职称英语总复习(课文、语法、模拟) Test 1
  1. Please tell me . A. who is he B. who he is C. whom is he
  2. is most remarkable about the building is its energy-efficiency. A. That B. What C. That
  3.English by people, not computers. A. is invented B. was invented C. invents D. was invited
  4. It was because the manager was ill we decided to put off the meeting. A. when B. after C. that
  5. its benefits and its growing popularity, green architecture is still the exception. A. Desperate B. Despise C. Despite
  6. No bread eaten by men is so sweet as eaten by his own labor. A. one B. this C. that D. it
  7. Write down the first thing comes to mind. A. that B. it C. which D. What
  8. Too many warnings of danger can make a child feel . A. incompetent B. incorrect C. indifferent D. independent
  9. Many a person read the novel. A. have B. are C. has D. is
  10. , the crops would be saved. A. Was it to rain B. Were it to rain C. It was to rain D. If it will rain
  11.The continent of Antarctica was as as the moon. A. remote B. removal C. remove
  12. Think of a better world it would be. A. that B. what C. it
  13. Mobile office has provided people with working environment. A. convenient B. conventional C. conversation D. conversion
  14. I don’t care you like the plan or not. A. if B. as if C. whether D. when
  15. It was the third time that the boy late. A. has been B. had been C. was D. is
  16. He was seenfootball on the playground. A. play B. plays C. to play
  17. By this time next week, we a meeting. A. will have B. are having C. will be having
  18. The Club has the lowest of the suits. A. rank B. rate C. range
  19. I need to be there my grandchildren grow up. A. as B. where C. when D. while
  20. There are patches of rock here and there. A. bare B. spare C. dare D. care
  21. As a typical example of green architecture, what is most about the building is its energy-efficiency. a. remote b. remarkable c. resemble
  22. I know that on this night they me with great pride. a. look for b. look into c. look down on
  23. leads, by contrast, to hopelessness, sickness and failure, and is linked to depression, loneliness a. Optimism b. Pessimism c. poverty
  24. I believe in the supreme worth of the individual and the of happiness. a. pursuit b. purpose c. purchase
  25. I believe widest usefulness are to be found in living in with his will. a. harmony b. hardship c. harbor
  26. While having some money does have an on our level of happiness. a. impact b. import c. impression
  27. Invest your time and energy in people. The payoff is much bigger happiness! a. in charge of b. in place of c. in terms of
  28. Blogs can also be a good of information. a. source b. resource c. course
  29. Put things back you found them and your own mess.
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a. where…clean up b. that… clear away c. where…carry out
  30. Mobile1 office is the product of economic, scientific, and social progress. a. mature b. mutual c. mixture
  31. Users' living standard and working will certainly be immensely . a. affection…risen b. efficiency…raised c. application…raised
  32. The whole country with little red hearts. a. break into b. break away c. break out
  33. When two couple go out together, it's called dating. a. trouble b. double c. couple
  34. You didn't listen to your father's words enough to hear and remember them. a. closely b. close c. clear
  35. Without warning, other thoughts have your mind. a. taken on b. taken over c. taken in
  36. It is difficult to satisfactorily words you didn’t hear. a. respond…on b. respond …at c. respond…to
  37. You can’t blame your father being irritated. a. on b. for c. to
  38. You are unable to fully what he is saying. a. compete …with b. concentrate…on c. connect…with
  39. The ice is less than it was perhaps 1,000years age. a. accumulation b. accustom c. accommodation
  40. The Antarctica treaty all areas. a. applies for b. applies in c. applies to
  41. English was invented by people, and it the creativity of the human race. a. reflects b. reform c. refuse
  42. 30St Mary Axe without a computer model to specify the exact shape of glass panels. a. can’t been built b. will not be built c. couldn’t have been built
  43.The three-dimensional modeling presentations. a. was used to prepare b. used to prepare c. was used to preparing
  44. Most of I really need to know about how to live and what to do. a. that b. what c. if
  45. Don’t take things that aren’t . a. your b. you c. yours
  46. Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the plastic cup all die. . a. So can we b. So we do c. So do we
  47. Put things back we found them. a. that b. which c. where
  48. mobile office and WAP technology, people can do their work anywhere anytime. a. Using b. to use c. Used
  49. Some of the best things a city has to offer can be found by mistake. a. which b. what c. that
  50. you have, it brings you joy. a. The much, the little b. The more, the more c. The more, the less
