Chinese people learning English difficult and a solution
  1. Real life, there is no need to use English, lack of motivation to learn.
  2. There is no English-speaking environment. Just by teaching, and few opportunities to speak, took to the streets or go home do not have English lessons to practice without any possibility of things.
  3. Second, how can we have in English a chance? Opportunities to use English in the 'read' and 'listen'. Here the word 'read' and 'listen' means 'written language' of the 'read' and 'listen'. Read books online in English, listening to the radio, watching English television programs are not necessary for one English speaking environment. Once the breakthrough 'read off' and 'listening off', will come in handy.
  4. Third, how to make English learning becomes a pleasure to do?
  1. First of all learning materials should be interesting and useful.
  2. Learning materials are fun, useful, students have the final say. Students should be given opportunities to select learning materials.
  3. The students choice, should help students to choose lower cost (time, difficulty)
  4. Students choose learning.
  5. Students free to determine the learning time.
  6. The teacher to give prompt advice and guidance.
  5. Fourth, learn how to quickly progress?
  1. Learning to be happy.
  2. Teaching again in the new words to students before the memories. In other words, complex words should be repeated now, but should resume before the memories of students are. In addition to training centers, Wuhan Linguaphone break the traditional teaching mode, using natural absorption, environmental approach, relatively realistic environment for students, making learning fun, easy to learn English 英语教学的启示
  1..Constantly stimulate and strengthen the interest of students and guide them gradually into a stable interest in the motivation to enable them to establish self-confidence, develop a harmonious, healthy and progressive character. This approach to training motivation, in essence, the role of the learning activities through interest into the needs of the students themselves, students strong intrinsic motivation to learn, so that students feel the fun in learning activities. Therefore, selection of teaching to try to have fun, to lively lectures, student activities should be varied so that students in the happy, relaxed, fun environment to learn. English learning motivation natural high.
  2..Understand and meet the needs of students, motivation for learning generation. Should pay attention to the needs of students, particularly the psychological needs of students, through observation, investigation, talking method approach to understanding the needs of students and many of the characteristics of the problems and needs of students are given due is reasonably necessary to meet, by taking a few means of strengthening and training to enable students to master a range of cognitive and behavioral strategies, so that internalization, the formation of consciousness, firmness, self-control, perseverance and other learning quality.
  3..Provide opportunities for students self-efficacy. Regardless of the motivation of
the students was how the state, teachers should concentrate their efforts on teaching so that students learn, learn, learn from the successful start to help students establish a positive self-concept, so that students experience success, taste learning the sweetness, relying on effective teaching performance to enhance the motivation of students. Individual differences for students, so that each student can experience success and satisfaction to assert themselves. Therefore, when evaluated on their students, not only by group standards, but should the individual progress as indicators of success.
  4..To help students fully understand English value. The motivation to do things as individuals and reflects the value of the act are inextricably linked. Unless students feel that learning English is valuable, they will not pay the price. Therefore, in teaching to help students set up in the correct beliefs and ideals, lost no time in use of various forms, especially combined with the content of this field of teaching effective education so that turned into a powerful motivation for learning, promote student learning behavior toward the lofty goal of Endeavour scheduled.
内在性动机: 内在性动机:D 对英语及说英语国家的文化感兴趣 E 本身对语言感兴趣 工具性动机: 为找份好工作,得到更高收入 工具性动机:C 为找份好工作,得到更高收入 F 便于同外国人交流 被动性动机: 为了应付各类英语考试, 被动性动机:A 为了应付各类英语考试,如四六级及考研 B 社会竞争所迫,不得不学 社会竞争所迫, G 其他原因,并请说明 其他原因,
Intrinsic motivation: D to English and English-speaking countries, cultural interest E itself is interested in language Instrumentality: C to find a good job, get a higher income F to facilitate exchange with foreigners Passive motivation: A test to cope with all kinds of English, such as 46 and Kao Yan B social competition have been forced to learn G other reasons, and please indicate
