复旦附中英语练习汉译英 复旦附中英语练习 汉译英 100 句及参考答案
  1.我们大家深受感动,结果把所有的零用钱都给了那个穷男孩。 We were all so moved that we gave all our pocket money to the poor boy.
  2.他们夜以继日地工作,为了能按时修建起这座大桥。 They worked day and night so that they could build the bridge on time.
  3.我认为买一本大的英汉词典很有必要。 I think it necessary to buy a big English-Chinese dictionary.
  4.他的话听起来很合理,但是我们不知道他是否说了实话。 What he said sounded reasonable, but we wondered if he had really told the truth.
  5.我们宁可步行也不愿意挤乘这么拥挤的公共汽车去学校。 We would rather go to school on foot than push our way into the crowded buses.
  6.他说什么并没有关系,重要的是他怎么干。 It doesn't matter what he says. What is important is how he works.
  7.碰巧我带着一张上海地图,因此没有迷路。 It so happened that I had a map of Shanghai with me, so I didn't get lost. 8 这己不是我第一次来上海了。我第一次来上海时对所见所闻都觉得有趣。 It's not the first time that I have visited Shanghai. When I came for the first time, everything I saw and heard seemed interesting to me
  9.除非你说实话,否则你不会得到我们的帮助。 You won't get our help unless you tell us the truth.
  10.你打个电话给她,她马上就会把你所需要的东西送来的。 Call her and she will immediately bring you what you need.
  11.像那样谈论是没有用的。我们必须制定一个计划,然后加以实施。 It's no use talking like that. We must make a plan and realize it.
  12.你真好,提醒了我有个重要的会议。 It's so kind of you to remind me of the important meeting.
  13.当我们听到他被选为队长的消息,我们禁不住欢呼起来。 We couldn't help cheering up when we learned the news that he had been made captain.
  14.如果有必要,我会请人把剩下的票都买下来。 If necessary, I'll have the remaining tickets bought
  15.只要你让我管这个孩子,我就会让他用功。 So long as you let me take care of the child, I' II make him work hard.
  16.任何不守规则的人都要受到惩罚。 Anyone who doesn't obey the rules will be punished.
  17.他们一定挺忙的,因为他们必须准备考试。 They must be very busy, as they have to prepare for the test.
  18.你一定丢失了什么东西,不然不会看起来这么焦虑。 You must have lost something, or you would not look so worried.
  19.据报道,那个国家的军队正在攻击其邻国。 It is reported that the forces of that country are attacking its neighbouring country.
  20.你真幸运,你的数学老师被认为是全校最好的老师。 You are really lucky to have that maths teacher, who is regarded as the best in the school.
  21.直到所有的病人都得到了治疗,医生才离开他的办公室。 The doctor did not leave his office till all the patients had been treated.

  22.随着上海的发展,上海人民的生活条件已大为改善。 With the development of Shanghai, people' s living conditions have been greatly improved
  23.有老师们的帮助和鼓励,学生们的进步越来越大。 With the teachers' help and encouragement, the students are making greater and greater progress
  24.我从未看到过这么激动人心的足球赛,它比我想象的精彩得多。 I've never watched such an exciting football game. It is much more wonderful than I expected.
  25.只有当你理解领会了这种知识,才能把它记住。 Only when you understand this kind of knowledge, can you learn it by heart.
  26.他们来上海已经一个半月了,但至今还未找到工作。 It is already one month and a half since they came to Shanghai, but so far they haven't got jobs.
  27.过了一个月他才回家,结果他的叔父已经离开了。 It was a month before he returned, only to find his uncle gone.
  28.请把书刊放回原处。 Please put the books and magazines where you took.
  29.“有志者事竟成”这是一条常见的英语谚语。 "Where there is a will, there is a way," which is a common English proverb.
  30.我们除了等待进一步的消息外什么也干不了,尽管我们并不愿意那么做。 We could do nothing but wait for further information, though it is not what we wish to do.
