《时代》杂志评出的100部最佳英语小说(含下载) 2008-11-02 09:55 | (分类:默认分类)
评选人是《时代》评论家Lev Grossman和Richard Lacayo,评选时限为1923年(《时代杂志》创刊的年份)至今,范围是全世界,语种是英语。100部小说名单如下(依篇名字母排序):

The Adventures of Augie Marchby Saul Bellow 下载pdf
All the King’s Menby Robert Penn Warren
American Pastoral[美国牧歌]by Philip Roth 下载doc
An American Tragedy[美国悲剧]by Theodore Dreiser 下载pdf
Animal Farm[动物农庄]by George Orwell 下载pdf
Appointment in Samarraby John O’Hara
Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaretby Judy Blume
The Assistantby Bernard Malamud
At Swim-Two-Birdsby Flann O’Brien
Atonementby Ian McEwan
Beloved[宠儿]by Toni Morrison 下载doc,pdf
The Berlin Storiesby Christopher Isherwood
The Big Sleep[夜长梦多]by Raymond Chandler 下载pdf
The Blind Assassin[盲人杀手]by Margaret Atwood 下载pdf
Blood Meridian[血色子午线]by Cormac McCarthy 下载pdf
Brideshead Revisitedby Evelyn Waugh
TheBridgeofSan LuisReybyThorntonWilder
Call It Sleepby Henry Roth
Catch-22[第二十二条军规]by Joseph Heller 下载doc
The Catcher in the Rye[麦田里的守望者]by J.D. Salinger 下载Ebook
A Clockwork Orange[发条橙子]by Anthony Burgess 下载pdf
The Confessions of Nat Turnerby William Styron
The Correctionsby Jonathan Franzen
The Crying of Lot 49[拍卖第49号]by Thomas Pynchon下载pdf
A Dance to the Music of Timeby Anthony Powell
The Day of the Locustby Nathanael West
Death Comes for the Archbishop[大主教之死]by Willa Cather 下载doc
A Death in the Familyby James Agee
The Death of the Heartby Elizabeth Bowen
Deliveranceby James Dickey
Dog Soldiersby Robert Stone
Falconerby John Cheever
The French Lieutenant’s Womanby John Fowles在线阅读
The Golden Notebookby Doris Lessig
Go Tell it on the Mountainby James Baldwin
Gone With the Wind[飘]by Margaret Mitchell 下载pdf
The Grapes of Wrath[愤怒的葡萄]by John Steinbeck 下载pdf
Gravity’s Rainbowby Thomas Pynchon下载pdf
The Great Gatsby[了不起的盖茨比]by F. Scott Fitzgerald 下载pdf
A Handful of Dust[一掬尘土]by Evelyn Waugh 下载pdf
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter[心是孤独的猎手]by Carson McCullers 下载pdf
The Heart of the Matter[事情的核心/问题的核心]by Graham Greene 下载pdf
Herzogby Saul Bellow
Housekeeping[管家]by Marilynne Robinson 下载pdf
A House for Mr. Biswas[毕斯瓦思先生之屋]by V.S. Naipaul 下载pdf
I, Claudiusby Robert Graves
Infinite Jestby David Foster Wallace
Invisible Man[隐形人]by Ralph Ellison 下载pdf
Light in August[八月之光]by William Faulkner 下载Ebook
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe[女巫狮子和魔衣橱]by C.S. Lewis 下载Ebook
Lolita[洛丽塔]by Vladimir Naboko 下载pdf
Lord of the Flies[蝇王]by William Golding 下载Ebook
The Lord of the Ringsby J.R.R. Tolkein
Silmarillion下载Hobbit下载 Fellowship下载 TwoTowers下载 King下载 相关资料
Lovingby Henry Green
Lucky Jim[幸运的吉姆]by Kingsley Amis下载pdf
The Man Who Loved Childrenby Christina Stead
Midnight's Childrenby Salman Rushdie
Moneyby Martin Amis
The Moviegoerby Walker Percy
Mrs. Dalloway[达罗薇夫人]by Virginia Woolf 下载pdf
Naked Lunch[裸体午餐]by William Burroughs 下载pdf
Native Sonby Richard Wright
Neuromancer[神经漫游者]by William Gibson 下载pdf
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回复 2008-11-02 09:56 Never Let Me Go[别让我走]by Kazuo Ishiguro 下载Ebook
1984[一九八四]by George Orwell 下载pdf
On the Road[在路上]by Jack Kerouac 下载pdf
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest[飞越疯人院]by Ken Kesey 下载pdf
The Painted Birdby Jerzy Kosinski
Pale Fire[幽冥的火]by Vladimir Nabokov 下载pdf
A Passage to India[印度之行]by E.M. Forster 下载pdf
Play It As It Laysby Joan Didion
Portnoy's Complaintby Philip Roth
Posessionby A.S. Byatt
The Power and the Glory[权力与荣耀]by Graham Greene 下载pdf
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodieby Muriel Spark
Rabbit, Run[兔子,跑吧]by John Updike 下载pdf
Ragtimeby E.L. Doctorow
The Recognitionsby William Gaddis
Red Harvest[红色收获]by Dashiell Hammett 下载lit
Revolutionary Roadby Richard Yates
The Sheltering Skyby Paul Bowles
Slaughterhouse-Five[第五号屠场]by Kurt Vonnegut 下载pdf
Snow Crash[雪崩]by Neal Stephenson 下载pdf
The Sot-Weed Factorby John Barth
The Sound and the Fury[喧哗与骚动]by William Faulkner 下载pdf
The Sportswriterby Richard Ford
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold[柏林谍影] by John LeCarre 下载Ebook
The Sun Also Rises[太阳照样升起]by Ernest Hemingway 下载PDF
Their Eyes Were Watching Godby Zora Neale Hurston
Things Fall Apart[瓦解/生命中不可承受之重]by Chinua Achebe下载pdf
To Kill a Mockingbird[杀死一只知更鸟]by Harper Lee 下载txt
To the Lighthouse[到灯塔去]by Virginia Woolf 下载pdf
Tropic of Cancer[北回归线]by Henry Miller 下载doc 在线阅读
Ubikby Philip K. Dick 下载html
Under the Netby Iris Murdoch
Under the Volcanoby Malcolm Lowrey
Watchmenby Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
White Noise[白噪音]by Don DeLillo 下载pdf
White Teeth[白色的牙齿]by Zadie Smith 下载pdf



