1. 某对外发行的英文报纸对中国群众体育现状进行了调查,请根据下列图表和所给提示,用英语写一篇报道,以 便向该报投稿.
  2. 说明:
  3.采取措施,提供人们锻炼的场地和器材(facilities );
  4.字数:120 ? 1
  40. 报道的开头已给出,不计入总词数. Recently, we have made a survey of the people on physical training. Only 35 percent of the people surveyed have taken part in physical activities. Over half of the people say they haven't got enough time to take exercises.
  34.9 percent of them complain they don't have places where they can relax themselves and that there are not enough training facilities, while another
  12.9 percent of the people feel that they live too far away from the training centers. Some of them even don't know how to train. For lack of physical training, many people are not in good health. People should realize the importance of it, and measures should be taken to provide people with training facilities.
  2. 以下是某英文报联合你校对你市(Kangming City)1998 年到 2008 年家庭消费变化的图表,请据此写一 . 篇短文,作一文字说明.文章的开头已经给出.词数 110 左右. The average family income in our Kangming City increased from 8,000 yuan per year in 1998 to 20,000 yuan in 20
  08. In the meantime, the structure of the average family expenses has changed, too. These graphs show the change clearly. The biggest part of the average family expenses is housing. In 1998, the average family spent 25 percent of its income on housing. In 2880, expenses on housing rose to 42 percent. Food and drink are the second biggest part of the average family expenses. In 1998, about 18% of the average income was spent on this item. In 2008, the figure grew to 30%. As a result of such increase in the expenses on housing and food, expenses on other items have been reduced from 57% in 1998 to 28%in 20
  08. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that as income increases, people can improve their living step. But still the average family has to spend a large part of income to meet the basic needs.
  3.请观察下图,请以"Where is my home?"为题,用英语写一篇 100 词左右的短文.内容包括:
  3.发表自己的看法. 注:文章的开头已经给出,不计人词数;参考词汇:口罩 mask Where is my home? Some fish are forced to leave polluted water and are flying in the sky. But unfortunately, air is also so polluted that they have to wear masks. Each of them is crying, "Where is my home?" What a
terrible sight! Mankind has brought so much pollution. Waste is being poured into rivers and seas. Poisons to kill pests in farming and chemicals go into rivers and seas, too. Poisonous gasses from factories also make the air so dirty. The whole balance of nature is being destroyed as a result of our ignorance of the environmental protection. Personally, man can not live alone on the earth. Should fish die from serious pollution, so would man! It is high time we did something to prevent such a scene from happening. 假如你是高三的学生,最近你就高三模拟考试该难还是该容易这个问题进行了一次调查.请结合下表内容,用英语 写一篇短文,介绍有关调查情况,并发表自己的看法. 赞成偏难,反对偏易
  1.喜欢挑战,越难越好; 赞成偏易,反对偏难

  2.题目容易,易获高分,有自信. 改进学习方法. 注意:
  1.词数 150 左右,开头已为你写好(不计入总词数);
  2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯. Recently I have made an investigation on whether a model-test paper for Senior Three should be difficult or easy.Opinions are divided on this matter. Some students think that a difficult exam is just like a challenge.The harder, the better.It can help students find out where they are weak in studies and improve their learning approaches. Others, however, are against a difficult exam. their opinion, it is very difficult, In if they may become discouraged and feel terrible about the coming College Entrance Examination.Besides,with an easy exam,they can get high marks and gain confidence. I prefer it to be neither too difficult nor too easy, because if it is too easy,teachers will not know how we are getting on with our studies, but if it is too difficult, we will lose heart
  5.从学校毕业,或上大学,或步入社会,毕业意味着前进,意味着选择.请以 Graduation and moving on 为 题,写一篇 100 词左右的毕业感言. 要求:1,毕业前活动:照相,留言等; 2,心情(依依不舍,又要前进)及原因等.首句已经给出,不计入总词数. Graduation and Moving on Graduation is a time when we move on, from school to university, or out into the real world.
Before graduating from school, We usually have a variety of activities, like taking pictures, leaving encouraging words to one another in memory of our friendship, or giving presents to our teachers express our thanks and show respect. However, I have mixed emotions about moving on.I want to stay and have more fun with my friends, but I will have to move on.Graduation means taking a step forwardmoving onward and upward.Thus I can learn more and will be more skilled and experienced. Graduation is coming whether we are ready or not.Let's make great efforts so that our dream will come true.
  6.假定你是某英文报的小记者,最近你对大学生的就业观点及专家对此的看法进行了采访.请根据以下要点写一 . 篇题为"Different Job Outlooks"的短文,词数 100 词左右. 学生观点:
  3.少数想自己创业. 专家观点:不应坐等,要尽快找份工作,理由是:
  3.明年就业形势或许更严峻. Different Job Outlooks Nowadays university graduates have different job outlooks. For most of them, to find a job with satisfactory pay is their most important wish while majority want to be self ? employed. However, a certain number of graduates are not in a hurry to hunt for jobs. They are just waiting for better chances. Toward this point of view, some experts warn that it is not wise to be just waiting. They advise that graduates should find a regular, full-time job as quickly as possible so that they can earn money to support themselves and get working experience, which will help to find a better position later. Moreover, it might be more difficult to find a satisfactory job next year.
  7.不知不觉我们已进入高三年级,高考一天天逼近.为了在学习上不落后于同学,很多学生搬出学校的集体寝室, . 在学校附近租了房子.就这一现象请你写一篇英语短文来发表自己的看法.内容包括: 1 在校外租房子的利与弊.(至少各写两点)
  2.你同意还是反对这种做法?并陈述你的理由.(至少写两点) 注意:
  1.词数为 120 个左右;
  3.开头语已为你写好(不计入总宇数). 参考词汇:宿舍 dormitory Time seems to speed up as soon as the students step into their final and vital year.The college entrance examination is approaching day by day.Quite a few students have moved out from their
dormitories to live in a rented room near the school to make every minute count. It cannot be denied that they have their own time schedule after classes and easily concentrate on lessons alone in their small room.What's important,with their morns taking care of them,they can spare more time for studies.However,there exist some disadvantages.For example,sometimes their minds go wandering easily without competitors round. Furthermore, student who is left alone a to study at rather an easy atmosphere tends to get distracted or even feel tired easily. In spite of the fact that the dorm life is full of fun and friendship,noisy songs and shouts in the dorms after evening classes only quiet down long after the blackout at 10:30 p. m.,leading to a serious lack of sleep,I think.Worse still,they don't make fullest use of time to study so,from my perspective.I prefer to live in the rented room.
  8.假设你班最近就圆明园是否重建开展了一场讨论,同学们观点有分歧,各自理由主要如下表所示,请根据表格 提供的讨论情况写一篇英文报道. 赞同
  3.旅游新景点 反对
  3.其他建筑同样反映中华文化(如故宫, 颐和园等),重建并非必须

