1. (
  1) 描述你一件快乐的事。 包括事件, (
  2) 发生时间
词。 这些是条件!就写过生日一事吧,比较符合要求:
天气 地点 具体经过 (
  3) 50~60
Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and refreshments. We ate, talked and laughed. We felt that we were the happiest men in the world.Time passed quickly. In a twinkling, the clock on the wall struck nine. We could not but say “Good-bye” to one another. 翻译如下: 昨天是我生日,所以有几位我的同班同学送我礼。母亲给我准备一个茶会。我邀请他们 都前来参加。茶会下午六点半开始。有冷饮和点心。我们又吃又谈又笑。我们觉得是世界上 最快乐的人。时间过得很快。转瞬间,墙上的钟敲九点了。我们不得不互道再见。

last year ,I went to Beijing I love there The summer Places is to beautiful and we
went to Wangfujing though there are lots of people in there and the things are too expensive ,most people buy things in there.I bought a pair of beautiful shoes in there.I love Beijing .This too beautiful! 翻译如下: 去年,我去了北京,我喜欢那里。颐和园的景色非常美,我们还去了王府井。虽然那里 有很多人,而且东西都很贵,但是许多人还是在那里购物。我在那里买了一双很漂亮的鞋 子.......我爱北京!那里很美!

我的家庭: My family
I love my family, because I have a happy family. My father is an English teacher. His name is Jacky. He is thirty-eight. He likes playing basketball. What’s my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you’re right! My mother is very kind and nice, she is thirty-seven. My mother is always laborious work. I love my parents! On Saturday and Sunday, I often go to the library and play the piano, My father go to play basketball. Sometimes, we watch TV and listen to music at home. I love my family. Because I’m very happy to live with my parents together! 翻译如下: 我的家庭
我爱我的家庭,因为我有一个快乐的家庭. 我的爸爸是一名英语教师,他的名字叫 Jacky.他今年38岁.他非常喜欢打篮球.我的妈妈是赶 什么呢?她是一名教师吗?是的.你说对了!我的妈妈是一个很亲切、友善的人,她今年37岁.我 妈妈总是勤劳的干活.我爱我的父母. 在星期六和星期天里,我经常去图书馆和弹钢琴.我爸爸去打篮球.有时侯,我们都在家看电视 和听音乐. 我爱我家.因为我和爸爸妈妈一起生活得很开心!

我最喜欢的动物: My favourate animal is tiger,because tiger is very strong and
powerful,it is the king of the forest.Tiger looks handsome as well, the skin has two corlors:yellow and black,and they are both my favourate colors. I like tiger,and the year 2010 is just the Chinese tiger year.I hope all the people will keep healthy,just like tiger. 翻译如下: 我最喜欢的动物是老虎,因为老虎很强壮和威武,它是丛林之王。老虎看起来很帅气, 它的皮毛有两种颜色:黄色和黑色,都是我最喜欢的颜色。 我喜欢老虎,并且2010年刚好 是中国的虎年,我希望所有人都能健康,就像老虎那样。

My mother ’s birthday
My mother is 36 years this year.Do you you what her date of birth is?Oh,let me ask you.Her date of birth is September 14th(根 据 实 际 情 况 ).Today is her the thirty-six birthday.We want give her a surprise.My sister 、my father and I buy a cake,some flowers and her favorite food.When she get home, The lamp suddenly on.We shout,happy birthday to you!My mother is very exciting.She kiss me and we all happy.The dinner is delicious. Today is happy! 翻译如下: 我的妈妈今年36岁了。你知道她的生日么?哦,我来告诉你吧。她的生日是 XX 月 XX 日。今天是她的36岁生日。我们想给她一个惊喜。我的爸爸、妹妹和我买了一个蛋糕、一 些花儿、一些她最喜欢的食物给她。当她回家时,灯突然亮了。我们喊着:祝你生日快乐! 我的妈妈非常激动,她亲了我并且我们都很高兴。晚餐很美味。 这是快乐的一天!



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