   《时代》杂志评出的100部最佳英语小说(含下载) 2008-11-02 09:55 | (分类:默认分类) 评选人是《时代》评论家Lev Grossman和Richard Lacayo,评选时限为1923年(《时代杂志》创刊的年份)至今,范围是全世界,语种是英语。100部小说名单如下(依篇名字母排序): The Adventures of Augie Marchby Saul Bellow 下载pdf All the King’s Menby Robert Penn Warren Ameri ...


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   《时代》杂志评出的 100 部最佳英语小说(含下载) 来源: 奋斗 Keykey 的日志 时代》 部最佳英语小说(含下载) 嗯。。我都下过的。这边的情况是教育网加迅雷。所以一般大学里都能下吧。。。 评选人是 《时代》 评论家 Lev Grossman 和 Richard Lacayo, 评选时限为 1923 年 《时 ( 代杂志》创刊的年份)至今,范围是全世界,语种是英语。100 部小说名单如下(依篇名字 母排序): The Adventures of Augie Marchby Saul ...


   《时代》杂志评出的 100 部最佳英语小说 更新日期:2010-01-21 09:18:55 所属分类/专题:双语阅读 双语阅读 评选人是《时代》评论家 Lev Grossman 和 Richard Lacayo,评选时限为 1923 年(《时 代杂志》创刊的年份)至今,范围是全世界,语种是英语.100 部小说名单如下(依篇名 字母排序): PS:最近新增 Brideshead Revisited [旧地重游] A Death in the Family I, Claudius[我,克劳迪斯 ...


   ★北京大学★英语系学生专用口语学习机:更适合出国工作旅游学习使用。 官方网站:http://beida.yeryy.com/ 传说中的 100 句英语可以帮你背 7000 单词 1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or prong horn. 1.美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 2. Of the millions who saw Haley’s com ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 妙语速记 3000 英文单词 近形编句速记法速成 3000 常用英语单词 (缩略精华版) 刘伊翰编著 (购买办法:新华发行集团各大书店有售,定价 12 元/本;羊城晚报出版社或作者均可 邮购,加 15%邮费) 言 中国加入 wto 了!英语作为人们谋生发展的工具越发显得重要起来, 甚至有人把文盲的范 畴扩大到不懂外语的人,很多人都希望精通英语以为自己的生存和发展创造优势,然而,缺 乏充足的时间和精力,缺少真正高效实用 ...


   My father did well in his business and I went to a good school. He wanted me to get a good job and live a quiet,comfortable life. But I didn't want that. I wanted adventure and an exciting life. ‘I want to be a sailor and go to sea, I told my mothe ...


   英语小说 The Way of the WorldWhatever value may be wanting to this play while yet it is mine, will be sufficiently made up to it when it is once become your lordship's; and it is my security, that I cannot have overrated it more by my dedication than yo ...


   《英语小说选读》电子备课本摘要 Introduction I. Why do we have such course? English literature is one of the compulsory and most important courses. However, the English literature courses offered are merely taught at the level of learning general information and d ...


   http://www.uuuti.com/yingwenxiaoshuo/mulu/ 更更多英文小说 英语学习平台 [pg/etext91/alice29.txt]<br>ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND<br>Lewis Carroll<br>THE MILLENNIUM FULCRUM EDITION 2.9<br>CHAPTER I<br>Down the Rabbit-Hole<br> ...



   2009 年全国中考英语试题完形填空汇编 一、09 成都 A. Mr. Black and Mr. White were two famous artists in a city . They painted (绘画) many beautiful pictures and their pictures were very __46__ in the city . But they tried to see who could paint 47__. One day they asked a ...


   施工现场日常用语 800 句 第一部分 工作场所用语 一、问候和介绍 GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTIONS How do you do? 你好吗?(初次见面) How are you? 你好吗?(日常见面) Fine Thanks. 很好,谢谢。 I am very well, Thank you. 我很好,谢谢你。 Good morning Mr. Jack. 早安,贾克先生。 Good afternoon Miss Mary. 午安,玛利小姐。 Good evening ...

2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修8 Unit 3

   选修8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions 能力演练 一、语法填空 There once were a goat and a donkey(驴)that lived on a farm.The donkey worked the hardest, 1 the farmer fed it the most food.Sometimes the donkey was given more food 2 it could eat, 3 made the goat so ...


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