重庆大学版 高一(
  1) 高一 Unit 5
Challenge yourself
Read the passage and try to guess the meaning of the following words
fade washer wardrobe back pocket bonfire nail 褪色 洗衣机 衣橱 后裤兜 篝火 钉子
Skimming Skim the text and write down the topic sentence for each paragraph
Paragraph 1: How I bought my favorite
Paragraph 2: They are still my favorite
though they are faded and old.
Paragraph 3: How I killed my favourite special jeans. Paragraph 4: I kept my promise that I had got my Mom’s money worth.
Complete the information about the author’s jeans.
The new jeans
I tried on a couple of jeans, but I fell in love with the blue jeans as soon as I put them on. Although they were a little expensive, I decided to buy them.
The faded jeans
Because I liked wearing the jeans, they became more faded and were wearing worn. However, I still liked them best.
The broken jeans
The next year, they were wearing through under the right back pocket, so my mom repaired them, and I continued to wear them for another six months or so.
I jumped down from the old shed in my garden, but a nail caught the patch. There were such a big rip that they were killed.
Scan the text and discuss the answers with your partners.

  1. Why is the word “over-wore” in quotation marks? How do you understand it? The author herself liked the jeans so much that she didn’t think she has worn the jeans too often, so the word “over-wore” is quoted.

  2. How do you understand the word “killed” in the last sentence of Paragraph 3? “Killed” used here shows that the author had considered her jeans which were lifeless as her best friend.

  3. How do you understand the sentence “I could tell my mum that I had gotten her money worth!” Though the author couldn’t wear her jeans any more, what made her feel a little

  4. How do you understand the word “special” in the title? “Special” here means being different from other trousers. For example, she fell in love with them the moment she tried them on;
she still wearing them most though the relieved was that the expensive jeans were worth buying. are faded and worn, she still kept them in her wardrobe though they were beyond repair.

  5. What adjective do you think of to describe the girl’s character? (suggested) The adjectives are: active, cheerful and brave etc. The story told by herself suggested these.
Language points

  1. It was sometime in April of 20
  07. 那是 2007 年 4 月的一天 某时; ※ sometime adv.某时;某天 某时 Come and see me sometime next week.
辨析】 ※ 【辨析】sometimes, sometime, some time sometimes为 有时” sometimes为“有时”, sometime 过去或将来)某时” 表“(过去或将来)某时”,指 的是时间点。 的是时间点。some time指 指
“一些时间”、“相当长的时间指时间 一些时间” 一些时间 段(=a period of lime)。有时也可指” 。有时也可指” 某天"、 某个时候” 某天 、“某个时候”。 e.g.:
  1) Sometimes I see him in the street. (有时 有时) 有时
  2) I’ll buy a fur hat sometime. (将来某时 将来某时) 将来某时
  3) I’ll be away for some time. (一段时间 一段时间) 一段时间
【练习】 练习】 She wondered if she could have the opportunity to spend here so that she could learn more about the city. A. sometimes C. sometime B. some time D. some times

  2. I tried on a couple of pairs that fit okay, but they were nothing special. Then I tried on a pair of “Silver Tab” blue jeans.
我试穿了好几条, 但都没什么特别的。 我试穿了好几条 但都没什么特别的。 这时, 我试穿上了一条Silver Tab牌的 这时 我试穿上了一条 牌的 蓝色牛仔裤。 蓝色牛仔裤。 ※ try on I went to the tailor's to try on my new suit. Do you like them? Try them on.
※ a couple of 一双;若干;几个 一双;若干; The young couple seems/seem to be happy. (夫妇 夫妇) 夫妇 We walked a couple of miles. (几英里 几英里) 几英里 辨析】 ※ 【辨析】a couple of, a pair of a pair of 是指一定是配对的东西“一对 是指一定是配对的东西“一对; 一双” 一双”;
如 a pair of shoes/trousers/glasses而 而 a couple of 不 一定是配对的东西。 一定是配对的东西。 Not every couple is a pair. 成双未必能配对。 成双未必能配对。
【练习】 练习】 ① ?What do you want from the shop, Karen? ? Oh, I just need some toothpaste and . A. a little bit of other things B. a couple of other things C. a little of some other things D. some other little things or two
②I found a of socks in the bedroom, but they didn’t make a . A. pair; couple B. pair; double C. couple; pair D. couple; twice

