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Lesson One Part One: paragraph 1 paragraph 6
  1.Lash: v. to move quickly or violently 猛烈冲击、猛打 猛烈冲击、 (
  1) 暴风雨袭击了海岸的那片树林。 Rainstorm lashed the forest on the coast. (
  2) 冰雹无情地打下来。 Hail lashed down mercilessly. (
  3) The waves are lashing the shore. (
  4) A rising wind was lashing the rain against the window.
  2.pummel/ pommel: n.v. to beat or hit with repeated blows, esp. with the fist 用拳头连续敲 打 (
  1) The thief was pushed and pummeled by an angry crowd. (
  2) 他诱骗那人到角落狠狠揍了他 30 秒钟。 He trapped the man in a corner and pummeled him ferociously for thirty seconds.
  3. Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama
  4. California, Las Vegas
  5. consult: go to a person or book for information consult sb.: ask sb. for special information, advice consult with sb.: to exchange opinions of sb.
  6. Hurricane Betsy: a powerful Hurricane of the 1965 Atlantic Hurricane season which caused enormous damage in the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana.
  7. A good: at least, full (
  1) 我们足足等了三个小时. We waited for a good three hours. Bill had a good drink at the pub last night. (
  2) 昨晚 Bill 在酒馆里喝得烂醉.
  3) It is a good five hours to drive to the railway station. (
  4) His parents gave him a good beating.
  8. We can batten down and ride it out. A metaphor: compare the house in a hurricane to a ship fighting a storm at sea We can make the necessary preparations and survive the hurricane without much damage.
  9. Batten: to fasten with battens 用压条钉住(或固定) 用压条钉住(或固定)
  10. Ride it out: to stay afloat during a storm without much damage.
  11. Scud: (of clouds or ships) to move swiftly, glide or skim along easily 疾行、飞驰、掠过 疾行、飞驰、 (
  1) The ship scuds before the wind. (
  2) White clouds scudded across the sky.
  12. Vietnam (
  1) A country of southeast Asia (
  2) Capital: Hanoi (
  3) The largest city: Ho Chi Minh City (
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Population: 84,400,000 (
  5) the Red River (
  6) the Mekong River Delta
  13. Sit out: (
  1) It’s hot indoors. Let’s sit out in the garden. sit sth. out: a. to stay to the end of a performance b. take no part in (esp. a particular dance) (
  2) The play was boring, but we sat it out. (
  3) I think I will sit out the next dance. Part Two: paragraph 7 paragraph 27
  1. French door: two adjoining doors that have glass panes from top to bottom and they open in the middle
  2. Fling: to throw violently ;to throw away; (fig.) to do sth. with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. (
  1) She flung her shoe at the cat. (
  2) The youth got him by the front of his shirt and flung him to the ground. (
  3) How can you fling your wife away? (
  4) He has flung up studies. (
  5) She flung herself into her career.
  3. shove: push with quick, violent movement. 猛推 (
  1)人们推推搡搡挤向火车 。People were pushing and shoving toward the train. (
  2)警察把剧作家推上警车。Police shoved the playwright into a van. (
  3) The U.S. government shoved up the export prices yesterday. (
  4) Shove over, friend, and let me sit on the seat beside you.
  4. douse: plunge or thrust suddenly into liquid; drench; pour liquid over 把… 浸在液体里, 浸在液体里, 使浸透,拨液体在… 使浸透,拨液体在…上 (
  1) She likes to douse the fruit in cold water . (
  2) She doused herself with perfume. (
  3) Douse your cigarettes. There is gas in the cellar. (
  4) 他们把汽油浇在一辆汽车上,然后点火焚烧。 They had doused a car with gasoline and then set it on fire.
  5. shudder: vi. n. shake or tremble suddenly and violently, as in orror or extreme disgust (
  1) He shuddered at the memory. (
  2) I shudder to think of the consequences. (
  3) She gave a great shudder of pleasure from time to time.
  6. Inch: n. vt. vi.?move very slowly, carefully, or with difficulty ? (
  1) 她看着他一步步登上楼梯。She watched him inch his way up the stairs. (
  2) 救护车爬行般驶向机场。The ambulance inched to the airport. (
  3) Production of steel and crude oil inched upward. 大家网,大家的! http://www.topsage.com
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  4) He inched the gloves on. (
  5) The river was rising by inches. (
  6) The car missed him by inches. (
  7) He looked every inch the young professor. (
  8) Give him an inch (a mile) and he will take an ell (a yard).
