一、~~~ the + ~ est + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen ( known/heard/had/read, etc) ~~~ the most + 形容词 + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen ( known/ heard/ had/ read, etc) 例句:Shanghai Business School is the most beautiful university that I have ever seen. 上海商学院是我所看过最美丽的大学。 Fang mingshan is the kindest headmaster that I have ever had. 方名山是我曾经遇到最仁慈的校长。 二、Nothing is + ~~~ er than to + V Nothing is + more + 形容词 + than to + V 例句:Nothing is more important than to pass CET
  4. 没有比通过全国英语 4 级考试更重要的事。 三、~~~ cannot emphasize the importance of ~~~ too much.(再怎么强调...的重要性也不 为过。 ) 例句:We cannot emphasize the importance of learning English too much. 我们再怎么强调学习英语的重要性也不为过。 四、There is no denying that + S + V ...(不可否认的...) 例句:There is no denying that the qualities of food in our refectory have gone from bad to worse. 不可否认的,我们学校食堂食物的质量已经每况愈下。 五、It is universally acknowledged that + 句子~~ (全世界都知道...) 例句:It is universally acknowledged that Shanghai Business School is famous for much more belles . 全世界都知道上海商学院因美女多而出名。 六、There is no doubt that + 句子~~ (毫无疑问的...) 例句:There is no doubt that the speed of Broad Band in our school leaves something to be desired. 毫无疑问的我们学校的网速令人不满意。 七、An advantage of ~~~ is that + 句子 (...的优点是...) 例句:An advantage of surfing at the dormitory is that it's more cheap. 在寝室上网的优点是它很便宜。 八、The reason why + 句子 ~~~ is that + 句子 (...的原因是...) 例句:The reason why we have to make girlfriend is that they can heip us away from loneliness. 我们必须交女友的原因是她们能帮助我们远离寂寞。 九、So + 形容词 + be + 主词 + that + 句子 (如此...以致于...) 例句:So precious is time that we can't afford to waste it. 时间是如此珍贵,我们经不起浪费它。
十、Adj + as + Subject(主词)+ be, S + V~~~ (虽然...) 例句: Rich as our school is, the condition of our students' living are by no means satisfactory. 虽然我们的学校富有,但是我们的生活条件绝对令人不满意。 十一、The + ~er + S + V, ~~~ the + ~er + S + V ~~~ The + more + Adj + S + V, ~~~ the + more + Adj + S ~~~(愈...愈...) 例句:The more books we read, the more learned we become. 我们书读愈多,我们愈有学问。 十二、By +Ving, ~~ can ~~ (借着...,..能够..) 例句:By playing basketball, we can always keep in shape. 借着打篮球,我们能够始终保持健康。 十三、~~~ enable + Object(受词)+ to + V (..使..能够..) 例句:Take photo with kobe enable me to feel satisfied. 和科比合影能使我感到很满足。 十四、On no account can we+ V ~~~ (我们绝对不能...) 例句:On no account can we ignore the value of friendship. 我们绝对不能忽略友谊的价值。 十五、It is time + S + 过去式 (该是...的时候了) 例句:It is time we got ready for the cet
