初三英语书面表达: 初三英语书面表达: 天津) 1, (
  07. 天津) "Millions of young students nationwide sports sunshine" was launched on April 29, 20
  07. The teachers and students in our school were organized to watch the launching ceremony together first , and then playground we went to the playground to have oneone-hour sports activities , such as running , doing exercises and playing basketball . I felt very good after having some exercises. I think it is a good way to build up our body strength. Sports can also let brains have a rest so that our study will be more effective. To do physical exercises an hour a day will make us happy a whole life, so I will keep on doing it. more I hope more and more people will join us in sports activities.

  08. 漳州) 2, (
  08. 漳州) recent years, In some students hold big birthday parties parties to celebrate their they birthdays. First, they spend lots lots of money in celebrating. The students from poor families will can' feel worried, for they can't afford an expensive birthday party. Second, they waste a lot of time in celebrating activities, which is bad for their study. Third, it may be easy for some students to get into bad habits of it' smoking or drinking. I think it's a proper way for us to celebrate our birthdays by simply giving paper cards as birthday presents. As students, we should spend our money money and time on study. 3,The internet has become more and more popular. Now , a lot of students like surfing the Internet. students Internet. Some students regard it helper. as a great helper. First you can
surf the internet for any information you need in a short without working time without working hard in the library. library. Besides it is convenient to communicate with others by using the internet. However, other students think that there are some disadvantages of the internet because there is also some information that's not good addition, for the students. In addition, spending too much time playing games online will not only have a bad affect on study but also do harm to our health. Therefore it is important for us to make proper use of the internet. Thanks4, A Thanks-giving Campaign Day thanksToday, we had a thanks-giving campaign day in our school with a lot of activities. In the morning, thankI made some thank-you cards and gave them to my teachers. From 3' 00 to 4' 00 p. m, I joined in a
it, speech competition. In it, I read thanka thank-you letter to Mum and Dad. After I came back home in the evening, I helped my parents do some housework. I had such a meaningful day today. Now, I realize that my parents and teachers and many others are doing them a lot for me. I must thank them by studying harder and becoming a useful person in the future. 5,假如你是花园中学九年级的学 Ping, 生 Wang Ping,你发现许多中学生玩 电子游戏( games). ).他 电子游戏(play video games).他 们有的不做作业,有的不去上学. 们有的不做作业,有的不去上学.他 们花了很多的钱在电子游戏上, 们花了很多的钱在电子游戏上,有的 甚至开始偷钱. 甚至开始偷钱.电子游戏对学生的学 习和健康不利,特别对视力不好. 习和健康不利,特别对视力不好.你 认为政府应该阻止中学生玩电子游 让我们远离电子游戏, 戏,让我们远离电子游戏,以此为内 的编辑写封信. 容给 中学生英语报》 《中学生英语报》 的编辑写封信. 注意: 英文提示词必须全部用上; 注意:1,英文提示词必须全部用上; 词数: 2,词数:80 左右
Dear editor: I'm a middle school student. I'm in Grade Nine. I find many middle school students like playing video games. Some don't do their homework. Some don't go to school. They have spent a lot of money playing video games. Some of them even begin to steal money. Playing video games is not good for studies studies and health. It's especially bad for our eyes. We shouldn't play video games. I hope the government will stop middle school students from playing video games. Let's be away from it. Yours Wang Ping 假如你是王林. 6,假如你是王林.你所在学校的 爱心俱乐部(Helping "爱心俱乐部(Helping Hands Club)"将吸收新会员 将吸收新会员. Club)"将吸收新会员.你想加入该
俱乐部,请根据下列表格的内容, 俱乐部,请根据下列表格的内容,用 英语写一封自荐信. 英语写一封自荐信. 姓名 王林 性别 男 身体健康,学习刻苦, 本人特点 身体健康,学习刻苦,乐 于助人, 于助人,与同学友好相处 爱心" "爱心"表现 帮助同学复习功 路上帮助老人过马路; 课;路上帮助老人过马路;公共汽车 上总是把座 位 给有孩子的妇女; 有时 让 给有孩子的妇女; 在公园捡垃圾. 在公园捡垃圾. 加入目 的 1,…… 2,…… 要求: 表达清楚,语句通顺, 要求:1,表达清楚,语句通顺,意 思连贯. 思连贯. 2,要点须包括表格和四幅图 片的信息, 片的信息,但不得使用真实姓名和校 名等: 名等: 表格中"加入目的" 3,表格中"加入目的"一栏 内容由考生自拟. 内容由考生自拟. 词数: 左右.