  31.但愿我能给你一点帮助,但事实上我自己也只能依靠别人。 I wish that I could help you, but in fact I myself have to depend on others.
  32.如果你坚持要我一个人去,我愿惹服从你的命令。 If you insist that I should go alone, I will obey your order.
  33.我希望我所有的学生都能进入他们想进的大学。 I hope all of my students will enter the universities where they wish to study.
  34.要是当初你听了张老师的劝告,你就不会惹上这麻烦. If you had followed Mr. Zhang's advice at that time, you could have avoided the trouble.
  35.虽然他已是班上最好的学生,但是他仍不满足于自己的成绩。 Though he is already a top student in the class, he doesn't feel satisfied with his achievements.
  36.看到孩子们手拿鲜花走进大厅,我们全都站了起来。 Seeing the children entering the hall with flowers in their hands, we all stood up.
  37.不仅是老人容易患心脏病,许多年轻人也可能因患心脏病而病倒。 Not only are old people likely to suffer from heart trouble, but many young people may be down with that disease too.
  38.不看电视我们也能知道世界大事。我们可以通过看报来获得信息。 Without watching television we can also know what is going on in the world. We can get information by reading newspapers.
  39.你要成功,就必须抓住每一个机会。 If you want to be successful, you'll have to catch hold of every chance that comes to you.
  40.不会好好利用时间的人是不可能大有作为的。 Those who can't make good use of time will not be very successful.
  41. 学好一门功课是费时间的 。你不要期望在短期内创造奇迹。 It takes time to learn a subject well. You can't expect to make wonders in a short time.
  42.我的家乡发生了这麽大的变化,我都快认不出来了。 Such great changes have taken place in my hometown that I can hardly recognize it.

  43.在外出旅行前,你最好先弄清楚你可能要花多少钱。 Before you go on a journey, you'd better make it clear how much money you are going to spend.
  44.尽管他自己有麻烦,但仍旧时时为别人着想。 He thought about others all the time in spite of his own trouble.
  45.他没有出席她的生日晚会,因为他必须在天黑之前回到学校。 He didn't attend her birthday party as he had to get hack to school before dark.
  46.由于上课缺席,他没能学会怎样解这些习题。 Being absent from class, he didn't learn how to work out the problems.
  47.他对实验结果大为失望,只能从头再做一次。 Greatly disappointed in the result of the experiment, he had to start from the beginning again.
  48.他读完这些小说后,立即将它们归还图书馆。 Having read the novels, he returned them to the library at once.
  49.这女孩太虚弱了,还不能下床走动。照医生的说法,她至少还得卧床一周。 The girl is too weak to be up and around. According to the doctor, she will have to lie in bed for at least one more week.
  50.如果你没有她的地址怎么写信给她呢?我记得给过你她的电话号码的。 How could you write a letter to her without her address? I remember giving you her telephone number.
  51.无论什么时候你有困难,都可以找我帮忙。 Whenever you are in need, you can ask for my help.
  52.王老师看上去比他实际年龄小,但他的年龄是我的三倍。 Mr Wang looks younger than he really is, but he is three times as old as I.
  53.由于缺少经验,他不大可能成功。目前他应该先向有经验的同志学习。 He is not likely to succeed as he doesn't have enough experience. What he should do is to learn from the experienced comrades.
  54.你不必假装什么都懂,这里没有一个人会笨得受你蒙骗。 You don't have to pretend to know everything. Nobody here will be foolish enough to be fooled by you.
  55.你应该做给她看怎么操作电脑,而不应该取笑她。 You should show her how to operate the computer instead of laughing at her.
  56.看起来老实的人并不一定始终老实。 Those who look honest are not always honest.
  57.上个月造好的桥已经通车了。 The bridge built last month is already open to traffic
  58.即将竣工的地铁将是上海最重要的工程之一。 The subway to be completed soon will be one of the most important projects in Shanghai.
