复习资料:自考英语 二 重点句型总结 重点句型总结(一 复习资料:自考英语(二)重点句型总结 一)
  1. 强调句 It was lightening that caused the forest fire last year。正是闪电引 起了去年的那场火灾。
  2. 虚拟语气 We hurried back to school lest/ for fear that it (should) rain. 我 们匆匆忙忙地赶回学校,生怕天会下雨。
  3. 比较级 the more…the more The more time a person spends on his work, the less time he has to play. 一个人花在工作上的时间越多,花在玩耍上的时间就越少。
  4. This subject is far more difficult than everybody has previously expected. 这门课程比每个人以前预料的还要难得多。
  5. more than…/rather than… A political figure‘s success depends more on external factors than his own characteristics. 一个政治人物的成功与其取决于他个 人的特点,不如说取决于外部因素。
  6. 让步状语 Whether you believe him or not, you have to make the decision. 无论你是否相信他,你都必须做出决定。
  7. no matter what/ who/when/how…, No matter how hard he tried, he couldn‘t persuade his friends to give up the adventure. 无论他怎么努力,都不能 说服他的朋友们放弃冒险。
  8. despite/in spite of …, He decided to carry out the plan in spite of the protest from his parents. 他决定不顾父母的反对执行他的计划。
  9. 结果状语 I broke my glasses so that I couldn‘t see clearly what happened. 我打破了眼镜,以至于看不清当时发生了什么事。
  10. The density of the star has become so great that it may explode at some time. 这颗恒星的密度如此之大,以至于它会在某一时刻爆炸。
  11. 非限定性定语从句 As we expected 正如我们所预料的那样/ As is well known 众所周知, the project was finished successfully on time. 项目成功地提前完成。
  12. 形式主语 It‘s no doubt that correct decisions made today will have a good effect on future. 毫无疑问,今天做出的正确决策将对未来有很好的影响。
  13. 形式宾语 Many people find it important to keep a good living habit. 很 多人认为保持一个良好的生活习惯非常重要。
  14. 宾语补足语 The new electronic techniques make possible the effect that has never been created before. 新的电子技术使得一种从未有过的音响效果成为可能。
  15. 倒装句 Not until recently did we realize that language was closely related to culture. 直到最近我们才意识到语言与文化密切相关。
  16. Under no circumstances should you hesitate to offer your opinion as it is. 在任何情况下你都应毫不犹豫地说出你真实的想法。
  17. 比较状语 such … as … Such people as you described can hardly succeed in nowadays. 像你描述的那种人在当今社会很难取得成功。
  18. 原因状语 be different/ similar … in that…Robots are different from automatic machines in that they can be reprogrammed to do another job. 机器 人和自动化机器的不同之处在于它能被重新编程完成其它的任务。
  19. 宾语从句 people hold different attitudes as to… 人们对于是否应该用动物做
实验持不同的态度。 people hold different attitudes as to whether animals should be used in experiments。
  20. 并列句 …not only…but also… Sports can not only benefit our body, but also contribute immensely to mental health. 运动不仅对我们的身体有益,而且还极 大地有助于精神健康。 一:选词填空 tendency, accomplish, precedent, goal, skilled
  1. This decision set a fro future cases of a similar nature。
  2. Although he has received no formal education, he is in biology。
  3. She had always wanted to have a house of her own, and now she had attained the 。
  4. We can whatever you can, and with better results。
  5. The of today's young people to marry and bear children at later ages reflects to some degree the development of society。 二:汉译英 1 在某种程度上,他的成功是由于幸运。 2 电台预报明天天气会变冷。 3 他由朋友陪同去听音乐会。 4 按照他的建议,手续已经大大简化。
  5.没有正确的选择就没有正确的决定。 一:单项选择
  1.?Each of the students, working hard at his or her lessons to go to university。 ?So do I。 A. hope B. hopes C. hoping D. hoped
  2.Either you or the headmaster the prize for these gifted students at the meeting。 A. is handing in B. are to hand out C. are handing in D. is to hand out
  3. A library with five thousand books to the nation as a gift。 A. is offered B. has offered C. are offered D. have offered
  4. His family a big one. When I came to see him last night, His familywatching TV。 A. is; was
B. was; were C. is; were D. are; were
  5. The poor helped by government programs,? A. is; isn't it B. is; isn't he C. are; aren't they D. are; haven't they
  6. The teacher and writer asked to make a speech at the meeting。 A. is B. was C. are D. were
  7. When and where to build the new factory yet。 A. is not decided B. are not decided C. has not decided D. have not decided
  8. The number of people invited fifty, but a number of them absent for different reasons。 A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were
  9. Four-fifths of the workers here workers。 A. is woman B. are woman C. are women D. is women
  10.No one but her parents it。 A. know B. knows C. is knowing D. are knowing
  11. The rest of the spelling exercises as your homework。 A. is to be done B. are to do C. are to be done D. will do
  12. The rest of the food in the refrigerator。 A. is to keep B. are to keep C. are to be kept D. is to be kept
  1. The satellite in a rocket. (launch)
  2. The roof under the weight of the snow. (collapse)
  3. We should avoid what we think about people different from ourselves. (decide)
  4. The most evidence of black holes comes from research into binary stars system. (convince)
  5. There is a great deal of about his retirement from active politics. (speculate) 三:汉译英 1 黑洞有很强的引力,但它没有物质。
  5.药物开始见效了吗?考试大收集整理 一:选词填空 sensitive, elderly, vulnerable, deteriorate, request, debate, be affected with, take sth into account。
  4. Relation between the two countries began to in 19
  88. The interview was put off at my 。 The girl high fever。 You must his ignorance when making a decision。