  51. You need to understand makes you happy in the first place. a. that b. why c. what
  52. Not till he got home that he had lost his keys. a. did he realize b. does he realize c. he realized
  53. They rushed over to help the man. a. his car…broke down b. which car…breaks down c. whose car…had broken down
  54. he will come is not clear. a. What b. If c. whether
  55. We heard the news our team had won. a. which b. that c. what
  56. you come earlier, you would have met him. a. will b. did c. had
  57. This book is worth. a. to read b. to be read c. reading
  58. Great changes since you left. a. have taken place b. have been taken place c. took place
  59. The meeting , everyone tired to go home earlier.
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a. gone over b. went over c. had gone over
  60. any letter from him, I gave him a call. a. Not receive b. Not receiving c. No reveiving
  61.Tom kept quiet about the accident his job. a. so as not to lose b. so as not to losing c. so not to lose
  62. Though she sat in the classroom, she couldn’t help her sick. a. to worry about b. worry about c. worrying about
  63. She pretended me when I passed by. a. don’t see b. not to see c. not see
  64. Why together? a. don’t play b. don’t to play c. not play
  65. They made me the medicine. a. to take b. take c. taking
  66. If I have a choice, I my studies at this school. a. had sooner not continue b. had not sooner continue c. had sooner not to continue
  67. Linda has gone to work, but her bicycle is still here. She by bus. a. has gone b. must have gone c.will go
  68. I must work hard, I’ll fail in the exam. a. and b. so c. or
  69. We need not do it again, ? a. don’t we b. do we c. need we
  70. The poet and writer to our school. a. has come b. have come c. are coming
语言点: 语言点:
Automobile car In motion At rest -able Wear out Against Charge for Be in charge of Base Basis bases pl. Be based on Far farther further Stay up late into night Set up= establish Take turns Completely=thoroughly Get along well with sb. Resist the temptation Stand bear tolerate Maintain Find fault By mistake Count on Count for nothing
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Come about = bring about Bring forth = come up with Insist on = persist in Take on a new look Name after Ignorant Ignore = take no notice of Deny Reject= refuse=decline Given that Be supposed to do Nor Rarely= hardly = scarcely Seldom Feel like doing Want to do The more, the better. More and more important Warmer and warmer Get sth. Done Have sth. Done Need to be done = Need doing Do with = deal with The next time The moment As soon as Hardly when No sooner…than Be willing to Willingness If Must Can’t It is the first time that Insist, suggest, advise, order that Iron Steel The majority of Enduring dure
(should) do
各课综合题 各课综合题

  1. Yet it has been proved that most of us are guilty one to nine bad listening faults. A from of B of from C in from D from in
  2. Pessimism leads, , to hopelessness, sickness and failure
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A. by contact B. by contrast C. by contrary D. by compare
  3. He grew up goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack. A. to herd B. herding C. hearing D. hurting
  4. Green architecture, a term only came into use in the 1990s, has its origins in the energy crisis of the 1970s. A. what B. when C. which D. while
  5. Did you make to Tom for his loss? A. mend B. mind C. amends D. amend
  6. No matter how old you are, when you go out into the world, it to hold hands and stick together. A. would better B. had better C. be better D. is better
  7. Some of the best things that a city has to offer can be found mistake. A. because B. in C. by D. on
  8. That doesn’t mean you keep my your eyes the whole evening! A closing B closed C to close D to closing
  9. Ethanol and methanol have important advantages other carbon-based alternative fuels. A on B over C by D with 10 The next time you do a card trickremember that you are history. A played with B playing with C playing on D played by
  11. After22 years of marriage, I’ve discovered the secret of love and alive in my relationship with my wife. A keeping, intimacy B keep, intimacy C keeping, intimate D keep, imitating