大学生学习英语被动性动机比重最大, 这个结果与学习英语态度比较消极的调查 大学生学习英语被动性动机比重最大, 结果是一致的, 动机被动则学习态度必然不可能积极. 结果是一致的, 动机被动则学习态度必然不可能积极. 度必然不可能积极 动机调查的结果可以说是
预料之中的,因为真正对英语感兴趣或日常生活中用到英语的大学生并不多. 预料之中的,因为真正对英语感兴趣或日常生活中用到英语的大学生并不多.
Students motivated to learn English passive largest share, the result compared with a negative attitude towards learning English is consistent with the findings of motivation is a passive attitude towards learning can not necessarily positive. Motivation results of the survey can be said to be expected, because the real interested in English or use English in everyday life are not many college students
几个方面的困难,并提出相应的对策. 几个方面的困难,并提出相应的对策. 词汇量大,识记困难.纵观各单元的单词,少则四五十个,多则六十个 第一 ,词汇量大,识记困难.纵观各单元的单词,少则四五十个,多则六十个 以上,一周下来,单元学习已经结束,相当一部分学生只记住了多则一半, 以上,一周下来,单元学习已经结束,相当一部分学生只记住了多则一半,少不 过三分之一的单词.词汇学习存在 见其形不能读其音 读其音不能想其形, 见其形不能读其音, 过三分之一的单词.词汇学习存在"见其形不能读其音,读其音不能想其形,观 其形不能晓其意"的问题. 其形不能晓其意 的问题. 的问题 第二, 语法知识枯燥,运用困难.众所周知,语法知识比较枯燥, 第二, 语法知识枯燥,运用困难.众所周知,语法知识比较枯燥,但是中国人 学习英语,摒弃语法,只能使学习停留在低层次的状态. 理解难, 学习英语,摒弃语法,只能使学习停留在低层次的状态.语法学习中 "理解难, 理解难 运用难,稀里糊涂 . 运用难,稀里糊涂". 第三, 课文篇幅长,理解困难.相对于初中阶段的课文, 第三, 课文篇幅长,理解困难.相对于初中阶段的课文,高一的课文就显得很 长,许多旧单词已经忘记了,而新单词数量有很大,这给学生理解课文带来了很 许多旧单词已经忘记了,而新单词数量有很大, 大的困难,阅读课文时只能逐字逐句理解翻译 使很多学生失去了阅读的兴趣. 大的困难,阅读课文时只能逐字逐句理解翻译,使很多学生失去了阅读的兴趣. Several difficulties, and proposed countermeasures. First, large vocabulary, memorizing difficult. Throughout the unit of words, as little as 45 10, as many as 60 over the week, unit learning has ended, a considerable number of students only remember as many as half, less one third of the word, however. Vocabulary exist "are reflected in its shape can not read its sound, its sound can not be read to its shape, its shape can not dawn view of its meaning" of the problem. Second, the grammar boring, difficult to use. As we all know, more boring grammar, but Chinese people learn English, get rid of grammar, only to learn the state remained at a low level. Grammar learning "difficult to understand, difficult to use, confusedly." Third, the text to its length, to understand the difficulties. Compared to junior secondary texts, high and one of the text becomes very long, many of the old word has been forgotten, but a great number of new words, which the students bring a great understanding of the text difficult to read the text word for word when the
only understand the translation, so many students lose interest in reading.
  1.原来英语基础较差,缺乏学习英语的信心.带着恐慌焦虑的心态上课,无法集中 精力,容易走神,从而妨碍了学习主观能动性的发挥.
  2.有语言交际恐惧心理,怕羞,课堂回答问题怯场,生怕闹笑话,担心老师批评 和同学讥笑,因而引起脸红,慌乱和焦虑.
  3.一次次的英语考试不及格,一次次地遭受失败的痛苦折磨,久而久之,养成了 习惯性的"失败感","自卑感",面对挫折,萎缩不前,对英语学习失去了兴趣.
  4.由于情意系统的障碍,形成了消极的学习行为习惯,懒于研究学法.在整个学 习过程中,总是处于被动应付的状态,影响英语学习的效果和语言认知能力的发展. 有的同学虽然学了几年英语,但总是入不了门,从而对英语学习由难学而怕学到厌 学进而弃学.
  5.不同程度地存在性格偏差,人际关系不协调.过于敏感,十分注重别人对自己 的看法.对英语教师有畏惧心理,从而在英语的教与学之间形成了障碍,实行自我 封闭.
  6.缺少理想和积极的生活目标,有较严重的自卑,自暴自弃等消极的自我概念. 部分英语学习困难生身上反映的不只是英语知识水平的缺陷, 更重要的是人格缺陷. 学习英语是需要动力的,而英语学习困难生正缺乏这种动力.
  1. The original basis of poor English, lack of confidence in learning English. With panic anxiety of mind class, unable to concentrate, easy to follow God, and thus impede learning to play the initiative of
  2. A language communication fear, shy, stage fright classroom to answer questions for fear of absurd, critics worry that the teachers and students laugh, which caused the face, panic and anxiety .
  3. Time and time again failed the English exam, time and again suffered the pain of suffering defeat, over time, developed a habit of "failure", and "inferiority complex", the face of setbacks, not shrinking before lost interest in learning English.
  4. Affective system as obstacles to the formation of a negative study habits, lazy Studies Act. During the whole learning process, always in a passive state meet, the effect of English learning and language cognitive development. While some students learn English for several years, but always unable to enter the door to learning English difficult to learn and be afraid to learn from the weariness and then leave school.
  5. Varying degrees of personality problems, interpersonal discord. Too sensitive, attaches great importance to the views of others on their own. English teachers fear, and to the teaching and learning in English between the obstacles, self-enclosed.
  6. A lack of vision and positive life goals, have more serious inferiority complex, such as negative self-concept give up on themselves. Some English students with learning disabilities who reflects not only the shortcomings of English knowledge is more important is the personality defects. Need motivation to learn English, but English students with learning disabilities is the lack of such power.