  5. We need to be more to the needs of students. sensitive 二:汉译英
  1. 据说,那个病人曾要求医生助他一死。
  2. 他的才能将保证他得到成功。
  3. 他对天气的变化很敏感。
  4. 他们正准备展开一场全国性的争论。
  5. 水的污染使居民容易得病。 三:拼写单词
  1.家庭的 a d ;
  2. 战役、运动 n c ;
  3.执行 v e ;
  4. 移 民 n i;
  5. 外 国 人 n f ;
  6. 目 击 者 n e ;
  7. 否 认 v d ;
  8. 处 罚 n p;
  9. 国 内 的 a c ;
  10.自由 n l 。
  1. Only when you have obtained sufficient data come to a sound conclusion。 A. can you B. you can C. would you D. you would

  2. that this region was so rich in natural resources。 A. Little he knew B. Little did he know C.Little he did know D. Little he had known
  3. Never again political office after his 1928 defeat for the presidency。 A. Alfred E. Smith seriously sought B. seriously Alfred E. Smith sought C. when did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek D. did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek
  4. Only in recent years begun to realize that wild dogs, kept within bounds, often do more good than harm。 A. people have B. since people have C. have people D. people who have
  5. , we were not going to make any concessions to his unreasonable demands。 A. What may come B. come what may C. May what come D. What come
  6. Not until I shouted at the top of my voice his head。 A. that he turned B. did he turn C. he didn't turn D. he had turned
  7. received law degrees as today。 A. Never so women have B. The women aren't ever C. Women who have never D. Never have so many women
  8. Heat does not travel by convection in solid, because the solid does not move, 。 A. so does a liquid B. so a liquid does C. as does a liquid
D. so is a liquid
  9. On no account to anyone。 A. my name must be mentioned B. must my name mention C. must my name be mentioned D. my name must mention
  10. that they may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by 90 percent。 A. Such construction robots are clever B. So clever the construction robots are C. So clever are the construction robots D. Such clever construction robots are answers: 15 a,b,d,c,c,; 6?10:b,d,b,c, c.|www.examda.com 一单词拼写:
  1.民间的 a f ;
  2.意识 n c ;
  3. 自发的 a s ;
  4.多媒体的 a m;
  5. 鼓舞 v i;
  6. 概述,总结 v s;
  7.协调 n h;
  8.音乐家 n m;
  9.乐器 n I;
  10. 舞 厅 n b; 二汉译英:
  1. His success was because of he had been working hard 。 A. that B. the fact which C. the fact that D. the fact
  2."Is Mary from New York City " "I don't know ." A. from what city does she come from B. from what city she come C. what city does she come from D. what city she comes from
  3. makes mistakes must correct them。 A. What
B. That C. Whoever D. Whatever
  4. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was a new job。 A. because I got B. because of getting C. I got D. that I got
  5. It worried her a bit her hair was turning gray。 A. while B. that C. if D. for
  6. Henry killed the dog. I'll ask him why 。 A. did he do that B. he did that C. he did D. he has done so
  7. Have you seen Henry lately My boss wants to know 。 A. how he is getting along B. how is he getting along C. what he is getting along D. what is he getting along
  8. It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants。 A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever
  9. He asked me with me。 A. what is the trouble B. what wrong was C. what was the matter D. what trouble it is
  10. I am sure he said is true。 A. that B. about that C. of that D. that what
  11. When and why he came here yet。 A. is not known B. are not known C. has not known D. have not bee

  12.I wonder how much 。 A. does the watch cost B. did the watch cost C. the watch cost D. the watch costs
  13. Mary is someone might recognize her。 A. afraid of B. afraid about C. afraid that D. afraid for
  14. is no reason for dismissing her。 A. Because she was a few minutes late B. Owing to a few minutes late C. The fact that she was a few minutes late D. Being a few minutes late
  15. They came to the conclusion by a computer。 A. that not all things can be done B. because of not all things be done C. being not all things can be done D. because not all things can be done
  1. 拥有 n p;
  2.获得 v a ;
  3. 满意 n s ;
  4. 放松 n r ;
  5. 称心的 a d ;
  6. 职业 n o ;
  7. 描绘 v p ;
  8. 城市的 a u;
  9. 承认 n r 。
  2. 汉译英:
  3. 我方什么也没有作错。
  4. 生活质量这个术语容易理解但很难下定义。
  5. 研究和观察结果表明,人们越来越关心生活的质量。



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