  4. 该是我们准备英语 4 级考试的时候了。 十六、Those who ~~~ (...的人...) 例句:Those who violate dormitory regulations should be punished. 违反寝室规则的人应该受处罚。 十七、There is no one but ~~~ (没有人不...) 例句:There is no one but longs to pass CET
  4. 没有人不渴望过 4 级。
  0)]分享[/url] 2 楼 黄友梁 2007-10-16 07:16 回复 编辑 发站内信 删除 十八、be + forced/compelled/obliged + to + V (不得不...) 例句: Since the examination is around the corner, I am compelled up playing basketball. 既然考试迫在眉睫,我不得不放弃打篮球。
to give
十九、It is conceivable that + 句子 (可想而知的) It is obvious that + 句子 (明显的) It is apparent that + 句子 (显然的) 例句:It is conceivable that knowledge plays an important role in our life. 可想而知,知识在我们的一生中扮演一个重要的角色。 二十、That is the reason why ~~~ (那就是...的原因) 例句:Kelly Tu is very beautiful, That is the reason why I love her so much. Kelly 涂很漂亮。那就是我如此爱她的原因。 二十一、For the past+ 时间,S + 现在完成式...(过去...年来,...一直...) 例句:For the past two months, I have been busy preparing for examination. 过去两个月,我一直忙着准备考试。 二十二、Since + S + 过去式,S + 现在完成式。 例句:Since i went to Shanghai Business School, i hasn't worked 自从我进了商院,我从未用功过。 二十三、It pays to + V ~~~ (...是值得的。 ) 例句:It pays to help classmates. 帮助同学是值得的。 二十四、be based on (以...为基础) 例句:The progress of the school is based 学校的发展是以学生为基础的。
very hard.
on students.
二十五、Spare no effort to + V (不遗余力的) 例句:We should spare no effort to beautify our environment. 我们应该不遗余力的美化我们的环境。 二十六、bring home to + 人 + 事 (让...明白...事) 例句:We should bring home to people the value of working hard. 我们应该让人们明白努力的价值。 二十七、be closely related to ~~ (与...息息相关) 例句:Taking exercise is closely related to health. 做运动与健康息息相关。 二十八、Get into the habit of + Ving = make it a rule to + V (养成...的习惯) We should get into the habit of keeping good 我们应该养成早睡早起的习惯。
二十九、Due to/Owing to/Thanks to + N/Ving, ~~~ (因为...) 例句:Thanks to his encouragement, I finally realized my dream. 因为他的鼓励,我终于实现我的梦想。 三十、What a + Adj + N + S + V! = How + Adj + a + N + V!(多么...! ) 例句:What an important thing it is to keep our promise! How important a thing it is to keep our promise! 遵守诺言是多么重要的事! 三十一、Leave much to be desired (令人不满意) 例句:The condition of our traffic leaves much to 我们的交通状况令人不满意。
be desired.
三十二、Have a great influence on ~~~ (对...有很大的影响) 例句:Smoking has a great influence on our health. 抽烟对我们的健康有很大的影响。 三十三、do good to (对...有益) ,do harm to (对...有害) 例句:Reading does good to our mind.读书对心灵有益。 Overwork does harm to health.工作过度对健康有害。 三十四、Pose a great threat to ~~ (对...造成一大威胁) 例句:Pollution poses a great threat to our existence. 污染对我们的生存造成一大威胁。 三十五、do one's utmost to + V = do one's best (尽全力去...) 例句:We should do our utmost to achieve our goal in life. 我们应尽全力去达成我们的人生目标。
6 级作文模板 级作文模板:

