英语四级作文万能模板[1] Argumentation 型
  1) some, others, I 型 (
  1)模版一 There is no consensus among the people as to the view of (主题). Some people hold the idea that (观点 A). A case in point is that (支持观点 A 的 例子). On the other hand, others may have a quite different view. According to them, (观点 B). The most typical example is that (支持观点 B 的例子). Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter. Admittedly, the former point of view seems reasonable in saying to some extent, but the latter is more convincing. (
  2)模版二 (主题) is a common occurrence in our lives. The attitudes toward this issue vary from person to person. Some people tend to when they are asked (观点 A) because ( 支 持 观 点 A 的 原 因 ). The most typical example is that (支持观点 A 的例子). However, others argue that ( 观 点 B). They point out that (重申观点 B) for the reason that (支持观点 B 的原因). As far as I am concerned, I will choose to (你的观点) because this choice fits my personality and my life-long belief.
  2) My View 型 (
  1)模版一 When asked about (主题), some people hold the idea that (观点 A). As far as they are concerned, (展开观点 A). But I could not agree with them in several points. In my opinion, (观点 B). The reasons for my choice are listed as follows. In the first place, ( 支 持 观 点 B 的 理 由
  1). In the second place, ( 支 持 观 点 B 的 理 由
  2). In the third place, (支持观点 B 的理由
  3). For the reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe (重申观点 B). (
  2)模版二 Some people believe that (观点 A). For instance, they hold the idea that (支持 观点 A 的例子). And it may bring them (A 带给他们的好处).
In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing, (我不同意的理由
  1). For another, (我不同意的理由
As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, I agree to the thought that (重申自己的观点).
  3)利弊型 (
  1)模版一 Nowadays many people prefer (主题) because it plays a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. On the one hand, (主题的优点
  1). On the
other hand, (主题的优点
  2). But everything can be divided into two. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvantages is that ( 主 题 的 缺 点
  1). To make matters worse,
  2). Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects far outweigh its negative aspects. Whatever effects it has, one thing is certain, (主题) itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses to which it is put that determine its value to our society. (
  2)模版二 With the development of science and human civilization, many formerly unimaginable things come into reality. Some of them have positive effects on our life, but some are distasteful. The phenomenon of (主题现象) is an example of the former / latter one. There are many factors that may account for it, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects. To start with, ( 原 因
  1). Furthermore, ( 原 因
  2). Eventually, (原因
  3). Good as (主题现象) is, it has, unfortunately, its disadvantages. The apparent example is that (缺点例子
  1). In addition, (缺点例子 2 ).On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of the progress of the modern society. There is still a long way for us to improve / eliminate (主题现象) and make our life more comfortable. 作文题目:
  1、许多人喜欢看 cctv 春节晚会;
  3、你的看法 2006 年 12 月 23 日 CET4 作文范文(昂立高手版)――昂立四六级专家王萌 The Spring Festival Evening Get-Together has been held in China for over two decades, which seems to have been an indispensable company during the traditional New Year’ Eve for a great number of people, who appear to s be accustomed to enjoying the sights and sounds of a brilliant feast, while gathering with their beloved family. However, an increasing number of people have voiced different opinions towards it, as more diverse life styles have emerged nowadays. Some prefer to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a gourmet meal; some intend to go on a vacation to an incredibly exotic destination for a novel and thorough relaxation; others may have even more post-modern notions, like go bunging, hiking, or cycling for entirely new different experiences, forgetting all about the Spring Festival. To me, the Evening Get-Together is supposed to be here to stay. It may not remain a must for all people, but it can bring us a strong sense of festivity and serve as an alternative among the variety of holiday activities. Besides, with such a gathering, family members will have a perfect opportunity to enjoy more fun and happiness, for nowadays most people are so engaged in their daily businesses that they can rarely find any extra time to stay with their family, which, if not properly adjusted, might add further to the already worsening situation of the values of Chinese families
四级作文名师改卷感悟针对建议 四级改卷工作已彻底结束。和往年评分标准一样,对作文分为以下几个等级进行打分:0 分,2 分,5 分, 8 分,11 分,14 分。老师评分主要是进行 global reading,也就是进行整体给分,不是仔细推敲给分。 鉴于此情况,本人就此次考试的一些作文应试注意事项告知大家,希望对大家 2006 年考试的作文部分有所 帮助。

