式,即正式、 ...


   本文由Joyce040贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 英语专业四级复习计划 其实由于每个人的具体情况不同, 没有办法给你制定具体几点到几点的复习计划。 我也曾是个英语专业生,专业四级花了很多精力,老实说真的很难,要是想在一 两个月内有很大的提高不太可能,当然,要看你的英语基础了。但我觉得我的复 习方法有的你还时可以借鉴的,你可以看看,希望有所帮助。 怎么将这么多内容的复习融为一体呢。 制定一个详细的复习计划就变的非常必 ...


   一个非英语专业的人的自述:我如何用一年时间考上欧盟口译司 来源: 黄小雪的日志 今天看到一篇文章,说是一个猛人用一年时间考上欧盟口译司,看完之后,只有一个感觉,就是意志力决定你的成功,就象我在昨天的文章中说到的,能有坚强意志力的人少之又少,但这个人绝对是其中之一。   我的网名叫做jacky, 大学在青岛市念书,4年,中国海洋大学的计算机科学与技术。我并不象很多人那样关注现在的流行,超级女声,快乐男声,加油!好男儿,李宇春,张靓颖或者周笔畅,我甚至可能也不知道谁是全国7进6,8进7,我可能还不 ...


   英语专业学生翻译工具使用情况 市场调研报告 Group Five 2011 年 3 月 调查背景: 调查背景: 本次调查是由 Group Five 各成员针对如今越秀英语专业学生(主要是二三年级)使用翻译 工具的情况进行的问卷调查。经过小组成员的仔细商讨,我们最终确定了 20 个问题对学生 进行调研。本次调查采用了定性和定量相结合的研究方法,定量方面:报告数据来源于小组 成员对学生的问卷调查。定性方面:小组成员对不同学生的深入访谈和研究。本次调查,我 们共收到 40 份有效问卷。 调查样本分 ...


   大家网英语专八论坛 a back seat driver 专爱指点司机如何开车的乘客 a big bear hug 抱得很紧 a bit trying 有点苦恼 a cap and gown 毕业典礼的礼服 a cup of Java 一杯咖啡 a dead battery 汽车电瓶没电了 a good shot 照相的取景很出色 a hangover from the old days 遗留下来的老习惯 a knockout 引人注目 a little too tight 紧了一点 a m ...

疯狂英语 (2)

   Crazy English Don't be shy ! Just try! Enjoy losing your face ! 姓 名:李阳 出生年月: 出生年月:1969.6 毕业学校:兰州大学 毕业学校: 毕业时间: 毕业时间 1990.7 专 业:工程力学 Crazy English is in The Imperial Palace (1998) The Learning Secret of Crazy English 1.句子中心论: 句子中心论: 句子中心论 用句子来掌握发音,单 ...


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   本文由wendyjiwoo贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 英语专业四级考试是针对高校英语专业的学生开办的,每年 5 月份举行,是 对专业基础阶段基础知识和基本技能的检测, 考试的目的是检查已学完英语专业 四级课程的学生是否达到教学大纲所规定的各项要求, 考核学生运用各项基本技 能的能力以及学生对语法结构和词语用法的积淀程度,既测试学生的综合能力, 也测试学生的单项技能。 考试范围包括基础阶段教学大纲所规定的一到四级除读 音 ...



   英语考研复试全国公益巡讲 考研复试口语演示 高联英语团队 赵 敏 2011年 2011年3月 考研复试的表情代言 考研复试的表情代言 考研复试的表情代言 考研复试的表情代言 影响成绩的非语言因素 服装 行为 气质 表情 口语面试评分标准 语言准确性(语法和用词的准确性、语法结构 语言准确性(语法和用词的准确性、语法结构 的复杂性、词汇的丰富程度、发音的准确性) 话语的长短和连贯性(内容的连贯性、寻找合 话语的长短和连贯性(内容的连贯性、寻找合 适词语而造成的停顿频率及长短、表达思想的 语言长 ...


   新概念英语第二册网络课程学习指导 2007-08-23   新概念教材简介 《新概念英语》是一部风靡全球的经典英语教程,它以其严密的体系性、严谨的科学性、精湛的实用性、浓郁的趣味性受到了世界各地英语学习者的青睐,也在中国的英语学习者中赢得了无可比拟的盛誉,成为英语学习者的首选教材。 《新概念英语》全套共分为四册,科学地融合了听、说、读、写、译五方面的技能,能有效地把学习者从最初的“英文盲”引导成为一个“英文通”。我们打个比方:《新概念英语》好似一座豪华的大楼,第一册打下了英语口语及语法的稳固基 ...


   英语试卷 第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. -- Would you be able to come to the party? --I . A. believe it B. don’t expect C. don’t hope so D. am afraid not 22. It will be three days he back from his hometown. A. when; wi ...


   妙招连连:100 个句子背会四级单词 2008-11-11 10:00 1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn. 1.美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 2. Of the millions who saw Haley's comet in 1986, how many people will live long enough to s ...


   英文中文 Absolutely. 是这样;当然是;正是如此;绝对如此。 Absolutely impossible! 绝对不可能的! All I have to do is learn English. 我所要做的就是学英语。 Are you free tomorrow? 你明天有空吗? ...