  4.词数:70 左右.信的开头 与结尾已给出,不计入总词数. 与结尾已给出,不计入总词数. Dear Chairman, I'm a boy student from Class 1,
  3. I'd like to be a member of the Helping Hands Club. I am well. I work hard at my lessons. I like helping others. I get on well with my classmates and often help them with their lessons. On my way home, I often help old people cross the street. On the bus, I always give my seat to women babies. with babies. Sometimes, I picked up rubbish in the park. If I join the club, I will be able to make more friends. Besides, I can do more for others. I'll be glad if I'm received. I am waiting for your answer. Yours Wang Lin 紧张忙碌的初中生活即将结束, 7,紧张忙碌的初中生活即将结束, 你一定想好好放松一下. 你一定想好好放松一下.你将怎样度 过一个既充实又有意义的假期呢? 过一个既充实又有意义的假期呢? 请用英语写下来. 请用英语写下来.
要求:语言规范,字迹工整, 要求:语言规范,字迹工整,意思完 个词左右. 整.80 个词左右. After three year's study, I feel very tired. This is a good chance to plan my summer holiday. First I want to travel to Beijing to relax myself. Beijing is the capital of our country. And there are many place of interest there. For example, the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace and so on. I have never been to the great wall first. before, so I'll visit it first. Then I'd like to visit Tsinghua University because I want to study there some day . After that, I want to go over my lessons in order to make great progress. I believe my dream will come true. 假如你叫李平.最近, 8,假如你叫李平.最近,你就使 用电子词典的问题调查了各方面的 意见(见下表) 现在, 意见(见下表).现在,请你根据表格 中的信息用英语给某报社编辑写一
封信. 封信. 注意: 注意:
  1. 信件须包括写信原由及 表格所列内容; 表格所列内容; 书信格式正确;
  2. 书信格式正确; 书写整洁;
  3. 书写整洁; 个左右.
  4. 词数在 80 个左右. 生词提示: adj. 生词提示:electronic adj.电子 explanation(S)n.解释, 的 explanation(S)n.解释,说 明 发表意见者 对使用电子词典的 不同意见 有用,方便, 同学 :有用,方便,节省查阅时间 家长:便于携带, 家长:便于携带,多数家庭买得起 英语教师:对单词的解释太简单 解释太简单, 英语教师:对单词的解释太简单, 不该使用 会使我们变懒惰, 本人:会使我们变懒惰,不该使用 Editor, Dear Editor, Reeentlv I made a survey about the use of the electronic dictionary. dictionary.My classmates think that the electronic dictionary is useful, useful,convenient and it can help to save time looking up the words. think words.The parents also think the
electronic dictionary is easy to carry and most families can afford it. it.But my English teacher it, doesn't think we should use it, she/ because she/he thinks its explanations for the words are too simple. simple.I suppose the electronic dictionary will make us lazy and it. we shouldn't use it. Yours, Yours, Li Ping 9,最近学校进行了"说出你的烦 最近学校进行了" 的调查, 恼"的调查,请你用英语写一篇短 内容包括:调查结果( 文,内容包括:调查结果(如图所 对老师和父母的建议. 示),对老师和父母的建议.(15 分) 注意:(
  1)短文的开头已给出 短文的开头已给出, 注意:(
  1)短文的开头已给出,不计 入总词数.(
  2)词数 入总词数.(
  2)词数 80 左右 Our school has made a survey? survey?"Don't keep your worries". results. Here are the results. About fifty per cent of the students in our school are worried
about their homework. They have so much homework to do every day. And they feel stressed too much. About thirty per cent of the students think their parents are too strict their with them (in their studies). It's difficult for them to get along/on well with their parents. The other twenty per cent of them say they are weak in health. They complain that they almost have no time for aftertheir hobbies or after-school activities. you Dear teachers, would you please give us less homework and more time to relax ourselves? Dear mom and dad, we want to take more exercise to keep fit/healthy/stay healthy. We will try/do our best and we also want to play on our own. 10,为了增加同学们对台湾的了解, 10,为了增加同学们对台湾的了解, 请根据提示, 字的短文, 请根据提示, 写一篇 60~80 字的短文, 对台湾作简单介绍, 对台湾作简单介绍,刊登在学校的校 报上. 报上.
