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人教版初一上英语看似简单易学,其实并非如此。如果适当拓展和延伸,不难发现中学 英语语法体系的各个部分在这本书中都有所涉及, 英语语言结构的基本框架悄然呈现。 如果 在学习过程中对这些分散的语言点进行系统的整合,对其中的基本规则达到熟练掌握的程 度,显然会为整个中学阶段的英语学习奠定基础,今后的学习就会事半功倍,成功是水到渠 成的事了。 中学英语语法体系: 中学英语语法体系: 一、词法: (一)名词:可数与不可数;专有名词;名词所属格;名词功能;辨析。 (二)代词:人称代词;物主代词;反身代词;相互代词;指示代词;不定代词;疑问 代词;代词功能。 (三)数词:基数词;序数词;数词功能。 (四)介词:介词功能;常用介词;固定短语。 (五)连词:并列连词;从属连词;连词功能。 (六)形容词:形容词的句法功能;复合形容词;比较级和最高级;形容词的位置;部 分形容词辨析。 (七)副词:副词的句法功能;分类;位置;比较级与最高级;辨析。 (八)冠词:不定冠词与定冠词的用法;不加冠词的情况;辨析。 (九)动词:行为动词、情态动词、助动词和连系动词;及物动词与不及物动词;动词 辨析。 (十)构词法:合成;转化;派生。 二、句法: (一)句子成分:主、谓、宾、表、定、状、补、同位、插入语。 (二)句子分类:简单句(陈述句;疑问句、祈使句、感叹句) ;并列句;复合句(名词 性从句;定语从句;状语从句) 。 (三)时态:八大时态(现在时态;过去时态;将来时态。 ) (四)语态:主动语态与被动语态;时态与语态。 (五)语气:陈述语气、虚拟语气、祈使语气。 (六)非谓语动词:不定式;过去分词;现在分词;动名词;独立主格。 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com (七)主谓一致。 (八)直接引语和间接引语:时态变化;代词变化;状语变动;直接引语为疑问句和祈 使句时的变动。 (九)倒装。 (十)省略。 附 1 短语与句型 附 2 选词填空 附 3 期末范文背诵 初一上相关知识链接 一、词法: 词法: (一)名词:可数与不可数;专有名词;名词所属格;名词功能;辨析。 名词:可数与不可数;专有名词;名词所属格;名词功能;辨析。
  1.单项选择 单项选择 (
  1)Would you like ( A A ice cream C ice creams ice creams )? I have three ( B ice creams )for you . ice cream ice cream
ice creams D ice cream

  2)Jerry isn’t __C. He’s . A. an English, American C. English, American B. English boy, American D. English, a American I like B.

  3)What kind of movie do you like? A. action movie and comedy C. action movies and comedy (
  4)This room is their ( A parents’ C parents’ , John’s and Mike’s ,John and Mike’s C
B. action movies and comedies D. action movie and comedies ) and that room is ( B parent’s , John and Mike’s D parent’s ,John and Mike’s ).

  5)He is a famousD ; he likes very much. A. music, music (
  6)I have ( A much work A B.musician,musician C. music,musician D.musician,music )to do every day. C many work )hour. E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com D much works
B many works D ) in (

  7)There are 60 (
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com A minutes a B minutes the Cminute an D minutes an

  8)Do you have __A today? A.Chinese B.a Chinese B C.the Chinese D.an Chinese ) in my home .but I don’t like eating ( chicken ).

  9)There are some ( A chicken chickens
B chickens
C chicken chicken Dchickens chickens )on the table. D vegetable fruit

  10)There are a lot of ( A/ C )and ( A vegetables fruits
  2.单词百变 单词百变 B vegetable
fruits Cvegetables fruit(水果的总称)

  1) There are 56 ( peoples )(people) in China.(
  2) often take photos/pictures__in the park. We (
  3) .My sister has five teethnow (tooth). (
  4).There are six tomatoes (tomato) on the table. (
  5).There aren’t any libraries(library) in Jiyang. (
  6)Let’s go to the elephants’(elephant) house.(
  7)There are many zoos_(zoo) in this city. (
  8)We are an international school forchildren(child)of 5-
  12. (
  9)There are threepolicemen(policeman) over there. (
  10)You often say “Best wishes” to your teacher on Teachers’ Day. (
  11)I have a lot of (
  3.句型转换 句型转换 (
  1)He is a Chinese.=He ( is ) ( Chinese ). from ) ( Monday ) homework )(homework) to do in the evening.

  2)He goes to school on weekdays.=He goes to school ( ( to) ( Friday ).

