金榜教育高中英语测试卷( 金榜教育高中英语测试卷(六)
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第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 35 分) 部分
第一节:单项填空( 小题; 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)

  21. The visitors here are greatly impressed by the fact that people from all walks of life are working hard for new Jiangsu. A.不填; a B. 不填;the C. the; a D. the; the
  22. The doctor is skilled at treating heart trouble and never accepts any gift from his patients, so he has a very good. A. expectation B. reputation C. contribution D. civilization
  23.?why, Jack, you look so tired! Well, I the house and I must finish the work tomorrow. A. was painting B. will be painting C. have painted D. have been painting
  24. Thousands of foreigners were to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A. attended B. attained C. attracted D. attached
  25. I haven’t got the reference book yet, but I’ll have a test on the subject next month. Don’t worry. You have it by Friday. A. could B. shall C. must D. may
  26. The experiment has the possibility of the existence of any life on that planet, but it does not mean there is no life on other planets. A. found out B. pointed out C. ruled out D. carried out
  27. Do you think their table tennis team will win the first place at the coming Asian Games? .Ours is much stronger than theirs. A. Of course B. It depends C. Don’t mention it D. By no means
  28. The retired man donated most of his savings to the school damaged by the earthquake in Yushu ,the students to return to their classrooms. A. enabling B. having enabled C. to enable D. to have enabled
  29. So far we have done a lot to build a low-carbon economy, but it is ideal. We have to work still harder. A. next to B. far from C. out of D. due to
  30. Peter , where did you guys go for the summer vacation?
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We busy with our work for months, so we went to the beach to relax ourselves. A. were B. have been C. had been D. will be
  31. I have tried very hard to find a solution to the problem, but in vain. why not consult with Frank? You see, . A. great minds think alike B. two heads are better than one C. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush D. it’s better to think twice before doing something
  32. The newly built café, the walls of are painted light green, is really a peaceful place for us, specially after hard work. A. that B. it C. what D. which
  33. Is everyone here? Not yet……Look , there the rest of our guests! A. come B. comes C. is coming D. are coming
  34. George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he more on its culture. A.focus B.focused C.would focus D.had focused
  35.-I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. -That’sI don’t agree .You should have a more active life. A.where B.how C.when D.what
第二节:完形填空( 小题; 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)
Another person’s enthusiasm was what set me moving toward the success I have achieved.That person was my stepmother. I was nine years old when she enterd our home in rural Virginia. My father__36__me to her with these words:“I would like you to meet the fellow who is37 for being the worst boy in this county and will probably start throwing rocks at you no 38 than tomorrow morning.” My stepmother walked over to me, 39 my head slightly upward,and looked me right in the eye.Then she looked at my father and replied,“You are 40 .This is not the worst boy at all, 41 the smartest one who hasn’t yet found an outlet(释放的途径)for his enthusiasm.” That statement began a(n) 42 between us.No one had ever called me smart,My family and neighbors had built me up in my 43 as a bad boy . My stepmother changed all that. She changed many things.She 44 my father to go to a dental school,from which he graduated with honors.She moved our family into the county srat,where my father’s career could be more 45 and my brother and I could be better46 . When I turned fourteen,she bought me a secondhand47 and told me that she believed that I could become a writer.I knew her ernthusiasm,I48 it had alreadly improved our lives.I accepted her 49 and began to write for local newspapers.I was doing the same kind of50 that great day I went to interview Andrew Carnegie and received the task which became my life’s work later.I wasn’t the 51 beneficiary (受益者).My
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father became the 52 man in town.My brother and stepbrthers became a physician,a dentist,a lawyer,and a college president. What power __53 has!When that power is released to support the certainty of one’ purpose and s is 54 strengthened by faith,it becomes an irresistible(不可抗拒的)force which poverty and temporary defeat can never 55 . You can communicate that power to anyone who needs it.This is probably the greatest work you can do with your enthusiasm.
