全国 2007 年 10 月高等教育自学考试
I. The following paragraphs are taken from the textbooks, followed by a list of words or expressions marked A to X. Choose the one that best completes each of the sentences and write the corresponding letter on your Answer Sheet. One word or expression for each blank only. ( 12 points,
  0.5 point for each ) She 1 to me because she was like people I had never met 2 . Like women in English novels who 3 the moors 5,
(whatever they were) with their loyal dogs racing at a respectful 4 . Like the women who sat in front of roaring
drinking tea incessantly from silver trays full of scones and crumpets. Women who walked over the "heath" and read morocco-bound books and had two last names 6 Negro, just by being herself. Homes and restaurants do what they can with this 7 ?? which my mother-in-law would 8 on the spot. I have long thought that the 11 9 blindfold test for cigarettes should be applied to city 10 . For I am by a hyphen. It would be safe to say that she made me proud to be
sure that if you
them blindfolded, you couldn't tell the beans from the 12 , the turnips from the squash. Chavel was
filled with a huge and 13 joy. It seemed to him that already he was 14 ?? twenty nine men to draw and only two marked papers left. The 15 drawn a slip and 17 16 had suddenly grown in his favor from ten to one to fourteen to one: the greengrocer had
carelessly and without pleasure that he was safe. Indeed from the first draw any mark of pleasure was of relief.
: one couldn't mock the condemned one by any 18
Red Indians, while they were still 19
by white men, would smoke their pipes, not calmly as we do, but 20 , inhaling
so deeply that they sank into a 21 . And when excitement by means of nicotine failed, a patriotic orator would stir them 22 to attack a neighboring tribe, which would give them all the 23 or a General Election. B. faint G.. up C. shameful H. peas M. stuff R. vegetables W. walked D. orgiastically I. sign N. personally S. discard X. appealed E. saved J. famed O. chances T. divided that we (according to our temperament) derive from
a horse 24
A. taboo F. race
K. fireplaces L. indicated P. enjoyment Q. distance U. unaffected V. pureed
II. In this section, there are fifteen sentences with a blank in each, followed by a list of words or expressions marked A to X. Choose the one that best completes each of the sentences and write the corresponding letter on your Answer Sheet. One word or expression for each blank only. ( 15 points, 1 point for each )
  25. In one way or another, its practitioners batten on the society which they responsibility.
  26. Under him, six or seven feet down, was a floor of perfectly clean, shining white sand, ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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and in which they refuse to take any
firm and hard by the tides.
  27. Even better than that, it was marvelous the things that came to you in the of fishing.
  28. The modern of beauty is not exclusively a function (in the mathematical sense) of wealth.
  29. When they got back home, as soon as he her into the crib, she began to shout and wave her arms.
  30. Television's variety becomes a , not a stimulus.
  31. She could have taken it off and laid it on her lap and it.
  32. The first time she saw the picture alone she was sure there was more action, only a motion, but more.
  33. She looked round the room, all its familiar objects which she had dusted once a week for so many years, wondering where on earth all the dust came from.
  34. Behind the scenes, Price/Costco follows an operating model in which it buys larger quantities and better prices than competing stores.
  35. Putting aside the need to earn a living, I think there are four great for writing, at any rate for writing prose.
  36. Continuity of is one of the most essential ingredients of happiness in the long run, and for most men this comes chiefly through their work.
  37. The county attorney, after again looking around the kitchen, opens the door of a cupboard .
  38. Nobody spoke but Elgie came over, his eyes filled with sorrow and misery.
  39. He spoke of how some people the criminal misfits of society while the best men die in Asian rice paddies to preserve the freedoms that those misfits abuse. A. entrails E stroked K. tranquility E lowered U. cult B. reviewing G. rationing L. transcripts Q. bloodshot V. narcotic C. assembled H. closet M. tippled R. scorn W. ditch D. negotiates I. seriousness N. purpose S. present X. policy E. motives J. flicking O. sickening T. glamorize
III. Each of the following sentences is given two choices of words or expressions. Choose the right one to complete the sentence and write the corresponding letter on your Answer Sheet. (15 points, 1 point for each )
  40. She has born a against me ever since I turned down her application. A. grudge B. malice

  41. Filled with great for their integrity and courage, he was determined to be a man like them. A. adulation B. admiration

  42. Summoned by the teacher, he approached his office full of . A. apprehension B. distrust

  43. Spoiled children will not manage to live against . A. difficulty B. adversity
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  44. The newly-recruited soldiers swore a(n) of loyalty to their country. A. promise B. oath

  45. He wanted a of the report to show to his friends. A. description B. transcript

  46. He said he would go to the dress rehearsal, he was not too busy. A. provided B. unless

  47. of the bombing of the embassy went swiftly across the country. A. Condemnation B. Accusation

