kindergarten/ 1 Entering the kindergarten/入园 > school bus/校车 > Greetings/问候 > normal greetings/一般性问候 > morning check/晨检 > organizing time/整理时间
time/早餐 2 Breakfast time/早餐 > Before the breakfast/早餐前 > During the breakfast/早餐中 > After the breakfast/早餐后 exercise/早操 3 Morning exercise/早操 > Flag-raising ceremony/升旗仪式 > Standard exercise/标准操 > Games/游戏活动
time/休息时间 4 Break time/休息时间 > Bathroom/如厕 > Time for drink/喝水
5 Snack time/ 午睡时间 > Before the nap/午睡前
> During the nap/午睡中 > After the nap/午睡后
Area/区域活动 6 Area/区域活动 > Block building area/搭建区 > Books area/阅读区 > Dramatic play area/表演区 > Large motor activities/大运动区 > Art area/艺术区 > Music area/音乐区 > Science/ math area/科学数学区 > Sand/water play area/沙水区
English/教室用语 7 Classroom English/教室用语
kindergarten/离园 8 Leaving kindergarten/离园 1 Entering the kindergarten/???° bus/校车 School bus/校车 Jim.早上好,吉母 T: Good morning, Jim. Zhang. C: Good morning, Mr. Zhang 早上好,张先生 你好,吉母。 T: Hello, Jim! C: Hi, Ms Wang 你好,王小姐。 today?你好,吉母!今天怎么样? T: Hi, Jim! How are you today? C: I’m fine, thank you, Mr. Zhang./Ms Wang. 我很好,谢谢你,张先生、王小姐。 please.请给你的妈妈说再见。 T: Say Bye to your mummy, please. ByeC: Bye-bye, mum. 再见,妈妈。
T: Jim, go and sit down, please. 吉母,请过去坐下。 OK.好的。 C: OK. T: OK, now let’s play some music. 现在我们一起来听听音乐吧。 T: Well, let me tell you a story. 下面我给你们讲一个故事吧。 T: Here we are! Everybody please get ready to get off the bus. 我们到啦!小朋友请准备好下车。 T: please don’t forget your bag/coat/medicine. 别忘了你的包/ 外套/ 药。 ready?准备好了吗? T: Are you ready? ready.准备好了。 C: Yes, we are ready. go! o!好的,下车啦。 T: OK, here we go!
greetings/一般性问候 Normal greetings/一般性问候 T: Good morning! 早上好! C: Good morning! 早上好! T: How are you doing today! 今天怎么样? C: Pretty good, thank you! 很好,谢谢你! T: Who will be picking Jim up today? 今天谁来接吉母啊? C: His Daddy. /I’d like him to go home by the school bus. 他爸爸。我想让他坐宝宝车回家。 see.我知道了。 T: OK. I see. Jim!你好,吉母! T: Hi, Jim! C: Hello, Mr. Zhang/Ms Wang 你好,张先生/王小姐。 today?今天天气怎样? T: What’s the weather like today? sunny!今天是晴天! C: It’s sunny! weather?你喜欢这种天气吗? T: Do you like the weather? day./I rain.哦,是的。 C: Oh yeah. I like raining! / No, I hate rainy day./I like the rain. 我喜欢下雨天!/不,我讨厌下雨天。/我喜欢下雨。 here?你怎么来这儿的? T: How did you come here? C: I came here by school bus/ by bike/ by car/ on foot. 我坐校车/骑自行车/坐汽车/步行来这儿的。 here?谁把你送来的? T: Who brought you here? Daddy.爸爸。 C: Daddy. today?今天谁接你啊? T: Who will be picking you up today?
C: T: C: T: C: T: C: T: C:
aunty.我阿姨。 My aunty. today?你今天怎么回家啊? How are you going home today? bus.我坐宝宝车回家。 I will go home by school bus. Hello, Lucy you look so happy today. 你好,露西。今天你看起来很高兴。 am.谢谢你,我很高兴。 Thank you, I am. you.你好,很高兴见到你。 Hi, it’s great to see you. Thanks.谢谢你。 Thanks. straight classroom.直接你的教室吧。 Go straight to your classroom. OK.好的 OK.