书写规范,语句通顺, 要 求:
  1. 书写规范,语句通顺, 行文流畅,结构完整,语法正确; 行文流畅,结构完整,语法正确;
  2. 可根据实际情况适当 发挥. 发挥. 内容提示: 台湾:中国的一部分; 内容提示:
  1. 台湾:中国的一部分; 位置:
  2. 位置:中国东南部 省会:台北;人口: (southeast) 省会:台北;人口: 面积: 22000000 人;面积:约 36000 平方公 kilo-metres), 里(square kilo-metres),中国最大 的岛屿; 的岛屿; 物产:大米,水果,
  3. 物产:大米,水果, 茶叶,木材等; 茶叶,木材等; 名胜:阿里山(Mount
  4. 名胜:阿里山(Mount Ali),日月潭(Sun Moon Lake). Ali),日月潭(Sun Moon Lake). Taiwan is part of China. It is in China, the southeast of China,and its capital is Taibei. There are about 22 million people in Taiwan. And Taiwan has about 36 thousand kilosquare kilo-metres in area. It is the largest island in China. The products there are very rich, such as rice, fruit, tea and wood. Now we can buy some fruit or tea from
Taiwan in the supermarket. We may go to some places of great interest in Taiwan, such as Mount Ali, Sun Moon Lake and so on. I visit like it best. I hope I can visit it some day in the future. 11,如何保护环境(How 11,如何保护环境(How to Protect the Environment) Good environment can make people feel happy and fit . To improve the environment means to improve our life. We should plant more trees and flowers around us . We shouldn't cut them down . We should should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air. Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins. Never spit in public. Don't draw on public walls. It's our duty to protect environment. the environment.
12,关于环境保护(水资源节约) 12,关于环境保护(水资源节约)的 话题 Our environment is very important for our lives . We need the fresh air, the clean water and so on . In the past, there were many trees around us ,the air was fresh and the river was clean.But trees. now,people cut down many trees. Air pollution and water polloution are very serious . The environment around us becomes very terrible . We should protect our environment. First, we should plant many trees to keep water. Second , we can ride a bike or walk to the school and work.. Third , we shouldn't throw the dirty water into the river . Fourth, we shouldn't use the plastic bags. people Finally, we can ask more people to join us. 13, 13,关于学习英语的话题 (
  1) How to learn English well?
English is one of the most important langnages in the world. It's necessary to learn it well .How do you study? Everyone learns English in different ways. The best way to improve your English is to improve your English skills. They are listening , speaking , reading and writing. We should practice them every day. very It's very good for you if you are interested in Egnlish . You will find studying Egnlish is interesting and helpful. One more remember"Practice thing, remember"Practice makes perfect"! (2 ) Everybody has different ideas about learning English, but should I think learning English should become our habit. I love English and I have been studying English for four years. I have two foreign pen pals. We write to each other
in English. They often tell me much interesting news about their countries. I enjoy telling the stories to my friends at school. I think English gives me lots of fun. And the more I learn English, the more confident I am. In my school, I am the monitor of English. I'm other students' god example. I'm often praised by me teacher. English helps me succeed



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   本文由基督山枪手贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 abundant acquire accomplish adopt adapt a. 丰富的,充裕的,大量的 beforehand ad. 预先,事先 vt. 取得,获得;学到 breadth vt .完成,到达;实行 blast v. 收养;采用;采纳 breed vi. 适应,适合;改编,改写 vt. 使适应 barrel n. 桶 n. 种,品种 v. 繁殖,产仔 ...


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