一、课堂用语: a. 开始上课: Time for class. 上课时间到了。 Shall we start? 我们可以开始了吗? Now, class begins. 开始上课。 Are you ready? 你准备好了吗? Let's start/begin. 我们开始吧。 b. 点名时间: How many children are there? 到了多少孩子? Let's count! 我们来数一下! Is everyone here? 每个人都在吗? Is XX here? Here! 到! Not here! 不在! Sorry! I'm late! 对不起,我迟到了。 Come in please! 请进来! c. 课堂活动用语: Look at me and listen to me. 看着我,听我说 Stand up, sit down. 起立,坐下。 Follow me, please. 请跟我来。 Come with me! 跟我来! Read after me. 和我一起读。 What did you hear? 你听到什么了? Can you hear me? 你能听到我说话吗? Let's say it together. 让我们一起说。 Is that clear? 清楚了吗? Understand? 明白了吗? Do you know it? 你知道吗? I don't know. 我不知道。 Open your book, please. 请翻开书。 XX 在吗?
Tune to page ~~~翻开第~~页。 Look at picture ~~~看第~~幅图。 Which one do you like? 你喜欢哪一个? Which one do you want? 你想要哪个? Are you sure? 你确定吗? Let's watch TV and look carefully. 我们一起来看电视,仔细看。 What did you see? 你看到什么了? How do you know it? 你怎么知道的? Let's play a game. 让我们来做游戏。 Read it and touch the card. 读一遍并且拍一下卡片。 Let's write / draw something. 让我们来写点什么 / 画点什么。 Let's dance/ sing together. 让我们一起来跳舞/唱歌。 Let's listen to a story. 让我们听个故事。 Let's listen to the tape. 让我们听磁带。 Let's watch a play. 让我们看表演。 Who wanna(=wants to) try? 谁想来试试? Let me try! 123 go! 让我来! 1 2 3 开始!
Who's turn? 该论到谁了? It's my turn! 到我了。 Take turns! 轮流来! One by one! 一个一个来! Any volunteers? 谁还想来? Anyone else? 还有谁想参加? One more time! 再来一次! Be careful! Watch out! 小心!当心! Are you finished? 做好了吗? Who's the first one? 谁是第一个完成的? Who's the winner? 谁胜利了? is the first one/winner! 第一个完成的/赢了! Paper scissors stone! 布、剪刀、石头! Stop here! 就到这吧!
d. 课堂规则用语: Behave yourself! 表现好一点! Be good! 表现好一些! Don't look back! 别回头看! Turn right/left/back! 向右/左/后转! Turn around! 转个圈! Sit well, please! 请坐好。 Sit up, please! 请坐直。 Back to your seat. 请回座位。 Stop talking! 别说话。 Please don't talk! 请不要讲话! Open your eyes/mouth. 张开眼睛/嘴巴. Close your eyes/mouth. 闭上眼睛/嘴巴, Attention.! 注意。 Be quite. / Keep quite/Silence, please! 保持安静。 Stop! 停! Freeze! 不许动 Put your hands on your knees. 把手放在膝盖上。 e. 表扬用语: Good idea! 好主意! Not bad! 不错。
You are right. 你是正确 Nice try! 不错的尝试! You are so clever! 你真聪明! Good job! 真棒! Very good! 非常好! Pretty good! 很好! Nice going! Nice job! Well done! 做的不错! Fabulous! Fantastic! Terrific! Excellent! Wonderful! Marvelous! Great! 太棒了! You're the best! You're great! You're amazing! 你是最棒的! We're so proud of you! 我们真为你感到骄傲!
So beautiful! 真漂亮! How lovely! . 鼓励用语: Don't be afraid! Try it! 别害怕!试一试! Don't be shy, just try! 别害羞,试一试! Keep trying, you can do it! 再试试,你肯定行! Believe yourself, you can make it! 相信自己,你能行! Let's give yourselves/him/her a big hand! 让我们鼓励一下自己/他/她! Cheer up! Let's try again! 振作起来!我们再试试! You'll make it! 你一定行! You're making progress! 你有进步! Don't let me down! 别让我失望! Take it easy! 慢慢来! Come on! 加油! g. 结束课程: Time is up! Class is over. 时间到了,课结束了。 We stop here! 今天就到这儿吧! That's all for today! 今天就到这儿吧! See you tomorrow! 明天见! Goodbye everyone! 再见! 二、一日用语:
  1.入园接待 Hi! / Hello! 你好! Good morning. 早上好。 Nice to meet you!\Nice to see you! 很高兴见到你。 Give me a hug! 拥抱一下! How are you? 你好吗? I'm fine. Thank you. 我很好,谢谢。 Come in, please. 请进。 Come on. / come here, please. 请过来。 太可爱了!