T: Hi, Jim! You’ve got a new haircut! Very cool. 你好,吉母。你换了一个新发型啊!很漂亮。 C: thank you, Mr. Zhang/ Miss Wang 谢谢你,张先生/王小姐。 T: You’ve got a new dress! How beautiful! 你穿了一件新裙子!真漂亮! C: Thank you. 谢谢你。 look T: You look so pretty. 你看起来真可爱! T: You are wearing a red sweater! I like it. Nice color! 你穿了一件红色毛衣!我喜欢。多漂亮的颜色呀! you.谢谢你。 C: Thank you. /晨检 Morning Check /晨检 T: What’s wrong with you, today? 你今天怎么啦? C: I don’t feel well today. 我今天感觉不舒服。 headache/stomachache. I have a headache/stomachache. 我有点头痛/胃痛. T: Are you taking any medicine? : 你吃药了吗? C: Yes. Here is my medicine. 吃了.这是我的药. T: Jim, why didn’t you come here yesterday? 吉母,你昨天为什么没来? C: I had a fever. 我发烧了. T: Are you feeling better today? 你今天感觉好点了吗? C: Yes, thank you Mr. Zhang/Miss Wang 好多了,谢谢你,张先生/王小姐。
T: Hi, Jim, you look pale, are you OK? 你好,吉母。你脸色不好,没事吧? No, C: No, I am not OK. 不,我感觉不太好。 T: Open your mouth and say “Ah.”, please. 张开你的嘴,说 “啊” clinic Well, may be you get a Flu. Let me take you to the clinic downstairs. 你可能感冒了。让我带你去楼下的医务室吧。 T: Do you feel hot or cold? 你发不发烧呀? C:I feel hot/cold. 我发烧/冷。 T: Do you have a headache? 你头痛吗? C: Yes, I do. 是的。 T: OK, Let’s go see the doctor./Let’s take you to the clinic. 好吧,我们去看医生。/我带你去医务室。 T: Jim, do you have your card with you? 吉母,你带卡了吗? C: Yes, and here it is. 带了,在这儿 T: Show me your hands, please. 请伸出你的小手来。 C: OK. 好的。 T: Please let me check your fingers. 让我检查一下你的手指。 cutting. Well, your nails are too long and they need cutting. 你的指甲太长了,需要剪剪了。 Good, they are clean. 很好,现在干净了。 T: OK, please take off your coats and put them into your lockers. 请脱掉你的外套并把它放到衣橱里。 T: take off your cap, please. 请摘掉你的帽子。 T: Put your stuff over there. 把你的东西放到那边去。 please T: Now please go and wash your hands. 请去洗手吧。 T: Please dry your hands with your own towel. 请用自己的毛巾把手擦干。
T: Before breakfast, you may go to play area 早饭前,你们可以去玩区域活动。 C: Great1 Let’s go. 太好了,快来吧。 breakfast.该吃早饭了。 T: Now it’s time for breakfast. your Please bring your chairs to the table and sit down. 请搬着你的小椅子到饭桌前坐好。 T: Let’s go and wash our hands. : hands.请去洗手吧。 T: Now boys and girls have you all washed your hands? 现在小朋友都洗完手了吗? C: Yes. Yes.是的。 T: Who’d like to serve the table? 谁想来摆桌子。 C: Mr. Zhang/Ms Wang I like to serve. serve.张先生/王小姐,我想来。 T: Good, come here please. please.好的,请过来。
T: Today we have egg ,porridge and steamed bread for breakfast. 今天我们早饭吃鸡蛋,稀饭和馒头。 It smells good. / It must be tasty. 闻起来真香,一定很好吃。 Do you like that? 你喜欢吃吗? C: I like egg very much. / I like porridge a little. porridge 我很喜欢吃鸡蛋/我不是很喜欢稀饭。 T: Are you ready to eat your breakfast./ Are you ready for breakfast? 你们准备好吃早饭了吗? C: Yes, we are! 准备好了。
T: Help yourself! / Enjoy your breakfast. breakfast.请吃早饭。 C: Thank you. you.谢谢。 T: Do you want more porridge? 你想再要些稀饭.吗? C: Yes, please.. / No more thank you. please.. 好的,请再来些./不用了,谢谢. T: Is that enough for you? 这些够了吗? C: Yes. It’s enough. Thank you. 够了,谢谢你. T: Be careful, the porridge is hot. hot.小心点,稀饭很烫. C: OK. I will be careful. 好的,我会小心的. T: Have you eaten enough? 吃饱了吗? C: Yes. I am full. 是的,饱了. T: If you want more, please come to the front. / Raise your hands. 如果你想再要 点,请到前面来/请举手. C: Mr. Zhang/ Ms Wang I need more porridge. 张先生/王小姐,我想再要点稀饭。 T: OK, come here, please. 好的,请过来. C: I’d like one more steamed bun. 我再要一个小馒头. T: Here you are. 给你. C: thank you. 谢谢你. C: May I have some more porridge please? 我可以再喝点稀饭吗? T: Yes, you may. Here you are. are.当然可以,给你.. T: How does it taste? 味道怎么样? C: It tastes good! I like it! 味道很好,我喜欢. / It’s delicious~/ Yummy!
