最佳答案 一、过渡词的分类
  1. 根据意思和作用的不同,过渡词可以分为以下十五类: (
  1)表并列关系的过渡词: and, also, as well, as well as, or, too, not only…but also, both … and, either … or, neither…nor (
  2)表递进关系的过渡词: besides, in addition(加之,除……之外), moreover(此外,而且), what’s more, what’s worse (
  3)表转折对比的过渡词: but, however, yet, instead, on the other hand, on the contrary, although, different from, despite, in pite of, whereas, unlike, nevertheless, not only…but also, here…there, years ago…today, this…that, the former…the latter, then…now, the first… whereas the second, once…now, on the one hand … on the other hand, some…others (
  4)表原因的过渡词: because, because of, since, as, for, now that, thanks to, due to(由于) (
  5)表结果的过渡词: so, thus, therefore, as a result, so that, then, thereby, hence, so…that, such…that (
  6)表条件的过渡词: if, unless, on condition that, as/so long as (
  7)表时间的过渡词: when, while, after, before, until, as soon as, later, afterwards, soon, lately, recently, since, from then on, eventually, in the meantime, then, suddenly, at the same time, next, early this morning / year / century, after a while, in a few days, now, presently, finally, at last, all of a sudden, form now on, at present, immediately, the moment (
  8)表特定的顺序关系的过渡词: first, firstly, second, secondly, third, thirdly, above all, first of all, then, next, finally, in the end, at last, afterward(s) (后来) meanwhile , (几乎同时) thereafter , (在那以后) last, finally, , eventually(终于) (
  9)表换一种方式表达的过渡词: in other words, that is to say, to put it another way (
  10)表进行举例说明的过渡词: for instance, for example, like, such as (
  11)表陈述事实的过渡词: in fact, actually, as a matter of fact, to tell you the truth (
  12)表强调的过渡词: certainly, indeed, above all, surely, most important, in fact, no doubt, without any doubt, truly, obviously (
  13)表比较的过渡词: like, unlike, in the same way, similarly, similar to (
  14)表目的的过渡词: for this reason, for this purpose, so that, in order to, so as to

  15)表总结的过渡词: in a word(总之,简言之), in general, in short(总之), above all, after all, generally speaking, to sum up, finally, in conclusion, at last, in summary
  2. 文章段落之间的逻辑关系主要由过渡词来完成,在修辞中称为启、承、转、合。“启”就是 开头, “承”是承接,“转”是转折,“合”是综合或总结。 (
  1)用于“启”的过渡词语 的开头: first, first of all, at first, in the first place, firstly, to being with, to start with, recently, now, at present, in recent years, in general, generally speaking, at present, lately, currently, It is often said that…, As the proverb says…, It goes without saying that…, It is clear/obvious that…, Many people often ask … (
  2)用于“承”的过渡词语 扩展句中: second, similarly, in addition, besides, then, furthermore, moreover, what is more, what is worse, for example, for instance, certainly, surely, obviously, in other words, especially, particularly, in particular, indeed, still, third, truly, in fact, at the same time, no doubt, It is true that…, Everybody knows that…, It can be easily proved that…, No one can deny that… The reason why …is that …, There is no doubt that…, To take…for an example (instance) …, We know that…, What is more serious is that… (
  3)用于“转”的过渡词语 扩展句中: but, however, on the other hand, on the contrary, in contrast, in any case, at any rate(无论 如何), nevertheless(虽然如此), otherwise, or, or else, while, whereas, but, despite, in spite of ..., yet, instead, I do not believe that…, Perhaps you’ll ask why… This may be true, but we still have a problem with regard to…, Though we are in basic agreement with …, yet differences will be found, That’s why I feel that… (
  4)用于“合”的过渡词语 或文章的结论段中: in a word, in general, in short, above all, after all, generally speaking,to sum up, finally, in conclusion, at last, in summary, therefore, as a result, above all, thus,after all(毕竟), 用于“合”的过渡词或过渡性的语句通常用在段落的结论句 用于“转”的过渡词或过渡性的语句通常用在段落中的第二个 表示“承”的过渡词或过渡性的语句通常用在段落中的第一个 用于表示“启”的过渡词或过渡性的语句通常用在段落或文章
eventually, hence, in short, in conclusion, in a word, in sum(总之), on the whole(就整体而 言), to sum up From this point of view … On account of this we can find that … The result is dependent on … Thus, this is the reason why we must…
好句子的开头 1 副词开头: Too often, student have the bad habbit of cheating during text. 2 同位语开头插入语一种不做成分(谓语对应最初的主语) Air , water and oxygen is nessecary for live 3 以状语从句开头 Dark and empty,the house looked very different from the way I remebered it. 4 以短语修饰的开头 1 以介词短语开头 To me the news is very intresting but to my wife was very boring. 2 As gon may be one person as gon may be the one world. 以过去分词开头 Disturked by the disort of society,most old men moved to the countryside. 以不定式 to do 开头 1 to do 主语 2 todo 开头 to pass the exam,he has to cheat.