Take off your coat. 脱掉外套。 Say bye-bye to your mummy / daddy. 请和妈妈/爸爸说再见。 Put on your morning check- card, please! 请把晨检牌带好。
  2. 户外活动 At ease/Attention! 稍息/立正! Stand in a line. 站成一条队。 Stand still. 站直了。 It's time for morning exercises. 早操时间到了。 Let's go out / outside. 让我们到室外去。 Let's go downstairs. 让我们到楼下去。 Let's play on the ground. 让我们去操场上玩。 Line up. 排队。 Let's form two lines. 分两组。 At ease! / Attention. 稍息 / 立正
Eyes front / Hands down. 向前看 / 手放下 Let's go. 让我们走。! Count off. 报数。
Hurry up. 快点。 One by one. 一个接着一个。 Be slowly, take easy. 慢点,别着急。 Hand in hand. 手拉手。 Make a circle. 围一个圈。 Fall in/ Fall out. 集合/ 解散。 Are you tired? / Let's have a rest/break. 你累了吗?/ 让我们休息一下。 Let's go back to the classroom. 让我们回教室。 Don't push other people / children. 别推别人。 / 别推别的小朋友。 No fighting/shouting/pushing! 不要打架/不要大声喊/不要互相推。 Stop fighting/shouting/pushing.
  3. 午饭时间 It's time for lunch. 午饭时间到了。 Lunch time now. 午饭时间。 不要再打架/大声喊/互相推。
Use soap to wash your hands. 用香皂洗手。 Dry your hands with your towel. 用毛巾把手擦干。 Turn the tap off, when you have down. 洗完手后,把水龙头关了。 Show me your hands, are they clean / dirty? 让我看看你的手干净了吗? / 脏吗? Set the table! 把桌子摆好。 Are you thirsty? / Are you hungry? 你渴吗?/ 你饿吗? Please take your cup. 请拿你的杯子。 Have some water. 喝点水。 Don't spill your foods on the table. 别把你的食物洒在桌子上。 Please finish it. 把它吃完。 Would you like some more? 你想再来点吗? Have some more. 再多吃一点
Are you full? 饱了吗? Wipe your mouth. 擦嘴。 Is it delicious? 它好吃吗?

  4.午休时间 Bed time. 午睡时间到了。 Take off your clothes / coat / trousers / shoes. 脱衣服 / 外套 / 裤子 / 鞋。 Fold up your clothes / coat / trousers /shoes. 叠好衣服 / 外套 / 裤子,放好鞋。 Go to sleep. 睡觉。 Close your eyes. 闭眼 Cover yourself up. 盖好被子。 Put hands into the quilt. 把手放进被子里。 Wake up / Get up. 快醒来!/ 起床了。 Put on your clothes. 穿衣服。 Dress yourself. 自己穿衣服
Fold up your quilt. 叠被子。 Button your coat. 扣扣子。 Tie your shoes. 系上鞋带。 Tuck your shirt into your pants. 把衣服掖进裤子里。
Wash your face. 洗洗脸。 Brush your teeth. 刷刷牙。 Comb your hair. 梳头。
  5.告别时间 Blow a kiss! 来个飞吻吧! Say bye-bye to teachers. 老师再见。 Good-bye everybody. 大家再见。 See you again. 再见。 See you tomorrow. 明天见。 See you next week. 下周见。 Have a good weekend! 周末快乐! Have a good holiday! 三、基本生活用语
  1. 礼貌用语 a.感谢用语: Thank you! 谢谢! Thanks a lot! 多谢! Thank you so much! 太感谢了! I really appreciate it! 真是太感谢了! You're really helpful! 太感谢你的帮助了! Thank you for your help! 谢谢你的帮助! It's very kind of you! 你真太好了。 I really don't know how to express my gratitude. 我真不知该怎样表达我的感激之 情。 You're welcome! 不客气。 That's all right. 没什么。 Don't mention it. 不用客气。 My pleasure/It's my please. 这是我的荣幸。 b. 致歉用语: Sorry! I'm sorry! 很抱歉! 假期愉快!
I feel terribly sorry. 我实在太抱歉了。 Would you forgive me? 你能原谅我吗? Never mind. 没关系。 It's ok! 没什么。 Forget about it. 不要放在心上。 Excuse me! 打扰一下!
