育 才 小 学 六 年 级 英 语 测 试 题 二 (5B)
一、 根据汉语写单词 (12’) )

  1. 英语
  2. 获得
  3. 叔叔
  4. 时间
  5. 准备
  6. 访问
  7. 星期四
  8. 邮票
  9. 抓住
  10. 腿

  11. 周末
  12. 英格兰
选出不同类单词或短 或短语 10’ 二、 选出不同类单词或短语(10’ )
( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. cold )
  2. A. toothache )
  3.A.take photos )
  4.A.earache ) 5 .A run fast B. backache B. photo B.headache B.make clothes B jump high C. fever C. cough C.grow flowers C.take photos C speak loudly D. flower D. stomach ache D.collect stamps D.make model ships D Australian
英汉互译(22’ 三、 英汉互译(22’ )

  1. 谈论
  3. 告诉我
  5. 跑得快
  7. 说汉语
  9. 星期一早晨 __ __ _

  12. Nice to meet you
  14. make model ships
  16. surf the Internet
  18.turn left and right

  13.see a doctor

  15.take some medicine
  17. let’s hurry __

  19. School is over
  21.the English Club

  20.do some exercise
  22.my classmate
选择(24’ 四、 选择(24’ )
  1.We have eightthis term. A. subjects ( B. lessons C. classes D.studies
  2. I go to school Monday Friday. A. help…with B. play, with C. from…to D. on,on
  3. do you feel now? A. What time B. What C. How D. How about
  4. I going shopping. Helen making clothes. A. like, like B. likes, likes C. like ,likes D. likes ,like
  5. Does your uncle have ? A.same hobby C.same hobbies B.the hobby D.the same hobby
  6.He wants play table tennis Wang Bing. A .to, play B. on, with C. in, with D. to, with
  7. Does he play? A. good B. nice
Yes, he does. C. beautiful D. well
  8. Jump up and down. A .times B. ten time C. ten times D. ten
  9. Mike goesschoolseventhe morning. A. at, to, in ( B. up, to, on C. to, at, in D. to, in ,in
  10. Do you surf the Internet at the weekend? No, I usually go. A. ski B. skiing C. to skiing D. to ski
  11. Who on duty today? A. am B. are C. is D. it
  12. I learn English from. He learn Chinese from. A. he, I B. him, I C. he, me D. him, me
12’ 五、 匹配题 (12’ )
( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. What does Mrs. Brown want? )
  2. What subject do you like?. )
  3. Are you taking any medicine? )
  4. Can you make model ships? )
  5. Does Helen go to school on Sunday? )
  6. What’s wrong with you? A. Yes ,she does. B. She wants to go shopping. C. I’ve got a headache. D. No, I can’t. E. I like English. F. Yes, I am.
10’ 六、 选词填空 (10’ )
usually swims get wants for calls lives in collecting stamps a lot of rest

  1. Su Yang her after lunch.
  2. I can some fruit you.
  3. Take some medicine and have.
  4. Ben’s hobby is .
  5. He to play table tennis with Wang Bing.
  6. He a small town near London.
  8. He well. He plays the violin.
阅读理解(10 七、 阅读理解(10 分)
This is my family photo. My name is Ben. My family have different hobbies. My father is a doctor. He likes reading newspapers very much. My mother is an engineer. She likes learning English. Sometimes I am her English teacher. My little sister is five years old. She likes collecting toys. She has two Teddy Bears(泰迪熊) and three Kitty Cats. I likes playing football. I often (经常)play it with my friends after school. ( )
  1. How many people are there in Ben’s family? A. Four ( B. Five C. Three
  2.What does Ben’s father like? A. He likes learning English. B. He likes reading newspapers C. He likes playing football.
  3.What’s Ben’s mother’s job? A. An English teacher B. An engineer C.A doctor.
  4.Does Ben like playing basketball? A. No, he doesn’t. B. Yes , he is. C. Yes, he does.
  5.What does Ben’s sister have? A. She has three Teddy Bears(泰迪熊). B. She has three Teddy Bears(泰迪熊)and two Kitty Cats. C. She has two Teddy Bears(泰迪熊)and three Kitty Cats.


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