Title: Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad The first paragraph:交代出国留学是很普遍的现 有些人认为 有些人认为 认为…,有些人认为…, 我认为 认为… 象,有些人认为 有些人认为
The second paragraph:简要陈述你的理由 The third paragraph:任何事物都是有两反面的 任何事物都是有两反面的… The last paragraph: 总结
友情提示: 多用学过的词组,注意句型的多变, 友情提示: 多用学过的词组,注意句型的多变,注意 层次的清晰,连接词(递进,并列,转折勿忘)。 层次的清晰,连接词(递进,并列,转折勿忘)。

  1. 出国留学是一个普遍的现象 ? It s a common phenomenon that more and more It’s
study. students chose to go abroad for further study. ? There exists a common phenomenon that that… ? There is a growing trend that an increasing to… number of students prefer to

  1. 一些人认为国外留学令我们受益匪浅
Some people hold the view that studying abroad may benefit us a lot.

  1. 而另一些人认为对我们有很多负面影响
While others argue that it may have many negative impacts on our life.
就我而言,我同意前者(后者), 我的理由如下:
  1. 就我而言,我同意前者(后者), 我的理由如下:
I’m I’m As far as I m concerned/ In my opinion, I m in favor of the former/latter. My reasons are listed as follows.
  1.生活在说英语的国家里有助于快速提高口语 We will make rapid progress in oral English when living in an English ?speaking country. speaking
  1.频繁的接触英语使得我们能更好的更好的掌握语言 Being exposed to English frequently enables us to have a good command of this language.
  1. 遇到困难,独立解决棘手问题,这令我们更加独立和成熟。
When in trouble, we tricky problems on more independent and
have to deal with the our own, which will make us mature.
  2. 给我们提供了一个独立于父母自力更生的机会,这有助于为我 们的将来事业打下坚实的基础。 们的将来事业打下坚实的基础。
Besides, it also provides us with a golden opportunity to be independent of our parents and earn our own living, which contributes to laying a solid foundation for our future career.

  1. 与文化背景各不相同的人在一起生活学习,我们学会更好地与人 与文化背景各不相同的人在一起生活学习, 相处,并结交更多新的朋友。 相处,并结交更多新的朋友。
Living and studying with people different in cultural background, we learn to get along well with people and make many new friends.

  1. 了解不同的文化和习俗有助于增加知识、开拓视野,丰富人生的 了解不同的文化和习俗有助于增加知识、开拓视野, 经验。 经验。
Leaning about different cultures and customs helps to expand our scope of knowledge , broaden our horizons and enrich our life experience.
The third paragraph

  1. 任何事情都是有两方面的 不足的地方也是很明显的。 任何事情都是有两方面的. 不足的地方也是很明显的。
Every coin has two sides. The negative aspects (disadvantages) are also obvious/apparent.

  1. 面对文化冲击,感到无所适从 面对文化冲击,
Faced with culture shock, some of them feel at a loss.

  1. 在异国他乡,难免孤独和想家 在异国他乡,
In a foreign country, some people can’t help being homesick and feeling lonely.

  1. 出国留学费用很高,会给家人带来沉重的财政负担。 出国留学费用很高,会给家人带来沉重的财政负担。
It goes without saying/There is no denying that the cost of going abroad is so high that it will add a heavy financial burden to the family members.

  1.综上所述,出国留学利大于弊。因此,出国留学是很 综上所述,出国留学利大于弊。因此, 综上所述 明智的选择. 明智的选择 As is mentioned above/All things considered,/Through above analysis, we can see the positive aspects (advantages) outweigh the negative ones (disadvantages). Therefore, it’s an advisable /sensible choice to go abroad for further study.



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