  3. They were slightly faded but I fell in love with them the moment I put them on. 这一条牛仔裤有点泛白, 这一条牛仔裤有点泛白 但我在穿上 的那一刻就喜欢上了它! 的那一刻就喜欢上了它!
褪色; ※ fade vi.褪色;凋谢;渐渐消失 褪色 凋谢; Will the color in this material fade? 这块料子会褪色吗? 这块料子会褪色吗? These flowers begun to fade after they were out. 这些花剪下来不久就凋谢了。 这些花剪下来不久就凋谢了。
Her youth and beauty faded suddenly. 她的?春和美丽突然消失了。 她的?春和美丽突然消失了。 vt.使褪色 使褪色 The sunlight faded the wallpaper. 阳光使墙纸褪色了。 阳光使墙纸褪色了。
※ fall in love with sb./sth. 恋爱; 与…恋爱;爱上 恋爱 I fell in love with her at first sight. 我对她一见钟情 ※ the moment 一…就… 就 (as soon as). He turned red the moment he saw me. 他一看见我,脸就红了。 他一看见我,脸就红了。
归纳】 ※ 【归纳】 类似这样有联结作用的名词还有: 类似这样有联结作用的名词还有: the minute, the first time, the instant, the second, next time, last time, each time, the time, every time 等。
※课文中笫二段也有一个相似的句子: 课文中笫二段也有一个相似的句子 Each time I took them out of the washer, I noticed they looked more and more faded and they were wearing thin”
※其他例句: 其他例句:
  1)Please bring me something nice to ) eat next time you come.
  2)The instant I saw him I knew he was ) my brother.
  3)The first time he met the beautiful ) girl, he fell in love with her.
练习】 ※ 【练习】 ① The baby starts crying he sees his mother. A. which C. the moment B. as early as D. soon
  2) She will come to call on you the minute she her work. A. has finished B. had finished C. finished D. will finish36
※ put on 穿上;装出;?加(体重等) 穿上;装出;?加 体重等 体重等) Put on your coat before you leave home. 离家之前, 把外套穿上。 离家之前 把外套穿上。 He put on air of importance. 他装出神气的样子。 他装出神气的样子。 She has put on some weight. 她的体重长了。 她的体重长了。
【辨析】 辨析】 have on,put on,wear, dress , , 这四个动词都有“ 这四个动词都有“穿”的意思, 但用法不同。 的意思 但用法不同。 have on和wear表状态 put on表动作 表状态, 表动作, 和 表状态 表动作 dress既表状态,也表动作。此外, dress只 既表状态,也表动作。此外 既表状态 只 用于穿衣服, 用于穿衣服 而have on, put on, wear则可 则可 广义地用于穿衣服、袜子、鞋子 广义地用于穿衣服、袜子、鞋子, 戴帽 子、手套、眼镜等。 手套、眼镜等。
wear还可用于佩戴手表、首饰、徽章以 还可用于佩戴手表、首饰、 还可用于佩戴手表 及留头发、胡须等。e.g. 及留头发、胡须等。
  1)What’s Jim wearing? )
  2)I can dress (get dressed) in a minute. )
  3)She dresses (is dressed) in black today. )
  4)She always has her red shoes on. )
  5)The lady was wearing a pair of white ) gloves (glasses, a gold ring, a new watch, etc.) at the ball that night
【练习】 练习】 ① your coat at once. We must hurry. A. Wear C. Put on B. Have on D. Dress
② They are going to the boy in new clothes and take him to the park. A. dress C. have on B. wear D. put on

  4. I didn’t even bother to try on the other three pairs I had picked out. 我甚至不再费事去试穿我已挑出的 另外三条。 另外三条。 费心;麻烦, ※ bother vt. /vi. /n. 费心;麻烦,打扰
  1) Don’t bother me with silly questions. (用… 麻烦 打扰某人 (vi.) 用 麻烦.打扰某人 打扰某人)

  2) Don’t bother (yourself) about such trifles. (为… 而费心 烦恼 而费心,烦恼 烦恼)(vt. / vi.) 为
  3) I had no bother (in) finding your house. (做… 一点也不费劲 (n.) 一点也不费劲) 做
挑选(=choose);找出 ※ pick out 挑选 ; (=distinguish) e.g.
  1) She picked out the shoes that match the dress. (挑选 挑选) 挑选
  2) Can you pick out your brother in this crowd? (找出 找出) 找出

