af first 起初
next 接下来
then 然后
after that 那以后
later 后来
soon 不久
soon/shortly after ……之后不久
finally 最后
in the end 最后
eventually 最终
at last 终于
lately 近来
recently 最近
since then 自从那时起
after that 那以后
in no time 不一会儿
after a while 一会儿
afterward 后来
to begin/start with=in the first place 首先、第一点
immediately 立即、马上
meanwhile=in the meantime=at the same time 在此期间、同时
earlier, until now 直到现在
suddenly=all of a sudden 突然
as a young man 当…… 是个年轻人的时候
at the age of… 在……岁的时候
as early as 早……的时候
as soon as 一……就……
before, the other day 几天前
early in the morning 大清早
after/before dark 天黑后/前
one day 有一天
one afternoon 一天下午
one morning 一天早晨

to the right/left 朝右/左
on the rinht/left 在右/左边
in the middle of 在中间
in front of 在前面
in the front of 在前面
at the back of 在后面
at the bottom of 在底部
on the edge of 在……的边上
on top of 在……的顶部
opposite to 与……相对
close to 靠近
near to 在……附近
next to 与……相邻
under 垂直在下
over 垂直在上
below 在下方
above 在上方
across 在……的另一边
around 在周围
behind 在后
before 在前
against 靠着、抵着
further on 再往前

first, second, third…finally
firstly, secondly, thirdly…finally
first of all, next then, lastly
for one thing…for another…
at the same time
at first
at last

for example 例如:……
namely 即……
for instance 例如:……
that is (to say) 也就是说
such as 如……
take…for example 拿……来说
like 像……

like 像
unlike 不像
similarly 同样地
in the same way 以相同的方式
compared to 与……相比
while 而
still=nevertheless 然而
on the contrary 正相反
different from 与……不同
on (the) one hand…on the other hand 一方面……另一方面
in contrast with 与……成对比

and 而且
both…and 不但……而且
not only…but also 不但……而且
as well as 不但……而且
also=besides=furthermore=more over 此外、而且
in addition 并且
apart from 除了……之外
what's more 而且、更重要的
for another 另一方面
worse still=what's worse=to make matter worse 更糟糕的是
including 包括

because 因为
since 既然
as 由于
now that 既然
therefore 因此
thus 这样
so 所以
as a result (of) 结果
because of=on account of 因为
thanks to 多亏、由于
for this reason 由于这个原因
if so 如果这样
if not 如果不是这样

for this purpose
in order to do
so as to do
so that…
in order that…

no matter+疑问句
in spite of
even if/ even though

besides 况且
what's more 更重要地是
thus 这样
above all 首先
indeed 的确
in fact/ as a matter of fact 事实上
in other words 换句话说
in that case 那样的话
or rather 更确切地说
particularly 特别地

but 但是
still 然而
however 然而
while 而

in a/one word 简言之、一句话、总之
generally speaking 一般说来
in short=in a few words 简言之
in conclusion=lastly 最后地
on the whole=taking everything into consideration 从总体来看、大体上
so 所以
therefore 因此
thus 这样
as has been mentioned 正如所提到的
it is quite clear that 很显然
there is no doubt that 毫无疑问
it is well-known that 大家都知道
as we all know=as is known
to us all 大家都知道
as/so far as I know 据我所知
to sum up=to summarize=in summary 总之

by the way 顺便说
I am afraid 我恐怕
in my opinion 依我看来
to tell the truth 说实话
to be honest 诚实地说
in face 事实上



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   常用连接词: 1.表文章结构顺序:First of all, Firstly/First, Secondly/Second… And then, Finally, In the end, At last 2.表并列补充关系的:What is more, Besides, Moreover, Furthermore, In addition 3.表转折对比关系的:However, On the contrary, but Although+clause(从句), In spite of+n/d ...


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