真香. C: All gone, may I have some more? 我可以再多吃点吗? T: OK. Here you are. / . No you have had enough! 好的,给你./不行,你已经吃得太多了. T: Please be quiet when you have your breakfast. 吃早饭的时候请保持安静. T: Would your like some porridge, Jim? 你想喝点稀饭吗?吉姆? C: Yes, please. 好的. T: Please put your bowls and spoons in the pail / on the table. 请把碗和勺子放到桶里,/放在桌子上. T: Please go and wash your mouth. / Please go and rinse your mouth. 请去洗洗小 嘴./请去漱口 /Please go and wipe your mouth./please go and wash your hands. 请去擦擦小嘴./ 请去洗洗手。 C: I am finished! 我洗完了. NOTES: 午餐,晚餐参照早餐进行 午餐,晚餐参照早餐进行 WORDS/ WORDS/单词 面食: dumplings 水饺 steamed bun 馒头 butterfly roll 蝴蝶卷 porridge 粥 noodles 面条 pancake 烧饼 rice 米饭 fried rice with egg 蛋炒饭 蔬菜: tomato 西红柿 potato 马铃薯 carrot 红萝卜 onion 洋葱 cabbage 卷心菜 cucumber 黄瓜 sweet corn 玉米 Chinese mushroom 蘑菇 cauliflower 菜花 bread 面包
eggplant 茄子 celery 芹菜 cabbage 大白菜 bean 豆角
水果:lemon 柠檬 grape 葡萄 strawberry 草莓 mango 芒果
pineapple 菠萝 kiwi 猕猴桃 cherry 樱桃 date 枣子 coconut 椰子 watermelon 西瓜 其他: meat ball 肉丸子 fish 鱼 fried fish 炸鱼 chicken 鸡肉 meat 肉 egg 鸡蛋 sausage 香肠 3 Morning Exercise/???? Before the Morning Exercise/ 早操前 T: It’s time to do morning exercise. 到上早操的时间了. Let’s put on our coats. 请穿上外套吧. T: Time for morning exercises. 该做早操了. Everyone line up please. 小朋友们请站队. T: Please go and line up in the corridor. 请到走廊上站队. T: Please keep to the right. 请靠右走. right. T: Now follow me to the playground. 现在跟着我去操场吧. T: All of you please go out now 请小朋友全部到外面去. now. T: Please keep quiet! 请保持安静. T: Is everyone here now? 大家都到齐了吗? C: Yes. We are all here. / No. Jim is not here. 是的,我们都在这里./不,吉姆不在. T: Jim, hurry up. 快点,吉姆. C: I am coming. 我这就来. T: Are you ready? 准备好了吗? C: Yes, we are ready. 是的,我们准备好了. T: Let’s go! / Here we go! 走吧.
T: Please go and catch up with the rest. 请跟上队伍. T: Are you ready for morning exercise? 准备好做早操了吗? C: Yes, we are 准备好了. T: Please keep quiet and do not make any noise. keep 请保持安静不要出声. T: Please get into your position. 请找好自己的位置. T: Please stand in a straight line. 请站成一条直线. T: Do not move around. 不要乱动. T: Now everyone follow me please. 现在,请大家跟着我做. T: Everyone line up by the door please. 请到大家到门口站队. T: Attention, please. 立正. T: Let’s go downstairs. 我们下楼吧. One by one, and follow me. 一个接一个,跟着我走. T: Be careful! 小心点. C: I’ll be careful. 我会小心的. T: No pushing! 不要推挤. T: This way, please. 请这边走.
T: Please look in front! 向前看. T: Please move up / back a little. 请往前/后挪一下. T: Please move a little to the left / right.
请往左/右挪一下. T: Please don’t look around. 不要到处张望. T: Please don’t move around. Stay where you are. 请站在原地,不要到处走动。 T: Stand still. 站好.
幼儿园英语: 幼儿园英语:教师在园
I. Reception 入园接待
  1. Hi! / Hello! 你好!
  2. Good morning. 早上好。
  3. Hello, nice to meet you. / Nice to see you. 你好,见到你真高兴。
  4. How are you? I am fine, thank you. 你好吗?我很好,谢谢。
  5. Please say bye-bye to your mummy / daddy. 请和妈妈/爸爸说再见。
  6. Come in, please. 请进。
  7. Come on. / come here, please. 请过来。
  8. Take off your coat. 脱掉外套。
  9. Please put on your morning check- card. 请把晨检牌带好。 II. Group Activity 集体活动
  1. Are you ready? 准备好了吗?
  2. Let’s start. 让我们开始。
  3. Who can tell me? / Who can answer me? 谁能告诉我?谁能回答?
  4. Look at me. 看着我。
  5. Look at the blackboard. 看黑板。
  6. Be quite. / Keep quite. 保持安静。
  7. Sit well. / Sit nicely. 坐好。

  8. Put up your hand. / Put down your hand. 把手举起来 / 把手放下。
  9. Stop talking. 别说话。
  10. Is that clear? / Do you understand? 清楚了么?你明白吗?
  11. Read with me. 和我一起读。
  12. Return to your seat. 回座位。
  13. Stand up. / Sit down. 起立 / 坐下。
  14. Listen carefully. 仔细听。
  15. Listen to me. / Listen to the music. 听我说 / 听音乐。
  16. Say it in English. 用英语说。
  17. Do you know? 你知道吗?
  18. Let’s play a game. 让我们来做游戏。
  19. Let’s write / draw something. 让我们来写点什



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