  12. They are the principles which my father believed and which he governed his life. A on, on B by, by C in, by D in, in
  13. Vehicles only the simplest of the engine improvements that methanol makes feasible would still contribute to an immediate lessening of urban air pollution. A incorporating B corporate C operating D cooperate
  14. People income is about US$50000 a year are more likely to be happy. A. who B. which C. when D. whose
  15. Visit the city’s tourism office, which will provide other information. A. invaluable B. value C. valuation D valueless
  16. Nevertheless, we believe that with technical progress, Mobile office will make your career . A. impacted B. unimportant C. unimpeded D. impatient
  17. Similar standards have been in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. A. adapted B. adopted C. adjusted D. added
  18. His parents are both now. A. passed away B. passed by C. passed down D. passed to
  19. Many studies suggest that the pessimist's feeling of helplessness the body's natural defenses, the immune system. A. understands B. mines C. undertakes D. undermines Too many "don'ts" and warnings of danger can make a child feel incompetent, fearful-and .
  20. A. optimistic B. positive C. pessimistic D. pessimism
  21. You are unable fully on listening. A to contribute B to concentrate C to conclude D to concern
  22. My father was a foreign student, in a small village in Kenya. A. born and raising B. be born and raised C. born and raised D. born and rising
  23. a large office, for example, the combination of green design techniques and clever technology can reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. A. In case B. In that case C. In no case D. In the case of
  24. But if we explore its , we find that quicksand can work slowly. A. parade B. paraphrases C. paragraphs D. Paradoxe
  25. It would be a better world if we all with our blankets for a nap. A. lay down B. laid down C. lain down D. lied down
  26. Many cities have that most tourists don’t know about. A. measures B. treasures C. treaty D. tissue
  27. Those have five or more close friends are more likely to be happy. A. who B. which C. when D. whose
  28. On the other hand, alternative fuels do have . A drawbacks B setback C drawer D backward
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29 These are the principles alone a new world recognizing the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God can be established. A for which B in which C upon which
  30. The club looks a little like a three-leaf design. A cover B clover C color D column
  31. time with my mother has taught me the importance of . A Spend, slowing down B Spent, slow down C Spending, slowing down
  32. The other woman my wife was me to date is my mother, a 72-year-old widow who has lived since my father died 20 years ago. A encourage, lonely B encouraging, alone C encouraged, alone
  33. The world owes no man but that it owes every man an opportunity . A a living, make a living B life, to live. C a living, to make a living
  34. All of these alternatives are carbon-based fuels molecules are smaller and simpler than those of gasoline. A which B who C what D whose
  35. This means they each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. A think about B think of C look of D thought of
  36. The combustion of larger molecules, have multiple carbon-carbon bonds involves a more complex series of reactions. A whose B where C who D which
  37. Maybe love make the world go around. A does B do C doing D has done
  38. Sometimes I think all the English speakers should to an asylum for verbally insane. A. be permitted B. be omitted C. vomited D. be committed
  39. The traditional approach of trying to construction costs, by contrast, can lead to higher e



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   对于上班族来说,总有一些外语情结--学英语是有用的,扔了可惜,但毕业好几年了,捡又 不知从哪儿开始。那么上班族到底该怎样学英语呢?又有什么样的方法和窍门? 大多人学英语是多次放弃、重来;再放弃,再重来。开始都是怀着积极的心态,投入到英语 学习的战斗中去。然而,学着学着,就感觉要"坚持"不住了,想要放弃。开始总是找不到解 决的办法,为此而郁闷。后来才发现解决这样的问题其实并不难。 要学会精神转移 在英语学习的过程中,感到枯燥乏味,信心不足的时候,不要强迫自己往下学,因为从你 ...


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