  59.由于不知道如何回答老师的问题,约翰不敢坐下。 Not knowing how to answer the teacher's question, John did not dare (to) sit down.
  60.所有在事故中受伤的人都被送进了医院,在那儿接受很好的照料。 All the people injured in the accident were sent into the hospital, where they were taken good care of.
  61.在房间角落里啼哭的姑娘,曾经是我校最优秀的学生之一,但她这次考试却失败了 The girl crying in the comer of the room had been one of the best students in our school, but this time she failed in the exam.
  62.使河流变清不是件容易的事,但我们的政府已经下定决心要清除污染。 It's not easy to make the river clean again, but our government has made up its mind to get rid of the pollution completely.

  63.如果你觉得站在室外太冷,可以进屋去。但我宁可留在室外。 You can stay inside if you feel it cold to stand outside, but I prefer to stay outside
  64.他们迁入的房屋多漂亮啊! 我相信那幢房子值很多钱。 What a nice house they have moved into! I believe the house is worth a lot of money.
  65.他们的新房子离市中心很远,但是比他们原先住的房子舒服多了。 Their new house is quite far from the center of the city, but it is much more comfortable than the old one in which they used to live.
  66.他站在车站上直到火车看不见了才离去。 He stood at the station until the train was out of sight
  67.听了这个坏消息,我们不禁痛哭起来。我们为失去这么一位好朋友而难过。 At the bad news, we couldn't help crying. We were sorry to have lost such a good friend.
  68.我们没有预料到这个姑娘有勇气出国去学习。 We did not expect that the girl would be brave enough to study abroad.
  69.难道你不认为这样和你的老师说话是不礼貌的吗? Don't you think it/it's rude of you to talk to your teacher like that?
  70.由于原材料比以前昂贵,所以产品也涨价了。 As the material is more expensive than before, the price of the products has to be raised.
  71.年轻人犯错误是很自然的,我们都应该从失败中学习。 It is quite natural that young people are likely to make mistakes. We should all learn from our failures
  72.他们一次又一次地试验,直到成功为止。 They made one experiment after the other till they succeeded.
  73.请你们一个一个地进来。你们一次只能借两本书。 Please come in one by one. You can each borrow two books at a time.
  74.只有少数学生出国,其他的都进了上海的各所大学。 Only a small number of the students went abroad, and the rest of them entered different universities in Shanghai.
  75.妇女干得和男子一样多,所以应该得到同样的报酬。 The women did as much as the men, so they should be paid as much too
  76.我所知道的就是这些,还能说什么呢? This is all I know, what else can I tell you?
  77.只过了几分钟,敌人又开始发动进攻了。 It was only a few minutes before the enemy made another attack.
  78.在这样愉快的环境中学习一定是既有趣又有效。 It must be both interesting and effective to study in such pleasant surroundings.
  79.他们遇上了二十年来最严重的洪水,但没有一个人挨饿受冻。 They met with the most serious flood in twenty years, but none of them suffered from hunger and cold.
  80.如果你不满足他们的要求,他们会不断抱怨的。 They will keep complaining till you meet their needs.
  81.你将来做什么样的工作完全取决于你,希望你不会后悔你作出的选择。 It's up to you what kind of job you are going to take. I hope you will pot regret making your choice.
  82.你学了几年英语?你讲起英语来就好像你真是个美国人呢。 How many years have you been learning English? You speak English as if you were a real American
  83.这里不允许抽烟。要抽烟的人请到室外去抽。 Smoking is not allowed here. Those who would like to smoke will have to smoke in the open air.
Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to our health, but why don't so many people stop smoking?
  85.他被辞退的原因是因为他不能说流利的英语。 The reason why he was fired was that he couldn't speak fluent English..
  86.在本世纪,凡是不会使用电脑的人不能做办公室工作。 In this century those who can't use the computer will not be able to work in an office.



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