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  51.Many social problems deserve our attention. 很多社会问题应该引起我们的注意。

  52. Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss.机遇是从不会丢失的,只不过别人把你错过的拿走了。

  53.If we waste our youth , we will spend the rest of our lives wishing we were young again.虚度年华将终生后悔。

  54.I believe the children we help today will be well educated , which will contribute a lot to the modernization of our country.我相信,我们今天帮助的孩子们会受到良好的教育,而这将对我国的现代化作出巨大的贡献。

  55. It is the different characters that attract people to live in the country or in the city .

  56.As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter opinion to some extent.

  57. As a matter of fact, there are many other factors that have something to do with a student’s performance, among which his state of mind is the most important.事实上,有很多因素与学生的表现有关.其中,学生的心理状态是最重要的。

  58. Job-hopping has become a hot topic among people, especially the young, and heated debates focus on it, as a result.跳槽成了人们谈论的热门话题,尤其是年轻人,人们对此争论不休。

  59. In most cases, the line drawn between music and noise is necessarily subjective.在大多数情况下,音乐和噪音之间的区别必然是主观的。

  60. Teenagers can enjoy the benefits of part-time work while avoiding its drawbacks simply by limiting their work hours during the school years. 青少年可以通过限制工作时间的办法既享受半工半读的好处又避开其负面影响。

  61. To reduce the number of accidents, we should take the following measures.

  62.Deciding all the things for the children will only make them a passive listener and dependent doer, which will do them no good in the long run. 事事替孩子做主,只会使孩子被动的顺从,不能自立,从长远观点来看,这对孩子并无好处。

  63.The applicants must convey a sense of self-confidence and enthusiasm for workfactors which all interviewers value highly.申请人一定要表观出一种自信和对工作的热情??面试官很重视这些。

  64.The time has certainly come to switch some efforts and resources away from the impractical goal of creating jobs for all, to the urgent practical task of helping many people to manage.是时候该转移努力的目标了:争取为多数人找到事干能生活下去;而不再徒劳地努力为所有的人找到工作。

  65.A country full of illiterates would suffer from poverty, ignorance and backwardness, and would have no escape from humiliation, as is the case with old China.一个充满文盲的国家将会承受贫穷、愚昧种落后,蒙受耻辱,就像旧中国一样。

  66.The rapid development of China’s economy and the increase in international exchange in various fields have made it necessary and urgent for university students to master high level of foreign languages. 由于中国经济的迅速发展和在各个领域国际交流的增加,大学生们要掌担高水平的外语已迫在眉睫。

  67.Let’s make a comparison between living in the city and living in the country.

  68.Therefore, it is urgent for the government to take immediate measures to solve the problem of water shortage. 因此,水缺乏问题亟待政府采取紧急措施子以解决.

  69.Though it is hard to do away with this convention, it is rewarding.虽然摆脱这个习俗很难,但是值得的。

  70.As far as I am concerned, I am fond of living at college. 就我而言,我喜欢住校。

  71.It is evident that traffic accidents may not only cause a lot of deaths but also produce economic losses.很明显,交通事故不仅能引起众多死亡,而且会造成经济损失。

  72.By contrast, those who are against keeping pets believe pets can not only pollute the human environment but also threaten people’s health.相反,那些反对养宠物的人相信宠物不仅污染人类的环境而且威胁人类的健康。

  73.Although there are some disadvantages to going abroad, the advantages seem to me outweigh the disadvantages.虽然出国有一些缺点,但在我看来似乎优点多于缺点。

  74.Compared with cars, bicycles have many advantages.和汽车相比,自行车有很多优点。

  75.In choosing a hobby that will suit our individual needs we have to take account of several factors.要选择一个适合自己需要的业余爱好,我们得考虑几个因素。

  76.I think one of the main problems with today’s education is that too much emphasis is placed on test scores..我认为当今教育的主要问题之一是过于强调考试的分数了。

  77. Despite the popularity of a newer source of information television, reading a newspaper is still our most convenient way to find out about the world around us. 尽管一种更新的信息来源??电视一分受欢迎,读报纸仍然是我们了解周围的世界最方便的一种方式。

  78.No matter how well educated you may be, you will learn a lot during your travels.

  79.There are many means of recreation in which people engage in their leisure time.

  80. Only by adopting these measures can we reduce the fake commodities.

  81. Only by doing so can we improve the situation.只有这样做我们才能改善局面。

  82. For the sake of public health it is time to take actions to eliminate this cause of death.



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