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  21.-I didn't do well in the last English contest. How about you? -. A.I'll do better next time B.Even worse C.A lot better D.I like English, though
  22.Many students in this school make a rule to come to the evening classes even on Saturdays. A.this B.that C.it D.them
  23.The party last night was success. We sang and danced until it came to end at 12:
  00. A.a; an B.a; the C.the; an D.不填; an
  24.A wide range of postcards and other souvenirs are sale in the visitors' center. A.on B.at C.in D.of
  25.-What was the trouble with you the day before yesterday? -When I practiced running on the playground, my strength and I fell onto the ground. A.gave away B.gave in C.gave off D.gave out
  26.Coming into the room, I found them at the table, chess. A.seated; playing B.seating; playing C.seat; play D.seated; played
  27.It looks as if they are going to us 3,000 dollars for the concert hall. A.want B.cost C.demand D.charge
  28.How long do you suppose it is he arrived there? A.when B.before C.after D.since
  29.The traffic in the city was today, so Mary got home earlier than usual. A.heavy B.weak C.scare D.light
  30.-You seem to have lost your way, ? -I'm looking for Wangfujing Street. A.What are you looking for B.Why so C.Need help D.Where are you going
  31.The media today can draw public attention to situations help is actually needed. A.why B.while C.where D.whose
  32.She is in a poor of health, which worries her mother a lot. A.position B.situation C.state D.condition
  33.She ought to stop work; she has a headache because she all day long. A.has been reading B.had read C.is reading D.read
  34.Strong typhoons hit this area very . Normally, they form and come here between July and August every year. A.generally B.regularly C.usually D.suddenly
  35.He finds his daughter is quite different from she was five years ago. A.who B.what C.how D.which 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分) Today I am known for my voice. Perhaps the greatest honor came when I was asked to read a book on tape. But it 36 a long time to believe such good things could happen to me. When I was a youngster I stuttered(口吃) 37 badly that I was completely 38 to speak in public. 39 , when I was 14, Professor Donald Crouch came to our school. He was a retired college professor. English was his 40 subject; poetry was his deepest love. He held a book of poems 41 it were a diamond necklace, turning pages as if uncovering treasures. When he heard our school was teaching Shakespeare and other classics, he could no longer 42 not being a part of our school. When he 43 that I not only loved poetry but was 44 it, we became closer. There was, however, one 45 between us-Professor Crouch could not stand the 46 that I
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refused to read my poems to the class. "Jim, poetry is 47 to be read aloud," he said. "You should be able to speak those beautiful words." I shook my head and 48 . Then he tricked me. After handing in a poem, I waited for his 49 . It didn't come. Instead, one day as the students gathered together, he challenged me." Jim, I don't think you wrote this." I 50 him in disbelief. "Why," I started, anger flooding me. "of course I 51 !" "Well, then," he said, "you've got to prove it by getting up and reciting it 52 memory." By then the other students had settled at their desks. With knees shaking, I walked up. For a moment I stood 53 . Then I began, and kept going. I recited my poem all the way through! Afterwards, Professor Crouch congratulated me, and 54 me to read other writers' poetry before public. Before long I discovered I did have a(n) 55 and found my fellow students actually looked forward to hearing me recite.
  36.A.lasted B.took C.spent D.wasted
  37.A.so B.fairly C.such D.rather
  38.A.uncertain B.unlikely C.unbelievable D.unable
  39.A.So B.Besides C.Then D.Therefore
  40.A.good B.important C.selected D.favourite
  41.A.even if B.so that C.as though D.if only
  42.A.protect B.help C.keep D.stand
  43.A.learned B.recognized C.decided D.proved
  44.A.writing B.reading C.reciting D.saving
  45.A.difference B.difficulty C.promise D.similarity
  46.A.truth B.idea C.fact D.belief
  47.A.said B.meant C.taught D.prepared
  48.A.answered back B.turned up C.turned away D.stuck to
  49.A.correction B.praise C.return D.comment
  50.A.replied to B.laughed at C.pointed to D.stared at
  51.A.could B.did C.should D.had
  52.A.with B.of C.from D.in
  53.A.changeless B.hopeless C.careless D.breathless
  54.A.enabled B.persuaded C.encouraged D.supported
  55.A.voice B.sound C.appearance D.interest 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) B Happy birthday! Do birthdays really make people happy? Of course they do. Birthdays celebrate the day we were born. Besides, that extra candle on the cake suggests another year of growth and maturity(成熟)-or so we hope. We all like to imagine that we're getting wiser and not just older. Most of us enjoy seeing the miracle(奇迹) of growth in others, as well. For instance, seeing our children develop and learn new things makes us feel proud. For Americans, like people in most cultures, growing up is a wonderful process(过程). But growing old? That's a different story. Growing old is not exactly pleasant for people in youth-oriented(以年轻人为中心) American culture. Most Americans like to look young, act young and feel young. As the old saying goes, "You're as young as you feel." Older people joke about how many years young they are, rather than how many years old. People in some countries value the aged as a source of experience and wisdom. But Americans seem to favor those that are young, or at least "young at heart." Many older Americans find the "golden years" to be anything but golden. Economically, "senior citizens" often struggle just to get by. Retirement(退休) at age 65 brings a sharp decrease in personal income. Social security(安全) benefits usually cannot make up the difference. Older
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people may suffer from poor nutrition(营养), medical care and housing. Some even experience age discrimination. In 1987, American sociologist Pat Moore dressed up like an older person and wandered city streets. She was often treated rudely-even cheated and robbed. However, dressed as a young person, she received much more respect. Unfortunately, the elderly population in America is increasing fast. Why? People are living longer. Fewer babies are being born. And middle-aged "baby boomers" are rapidly entering the groups of the elderly. America may soon be a place where wrinkles(皱纹) are "in". Marketing experts are already noticing this growing group of consumers.