  5. If there was one thing in my wardrobe that I “over-wore”, it would have to be those jeans. 如果在我的衣柜里有穿得过于频繁 的衣服的话, 当属那条牛仔裤了。 的衣服的话 当属那条牛仔裤了。
为定语从句, ※ that I “over-wore”为定语从句,修 为定语从句 饰 one thing ※ over-wear v. 穿得过多 前缀over- 可表 前缀 ①“过度的 太多的 ①“过度的;太多的”(=too much) 过度的 太多的” 如: overeat, overwork
② “在… 上面;全面地 超越” 在 上面;全面地; 超越” (=above,outside , across )如: , 如 overhead, overseas 翻倒(= 翻转, ③ 翻倒 reverse) 如:overturn翻转 翻转 overthrow推翻 推翻

  6. Each time I took them out of the washer I notice they looked wearing thin... ?次从洗衣机里拿出这条牛仔裤,我 ?次从洗衣机里拿出这条牛仔裤 我 都会发现它的颜色越来越浅,而且裤 都会发现它的颜色越来越浅 而且裤 子变得越来越薄… 子变得越来越薄 ※ washer = washing machine
注意( );留 ※ notice vt. & vi.注意(到);留 注意 意(到) 到 e.g. Did you notice her new dress? He was noticed breaking open the window.
辨析】 ※ 【辨析】notice, note 这两个词均有“注意到”“注意” 这两个词均有“注意到”“注意” ”“注意 之意, 其基本含义相同, 之意 其基本含义相同,但在用法 上有些区别。 上有些区别。 相同之处: 都可用名词、 相同之处 都可用名词、that或wh或 从句作宾语。 从句作宾语。
e.g. Please note that the bill must be paid within ten days. Did you notice whether I locked the door?
不同之处: 后可接不带to的不定 不同之处 notice后可接不带 的不定 后可接不带 式或分词作宾补, 无此种用法。 式或分词作宾补,而note无此种用法。 无此种用法 e.g. Did you notice me leave the house? At this moment she noticed Jackson coming in. 此外, 此外 note指“用心观察或仔细注 指 则可指无意识的行为。 意”, 而notice则可指无意识的行为。 则可指无意识的行为 e.g. Note his words. I didn’t notice your parents.
【练习】 练习】 ① Did you notice the boy the ball and away? A. took; run B. taking; run C. Take; run D. to take; to run ② Please that the debt must be paid back within 30 days. A. notice B. observe C. realize D. note
磨损; ※ wear vi. 磨损;穿旧 e.g. His trousers are worn (thin) at the knee. The wave has worn the rock smooth. 海浪把岩石磨平了。 海浪把岩石磨平了。

  7. However, that didn’t matter to me and I still wore them. 但我并不在意,我仍然穿着它 但我并不在意 我仍然穿着它 ※ however
  1) conj. 然而;但是 然而; ① Certainly he apologizes. However, I won’t forgive him.
② He said that it was so; he was mistaken, however.
  2) adv.无论如何 无论如何(=no matter how) 无论如何 ① However hot it is, he will not take off his coat. ② You cannot catch up with a car, however fast you run.
【注意】 注意】 however与but意义相同 但however是 与 意义相同 意义相同, 是 较正式的说法。 位于句首 位于句首, 较正式的说法。but位于句首 however可置于句 首、句末或句中, 可置于句 句末或句中, 并用逗号分开。 并用逗号分开。
【练习】 练习】 ① My name is Robert, most of my friends call me Bob for short. A. then C. however B. instead D. but
②It may be possible or not; , we shall see. A. but C. whatever B. however D. how
③ much advice I gave him, he did exactly what he wanted to. A. How C. However B. Whatever D. No matter
对人而言)重要 ※ matters v. (对人而言 重要 有重大 对人而言 重要, 关系(通常用于疑问、否定句) 关系(通常用于疑问、否定句) What does it matter to you? 这对你来说有什么重大关系吗? 这对你来说有什么重大关系吗? It doesn’t matter to me whether she is pleased or not. 他是不是高兴对我来说无关紧要。 他是不是高兴对我来说无关紧要。


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