  4.破坏该地生态环境 住历史 注意:
  1.词数:150 左右
  3. 要自拟结论. 参考词汇:故宫 the Palace Museum; 颐和园 the Summer Palace Should Yuanmingyuan Be Rebuilt? Yuanmingyuan, "Garden of all gardens", was burnt and fell into ruins in 18
  60. Recently my classmates had a discussion about whether it should be rebuilt or not. Supporters of rebuilding the garden say only by doing so can we see the original sight of the garden, which reflects the Chinese civilization. And it will be another place of interest for tourists. If partly rebuilt, it will provide a comparison and help us remember the history. Those who disagree think it more reasonable to keep the garden like this. The ruins will remind us of the past. We should never forget the history. Other buildings like Palace Museum and Summer Palace can also be symbols of the Chinese culture, so it isn't necessary to rebuild this garden. Some also worry that the environment will be destroyed when the construction goes on in this district. Personally, it is advisable to rebuild Yuanmingyuan , which will add beauty to the city . What's more , the new scenic spot will no doubt promote the economic development of the local.
法国一家拍卖公司于今年 2 月 25 日在巴黎公开拍卖从中国掠夺的鼠首和兔首铜像, 此举激起中国人民的强烈愤 慨.请你根据下表提示, 用英语写一篇短文.
  1.鼠首和兔首铜像制作于清代, 是圆明园诸多装饰品之一; 文物背景
  2.1860 年, 英法联军火烧圆明园, 抢走包括鼠首和兔首铜像等在内的大 量文物.
  2.中国政府坚决反对, 要求按国际法无偿归还; 文物事件
  4.中国人民积极行动, 采取措施阻止拍卖. (请考生谈谈对此事的看法, 列举两至三条)
  1.对所给要点, 逐一陈述, 可适当增加细节, 使其连贯, 不简单翻译.
  2.词数: 150 左右.开头已给出, 不计入总词数.
  3.参考词汇. auction n. & vt. 拍卖 relic [C] n.文物, 遗物 Last month in Paris, a French company auctioned two bronze sculptures a rat's head and a rabbits head captured from China, which has aroused great public concern in China. As is known to all, the two bronze animal heads were made during the Qing Dynasty to decorate Yuanmingyuan. In 1860, the British and French troops broke into Beijing and burned down the royal garden, taking away millions of Chinese art works, including the two head relics. The Chinese government is strongly against this auction and has repeatedly asked for the free return of them according to the international laws. At the same time, the Chinese people have taken actions, too. Some people even flew to France, trying to stop the selling. However, the French company just wouldn't listen. In my opinion, the auction should be strongly condemned. Not only has it hurt the feelings of the Chinese people but also it brought shame to France. As middle school students, we must study harder so that we can make our country more powerful in the future and stop any such things from happening again.
  10. 学校里一些同学互相攀比, 追求时髦和高档消费. 请你根据下表中所提供的信息, 写一篇题为"My Attitude to Pursuit of Fashion in School"的英文演讲稿. 现象 仿明星发型;
穿名牌衣服,名牌鞋子; 使用高档手机; 追求美; 原因 你的看法 爱面子; 感觉很酷; (请考生自己拟定内容,列举两至三点.)
Good afternoon, everyone! The topic of my speech today is "My Attitude to Pursuit of Fashion in School". Now in our school there is a hot pursuit of fashion. Some students live a very expensive life. They have the same hairstyles as their favorable stars and wear top brand of clothes and shoes. Some use expensive mobile phones. The reasons why they do so are as follows. Firstly, they hope to look smart and special. Secondly, they want to win others' admiration and respect. In addition, it makes them feel cool . As far as I am concerned, we students should hold the right sense of values. We should practice thrift in our daily life because it is one of our Chinese traditional virtues. What's more , it is advisable for us to donate some pocket money to the Hope Project so that those poor children in rural areas can return to school to receive normal education. Last but not least, it is the inner beauty rather than our appearance that makes us respectable. Thank you for listening!



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