常 用 词 我害怕:I’mυ afraid / scared(被吓倒)/ frighted /fear/scary 我吃惊:I’mυ astonished/shock 聪明:cute/smart/clever/bright/sharpυ 有:have/own/posses/belongυ to /ocapg 热爱:like/rerfer/love/favorate/be fond of/be keen onυ 学习:study/learn/educateυ get a alcustomed to adapt (适应) by studying 获得:get/gain/obtain/acquire/reachυ 对……熟悉
看到:look/see/stave/glance/watch/catchυ a sight of/ observe/view 说:speak/say/annonce(声明)/gossip(闲聊)/explain(解释)/υ chat(聊天) /declare 能:can/be able to/skilled/capable(beυ capable… 有能力的)/ability(have a ability to do)/allow/permit(be permit to do) 记住: remember/be not forget able/memory/learn by heart/keep in mind/be impressed sb. withυ sth. 知道:know/realize/be aware ofυ 给:give/supply/provide/send/offer/hend in/υ 相信:believe/convinced of/trust/be sure ofυ 看起来:lookυ 听:soundυ 闻:smellυ 感觉:feel/touchυ 希望:hope/wish/eqar/be wishing to/desire/υ 尽力做某事:doυ one’s best meng ande to do/do one’s…… 做某人应尽的义务 put sb. all in to sth 将:be able to/be going to/be goed one pointυ 打算:υ / /determine to do/ataind/make up one’s mind
/ make one’s resolution(决心) 花费:pay/takeυ 提高:prove/υ 笑:smile/laugh/sneer(嘲笑)/tease(取笑)/jeer(嘲笑)υ
少:few/little/least/rare(稀少的)/inadequate(不充足的)/υ a limited number of (少量的) 大量:much/many/lot/aυ large amount of/adequate/a large number of/abundant 高兴的:happy/enjoy/pleased/joy/delight/gladυ 新的:new/fresh/recent(最近的,近来的)/modern(新式的,时新的)/υ regenerated(不停,往下传的)/brand new(翻新) 好:good/excellent/prefer/allυ standing/fascinating(迷人)/ terrific/attract(吸引)/agreeable(令人喜悦的) 嘲笑,肋骨:raloυ 不忠……:infedelity/infertilities(不可数)υ 希望对你有用 υ
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范文:IsFailureaBadThing? Outline:
  3.Myattitudetowardsit 作文参考(OnePossibleVersion): Everyonewishestosucceed.Nobodyhopestofail.Canwesucceedineverythingwedoallthetim e?No,ofcoursenot.Whateverwedo,theresultiseithersuccess****failure.So, failureisacommonoccurrenceinourdailylife. Differentpeoplehavedifferentattitudestowardsfailure.Somepeoplethinkthatfailureisabadthin g.Iftheyhaveone****twofailuresindoingathing, theybecomesad****begintoloseheart.Others,however, nevergiveinevenwhentheyfail****theylearnlessonsfromit.Thentrytheirbestagain****againun tiltheysucceed. Asforme,Ilikesuccessbut,atthesametime, Idon'tmindfailurebecauseitisnotalwaysabadthing.“Failureisthemotherofsuccess,”Iamsure. 范文:调查结果报告 假如你叫李华,参加学校开展的“有困难向谁求助”(Whomdoyouturntowhenintrouble?) 的调查活动,调查结果如下表。请用英语给校报编辑写一封信反映相关内容。 求助对象 比例 理由 同学、朋友 58 年龄相仿,容易理解与交流 家长、老师 30 有爱心、有经验,可以信任 无 12 不愿与人交流,难以与人沟通
  2.词数:100 词左右。 参考范文: Deareditor, I'mastudentinSeniorThree.Wehavemadeasurvey-“Whodoyouturntowhenintrouble?”Here aretheresults. Mostofthestudentswillgototheirclassroom****friendswhenintroublethey'realmostofthesame age, sotheycantalkwith****understandeachothereasily.Somestudentswilltelltheirteachers****pa rentsabouttheirtroupes****askfortheirhelpastheteachers****parentshaverichexperience**** lovethemverymuch.Theycanbetrustedbythesestudents.Onlyafewstudentssolvetheirproble msallbythemselves.Theyhatetotalkwithothers****can'tgetonwellwithothers.Theyhavefewfri ends. Inmyopinion,whenintroublewe'dbetteraskourteachers,parent, friends****classmatesforhelp. Yours, LiHua 范文:如何解决上学费用 假设你家境贫困,刚刚考取某所大学,上大学昂贵的费用使你感到为难。下表提供了解决 上大学费用的多种途径,请用英语表达出来,同时说明适合于你的途径和理由。 解决上大学费用的多种途径
  4.业余时间在校内外打工。 适合于你的途径和理由(自己设想)
  3.。 …… 注意:
  1.词数 100 左右;
  3.参考词语:学费费用-tuition****fees;申请-applyfor;贷款-loan 奖学金-scholarship;家教-tutor Withthesharpriseofthecostofcollegeeducation, studentshaveafewwaystopayfortheircollegetuition****fees. 参考范文:
Withthesharpriseofthecostofcollegeeducation, studentshaveafewwaystopayfortheircollegetuition****fees.Manystudentsjustlettheirparent spaythetuition.Somestudentsmayapplyforabankloan****otherswilltrytofindpart-timejobsbot honthecampus****outofcampus.Apartfromthis, manygoodstudentswillwinascholarship.Inthiswaytheycanpayatleastpartoftheirtuition. Astome, Iwillletmyparentspayhalfofmytuitionbecausetheyarenotrichenough.Besidesmystudies, Iwilltakeupapart-timejobasatutorteachingsomehighschoolstudentsmaths, physics****English, asI'mverygoodatthesubjects.OfcourseIwillworkveryhardatmylessonssothatIcanwinaschola rship.Ithinkthat'senoughtopayformycollegeeducation.
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补充上面答案。。。 一般结尾用 to sum up 总结较为地道。。。 要形成自己的写作模式。。。
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呵呵,其实英语写作并不难,就看你有没有决心! 英语写作和学英语一样,在于平时的积累,你平时可以收集一些过渡词,好句子,谚语和一 些带有从句的句子,最好各类的都有,还有一些开头和结尾也要注意,你想想那些高考英语 阅卷的老师一天要看多少卷子,一张卷子在他们面前最多待不到 10 秒,所以作文的开头和 结尾的重要性就凸显出来了!希望我的建议对你有所帮助!
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