  3) often goes to see a movie on weekends.=He often goes to see a movie on (Saturdays He and ( Sundays ). (
  4)I have Chinese on Monday morning.=I have ( a Monday morning. ) ( Chinese )( class
) on
(二)代词:人称代词;物主代词;反身代词;相互代词;指示代词;不定代词;疑问代 代词:人称代词;物主代词;反身代词;相互代词;指示代词;不定代词; 词;代词功能。 代词功能。
  1.单项选择 单项选择 (
  1)??Who’s that? ??( A 中国最大的教育门户网站 ) E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com A It’s my brother. B That’s my brother.C He’s my brother D This is my brother. (
  2). Mom, this is my teacher, Miss Lin. Miss Lin, C A. thank you. B. how are you? C. this is my mom.

  3)B__ are in the same class. A. I,she and you B. You,she and I C. I, you and she D. You,I and she

  4) __A a cute dog. But I don’t know name. A. It’s, its B. Its, it’s C. It’s, it’s D. Its, its (
  5) ( A )must come here on time. D We ,they and you Cmine DI
A We, you and they B You, we and they C They ,you and we (
  6)A friend of ( C )came to see me yesterday.A me B my

  7)Mr. Smith teaches B. A. my English (
  8)We have ( A many B. me English )( B C. I English D. English me ). Dmany sports much.
)clubs :basketball,ping-pong,soccer,and (
sport more B many sports more C much sport many )orange and eats( C many D )oranges. many

  9)She drinks ( A lots of
much B a lot many
many D much

  10)??Could you bring me ( B ) apples? ??But I don’t have ( A some some B some any C any some D any
). any

  11)Lucy, Jim and Li Lei __B__good friends. A. is all B. are all C. all is D. all are

  12)?B__ bread do you want? ??Two pieces. ? A. How many B. How much?C. How much pieces (
  13)I like art best, because it’s (
  2.句型转换 句型转换 (
  1)How much is the pant?=( What’s )( the )( price )of the pant? ) ( any )trees around our house. any )bread in the fridge. A D. How many piece? B so C such a D so a
)fun. A such

  2)There are no trees around our house.=There are ( not (
  3)There is no bread in the fridge.=There is ( not (
  4)There is no apple on the table.=There is ( not )( )(
an )on the table. any books in the
  5) I can see some books in the backpack . (改为否定句) I can’t see 中国最大的教育门户网站
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com backpack. How much are they? (
  7) There is a little milk in the glass. (
  6) They are 65 yuan. (划线提问) How much milk is there in the glass? (
  8) There is only one people in his family. 同上) ( How many people are there in his family?(
  9)The girl in red is my cousin.(同上)Which girl is your cousin? (
  10)These are some English dictionaries. (变为单数) This is an English dictionary. (
  11)Whose are these clothes?(同义句) Whose clothes__ are these?

  12)This book is my favorite.(变复数)These books are my(our) favourite(s) (
  13)All my classes finish at 2:
  00. = ( All (
  14)( All )( )( of )my classes finish at 2:
the )children look nice.= All of the children look nice. What )( about )the school trip?

  15)How about the school trip? =(

  16)There are some apples on the table . (对画线部分提问)What’s on the table?
  3.单词百变 单词百变 (
  1)They are his cousins(cousin).We are going to the park with_them(they). (
  2)Dick ishis(he) brother. All of __us(we) like__him(he) (
  3) These are __their__(they) _children_(child) (
  4) (Anybody )can afford our prices.(somebody) (
  5) This bag is big. I want the small ( one l_ittle__
  4.翻译句子 . (
  1)你姓什么?What’s your family? (
  2)你名是什么? What’s your first name? ).(
  6) Tom has lots of money , but I have

  3).你的电话号码是多少?What’s your telephone number? (
  4)1+2=?(两种)What’s one and two?=What’s one plus and two? 的?(两种)What does he do?=What’s he?=What’s his job? (
  6)盒子里有什么?What’s in the box? (
  7)你觉这本书怎么样?(两种表达方式) (
How do you like this book?=What do you think of this book? ( 8 ) 现 在 什 么 时 间 了 ? ( 两 种 ) What’s the time now?=What time is it now? (
  9)他喜欢什么?What does he like?(
  10)他喜欢做什么?What does he like doing?
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com (
  11)你有什么?What do you have? (
  12)他会做什么? What can he do?