  1. 大家拿到作文题目之后,先要仔细阅读题目明确作文的类型。这一点是非常关键的因为四级相对很 强调作文的结构。如果没有一个很清楚的结构,一定会失去一定的分数。四级作文一般有下面三种结构: 说明文,议论文和应用文写作。说明文主要可以分为阐述主题类型的,利弊类型的,原因结果类型的,解 决问题类型的以及谚语说明类型。议论文主要是就观点进行反驳类型的。应用文写作主要包括演讲词,求 职求学信,邀请信,感谢信和投诉信等。所以大家必须在平时复习的过程明确各种类型的写作结构,这样 在考试时候就可以在结构上不会出现任何问题,也不会因为写跑题而失分。
  2. 开始写作文时一定要段落清楚,有明显的开头,主体和结论部分。也就是大家要学会分段落,不要 象记流水帐一样,一段到底,这样就会给老师留下很坏的印象。同时在文章写作过程中,一定要学会使用 一些句子之间以及引起和结束文章时候的连接词,这样的话可以使文章很自然,流畅。比如在写文章主体 的时候可以用首先,其次,再次这样的连接词,或者一方面,另一方面,等这样的词。这些都是很容易引 起老师的注意,可以得分的地方。
  3. 写文章时候尽量多用一些四级词汇,这样也可以提高老师的印象。但不是说你用的词很多,而写出 的句子结构,语法错误太多。这样也会很糟糕的。因此大家一定要注意,如果自己词汇不怎么多的时候, 你不要用自己不明确和不会拼写的词,还有一定要确保句子的正确性,尽量避免语法结构的错误。即使你 使用的简单句,但是写的很清楚,没任何错误,也可以得到不错的分数。
  4. 注意文章的长度安排,短的作文一定是不可以的,也就是字数要达到要求。但是长的作文如果几乎 每句话都有错误也不能得到好的分数。所以大家一定要注意,写的时候要长度适中,确保写出的句子错误 很少,即使观点只是很一般,没什么新的地方。也能得到相对好的分数。
  5. 卷面一定要整洁,字一定要写的漂亮,这可以在很大程度上影响你们分数的升降。印象分数几乎全 部是这个决定的 ,所以大家也要主要平时 handwriting 的练习。 上面就我对大家的一些建议,希望对各位同学有帮助,能很好的通过下次的四级考试 四级作文预测范文:保护地球和奥运会两篇 1 Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Human Activity& the Earth. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:
  1. 有些人认为人类的行为把地球变得更美好
  2. 也有人认为人类的行为给地球带来了破坏
  3. 你的观点 Human activity & the Earth The quality of human life has improved greatly over the past few centuries, but Earth is being harmed more and more by human activity. As we develop our technology, we demand more from our planet. Eventually, this will harm people as well. Our planet gives us everything we need, but natural resources are not endless. Strip mining devastates whole regions, leaving bare and useless ground. Deforestation removes old growth trees that can't be replaced. Too much fishing may harm fish populations to the point where they can't recover. We are too careless in taking what we want without giving anything back. There are more people than ever, living longer that ever. So is it any surprise that many areas suffer from too much development? Anyone living in or near a city has experienced "urban sprawl". There is a new shopping area on every corner and new houses, townhouses and apartments everywhere. Traffic gets worse and worse because planners can't keep up with growth. Keeping up with human demand is hard enough. Environmental concerns come in last. With growth comes pollution. Companies and communities dump waste into water. Landfills are full of trash. Emissions from factories pollute the air. Barrels of industrial waste and worse, radioactive waste, have no safe
place to go. If we're not careful, we can harm our planet beyond repair. People need to respect the Earth and try to preserve it. If we don't, what kind of future will we have?
  2. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a speech in support of the 2008 Olympic Games in the name of the student union. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:
  1. 奥运会即将于明年在北京
  2. 举行奥运会的重大意义
  3. 我们应该为奥运做些什么 Dear Friends, Fellow classmates, The exciting moment, I am convinced, must remain vivid in our mind, when Beijing, the Capital of China, was proclaimed the final winner to host the Olympic Games in 2008 by Chairman of the International Olympic Committee. Time flies, and the new Olympics is coming very soon! Olympic Games, held every four years, boast a long history and offer rare opportunities for different nations to get together, which are far more than sports contests participated by professional athletes. Through Olympics, new world records are set, resilient sportsmanship is highlighted, sport-related industries spring up and international goodwill and exchange get greatly enhanced. As college students, we ought to contribute our share to the imminent Olympic Games with responsibility of citizenship as well as focused knowledge. For instance, it is advisable to give voluntary lectures to popularize Olympic knowledge and environmental awareness in some residential areas. And we are looking forward to your suggestions and participation! 四级作文预测范文:记叙文 Welcome Back Celebration
  2.班上同学准备 cheer her up.
  3.举办一场欢迎 party. Yang Ling is my fellow classmate and friend. Recently she had a terrible condition and has been hospitalized for over a month. She was depressed, sad and downhearted. She told us so many things are working against her, and she didn’t know how to change and redirect herself. The day before she was released from hospital, we, some of her friends decided to give a surprise to cheer her up the next day. That night, she came back, shoulders bent and head fallen. She was so deep in her bad mood that she didn’t realize that her dorm is the only one in the building that is dark. She turned the key in the lock and opened the door when the room was suddenly lit like a bright day. Her eyes sparkled with delight and surprise. She saw all her classmates crowded in this tiny room. Everyone was holding something in his hand, flowers, fruits, cards, cheering, “Welcome back!” She w



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