根据所提问题和要 求,写出一篇连贯 完整的短文。 完整的短文。字数 不超过1
  00。请注 不超过 。 意恰当使用连词。 意恰当使用连词。
? What and how have you been enjoying doing since you were a little schoolboy? (reading, much) ? Why don’t you watch TV? (spend one’s spare time, much , reading) ? What are you busy with ? Why ? (lesson , middle school student)
? Do you have enough time to read books during the weekdays? (No) ? When do you read for hours? ( Sundays) ? What happens when you are reading? ( interest, forget, meal) ? What does reading bring you?
I have been enjoying reading very much since I was a little schoolboy. I don’t watch TV because I spend much of my spare time reading. But I am busy with my lessons because I am a middle school student.
Though I do not have enough time to read books during the weekdays, I read for hours on Sundays. When I am reading I usually forget meals because I am very interested in it. As you know, reading books brings me happiness as well as knowledge.

  1、句子完整,时态正确,内 、句子完整,时态正确, 容连贯,有适当的连词。 容连贯,有适当的连词。
  2、不要写成一问一答形式, 、不要写成一问一答形式, 要以短文形式呈现。 要以短文形式呈现。
  3、使用复合句时,得当。 、使用复合句时,得当。
  4、大小写、标点正确。 、大小写、标点正确。
  5、字迹工整,无涂抹。 、字迹工整,无涂抹。
I have been enjoying reading very much since I was a little schoolboy. Much of my spare time is spent reading books instead of watching TV. As a middle school student, I am very busy with my lessons. So I have little time during the weekdays to read books I am interested in.
On Sundays, however, I often sit at my desk reading for hours. Sometimes the books I read are so interesting that I forget to eat my meals. Reading brings me much knowledge, strength, as well as pleasure.

  1. Where do you usually go every summer? (go to my hometown)
  2. What do you always do in your hometown? ( swim, fish in the river, take pictures)
  3. Did you go there this summer as well ? (yes )
  4. Did you swim and fish in the river this summer? (no)
  5. Why not? Give at least two reasons.
I usually go to my hometown every summer, where I always swim, fish in the river and take pictures. And I went there this summer as well. However, I did not swim, nor did I fish, because when I went to the river where I used to go, I found the river was polluted by the newlybuilt factory and there were many fishing boats in the river. As a result, I didn’t have a good time this summer holiday.

  1. Who is Jenny? (a Canadian girl)
  2. How long have you and Jenny been pen pals? (more than three years)
  3. How did you get in touch with her? (find her information, when, read an English magazine, write to her)
  4. What did you say in your first letter to Jenny? (introduce myself, tell her about my family, my school, send her a photo)

  5. How do you keep in touch with each other now? (by e-mail)
  6. What do you often talk about in your e-mails?
  7. Do you have any plan to visit each other?
Jenny is a Canadian girl. We have been pen pals for more than three years. I found her information when I was reading an English magazine and then I decided to write to her. In my first letter to
Jenny, I introduced myself and told her about my family, my school and I also sent her a photo. We keep in touch with each other by e-mail. I often talk about my experience in learning a foreign language. And I plan to visit her in my vacation.



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