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英 语 试 题
时间 (120分钟) 分值 120 分 I.单项选择题 (共 30 题, 每题
  0.5 分. 满分 15 分)
  1.You look beautiful in the skirt! I like color of your skirt. It is good match for your blouse. A.a; the B.a; a C.the; a D.the; the
  2.Cathy is engaged in learning English literature at Sunshine School, where she English for two years. A.studies B.studied C.is studying D.has been studying
  3.Leonardo da Vince birds kept in cages in order to have the pleasure of setting them free. A.is said to be buying B.is said to have bought C.had said to buy D.who said to have bought
  4.The noise from the outside was so loud that I had to struggle . A.to be heard B.to have heard C.to hear D.being heard
  5.The website is very with young people, who like its content and style. A.familiar B.popular C.similar D.interested
  6.It is widely believed that you work, result you’ll get. A.the harder; the better B.the more harder; the more better C.the harder; a much better D.more hard; more better
  7.The book is of great value. can be enjoyed unless you digest it. A.Nothing B.Something C.Everything D.Anything
  8.I can hardly say which dish is best?it’s simply a(n) of personal taste. A.affair B.event C.matter D.attitude
  9.A team of police officers have been sent to where the criminal came from. A.look up B.search for C.ask for D.find out
  10.Finding her car stolen, . A.a policeman was asked to help B.the area was searched thoroughly C.it was looked for everywhere D.Mrs. Green reported it to the police
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  11.?- Don’t forget to bring your dictionary here for me, will you? . A.Maybe I will B.No, I won’t C.Sorry, I don’t D.I suppose not
  12.Do you have anything in mind you’d like to have for dinner? Well, anything is OK for me. A.that B.what C.which D.where
  13. There are hundreds of islands the coast of Australia, the biggest of is TasmaniA. A.from; them B.along; them C.on; which D.off; which
  14.Actually, anyone can be he wants to be, a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, a scientist or a manager so long as he sets his mind it. A.whatever; to B.whoever; on C.whomever; for D.whatever; with
  15.Dad, I have finished my assignment. Good, and you play or watch TV, you mustn’t disturb me. A.whenever B.whether C.whatever D.no matter
  16.Things that seem to be difficult to handle are actually very easy once you get of them. A.the hold B.the hang C.command D.a touch
  17. had just covered a distance of three miles the engine and the car came to a We stop. A.then; was broken B.when; broke down C, until; was failed D.since; burst out
  18.Alice’s father always brings her a nice gift he returns home from his business trip. A.by the time B.at the time C.every time D.in the time
  19.In the time of social reform, people’s state of mind tends to with the rapid changes of society. A.keep pace B.keep touch C.go on D.make progress
  20.We would have avoided that terrible accident, Jack, the driver, too much that night. A.but; had drunk B.but; drank C.so; was drinking D.yet; was drunk
  21.An old lady came to the bus stop only the bus had gone. A.to run; to find B.running; to find C.and ran; finding D.running; finding
  22.Pop music is such an important part of society it has even influenced out language. A.as B.which C.where D.that
  23.--We could have walked to the supermarket; it was only half a mile away. Yes, a taxi at all necessary. A.wasn’t B.weren’t C.hadn’t been D.wouldn’t be
  24.It will not be a long time your mother back home from Europe. A.since; returns B.before; comes C.after; will come D.before; has come
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  25.Luckily, we ’d brought a road map with us without we could have lost our way. A.it B.that C.what D.which
  26.It was World War II broke out his hometown to fight in the war. A.until; that his brother didn’t leave B.until; when his brother left C.not until; that his brother left D.not until; that did his brother leave
  27.Apparently your computer looks modern than mine. As a matter of fact my computer is more expensive than yours 1000 yuan. A.for B.to C.by D.at
  28.My money . I must go to the bank to draw some of my savings out before I have none. A.has run out B.is running out C.has been run out D.is being running out
  29.Only when the villagers were faced with water shortage how serious the problem of water pollution was. A.did they realize B.will they realize C.they did realize D.were they realized
  30.--I feel really disappointed not to have got the job. Don’t worry, maybe something better will . A.go by B.take on C.come along D.fall down II.完形填空 (共 20 题, 每小题
  0.5 分, 满分 30 分) More than 40 years ago, John Williams gave away all of his belongings and went off to the mountains to live the way people lived 100 years ago. For 31 he traps wild animals and fishes in the rivers-- 32 he can. John lives in a cabin he made 33 , out of trees he chopped down with an axe. 34 he has no relatives that he knows of, he does have a deer he 35 from a fawn(幼鹿). The deer lives in the house in winter and goes with John when he goes into the 36 for fooD.Nobody lives 37 fifty miles of his cabin in the mountains and John has not been out of the mountains during the entire forty years. One day last year I hiked in to see 38 John lives in. It was like going 39 . There were no stores, no post offices, no noise, no pollution, not 40 a road. 41 notable(值得注意的)of all, there were no people and that’s the 42 John Williams wants to keep his part of the world. But there seems to be something impossible in his story. He is an 43 man. He has books and nobody knows how he got them. Mostly he reads about his 44 the mountains, the animals, the plants, and the 45 . He has seen airplanes flying overhead but does not want to 46 about them. For him, electricity is no more than lightning, not light bulbs, refrigerators, televisions, or washing machines. John is 90 years old and has not has a 47 day in his life. He owes his 48 life to the fact that he has nothing to do with people and in order to let him 49 many more years of health, happiness and solitude(孤独), I will not tell you 50 his kingdom lies. There is no room there for you or me.
