英杰小升初英语能力测试( 英杰小升初英语能力测试(0
  02) 小升初英语能力测试 )
学校 姓名 得分 单词辨音(5×1’=5’) ( )
  1. A. name B. cake C. grape D. map ( )
  2. A. good B. look C. room D. classroom ( )
  3. A. usually B. music C. plus D. student ( )
  4. A. year B. here C. there D. ear ( )
  5. A. her B. driver C. November D. brother 二、词汇(10×1’=10’)
  1.have (第三 人称单数 )
  2.tooth(复数 )
  3.meet (同音词 )
  4.woman (复数)
  5.babies (单词)
  6.no (同音词)
  8.watch (复数)
  10.older (反义词) 三、英汉互译(10×1’=10’)
  1. 儿童节
  2. look the same
  4. have a chat
  6..a map of the world
  8. visit your relatives and friends
  10. have the same hobbies 四、根据首字母填写下列单词 (5×1’=5’)
  1. The w in black is Miss Li.
  2. Mrs White has two daughters, Lily and Lucy. They were born(出 生 ) on the same day. They are t.
  3. The 10th of September is T Day.
  4. There is a football m every Friday.
  5. The sun is a c. 五、单项选择(15×1’=15’) ) (
  1.May got a Chinese book. A. is B. has C. have ( )
  2.This is Mr Li's room. room is clean. A. He B. Her C. The ( )
  3. any bags in the classroom.. A. There are B. Is there C. There aren't ( )
  4. A: Have you got any books? B:. A. Yes, I have got. B. No, I haven't. C. Yes, I am. ( )
  5.Those are . A. apple tree B. apple trees C. apples trees ( )
  6.There some water on the table. A. be B. are C. is
( )
  7.He many good friends in London. A. there are B. have C. has ( )
  8.?I’m sorry I can’t play a computer game. ?Don’t worry. I’ll you. A. speak to B. play C. show ( )
  9.It is cold today. You must your coat. A. take off B. put on C. pick up ( )
  10.He can run as as his brother. A. fast B. faster C. farther ( )
  11.They are in different . A. class B. a class C. classes ( )
  12.Would you like after you finish the school? A. a teacher B. be a teacher C. to be a teacher ( )
  13.She to school at 6:40 every day, but yesterday she to school at 7:
  00. A. goes, goes B. goes, went C. went, goes ( )
  14.She likes , but she doesn’t doing housework.. A. cooking, likes B. to cook, to like C. cooking, like ( )
  15.Monkeys are good trees. A. climb B. in climbing C. at climbing 六、用动词的正确形式填空(5×1’=5’) 1 . Can you (make ) a paper plane for me ? 2 . Do they like (swim) ?
  3. Look ! My sister ( play ) with the toy cars .
  4. They are (try) (follow ) the orders.
  5. Yang Ling (not watch ) TV every day. 七、介词填空(5×1’=5’)
  1. It’s half past six in the afternoon. It’s time supper, boys and girls.
  2. Excuse me, what’s this English?
  3. Kick it him, please.
  4.The keeper points the sign.
  5. Open it me, please. 八、连词成句(5×2’=10’)
  1. the, read, in, don't, library, please .
  2. black, all, like, I, at, don’t .
  3. can, do, I, for, what, you ?
  4. drink, like, something, you, to, would ?
  5.Yang Ling , about, newspaper , yesterday ,French , in , read , the , in , the , afternoon, girl 九、改错(选出有误的单词,并在横线上写出正确的答案。 ) (5×2’=10’)
  1.( ) I like taking photo.
  2.( ) She can speak English good.
  3.( ) There were lot of trees in the park.
  4.( ) What do you do last week?
  5.( ) It means you shouldn’t making noise here. 十、阅读理解(10×2’=20’) (一)判断正误,正确的用 T 表示,错误的用 F 表示
Two American went to Spain(西班牙) for their holiday. One day they went to a little snack bar for lunch. They didn’t know Spanish(西班牙语), and the waiter didn’t know English. They wanted some milk and fish. They said the word “milk” to the waiter again and again, but the waiter couldn’t understand them. At last one of the Americans took out a piece of paper and began to draw a cow. When he finished the picture, the waiter looked at it and ran out of the snack bar. With a smile on his face, the American said to his friend, “You see, a pen can help you.” The waiter was back a few minutes later, but he brought in no mike. He put down in front of the two men tickets for a bull-fight(斗牛). ( )
  1. Two Chinese went to Spain for their holiday. ( )
  2. They didn’t know Spanish, but the waiter knew English. ( )
  3. One American took out a piece of paper and drew a cow. ( )
  4. When he finished the picture, the waiter looked at it and went out quickly. ( )
  5. The waiter understood the two men’s meaning. (二)选择正确的答案 The Lion and the Mouse Once a great lion was sleeping. A little mouse came and ran over his face. The lion awoke(醒来) and caught the little mouse in anger(生气), and was going to kill(吃掉) her. “ Oh, dear kind(善良) Lion!” Said the little mouse. “ Please forgive(放过) me. Let me go. I shall return(回报) your kindness.’’“ Ha, ha, ha,’’ laughed the lion. “ How can a little thing like you help a great lion?’’ “ Thank you very much, kind Lion! I hope I shall be able to do you a good return some day,’’ said the little mouse. Some day, the lion was caught in a trap. Just then the little mouse came along. At once she ran up to the lion, and said, “ You were very kind to me once. Now I'll save(救) your life, and repay(回报) you the kindness.’’ Soon she gnawed the ropes of the trap with her sharp(锋利的) teeth, and the lion was happy to be free(自由) again. “ Thank you, little Mouse!’’ said the lion, and he walked away. ( )
  1.This lion was a lion. A. bad B. kind C. small D. little ( )
  2.This mouse this lion’s life. A. didn’t save B. saved C. killed D. gnawed ( )
  3.The mouse gnawed the ropes of the trap with A. her sharp teeth. B. her big mouth C . her strong legs D. her sharp paw ( )
  4.The lion was happy because . A. he ate a mouse B. he was free again C. the mouse was so kind D. he helped the mouse ( )
  5.What is the Chinese meaning of “trap”? A.绳索 B.猎枪 C.捕猎夹 D.陷阱 十一、写作(5’) (不少于 5 句话。 My father )



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