  13) 你想做什么?What do you want to do? (
  14) 你中午饭吃什么?What do you have/eat for lunch? (
  15)这本书是多少钱?(两种)How much is the book?=What’s the price of the book? (
  16).今天是几月几号?What’s the date today? (
  17).你最喜欢的科目是什么? What’s your favorite subject? (
  18)你的爱好是什么? What’s your hobby?/What are your hobbies? (
  19)我能为你做什么? Can I help you ?=What can I do for you? (
  20)今天是星期几? What day is it today? (
  21).他什么时候起床?What time does he get up?(
  22).他在哪个班级? What class is he in?(
  23).你的毛衣是什么颜色的? What color is your sweater?(
  24).你想参加哪个俱乐部?What club do you want to join? (
  25).你想看哪种电影?What kind of movies do you want to see? (
  26)谁在 6:20 上学?Who goes to school at 6:20?(
  27)这是谁的书?Whose book is this? (
  28) 那是谁的钢笔? Whose pen is that? (
  29) 你喜欢哪个书包?Which bag do you like? (
  30) 我所有的课都在下午 2 点结束。 All__ __my__ lessons finish at 2:00 in the afternoon.
  5. 默写人称代词(主宾格)和物主代词(形容词性与名词性) 并用适当的代词填空。 默写人称代词(主宾格)和物主代词(形容词性与名词性) 并用适当的代词填空。 ,并用适当的代词填空 , 人称代词 一、 二、 三人称 我 我们 你,你们 他 她 它 中国最大的教育门户网站 宾格 me us you him her it 主格 I we you he she it 形容词性 my our your his her its 物主代词 名词性 mine ours yours his hers its
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com
E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com 他/她/它们 them they their theirs

  1). Mary works in a book store. She__ likes her__work very much. (
  2).John and I are in the same school. __We go to school together. (
  3). Everybody likes that sport, doesn’t __he? (
  4). She is a friend of mine__ . We got to know each other two years ago. (
  5). Her sister makes all __her own dresses. (
  6). I have many friends. Some ofthemare good at English. (
  7). May I use your bike? Mine__is broken. (三)数词:基数词;序数词;数词功能。 数词:基数词;序数词;数词功能。
  1.单词百变 单词百变 (
  1) Today is his twentieth__(twenty) birthday. (
  2) Let’s go to see the pandas first_(one) (
  3)December is the __twelfth month of the year. (twelve) (
  4)Today is my friend’s __ninth ( nine ) birthday. (
  5)Thefifth ( five) lesson(课) is interesting.
  2.句型转换 句型转换 (
  1)This is Unit One = This is ( the )( first ) ( number )( unit ) 107 bus birthday ) is ( February ) ).

  2)This is Bus 107 = This is ( the

  3)His date of birth is on February 20th.=His ( ( 20th ) a ) ( quarter

  4)It’s seven fifteen.=It’s (
) (
) (
seven )

  5)It’s eight thirty in Paris.=It’s (
half ) (
past ) eight (
)in Paris.

  6)We only have one shower.(对划线部分提问)How many showers do you have? (
  7)今天是 11 月 11 号,星期五。
  3.单项选择 单项选择 (
  1)His name is Li Dawei. Li is his ( A first last B last first B ) name ,but Dawei is his ( C first family D family ) name. first It's Friday, __November 11th today.
(四)介词:介词功能;常用介词;固定短语。 介词:介词功能;常用介词 固定短语。
  1.介词填空 介词填空 (



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   英语六级词汇 英语六级词汇(2011 年) 英语六级词汇 abbreviation abide abolish absent absorption abstract absurd abundance accessory accord acknowledge acquaint action adhere adjacent adjoin adjustable administration admiration adoption adore advantageous advertise advoc ...


   2010 年下学期高二英语段考试题 姓名 班级 一、 词汇(英汉词汇互译)24% 1.educational 2.hearty 3.information 总分 ( ) 3.Now Bill Gateschairman and CEOA of Microsoft corporation. A.be B.was C.is D.has been ( )4.Families give us a place we belong. A.that B.what C.how D.where 4.condt ...


   John : Hello everyone ! I am the host ??John! Today we invite the star of class 16?? Kevin! And we will know something about his mind of some singers ! Kevin: Hi! I am Kevin . I am glad to be here! John : Ok! So Kevin , who is your favorite singer ...


   2010 全国医学考博统考英语作文题 将下列短文写成一篇 200 字的英文摘要 药物作用于人体的病变部位,而病人的心理作用会或多或少地影响药物的作用。为了使药物治疗达到最佳疗效,人们必须研究药物心理 学,讲究服药心理。 现代医药学认为:药物大多能产生两种效应。药物通过其药理作用来达到治病的目的,此为药物的生理作用。药物还可通过其非生理作 用,在病人的心理上产生良好的感觉,加速疾病的康复,此为药物的心理效应。药物的心理效应可促使药物取得更好的疗效,为治疗奠 定良好的基础。 药物的心理效应是指由 ...