  1)先背 3 个句子 ) 1 Nowadays with the rapid development of advanced ……., more and more….. are commonly and widely used in everyday life.(讲重要性 讲重要性) 讲重要性
2 The popularity of digital …will have great influence on our work, study and everyday life. On the one hand …, But on the other hand. (讲影响) 讲影响)
3To conclude, …..are just like a double-edged sword. With them we may have less trouble dealing with problems in life and enjoy a better-off life. However, one point should be kept in mind that we should take sensible use of them , always being the master of them. (结尾段) 结尾段)
Ps:灵活运用第 1 句和第 2 句,根据不同模板自由组合。 灵活运用第 根据不同模板自由组合。

  2)模板(2 个模板) )模板( 个模板)
1 开头段:先讲重要性,然后转讲不好的地方。 开头段:先讲重要性,然后转讲不好的地方。 中间段:措施 中间段: 结尾段: 结尾段:先来个小转折再进入总结
开头段 Nowadays with the rapid development of advanced ……., more and more….. are commonly and widely used in everyday life. However, what worries most of us is that……
中间段 Firstly….Secondly…..Lastly but in no means least…… 结尾段 To conclude, …..are just like a double-edged sword. With them we may have less trouble dealing with problems in life and enjoy a better-off life. However, one point should be kept in mind that we should take sensible use of them , always being the master of them.
2 开头段:先讲重要性,然后转讲争论 开头段:先讲重要性, 中间段:转折 即列出两种不同人的观点 即列出两种不同人的观点) 中间段:转折(即列出两种不同人的观点 结尾段:直接进入总结(即你的观点) 结尾段:直接进入总结(即你的观点)
开头段: 开头段:It is accepted that …. Plays a significant part for both …, and what’s more , a lot of attention is being drawn to the change of….. However, whether … deserves such an attention , people’s ideas vary. 中间段:On the one hand, some people hold the view that ….. 中间段: On the other hand, a great many people insist that…. 结尾段: 你的观点) 结尾段:From my perspective, however…. (你的观点 . Therefore, 你的观点 it’s time that (措施之类的 措施之类的) 措施之类的
6 级作文万能句子(补充在”…..”里面的万能句子,自己琢磨每个句 级作文万能句子(补充在 里面的万能句子, 里面的万能句子 子放在哪里比较适合) 子放在哪里比较适合) 重点背: ) ) ) )句子,最好全部都被过一遍,自己琢磨怎么用。 重点背:
  1)Sth will make our life more enjoyable, that is to say, sth can add ) color to the dull routine of every day life. 。。。能让我们的生活更美 。。能让我们的生活更美 好,也就是说,。。。可以给我们枯燥的生活带来色彩 也就是说,。。。可以给我们枯燥的生活带来色彩 ,。。。

  2)For the majority of people, reading or learning a new skill has ) become the focus of their lives and the source of their happiness and contentment 对于很多人来说, 对于很多人来说, 学习一门新技术占据了他们的生活和 充实了他们的生活。 充实了他们的生活。

  3) 。 。 , by occupying spare time so constructively, makes a person ) 。。 。 contented, with no time for boredom. 。。。占据了某人大部分时间, 。。。占据了某人大部分时间, 占据了某人大部分时间 使得某人没空想东想西(充实了某人生活) 使得某人没空想东想西(充实了某人生活)

  4) ) What's more, living in school can save them a great deal of time on the way between home and school everyday, so they would be able to concentrate more time and energy on their academic work. 住校为 学生省去了不少时间, 学生省去了不少时间,这样学生可以把更多的时间用在学习上

  5)Little by little, our knowledge will be well enriched, and our ) horizons will be greatly broadened. 一点一滴, 一点一滴,这样做可以丰富我们的知识和拓宽我们的视野
  6)For people who want to adopt a healthy and meaningful life style, ) it is important to find time to learn certain new knowledge. Just as an old saying goes: it is never too late to learn.对于想过一种有意义的人 对于想过一种有意义的人 来说,抽空学习一门新技术很重要 来说,

  7)The majority of students believe that part-time job will provide ) them with more opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills, which may put them in a favorable position in the future job markets. 兼职可以让学生们学习个人技巧,这样可以在找工作时更有竞争力 兼职可以让学生们学习个人技巧,

  8)By taking a major-related part-job, students can not only improve ) their academic studies, but gain much experience, experience they will never be able to get from the textbooks.学生不仅可以提高学习 学生不仅可以提高学习 成绩,还可以获得在课本上学不到的工作经验 成绩,

  9)Now people in growing numbers are beginning to believe that ) learning new skills and knowledge contributes directly to enhancing their job opportunities or promotion opportunities.

  10) ) 1Sth can produce positive effects on …in more than one way.什么 什么 东西可带来好影响 2Sth may bring about negative impacts on …什么东西可带来不 什么东西可带来不 好的影响



   加分句型 一、 the + ~ est + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen ( ~~~ etc) the most + 形容词 + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen (known/heard/had/read, etc) 例句:Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.(海伦是我所看过最 美丽的女孩。) Mr. Chang is the kinde ...


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