Welcome to our class
Class Two Grade Two
What can you see in the picture? I can see an apple.
What can you see in the picture? I can see some pears.
What can you see beside the house? I can see three trees.
What can you see in the tree? I can see two birds.
Can you see a dog in the picture? Yes, I can.
Can you see a girl beside the dog? No, I can’t.
How many clocks can you see in the picture? I can see only one clock.
How many bananas can you see in the picture? I can see three bananas.
How many chairs can you see in the picture? I can see four chairs .
the sun
the earth
the moon
boat by boat
小船 乘小船
ship 轮船 by ship 乘轮船
taxi by taxi
出租汽车 乘出租汽车
by car 乘汽车
by bus 乘公共汽车
train by train
火车 乘火车
plane by plane /by air
飞机 乘飞机
在天空中 横跨在河上 在桥上 在桥下 在河上 在河附近
→ in the sky → over the river → on the bridge under the bridge → → on the river → near the river
What can you see in the sky/ on the bridge/…?
How many…are there in the sky/over the river/…?
Use the following sentence patterns to describe the picture.
I can see … in the sky/over the river/… There is/are …the sky/over the river/…
Fill in the blanks with a, an or the.
  1. We can see the sun in the daytime, and we can see the moon at night.
  2. His father is an English teacher. He works in a middle school in Guangzhou.
  3.A: Can you see a/the picture of the bridge? B: Yes. It’s a picture of a bridge.

  4. Mr Brown wants to buy a house. He wants to buy an old house, not a new one.
  5. He has two children, a son and a daughter. Theson is a soldier. The daughter is a doctor.
Translate these sentences into English.
  1.图画里有几只鸟? How many birds are there in the picture?
  2.大桥上有几辆公共汽车? How many buses are there on the bridge?
  3.天空中有几架飞机? How many planes are there in the sky?
  4.墙上有几幅画? How many pictures are there on the wall?
  5.轮船上有几个人? How many people are there on the ship?
Listening practice. Listen to the passage then fill in the blanks with the correct words.

  1. John’s father is a teacher . He teaches English .
  2. His mother works at home . She makes clothes .
  3. Wei Lei’s father works in a factory . He makes machines .
  4. His mother is a teacher . She teaches Chinese .
Thank you & good bye!


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