语文,数学,英语, 满分 50 分,语文,数学,英语,共计 90 分钟
判断每组单词划线部分读音是否相同,相同用"√"表示,不同用"×" "√"表示 一,判断每组单词划线部分读音是否相同,相同用"√"表示,不同用"×" 表示. 表示.(4') ( )
  1. watch match ( )
  5. show row ( )
  2. under hundred ( )
  6. there their touch ( )
  3. count ( )
  7. head breakfast ( )
  4. pardon quarter ( )
  8. chair school 按要求写出单词(5') 二,按要求写出单词
  1. library(复数)
  6. her(主格)
  2. knives(单数)
  7. photo(近义词)
  3. Japan(形容词)
  8. long(反义词)
  4. two(序数词)
  9. twins(名词所有格)
  5. we(名词性物主代词)
  10. cannot(缩略形式) 根据句意及首字母的提示,把句中所缺单词补充完整. 三,根据句意及首字母的提示,把句中所缺单词补充完整.(6') is the best season in a year.
  1. I think a
  2. Children's Day is on J 1st. to the teacher carefully in class.
  3. You must l
  4. I like math. How a you?
  5. It's hot here. You'd better t off your coat. is the cat? It's behind the door.
  6. W 单项选择. 四,单项选择.(10') ( )
  1. There is "h" in the word "have". A. the B. a C. an D. / ( )
  2. Give Tom and Jim some apples. Give some pears too. A. they B. them C. their D. theirs ( )
  3. CD is this? Is it , Peter? A. Who's; yours B. Who's; your C. Whose; yours D. Whose; your ( )
  4. I can't see books pencils on the desk. A. some; and B. some;or C.any;and D. any; or ( )
  5. He music. A. like listen to B. like listening to C. likes listening to D. likes listen to ( )
  6. There some books and a newspaper on the table. A. have B. has C. is D. are ( )
  7. It's very hot. Let's go . A. skate B. skating C. swimming D. swim ( )
  8. She wants to write a letter her friend America. A. to; in B. from; to C. for; in D. on; from ( )
  9. He is at English than I. A. good B. better C. best D. well ( )
  10. There're two girls in the room. is reading, is writing A. One; the other B. The one; the other
C. The one; another D. One; another 中相应的答句. 五,从 II 中选出 I 中相应的答句.(5') I II ( )
  1. Which dress is yours? A. Me too. ( )
  2. I'd like to listen to the radio. B. OK. Here you are! ( )
  3. Are you from Canada? C. It's nice, but I like the yellow one. ( )
  4. What about this red sweater? D. The blue one. ( )
  5. Show me your new bag. E. No, I 'm from England. 根据要求完成句子,每空一词. 六,根据要求完成句子,每空一词.(10')
  1. My brother dose his homework at school. (改一般疑问句) your brother his homework at school?
  2. It's seven fifteen now.(改同义句) It's a seven now.
  3. The man in blue is a doctor. (对划线部分提问) man is a doctor?
  4. I can see some birds in the tree. (改否定句) I birds in the tree.
  5. The girl is behind the tree. She is Ann. (将两句合并为一句) girl behind the tree Ann. 阅读理解. 七,阅读理解.(10') Christmas Day December 25th is Christmas Day. It is one of the most important festivals in the West. All the people come back to their homes to have the day with their parents or children. On Christmas Day, bells ring everywhere. The ringing bells tell people Christmas is coming. People sing and dance day and night. They have a good time. People always begin to get ready for (为……做准备) Christmas Day two or three weeks before it comes. Most families buy a Christmas tree for their children. And there are some presents hanging (悬挂) from the tree here and there. Parents often put presents in children's stockings (长筒袜). In many places, Father Christmas brings many presents to children. He is a kind-hearted man in red clothes. Of course, there is not really Father Christmas in the world. ( )
  1. Christmas Day comes on . A. December 25th B. December 24th C. November 25th ( )
  2. tell people Christmas is coming. A. Father Christmas B. The ringing bells C. Parents ( )
  3. Parents often hang many Christmas presents on for their children. A. Christmas stockings B. Christmas trees C. the ringing bells ( )
  4. Parents are usually getting ready for Christmas Day before it comes. A. free B. busy C. sad ( )
  5. It's very for you to give presents to others on Christmas Day. A. generous B. selfish C. bad
振华初一英语水平测试题答题纸 20
判断下列每组单词划线部分读音是否相同, "√"表示 "×"表示 一.判断下列每组单词划线部分读音是否相同,相同用"√"表示,不同用"×"表示.(4') 判断下列每组单词划线部分读音是否相同 相同用"√"表示,不同用"×"表示.
  8. 按要求写出单词(5') 二. 按要求写出单词



根据句意及首字母的提示, 三.根据句意及首字母的提示,把句中所缺单词补充完整.(6') 根据句意及首字母的提示 把句中所缺单词补充完整.
  2. J
  3. W
  4. a
  5. t
  1. a 单项选择. 四.单项选择.(10') 单项选择 1~5 __ __ __ __ __ 中相应的答句. 五.从 II 中选出 I 中相应的答句.(5') 从 1? ( ) 2? ( ) 3? ( )

6~10 __ __ __ __ __
4? ( )
5? ( )
根据要求完成句子, 六.根据要求完成句子,每空一词.(10') 根据要求完成句子 每空一词.
  5. 阅读理解. 七.阅读理解.(10') 阅读理解






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