Sorry to interrupt you. 很抱歉打扰你! Pardon? 请再说一遍! I beg your pardon? 请再重复一遍!
  2、表达愿望: I want to be a teacher. 我想要成为一名教师。 I wish I could fly up to the sky. 我愿我能飞上蓝天。 I hope that I could play piano. 我希望我会弹钢琴。
  3、表达喜好: I love you! 我爱你! I like you! 我喜欢你!
I miss you! 我想你! I love it! 我非常喜欢这个。 I like it! 我喜欢这个。
I don't like it. 我不喜欢这个。 I hate it. 我讨厌这个。 I can't bear it! 我不能忍受了! I can't stand it! 我受不了了! I've had it! 我受够了! It's boring! 太乏味了! It's terrible! 太糟糕了!
  4、提问用语: a. What's your name? 你叫什么名字? My name is . 我叫 b. How old are you? 。 你几岁了?
I'm four/five/six years old. 我四/五/六岁了。 c. What color is it? 这是什么颜色?
It's yellow/white/red. 这是黄/白/红色。 d. How many children are there? 有多少孩子? There are 12/13/14 children. 有 12/13/14 个孩子。 e. What is it? 这是什么? It's an apple/a pear/a banana. 这是苹果/梨子/香蕉。 f. Is it an apple/a pear/a banana?那是苹果/梨子/香蕉吗? Yes, it is. 是的,那是苹果/梨子/香蕉。 No, it isn't! 不,那不是的。 g. What are these? 这些是什么? They are monkeys/ants. 他们是猴子/蚂蚁。 h. Are these monkeys/ants? 那些是猴子/蚂蚁吗? Yes, they are! 是的,他们是猴子/蚂蚁。 No, they aren't. 不,那不是的。 i. Where is the book? 书放在哪了? It's in/on/under/behind the . 在…里面/上面/下面/后面. j. Are you hungry? 你饿了吗? Yes, I'm. 我饿了。 k. Are you thirsty? 你渴了吗? Yes, I'm. 我渴了。 l. What kind of fruit do you want? 你想要什么水果? I want a banana. 我想要一个香蕉。 m. What do you want to do? 你想做什么? I want to go swimming. 我想去游泳。 n. What are you doing? 你在做什么? I'm singing. 我在唱歌。 o. Do you like dancing? 你喜欢跳舞吗? Yes, I do. 我喜欢。
p. Can you dance? Yes, I can. q. What time is it? 几点了?
It's o'clock.
r. Are you happy/angry/sad? 你开心/生气/难过吗? Yes, I'm. No, I'm not. 是的,我很…… 不,我很…… s. Are you hot/cold? 你冷吗? t. How's the weather? 天气怎么样? What's the weather like today? 今天天气怎样?
It's sunny/rainy/cloudy/windy/foggy/snowy. 今天是晴天/雨天/阴天/刮风/有雾/有雪。 u. What day is today? 今天星期几? Today is Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. 今天是星期一/二/三/四/五/六/日。 v. What's the date today? 今天几号? It's January/February/March/April/May/June/July/August/ September/October/November/December 1st. 今天是一/二/三/四/五/六/七/八/九/十/十一/十二月一日。

  5、询问原因及提供帮助: What's the matter with you! 怎么了? What's wrong/up? 你怎么了? What happened? 发生什么事了? Let's have a check. 我们检查一下吧。 It's nothing! 没什么。 I don't feel very well. 我不舒服。
I feel terrible. 我感觉太糟了。 I feel sick. 我感觉很恶心。 I have a cold. 我感冒了。 I have a cough. 我咳嗽。 I have a headache. 我头痛。 I have a toothache. 我牙痛。 I have a stomachache. 我肚子痛。 Is there anything I can do for you? 要我帮忙吗? Do you need any help? 需要帮忙吗? May/Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?
How's your feeling? 你感觉如何? Could you do me a favor? 你能帮帮我吗? I need your help. 我需要你的帮助。 Help me! 请帮帮我!



   幼儿园教师常用英语口语 I. Reception 入园接待 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Hi! / Hello! 你好! Good morning. 早上好。 Hello, nice to meet you. / Nice to see you. 你好,见到你真高兴。 How are you? I am fine, thank you. 你好吗?我很好,谢谢。 Please say bye-bye to your mummy / daddy. 请和妈妈/爸爸说再见。 ...


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