届高考模拟考试试题(英语) 浙江省舟山市定海区高中 2010 届高考模拟考试试题(英语)
本试卷分选择题和非选择两部分,共 10 页,选择题部分 1 至 9 页,非选择题部分 10 页.满 分 120 分,考试用时 120 分钟. 选择题(共 80 分) 第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  0.5 分,满分 10 分) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.
  1. I have some good news for you. You've been accepted as a member of our club. That's great! A. Good idea! B. Pardon? C. Congratulations! D. Have I?
  2. We have every reason to believe that 2010 World Expo in Shanghai will be success. A. /; a B. the; / C. the; a D. a; a
  3. Please give money if possible, people in the earthquake-stricken areas in Yushu will be able to reconstruct their homes. A. as B. and C. or D. but
  4. The pretty woman didn't choose of the coats and went away without looking at a third one. A. any B. both C. either D. all
  5. Can he take charge of the state-owned factory located in Shanghai? I'm afraid it's his ability. A. against B. within C. beyond D. of
  6. Retired French soccer player Zidane said that he happy to do something for children. A. must be B. would be C. could be D. should be
  7. When the policeman stopped us, we all looked questioningly at him, ? A. nervously and puzzled B. nervous and puzzling C. nervous and puzzled D. nervously and puzzling
  8. The thing that is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not. A. matters B. cares C. minds D. considers
  9. Could you please tell me the answer to this question? ! It is not my style to help people cheat. A. No problem B. No way C. No wonder D. No doubt
  10. .Susan, what are you talking about? I can finish writing the report on time. A. If B. When C. Whether D. What
  11. What's your opinion on the matter, please? Oh, sorry , I . A. wasn't listening B. am not listening C. haven't listened D. hadn't listened
  12. Don't be by products promising to make you slim and thin quickly. A. taken out B. taken in C. taken away D. taken up
  13. ?You seemed to be impressed by his skill.
?Not exactly so. It was his courage his skill that really impressed me. A. as well as B. rather than C. but also D. together with
  14. The head office of the computer company is in Zhejiang, but it has all over the country. A. organizations B. branches C. companies D. businesses
  15. ? Learning a language isn't easy. It takes time. ?I agree. . There's no short cut. A. All roads lead to Rome B. Rome wasn't built in a day C. Practice makes perfect D. Slow but sure wins the race
  16. with a difficult situation, Arnold decided to ask his boss for advice. A. Faced B. To face C. Having faced D. Facing
  17. Words me when I wanted to express my thanks to him for having saved my son from the burning house. A. left B. discouraged C. disappointed D. failed
  18. of the land in the district surrounded with thick forests A. Two fifth, is B. Two fifth, are C. Two fifths, is D Two fifths, are
  19. So serious that all the persons on board were killed. A. was the accident B. did the accident C. the accident was D. the accident did
  20. Don't forget to send me a short message when you reach home. , dear. A. Yes , I do . B. No, I don't C. Yes , I will. D. No, I won't 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从
  21~40 各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑. Five and a half years ago my father was suddenly rushed to the hospital for an operation. We had 21 idea that he was seriously ill until we were told that the operation did not go well. My father remained 22 . Due to the laws of our state, we were 23 to keep him on a ventilator(呼吸器) for 72 hours, though it was 24 his wish that medical treatment should stop if he was too ill. At the end of the next day, I was 25 in the waiting room and watching others walk their fathers around who had had operations. Normally, I am very happy for others that are 26 . But that evening, I guess I was a little 27 because I finally realized I would never be 28 to hold my father's hand and walk down the hall again. I had to jump up and run down the hall to 29 everyone. This was not in my nature but I just had to be alone. After running for what seemed like a long time, I went into a restroom and 30 for at least five minutes. When I came out of the stall(厕所侧间),there was a 31 by the sink(水槽). I went to 32 the water to wash my face and she came to 33 me though I didn't know her. She held onto me until I 34 stopped crying. Then she grabbed a paper towel, wet it 35 handed it to me. She looked at me, smiling, and then left. She never said one word but she 36 my heart. She taught me that you do not 37 to be a conversationalist to 38 someone who is hurt. Never 39 to hug someone who may need it. You can make a 40 in someone's life without ever saying a word.
  21. A . no B. bit C. some D. much
  22. A. unhappy B. uneasy C. unaware D. unconscious

  23. A. inspired B. trained C. forced D. forbidden
  24. A. against B. through C. for D. to
  25. A. sitting B. playing C. chatting D. reading
  26. A. walking B. recovering C. returning D. leaving
  27. A. angry B. pleased C. curious D. calm
  28. A. sure B. nervous C. able D. regretful
  29. A. catch up with B. take care of C. pay attention to D. get away from
  30. A. cried B. shouted C. screamed D. sighed
  31. A. father B. son C. stranger D. relative
  32. A. turn on B. turn off C. turn up D. turn down
  33. A. advise B. criticize C. call D. hug
  34. A. meanwhile B. suddenly C. soon D. finally
  35. A. but B. and C. or D. so
  36. A. closed B. lost C. touched D. broke
  37. A. need B. promise C. refuse D. forget
  38. A. forgive B. confirm C. excite D. comfort
  39. A. learn B. hesitate C. continue D. dream
  40. A. choice B. mistake C. difference D. decision 第二部分 阅读理解(共 25 小题:每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A,B,C, D 和 E)中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑. A As Christmas approaches, towns and cities around the UK are preparing for a very British celebration. The switching on of a town' s Christmas lights has become an increasingly competitive event over the years, with some councils (会议) spending lots of money to attract A-list famous persons to do the honors. The American singer Mariah Carey flew to London in November to switch on the lights at one of the city's biggest shopping centers, while Jim Carrey lighted Oxford Street and promoted his new film at the same time. Traffic in the historic English city of Bath was brought to a halt as thousands of fans crowded to see the Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage conducted the switching-on ceremony. Some celebrations do not go according to the plan, as was seen in Birmingham when dozens of people were injured as the famous British boy band JLS took the stage. Not all towns can afford to bring in an internationally-known star, so many switchon ceremonies are handled by ex-TV talent show competitors. Pantomime (圣诞童话剧) stars are also much in demand at this time of year, as they aim to promote their Christmas shows. But if your council hasn't got the budget to bring in a famous face, what are the cheaper alternatives? A town in the west of England chose to let the public decide by giving their suggestions online.The result: a 21-year-old DIY store worker was given the honor. "I was amazed and delighted to be asked," said Scott Parker, "it's just a special gift and not something I'd, ever thought about before."