  7. skim: to move lightly over a surface, not touching; to throw so as to cause to bounce swiftly and lightly 扔出石块等使掠过(或擦过) 在…上掠过 扔出石块等使掠过(或擦过) ;在 ; (
  1) 那孩子扔出一块扁石削过湖面.The child skimmed the flat stone across a lake. (
  2) A jetliner appeared to skim buildings in the city. (
  3) A seagull skimmed the breakers. (
  4) He just skimmed the headlines.
  8. maroon: to leave abandoned, isolated, or helpless 使处于孤立无援的境地 (
  1) He was marooned by mutineers with only a week’s supply of food. (
  2) Five fishermen were marooned on a rock in a gale. (
  3) I am temporarily marooned at home by my injured knee.
  9. swath: the space or width covered with one cut of a scythe or other mowing device 一刈的 面积; 刈幅; 面积 刈幅 狭长的条或地带 (
  1) A broad swath of sunlight cut the room in half. (
  2) a swath of grassland cut a (wide) swath: (
  1) He was determined to cut a wide swath with the girls. (
  2) The storm cut a wide swath through the town.
  10. snap: a. to (cause to) break with a sudden, sharp crack (
  1) Every minute or so I could hear a snap, a crack and a crash as another tree went down. (
  2) The branch snapped under the weight of the snow. (
  3) 我用力拉鞋带,鞋带啪的绷断了。 The lace snapped when I pulled hard at it. b. to move so as to cause a sharp sound like sth. suddenly breaking (
  1) The door snapped shut behind us. (
  2) The dry wood snapped and cracked as it burned. (
  3) If I hit upon the right name, her fingers snapped. c. to speak or say quickly, usu. in an annoyed way (
  1) He is always snapping at his child. d. to photograph (
  1) Cameramen snapped celebrities while TV men interviewed them.
  11. huddle: to (cause to) crowd together, in a group or in a pile (
  1) Passengers huddled at the entrance gate. 更多精品在大家! http://www.TopSage.com
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  2) They like to huddle around the blazing fires when it was bitterly cold in the house. (
  3) She was cold, so huddled up against her sister in bed. Part Three: paragraph 28paragraph 39
  1. strew: vt. (strewed, strewn or strewed): scatter, to spread here and there (
  1) They strewed the sawdust on a snow-covered path. =They strewed the snow-covered path with the sawdust. (
  2) Italy was strewn thick with the remains of Roman buildings (
  3) 他们在园子里播种。 (
  4) 外交道路上布满挫折。
  2. coil: n. v. wind round and round 卷, 线圈 匝, 盘绕 把...卷成圈 线圈, 盘绕, 卷成圈 (
  1) She coiled her hair at the back of her head. (
  2) The seaman tripped over a coil of rope and fell into the water. (
  3) 蛇盘绕在一根树枝上. (
  4) 她蜷缩在床上看书。
  3. shatter: break suddenly into very small pieces (
  1) 突然寂静被打破了。 (
  2) 他去世的消息使她震惊。 (
  3) 那一阵上山的急跑后,我感到筋疲力尽。 (
  4) The rain shattered at the windowpane. (
  5) Hopes of reaching an agreement were shattered today.
  4. stream: to move in a continuous flowing mass (
  1) 我们有时会默默对视,任热泪从我们脸上淌下。 (
  2) 他精通语言,说起话来滔滔不绝。 (
  3) 阳光正照进我的房间。 (
  4) Rural residents are streaming to the cities. (
  5) She came in with a streaming umbrella. (
  6) Dust streamed out behind the car.
  5. rake: n. v. rake; (fig.) to search or examine in a continuous sweeping manner (
  1) Police raked the district for a trace of the missing men. (
  2) His gaze raked the class, killing the sound in each face. (
  3) 敌方的探照灯横扫海面。 (
  4) 他在顶楼翻了一下午,找几张旧时的家庭照。
  6. rampage: (about, through) to rush about wildly and angrily 横冲直撞,暴跳(如雷 横冲直撞,暴跳 如雷 如雷) (
  1) He could not lie still, but rampaged up and down his bedroom. (
  2) Hundreds of youths rampaged through the towns, smashing shop windows and overturning 大家网,大家的! http://www.topsage.com 更多精品在大家!
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cars. (
  3) The escaped elephant was on the rampage for two days. (
  4) The rioters went on a rampage and vandalized many shops.
  7. Camille, meanwhile, had raked its way northward across Mississippi, dropping more than 28 inches of rain into west Virginia and southern Virginia, causing rampaging floods, mountain slides and 111 additional deaths before breaking up over the Atlantic Ocean.