  59.Growing up is a wonderful thing because . A.people can celebrate their birthdays B.people can become more mature and wiser C.people can receive many presents D.people will feel younger at heart
  60.We can infer from the second paragraph that . A.young people lack experience and wisdom B.American older people often joke about their old age C.American culture is very young D.different countries have different opinions on the old age
  61.The underlined sentence (in Paragraph
  3) means "." A.The golden years can make the old earn lots of money and receive good medical care B.The old people in America are leading a hard life without good nutrition, medical care or Housing C.The old in America have to retire at the age of 65 D.American social security benefits are not good
  62.From the last paragraph we know that the underlined word "in" can be replaced by . A.serious B.bad C.disappearing slowly D.growing fast D More than seven hundred students will serve for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games not as volunteers but as interns(实习生), working for months before the event and during the Games to help ensure its success. A co-operation agreement was signed between the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (GOCOG) and 16 Beijing-based universities and colleges. The schools will prepare the students to be interns. Although the interns will work without pay, they are considered different to volunteers, who will also provide services for the Games. Well-known schools such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University and Beijing Jiaotong University are included on the list. The interns will work much longer than the Games' volunteers, since they have to begin their work at BOCOG as early as one year before the Games start, while most of the volunteers work only during the 16 days of the Games. They have to finish the required lessons of their universities first and then learn more in their specialities to qualify to work for the BOCOG. They will take some special classes on Olympic knowledge and certain professional lessons outside the university to meet the needs of serving in the Olympics. The 706 interns will be made up of 446 postgraduates, 118 undergraduates and 142 higher vocational students. They will come from such majors as foreign languages, media and communications, logistics and legal affairs. According to university officials, the undergraduates will be students who have been admitted to college this year (20
  05) while the postgraduates will be those who enter next year.
  68.The interns will be chosen from . A.students whose homes are in Beijing B.students studying in Beijing C.only 6 famous schools D.schools all over China
  69.What's the difference between the interns and the volunteers? A.The volunteers receive no pay. B.The interns work during the Games.
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C.The volunteers come mainly from universities. D.The interns provide longer, more specialized services.
  70.The chosen students will be busy because they have to . A.learn both in and outside the university B.graduate ahead of time C.look for part-time jobs D.learn many extra subjects at college
  71.A chosen undergraduate will begin to work for BOCOG . A.in his or her first college year B.in his or her second college year C.in his or her third college year D.in his or her fourth college year E Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from A-F for each paragraph. There are two extra headings, which you do not need. (注意:E=AB 注意: 注意 F=AC)
A.Tuvaluan people became rich overnight B.Signs of sinking have appeared on Tuvalu C.The news came that the country would be drowned D.Tuvaluan people have suffered from serious diseases E.Desire to enjoy life has caused serious consequences F.Tuvaluan people are improving their living standards despite the rising sea
  67. If you suddenly received a lot of money, how would you spend it? For the people of Tuvalu, a tiny state comprising nine islands in the South Pacific, something unusual happened. In 1999 Tuvalu, with its population of 11,000, was the third poorest state in the world. Later, Tuvalu received a domain name on the Internet ?? the letters ".tv". A communication company from California quickly offered to buy the domain name for $ 40 million. The islanders became very rich.
  68.At the same time the islanders received some very bad news. Due to global warming, and because the islands are only 3m above sea level, Tuvalu will probably become the first state in the world to disappear under the sea. According to scientific estimates, the islands will suffer severe floods within the next 15 - 20 years, and by the end of the century, the islands will have disappeared from sight altogether.
  69.But despite the problem, the Tuvaluan had their new money. Paul Lindsay, a documentary film - maker, went all the way to Tuvalu, and came back with an incredible story. As the water rises, the Tuvaluan are using the money to develop the land that is soon to disappear. They are building new houses, planning nightclubs, restaurants and hotels, and new cars are driving around on new roads. "Just because we are sinking, it doesn't mean we don't want to raise our standards of living." Lindsay was told by Sam Teo, Tuvalu' s minister for natural resources.
  70.Of the $ 40 million Tuvalu received through the Internet deal, $ 10 million was used to asphalt the islands' L9km of roads. Before 1999 there were four cars on the islands. The Tuvaluan used to walk or cycle everywhere. There was a flood of imported foods and goods and soon these had unexpected consequences. The Tuvaluan people now suffer from diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Others discovered that it was too expensive for them to keep their cars. There is now a huge rubbish dump in the middle of this tropical paradise, covered with abandoned cars and other waste. Ⅴ.Spelling(10 points)
  1.It is said that 75% of the Internet users f(经常) browse news, send and receive emails on line.
  2.The dictionary will be of great b(益处) to me.
  3.The young writer owed his success to his teacher's e(鼓励).
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