  36.A.rushed B.sent C.carried D.introduced
  37.A.distinguished B.favored C.mistaken D.rewarded
  38. A.sooner B.later C.longer D.earlier
  39. A.dragged B.shook C.raised D.bent
  40. A.perfect B.right C.wrong D.impolite
  41. A.but B.so C.and D.or
  42. A.ageement B.friendship C.gap D.relationship
  43. A.opinion B.image C.espectation D.mind
  44. A.begged B.persuaded C.ordered D.invited
  45. A.successful B.meaningful C.helpful D.useful
  46. A.treared B.entertained C.educated D.respected
  47. A.cemera B.radio C.bicycle D.typewriter
  48. A.considered B.suspected C.ignored D.appreciated
  49. A.belief B.request C.criticism D.description
  50. A.teahing B.writing C.studying D.reading
  51. A.next B.same C.only D.real
  52. A.cleverest B.wealthiest C.strongest D.bealthiest
  53. A.ebthusiasm B.sympathy C.fortune D.confidence
  54. A.deliberately B.happily C.traditionally D.constantly
  55. A.win B.match C.reach D.doubt
第二部分:阅读理解( 小题; 第二部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 部分
A Usually, when your teacher asks a question, there is only one correct answer. But there is one question that has millions of current answers. That question is “What’s your name?” Everyone gives a different answer, but everyone is correct. Have you ever wondered about people’s names? Where do they come from? What do they mean? People’s first names, or given names, are chosen by their parents. Sometimes the name of a grandparent or other member of the family is used. Some parents choose the name of a well-known person. A boy could be named George Washington Smith; a girl could be named Helen Keller Jones. Some people give their children names that mean good things. Clara means “bright”; Beatrice means “one who gives happiness”; Donald means “world ruler”; Leonard means “as brave as a lion”. The earliest last names, or surnames, were taken from place names. A family with the name Brook or Brooks probably lived near brook(小溪);someone who was called Longstreet probably lived on a long, paved road. The Greenwood family lived in or near a leafy forest. Other early surnames came from people’s occupations. The most common occupational name is Smith, which means a person who makes things with iron or other metals. In the past, smiths were
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very important workers in every town and village. Some other occupational names are: Carter ? a person who owned or drove a cart; Potter ?a person who made pots and pans. The ancestors of the Baker family probably baked bread for their neighbors in their native village. The Carpenter’s great-great-great-grandfather probably built houses and furniture. Sometimes people were known for the color of their hair or skin, or their size, or their special abilities. When there were two men who were named John in the same village, the John with the gray hair probably became John Gray. Or the John was very tall could call himself John Tallman. John Fish was probably an excellent swimmer and John Lightfoot was probably a fast runner or a good dancer. Some family names were made by adding something to the father’s name. English-speaking people added ?s or ?son. The Johnsons are descendants of John; the Roberts family’s ancestor was Robert. Irish and Scottish people added Mac or Mc or O. Perhaps all of the MacDonnells and the McDonnells and the O’Donnells are descendants of the same Donnell.
  56. Which of the following aspects do the surnames in the passage NOT cover? A. Places where people lived. B. People’s characters. C. Talents that people possessed. D. People’s occupations.
  57. According to the passage, the ancestors of the Potter family most probably . A. owned or drove a cart B. made things with metals C. made kitchen tools or contains D. built houses and furniture
  58. Suppose and English couple whose ancestors lived near a leafy forest wanted their new-born son to become a world leader, the baby might be named . A. Beatrice Smith B. Leonard Carter C. George Longstreet D. Donald Greenwood
  59. The underlined word “descendants” in the last paragraph means a person’s . A. later generations B. friends and relatives C. colleagues and partners D. later sponsors B It is reported that conservation groups in North America have been arguing about the benefits and dangers of wolves. Some groups believe wolves should be killed. Other people believe wolves Must be protected so that they will not disappear from the wilderndss(荒野) For Killing Wolves In Alaska,the wolf almost disappeared a few years ago,because hunters were killing hundreds 0f them forsport .However.1aws were established to protect the wolves from sportsmen and people who catch the animals for their fur.So the woIf population has greatly increased. Now there are so many wolves that they are destroying their own food supply. A wolf naturally eats animals in the deer family. People in the wilderness also hunt deer for food.Many of the animals have been destroyed by the very cold winters recently and by changes in the wilderness plant life.When the deer can’t find enough food,they die. If the wolves continue to kill large numbers of deer,their prey(猎物)will disappear some day.And the wolves will.too.So we must change the cycle of life in the wilderness to balance the ecology.If we killed more wolves,we would save them and their prey from dying out.We’d also save some farm animals. In another northern state,wolves attack cows and chickens for food.Farmers want the government to send biologists to study the problem. They believe it necessary to kill wolves in some
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areas and to protect them in places where there is a small woIf population. Against Killing Wolves If you had lived long ago,you would have heard many different stories about the dangerous wolf.According to most stories,hungry wolves often kill people for food.Even today,the stories of the“big bad woIf'"will not disappear. But the fact is wolves are afraid of people.and they seldom travel in areas where there is a human smell.When wolves eat other animals,they usually kill the very young.or the sick and injured .The strongest survive .No kind of animal would have survived through the centuries if the weak members had lived.And has always been a law of nature Although some people say it is good sense to kill wolves,we say it is nonsense!Researchers have found wolves and their prey living in balance.The wolves keep the deer population from becoming too large,and that keeps a balance in the wilderness plant life. The real problem is that the areas where wolves can live are being used bv people.Even if wilderness land is not used directly for human needs. wolves can’ always find enough food .So the t they travel to the nearest source,which is often a farm.Then there is danger.The“big bad wolf” has arrived! And everyone knows what happens next.
  60.According to the passage,some people in North America favor killing wolves for all the following reasons EXCET that . A.there are too many wolves B.they kill large numbers deer C.they attack cows and chickens for food D.they destroy the wilderness plant life
  61.Some people are against killing wolves because . A.wolves help to keep the ecological balance in the wildemess B.there is too small a wolf population in the wilderness C.there are too many deer in the wilderness D.wolves are afraid of people and never attack people
  62.According to those against killing wolves,when wolves eat other animals, . A.they never eat strong and healthy ones B.they always go against the law of nature C.they might help this kind of animals survive in nature D.they disturb the ecological balance in the wilderness
  63.The last sentence“And everyone knows what happens next”implies that in such cases . A.farm animals will be in danger and have to be shipped away B.woIves will kill people and people will in turn kill them C.wolves wilI find enough food sources on famls D.people will leave the areas where wolves can live C BORDER CRO



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