  8. Seabee: member of one of the construction battalions in the U.S. Navy that builds naval aviation bases and shore facilities. 海军修建营成员 Part Four: Translation 1. 整整一周的大雨造成了该地区河流的外溢,许多房屋被毁,许多农田被淹。 2. 一阵狂风掀走了整个房顶,在劈头盖脸的雨水 中,一家人紧紧地依偎在一起。 3. 地震发生时,他明显地感到房屋的晃动,听到窗户破碎的声响。 4. 市政府为将到来的艺术节做了周密的准备工作,一些高大的建筑物上挂起了彩灯和彩 旗。 5. 骚乱之后,街上到处都是被烧毁的小汽车、石块。 huge
Unit 2 Marrakech
Scene1: (Par.1-
  3) The Burial of the Poor Inhabitants I. Words and Expressions
  1. in a cloud: in a large number. a cloud of: a large number of small things moving through the air as a mass. e.g.: a cloud of insects
  2. thread one’s way through/ across: to pass through by twisting, turning, or weaving in and out
  3. pomegranate (n.) : 石榴;石榴树
  4. wail: to cry out in a loud, shrill voice, usu. in mourning or lamentation 悲伤地哭号 e.g.: Wailing Wall The wind wailed through the trees.
  5. chant: (n.) : a simple liturgical song in which a string of syllables or words is sung to each tune(礼拜仪式唱的)单调的歌, 用同一音调唱出的几个音节或字
  6. bier: a platform or portable framework on which a coffin or corpse is place 棺材板
  7. hack (v.) : to cut roughly or clumsily (at) 胡乱砍、劈
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e.g.: After the murderer had killed his victim, he hacked the body to pieces. He hacked at the branch until it fell to the ground.
  8. oblong (adj.): longer than broad;elongated 长方形的
  9. lumpy (adj.): full of lumps;covered with lumps 多块状物的;凹凸不平的
  10. hummocky: full of or looking like low, rounded hills 布满小丘的;似小圆丘的
  11. derelict (adj.): deserted by the owner;abandoned;forsaken 无主的;被遗弃的
  12. lot (n.): a plot of ground 一块地
  13. undifferentiated: without clear qualities or distinctive characteristics 无区别的
  14. prickly (adj.) : full of prickles 多刺的 prickly pear : any of a genus of cactus plants having cylindrical or large, flat, oval stem joints and edible fruits 仙人掌果 Prickly heat 痱子
  15. bumpy (adj.) : full of bumps;rough;jolting 崎岖不平的;颠簸的 II. Paraphrase
  1. The burying-ground is merely a huge waste of hummocky earth, like a derelict building-lot. (Par.
  2) The burying--ground is only a huge piece of wasteland full of mounds of earth. It looks like an empty and deserted piece of land on which a building was going to be put up.

  2. All colonial empires are in reality founded upon that fact. (Par.
  3) All the strong countries build up their empires by treating the people in the colonies like animals.
  3. They rise out of earth, they sweat and starve for a few years, and then they sink back into the nameless mounds of the graveyard. (Par.
  3) They are born on this land, then they work hard and suffer from hungry for a few years, and finally they die and are buried in graves without a name. Scene2: (Par.4-
  7) The Begging of Bread of an Employee I. Words and Expressions
  1. gazelle (n.) : any of various small,swift,graceful antelopes 瞪羚
  2. hindquarter (n.): either of the two hind legs and the adjoining loin of a carcass of veal,beef, lamb, ; hind part of a four?legged animal(牛、 猪等 的)后腿肉; etc. the 羊、 [复](四 肢动物的)后躯
  3. nibble (v.) : take small, cautious, or gentle bites 小口地咬;谨慎地咬(啃)
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nibble at sth.
  4. butt (vt.) : strike or push with the head or horns:ram with the head(用头或角)撞击;顶撞
  5. navvy (n.) : a unskilled laborer, as on canals, roads, etc. 劳工;无特殊技术的工人
  6. sidle (v.) : move sideways, esp. in a shy or stealthy manner(羞怯或偷偷地)侧身行走
  7. stow (v.) : pack or store away; fill by packing in an orderly way 装载; 装进; 收藏 stow things away in the attic stow clothes into a trunk= stow a trunk with clothes stow-away 偷乘者,藏于飞机/轮船中免费搭乘者
  8. municipality n: a city, town. etc. having its own incorporated government for local affairs 自治市(或镇) Scene3: (Par.8-



   www.TopSage.com 大家网 1 / 35 Lesson One Part One: paragraph 1 paragraph 6 1.Lash: v. to move quickly or violently 猛烈冲击、猛打 猛烈冲击、 (1) 暴风雨袭击了海岸的那片树林。 Rainstorm lashed the forest on the coast. (2) 冰雹无情地打下来。 Hail lashed down mercilessly. (3) The waves are ...

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