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  31.A.fun B.food C.meal D.pleasure
  32.A.whichever B.whenever C.wherever D.whatever
  33.A.by hand B.with hand C.in hand D.hand in hand
  34.A.Now that B.As C.As long as D.Though
  35.A.raised B.bought C.got D.picked
  36.A.country B.village C.city D.forest
  37.A.in B.within C.for D.off
  38.A.where B.the place C.why D.how
  39.A.on B.back C.forward D.along
  40.A.ever B.yet C.already D.even
  41.A.More B.Most C.Very D.Much
  42.A.way B.life C.thing D.idea
  43.A.interesting B.honest C.old D.educated
  44.A.world B.books C.wonders D.belongings
  45.A.farms B.rivers C.society D.country
  46.A.know B.talk C.discuss D.speak
  47.A.lonely B.happy C.hard D.sick
  48.A.lonely B.long C.dull D.easy
  49.A.invent B.keep C.continue D.enjoy
  50.A.where B.which C.what D.how III. 阅读理解 (共 20 题, 每小题 2 分, 满分 40 分) (A) Even plants can run a fever, especially when they’re under attack by insects or disease. But unlike humans, plants can have their temperature taken from 3000 feet away -- straight up. A decade ago, adapting the infrared (红外线的) scanning technology developed for military purposes and other satellites, physicist Stephen Paley came up with a quick way to take the temperature of crops to determine which ones are under stress. The goal was to let farmers precisely target pesticide(杀虫剂)spraying rather than rain poison on a whole field, which invariably includes plants that don’t have pest problems. Even better, Paley’s Remote Scanning Services Company could detect crop problems before they became visible to the eye. Mounted on a plane flying at 3000 feet at night, an infrared scanner measured the heat emitted by crops. The data were transformed into a color-coded map showing where plants were running “fevers”. Farmers could then spot-spray, using 50 to 70 percent less pesticide than they otherwise would. The bad news is that Paley’s company closed down in 1984, after only three years. Farmers resisted the new technology and long-term backers were hard to finD.But with the renewed concern about pesticides on produce, and refinements in infrared scanning, Paley hopes to get back
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into operation. Agriculture experts have no doubt the technology works. “This technique can be used on 75 percent of agriculture land in the United States”, says Geoge Oerther of Texas A&M . Ray Jackson, who recently retired from the Department of Agriculture, thinks remote infrared crop scanning could be adopted by the end of the decade only if Paley finds the financial backing which he failed to obtain 10 years ago.
  51.Plants will emit an increased amount of heat when they are . A.sprayed with pesticides B.facing an infrared scanner C.in poor physical condition D.exposed to too much sunshine
  52.In order to spray pesticide precisely, we can use infrared scanning to . A.estimate the damage to the crops B.draw a color-coded map C.measure the size of the affected area D.locate the problem area
  53. application of infrared scanning technology to agriculture met with some difficulties due to The . A.the lack of official support B.its high cost C.the lack of financial support D.its failure to help increase production
  54.Infrared scanning technology may be brought back into operation because of . A.the desire of farmers to improve the quality of their produce B.growing concern about wasting too much pesticide on crops C.the forceful promotion by the Department of Agriculture D.full support from agricultural experts (B) When we found him, he was a sorry sight. His clothes were torn, his hands bleeding. Before we reached him, we saw him fall. He lay a moment. Then he pulled himself to his feet, walked unsteadily a few yards through the woods and fell again. After we got him out, we went back to find the gun that he had thrown down. His tracks showed that for two days he had circled in the forest, within 200 yards of the road. His senses were so dulled by fear and tiredness that he did not hear the cars going by or see the lights at night. We found him just in time. This man, like others before him, had simply been frightened when he knew he was lost. What had been a near disaster might have turned out as only a pleasant walk, if he had made a few preparations before he stepped from the highway or off a known path. Whatever sense of direction that a man may have, it’s still largely a question of observation. A skilled woodsman always keeps an eye on his surroundings. He notes the shape of a mountain, the direction water flows through a swamp, and the way a tree leans across a path. With these in mind, he is still likely to turn around many times, but he is seldom lost. There are exceptions, of course, and once in a while a man does come across some strange problem that puts him into the “lost” situation. A rainstorm or sudden blizzard may catch him without a compass(指南针) in his pocket. Darkness may find him in a rough area, where travel is
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dangerous without a light. When this happens, the normal first reaction(反应) is the fear of being laughed at as a result of his poor knowledge in the woods. He may also be concerned about the inconvenience that he will cause his friends when he doesn’t show up. This false pride may lead him to keep on the move in a false effort to find his way against all difficulties. The person who thinks ahead is seldom in great danger. He’ll be safe if he observes carefully, thinks ahead, and remains calm.
  55.The writer suggested that if the man had not been found, he would have . A.been shot by a gun B.become confused C.been attacked by wild animals D.been in great danger
  56.According to the text, if a person gets lost in the forest, at the very beginning, he would . A.worry about being laughed at B.push himself to find his way out C.feel it is convenient to ask for help from his friends D.feel sorry that he didn’t study hard enough
  57.When a person tries to find his way in the woods, is the most important. A.intelligence B.observation C.direction D.chance
  58.The writer tells the story of the lost man as an example of people who. A.go into



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