CHAPTER 1 Warming up
The Great Wall
Mengjiangnv Long history Defense works
Symbol(象征 of China 象征) 象征
The Pyramids in Egypt
Symbol of power Eternity(永恒 永恒) 永恒
The Stonehenge in England
A bird-view of the Stonehenge
Mystery(神秘 神秘) 神秘 Superstition(迷信 迷信) 迷信
What do they have in common?
? They all have a long history. ? They remain mysteries to us. ? They are left by our ancestors(祖先) and now ancestors(祖先)
belong to all of us. ? They are attractive places.
Listening for the main idea
Listen to the passage and try to tell whether the statements(1? statements(1?
  5) are true or false.

  1.The first site is called the Summer Palace. F
  2.The first site is important because it tells us about what buildings people had in the T past.
  3.People can go inside the house to see it clearly. F
  4.The second site is a temple, and many T poems have been written about it.
  5.One of the biggest in the area of Mt Lushan is the Blue Waterfall. T
CHAPTER 3 Listening for details
Listen to the passage again and try to tell which picture is in the right order.
CHAPTER 3 Listening for details
Listen to the tape once again and try to complete the following chart.
Name of the site Winter palace
Why is it What is being done important? to protect it? It tells us about how people lived in the past.
  1.Vistors are not allowed to go into the house.
  2.Visitors can go to a small museum.
Name of the site
Why is it important?
What is being done to protect it?

  1.Important part of our history.
  2.Many important things happened The here. Sunshine
  3.Many poems Temple have been written about it.

  1.To build a wall.
  2.To move some of the things.
Name of the site
Why is it important ?
What is being done to protect it ?
  1.To limit the number of cars.
  2. Try to use more buses.
Mt Lushan
It is an important part of China’s history and many important people have been here
This is a piece of news about the cultural relics. Suppose you are going to be interviewed by Chongqing TV station ,what would you do to protect it . ? (Xinhua News Agency. Chongqing) Chongqing) The Dazu carving stones now is facing its difficulty. ?
  1.The color is fading(褪色). fading(褪色 褪色).
  2.The statue is being destroyed by the villagers nearby. ?
  3.The road is being expanded to meet more visitors which will cause more air pollution. ? How do we protect our cultural relics, we need your suggestions.
? In 1987,a space capsule was sent into space to
connect with the outer space creatures by UNESCO(联合国教科文组织 UNESCO(联合国教科文组织), and there was one 联合国教科文组织), Chinese song in it, what was it? A 十面埋伏 B 梁祝 C 高山流水
? Now, the capsule doesn’t work now, so doesn’
your task is to send a new one into space to make other creatures understand China, this time you can select 5 things that represent Chinese culture, but you culture, can not put any living things in it, the capsule is 2*2*2 meters. meters.
Make a dialog with the following information
Asking for suggestions Making suggestions
What do you suggest?
Why don’t don’ you select …
I’d like to choose…
How about… about… Why not… not…
Shall we put in …
What do you think if we put in… in…
Maybe we could Let’ Let’s put put in…,because… in… in…,because… in…
? 毛笔 Writing brush 旗袍 Mandarin gown/Qipao ? 京剧 Peking opera 筷子 Chopsticks ? 四大发明(The 四大发明(The four great inventions) ? Compass, papermaking, powder, printing
山水画 water painting
CHAPTER 6 Review
The Great Wall, the Stonehenge, the pyramids in Egypt . Protect cultural relics. Limit, pollution. Select, choose, represent. What do you suggest?
TASK 1: Co-operate with your group 1: Coand collect more information about the cultural relics in Chongqing, and give a report.
TASK 2: Surf the internet to collect
more information to find out how other countries protect their cultural relics. Websites recommended:



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