Section B
Would you mind turning down the music?
学习目标: 学习目标:

  1,我要掌握 wait in line, cut in line, get annoyed
和happen的用法。 happen的用法。 的用法 我要学会以礼待人,当我向别人提出要求与请求,要使用Would
  2,我要学会以礼待人,当我向别人提出要求与请求,要使用Would doing… you mind (not) doing…? 当我要道歉时,会用Sorry, won’ 当我要道歉时,会用Sorry, I will do it right away./I won’t do it again.
  3,我要学会友善提出意见,正确处理人际关系。 我要学会友善提出意见,正确处理人际关系。 我要学会自主学习 同伴合作、小组竞争、感知体验。 自主学习、 4, 我要学会自主学习、同伴合作、小组竞争、感知体验。
Would you mind …
【温故知新】 温故知新】
folding the clothes
Would you mind …
【温故知新】 温故知新】
making the bed
【温故知新】 温故知新】
Would you mind …
doing the dishes
Would you mind …
【温故知新】 温故知新】
taking out the trash
【温故知新】 温故知新】
wash the dishes
feed the dog
go to the library
cook dinner
do your homework
Have you ever complained many things? Would you ever complain about them?
My barber gave me a terrible haircut.
The store clerk gave me the wrong size.
My friends were late.
The movie was terrible. My best friend said it was great.
The waitress brought me the wrong food.
The pen I bought didn’t work.
The store clerk gave you the bigger size.
What will you say?
A: This dress is too big. Would you mind giving me a smaller one? I’m so sorry . B: .Here you are.
The waiter brought you the wrong food.
What will you say?
A: I ordered a hamburger, but this is salad. Would you mind bringing me a hamburger? B: I’m so sorry. I’ll bring you a hamburger right away.
The pen you bought didn’t work. A: I bought this pen here, but it doesn’t work. Would you mind giving me a new one? B:. Here you are. Not at all
Your barber gave you a terrible haircut.
A: Oh! It’s terrible. Would you mind changing to another style? I’ll do it right away. B: I’m so sorry.
2a Listen and number the sentences in the order you hear them in activity 1a
Your barber gave The store clerk gave you a terrible you the wrong size. Haircut. 2
Your friends were late. 3
The movie was terrible. Your best friend said it was great.
The waitress brought you the wrong food.
The pen you bought didn’t work.
Listen again and fill in the blanks in the chart.
clothing store
got the wrong size shirt
will get a smaller shirt will bring some French fries
ordered a hamburger with restaurant French fries but only got a hamburger
got a pen that didn’t work
will get a new pen
When this What annoys happens, what the girl ? will she do?
I don’t like waiting in line when a shop assistant has a long telephone conversation. When that happens, I usually say, “Would you mind helping me?”
Whenannoys this What happens, what the girl? will she do?
And I don’t like it when shop assistants follow me around. Then I say, “Could you please not follow me around? I’ll ask you if I need some help.” Usually the shop assistants say they are sorry, but sometimes they get mad. If that happens, I won’t go back to that store again.
When this annoys What happens, what will he do? the boy ?
I get annoyed when someone talks to me while I’m reading. This happens to me all the time in the school library. When it happens, I usually talk to the person because I want to be polite. But because I’m polite, people don’t know I’m annoyed. So they do the same thing again. Perhaps in the future I should try not to be so polite.
Look at the pictures. Imagine you are the people in the pictures. Complete the sentences.
I get annoyed when someone stands in the subway door. When this happens, I usually say “Would you mind not . stand here…?”
Look at the pictures. Imagine you are the people in the pictures. Complete the sentences.
I get annoyed when people cut in line. When this happens, I usually say “Would you mind waiting a line?” .
成果展示(当堂检测) 成果展示(当堂检测)
?用所给词的适当形式填空: 用所给词的适当形式填空: 用所给词的适当形式填空
  1,This shirt is too big, would you mind smaller giving me a (small) one? waiting don’t 2,I don t like (wait ) in line when someone has a long telephone conversation. not do 3,Could you please (not do) it again? showing 4,Would you mind (show) me another pair? impolite 5,It’s 5,It s (polite) to cut in line.
成果展示(当堂检测) 成果展示(当堂检测)
? 汉译英

  1,我买的手表坏了。 我买的手表坏了。 doesn’t The pen I bought doesn t work. ?????????????????????????? 当有人插队时我会很烦恼。
  2,当有人插队时我会很烦恼。 I will get annoyed when someone cuts in line. ??????????????????????????
  3,你介意帮助我吗? Would you mind helping me? ?????????????????????? 当天很热时,我讨厌排队。
  4,当天很热时,我讨厌排队。 I don’t like waiting in line when it is very hot. don t ??????????????????????
拓展延伸( 拓展延伸(homework)
? 写下你曾碰到的烦恼事,并说出这种事情 写下你曾碰到的烦恼事, 发生时你如何处理。 发生时你如何处理。 要求:不少于三条,100字左右 字左右, (要求:不少于三条,100字左右,运用 mind….) would you mind .)



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