  48. It is for adults to forget how long and hard and dull school is. A. habitual B. customary

  49. She is a person and does not want to live on charity. A. proud B. snobbish

  50. After he won the championship, he was with a lot of honors. A. loaded B. burdened

  51. The photos sent back from the satellite support the that possibly there is life on Mars. A. theory B. hypothesis

  52. A person is one who is happy with what he has. A. contented B. content

  53. Her feelings between excitement and fear. A. fluctuated B. changed

  54. The poor, sick man is by the policeman's endless interrogations. A. abused B. tormented
Read the following passage carefully and complete the succeeding four items IV, V, VI and VII.
Why Go to Canada?
  1) Huge, scenic and sparsely populated, Canada was rated by the United Nations Human Development Index as the best country to live in. The land of new hopes and opportunities attracts people worldwide. (
  2) Very few people really understand or know anything about the process of immigration application. First of all a potential immigrant needs to know something about the rules and regulations. The Canadian Government has designed a point system to assess potential independent immigrants. Emphasis is placed on education, practical training, experience and the likelihood of successful settlement in Canada. This means that people with a bachelor degree of some kind and advanced technical or other skills that are in demand in Canada are more likely to be accepted. The Government also adds weight to an application if the individual is fluent in Canada's official languages, English and French. Therefore someone with a good command of either English or French will have a better chance. Another way to immigrate to Canada is via the immigrant investor program. This provides an opportunity for experienced business persons to immigrate to Canada after making a ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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substantial investment in a provincial government-administered venture capital fund. ( 3 ) If you think you fulfill all the criteria you can easily apply for immigration by yourself. The Canadian Government clearly states: "Any one can apply without the help of a third party". As often happens in these situations, unscrupulous agents can take advantage of people who think that the only way they can immigrate is by paying huge amounts of money. People who want to become immigrants should carefully investigate the reputation and qualifications of third parties who offer their services for a fee. So why bother to use an immigration agent if application is easy? ( 4 ) Actually there are many good reasons why so many intending migrants use such services. What the least competent and reliable professionals do is simply fill out forms and send them to the Canadian Embassy with the required fees and documents! Some individuals (who can be referred to as "unscrupulous agents") may fail to send in the correct documents, delay the clients' application delivery, talk an unqualified candidate into buying their services despite the high possibility that the visa application will be refused or even suggest their clients supply fraudulent documents that are often discovered by the Canadian Embassy. Conversely, a highly qualified and reliable professional service justifies its costs for the comprehensive services it provides. A professional and reliable immigration firm should provide these services for its clients: (
  5) Firstly, an intending immigrant must first be well aware of his chances of success. A substantial amount of necessary payment and the potential impact on an applicant's life can be avoided. A highly experienced immigration professional is capable of assessing a client's chances of success with an extremely high degree of certainty. In the case of a most unfavorable application, he discourages the client's application. (
  6) Secondly, depending on an effective interpretation of the selection rules as well as accumulated experiences, an experienced immigration professional highlights the applicant's qualities and helps persuade visa officials that the applicant is worthy of selection and meets all the selection criteria. If a person doesn't seem qualified, the adviser tries to find out other alternatives that may exist to make him a successful applicant. Such instances where qualified persons were discouraged from making applications are numerous. For example, a computer programmer whose professional skills are highly sought after in the Canadian labor market may be considered unqualified by the variance of their job description to the specifications in the National Occupational Descriptions published by the Canadian Government. An experienced immigration professional avoids areas of potential misunderstanding and best ensures that all the documents submitted and answers given at an interview will support a successful application. (
  7) Thirdly, the presentation or package of the application often makes a decisive impression on the visa officer. An experienced immigration professional identifies what type of information can be supplied that is most likely to favorably impress the visa officer considering the application. ( 8 ) Fourthly, in the case of a person who simply does not qualify, an immigration professional indicates the reasons that may lead to their visa application refusal and tries to find out ways to improve their circumstances so they become qualified. ( 9 ) Fifthly, sometimes even highly qualified candidates finally end up in dismay for want of knowledge on migration affairs or misinterpretation of Canadian migration rules. In many cases, due to unnecessary concealing of certain facts that often lead to discovery, a supposedly successful application will be rejected and the applicant's personal credibility in future ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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applications is ruined. A migration professional explains and convinces the visa officers that a person is highly qualified despite some minor factors that may be unfavorable to his application. (
  10) Sixthly, a seasoned immigration professional helps identify potential problems and provides advice in advance. An immigration professional is expected to be familiar with immigration law, she/he advises the applicant whether or not to submit certain complimentary documents, what evidence needs to be acquired to help support the cand



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