  41. According to the passage, what kind of special celebration can you see at Christmas in UK? A.People meeting their favorite stars and getting special gifts. B.Well-known persons invited to make a performance in public. C.A-list persons lighting Oxford Street and promoting their films. D.Switching-on ceremonies that are conducted by honored persons.
  42. The underlined word "halt" in Paragraph 4 probably means "" . A.start B.stop C.ban D.run
  43. Which of the followings can be learned from the passage? A.Mariah Carey is invited to Bath to switch on the lights. B.Pantomime stars rarely appear at events like this. C.Not all those who switch on the Christmas lights can make lots of money. D.Average persons can not get a chance to switch on the Christmas lights.
  44. The following are famous persons EXCEPT . A.Scott Parker B.Mariah Carey C.Nicolas Cage D.Jim Carrey B Fat and shy, Ben Saunders was the last kid in his class picked for any sports team. "Football, tennis, cricket ? anything with a round ball, I was useless," he says now with a laugh. But back then he was the one always made fun of in school gym classes in Devonshire, England. It was a mountain bike he received for his 15th birthday that changed him. At first he went hiking alone in a nearby forest. Then he began to ride the bike along with a runner friend. Gradually, Saunders set his mind on building up his body, increasing his speed and strength. At the age of 18, he ran his first marathon. , The following year, he met John Ridgway and was hired as an instructor at Ridgway' s School of Adventure in Scotland, where he learned about Ridgway 's, cold-water exploits. Greatly interested, Saunders read all he could about North Pole explorers and adventures, then decided that this would be his future. In 2001, after becoming a skillful skier, Saunders started his first long-distance expedition (探险) towards the North Pole. It took unbelievable energy. He suffered frostbite (冻疮) , ran into a polar bear and pushed his body to the limit, pulling his supply-loaded sled(雪撬) up and over rocky ice. Saunders has since become the youngest person to ski alone to the North Pole, and he' s skied more of the North Pole by himself than any other British man. His old playmates would not believe the change. Next October; Saunders, 27, heads south from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, a 2900-kilometre journey that has never been completed on skis.
  45. What change happened to Saunders after he was 15 years old? A. He became good at most sports. B. He began to build up his body. C. He joined a sports team. D. He made friends with a runner.
  46. The underlined word "exploits" (paragraph
  3) is closest in meaning to . A. journeys B. researches C. adventures D. operations
  47. Which of the following is the correct order of the events that happened to Saunders? a. He ran his first marathon. b. He skied alone in the North Pole. c. He rode his bike in a forest. d. He planned an adventure to the South Role. A. acdb B. cdab C. acbd D. cabd

  48. What does the story mainly tell us about Saunders? A. He is a success in sports. . B. He is the best British skier. C. He is Ridgway' s favorite student. D. He is a good instructor at school. C Some say everyday miracles(奇迹) are predestined(注定的)the right time for the appointed meeting. And it can happen anywhere. In 2001, 11-year-old Kevin Stephan was a bat boy for his younger brother's Little League team in Lancaster, New York. It was an early evening in late July. Kevin was standing on the grass away from the plate, where another youngster was warming up for the next game. Swinging his bat back and forth, giving it all the power an elementary school kid could give. The boy brought the bat back hard and hit Kevin in the chest. His heart stopped. When Kevin fell to the ground, the mother of one of the players rushed out of the stands to his aid. Penny Brown hadn't planned to be there that day, but at the last minute, her shift(换班)at the hospital had been changed to see her son's performance. She was given the night off. Penny bent over the senseless boy, his face already starting to turn blue, and giving CPR, breathing into his mouth and giving chest compressions. And he revived in the end. After his recovery, he became a volunteer junior firefighter, learning some of the emergency first-aid techniques that had saved his life. He studied hard in school and was saving money for college by working as a dishwasher in a local restaurant in his spare time. Kevin, now 18, was working in the kitchen when he heard people screaming, customers in confusion, employees rushing toward a table. He hurried into the main room and saw a woman there, her face turning blue, her hands at her throat. She was choking. Quickly Kevin stepped behind her, wrapped his arms around her and clasped his hands. Then, using skills he'd first learned in Scouts. The food that was trapped in the woman's throat was freed. The color began to return to her face. "The food was stuck. I couldn't breathe," she said. She thought she was dying. "I was very frightened." Who was the woman? Penny Brown.
  49. The author wrote the passage to show us that. A. miracles are predestined and they can happen anywhere B. whoever helps you in trouble will get a reward one day C. God will help those who give others a helping hand D. miracles won't come without any difficulty sometimes
  50. Which of the following statements is True of Kevin Stephan? A. He was hit on the face by a boy and almost lost his life B. He was a volunteer



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