幼儿英语 100 句

  1. Hello, … 你好.
  2. Hi, … 喂,你好.
  3. Good morning/ afternoon/evening. 早上/下午/晚上好.
  4. How are you(this morning/afternoon/evening)? 你今天早晨/下午/晚上好吗?
  5. Fine, thank you/ thanks. 我很好,谢谢.
  6. Not bad, thank you. 不错,谢谢.
  7. Welcome back to school. 欢迎回到学校来.
  8. Welcome to our school. 欢迎到我们学校来.
  9. Happy birthday! 生日快乐!
  10. What's your name, please? 你的名字是什么?
  11. Your name, please? 你叫什么名字?
  12. My name is…/ I'm… 我的名字是…/ 我名叫…
  13. This is Miss/ Mr/ Mrs… 这位是…小姐/先生/女士.
  14. This is my friend. 这是我的朋友.
  15. Come and meet my friends. 过来见见我的朋友们.
  16. How do you do? 你好.
  17. Nice to meet /see you. 很高兴认识/见到你.
  18. Goodbye. 再见
  19. Good night. 晚安.
  20. How old is he? 他多大了?
  21. Thank you./ Thanks. 谢谢.
  22. You're welcome. 不用谢.
  23. That's all right. 没关系.
  24. I'm sorry. 对不起.
  25. Sorry, I don't know. 对不起,我不知道.
  26. Excuse me. 对不起,打扰一下.
  27. Come in, please. 请进.
  28. Have some bananas, please. 请吃些香蕉.
  29. It's time for the cakes. 该吃些蛋糕了.
  30. May I come in? 我可以进来吗?
  31. Come in, please. 请进.
  32. May I have yours? 我能吃你的吗?
  33. Can I have two cakes? 我能吃两个蛋糕吗?
  34. No, you can't. 不,你不能.
  35. Can I have one,please? 我能吃一个吗?
  36. Yes./All right. Here you are. 好的.给你.
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  37. Can I go with you? 我能和你一起走吗?
  38. Sure. 好的.
  39. Do you know his telephone number? 你知道他的电话号码吗?
  40. Are you sure? 你能确定吗?
  41. Yes. I'm sure. 是的,我肯定.
  42. Maybe he's in the teachers' office. 可能他在老师办公室.
  43. We're about the same age, I think. 我想我们大概年龄相仿.
  44. Yes, you're right. 是的,你是对的.
  45. You're wrong. 你错了.
  46. I like …very much. 我非常喜欢….
  47. I like to draw pictures there. 我喜欢在那儿画画.
  48. Me too. 我也是.
  49. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?
  50. Yes, a dress for my daughter. 是的,给我女儿买条裙子.
  51. What do you want, a dress or a skirt? 你想要买什么?连衣裙还是短裙?
  52. How about the blue one? 这条蓝色的如何?
  53. How much is it? 多少钱?
  54. Fifty-nine yuan. 五十九元.
  55. Excuse me, where's the cinema? 请问,电影院在哪?
  56. Where's the teachers' office, please? 老师办公室在哪?
  57. Excuse me, how can I get to the post office? 请问,怎么走才能到达邮局?
  58. Can you show me the way to the bank, please? 你能告诉我去银行的路怎么走吗?
  59. It's over there, near the Bank of China. 就在那儿,中国银行的旁边.
  60. This way, please. 请这边走.
  61. Sorry, I don't know. You may go and ask him. 对不起,我不知道.你可以去问他.
  62. What's the time? 几点了?
  63. Excuse me, what's the time, please? 请问,几点了?
  64. It's time to get up/go to school… 到了起床/去学校的时候了.
  65. It's time for… 到了(做)…的时候了.
  66. Look at the blackboard, please. 请看黑板.
  67. Go and get him. 去把他找来.
  68. Let me have a look, please. 让我看一看.
  69. Let's play a game today. 今天我们来做个游戏.
  70. Now listen to me, please. 现在请听我说.
  71. Can you look after my bag and clothes, please? 你能帮我照看一下我的书包和衣服吗?
  72. Yes. /All right./ OK./ Sure. 好的.
  73. Look at his coat. 看他的外套.
  74. Shall we go now? 我们现在可以走了吗?
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  75. Let's go to school. 让我们去学校吧.
  76. Yes, let's. 好的,走吧.
  77. Let's get some(red) flowers. 让我们来摘些(红)花.
  78. Please don't. 请不要.
  79. Don't turn off the TV. 别关电视.
  80. Very good. 很好.
  81. Great!/ That's great. 太好了./棒极了.
  82. How nice! 多漂亮啊!
  83. How beautiful! 多美啊!
  84. It's lovely. 它真可爱.
  85. Oh, dear! 哦,天啊!
  86. Pardon? 对不起,请再说一遍.
  87. Excuse me, would you please tell me…? 对不起,你能告诉我…?
  88. What can you see? 你能看见什么?
  89. Where are the balls? 球在哪儿?
  90. Look, they're between the bags. 看,它们在书包中间.
  91. What's that on the wall? 墙上的那是什么?
  92. It's a photo of my family. 是我们家的全家福.
  93. There are some toy boats on the desk. 桌上有些玩具船.
  94. Please give it to me . 请把它给我.
  95. Who are they? 他们是谁?
  96. Their names are… 他们的名字是….
  97. What's your telephone number? 你的电话号码是什么?
  98. Shall we call her? 我们打电话给她好吗?
  99. What a clever boy he is! 他是个多么聪明的孩子啊! 1
  00. How beautiful the girls are! 这些女孩多漂亮啊!
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