   小学生学习英语常见问题及解决办法 一、 发音问题:小学生是英语初学者,鉴于在语言方面的学习天份不同,有的同学大 脑语言中枢发育优秀,学习发音时,丝毫不感觉吃力,发音也很准确;而有相当一部分学生 感觉模仿发音出奇得费力。即使免强发出了音,也不是很准确。这是语言天赋的差异,是与 生俱来的。发音吃力的孩子,在小时候学说话时,往往也比其他孩子晚。而且语言没其他孩 子丰富。那么语言先天不足,如何去弥补呢?只有通过多听、多读来强化自己的语言能力。 只要你能坚持每天多听、多朗读,你也一样会取得满意的学习效 ...


   英语听力学习困难的 原因及解决办法 ??一项基于元认知理论的研究 ◆陈向荣 (湖南商学院.湖南长沙) 【摘要】英语听力学习困难的主要原因是由于元认知水平不高,体现在:(1)不能很好地预期或计划自己的学习;(2)不能自觉地使用有效 的学习方法;(3)缺乏对学习的有效监控;(4)缺乏对学习的某个阶段及完成之后的评价及反思习惯。为此,在实际教学中,可以运用以 下策略帮助学生们解决:(1)加强学习策略或方法的指导;(2)加强学习过程中的监控调节训练;(3)注重学习完成后的评价和反思。 【关键词】元认 ...


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   浙江万里学院学报 15 卷 第 1 期 第 2002 年 3 月 Journal of Zhejiang Wanli University 文章编号 :1671 - 2250 ( 2002) 01 - 0104 - 03 Vol. 15 No. 1 Mar. 2002 外籍教师英语教学的特点 , , 优势 问题及解决办法 邢沛玲 ( 浙江万里学院外语系 ,宁波 315100) 摘 : 文章从教学法 , 要 课堂管理及教师形象等方面分析了外籍教师在中国英语 ...


   中国人学英语发音的最大误区 世界上的文字有千千万万种,但粗分起来有两大类,一类是拼音文字(如英语),它的 文字形态是由若干个字母连接在一起来组成文字,另一种文字是象形文字(如汉语),它的文 字形态是由几何图形来组成文字,文字的样子就像是一幅幅画。 世界上的大语言里,汉语是唯一的象形文字,日语是唯一的象形文字与拼音文字组合 的文字,而其他语言(如英语、法语、俄语、德语等)就一律都是拼音文字了。 不知你是否相信我这样一个观点:拼音文字是比象形文字简单得多的文字。 你去过中药铺没有?是否有这样的印 ...


   中国人学英语的困境及我们的 16 字方针 英语是什么? Life is a game that we have to play, English is a language that we have to learn. 英语是什么东西? 英语就是力量,英语就是品位,英语就是格调。英语的普及 程度成为衡量一个不发达国家是否愿意融入世界主流体系的尺度,同时是这些国 家中产阶级和体力阶层的划分。 随着全球化进程的加快,英语已经成为世界上最强势的语言。 英语在 45 个国家是官方语言,世界三分之一的 ...


   初中英语口语教学现状分析以及解决策略 作者:许秀芳 来源: 发布时间:2007-04-21 点击量:872 【摘要】2005 年佛山市初中英语口语考试工作在 3 月中旬结束,结果反映出教学中仍然存 在一定的问题。 本文主要通过教与学的过程中存在的一些问题, 探索初中英语口语训练的方 法与策略。 【关键词】初中英语 口语现状 训练策略 一、存在问题分析 1、教学方面 近几年来,较发达城市的小学都开设了英语课程,在游戏中学、在活动中学,在以听说 为主的教学模式下,培养了一大批"英语小天 ...


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   英语学习 这篇文章非常长,但个人认为写的非常好,建议分十几次看完。我已经看了好几遍, 这篇文章非常长,但个人认为写的非常好,建议分十几次看完。我已经看了好几遍, 但觉得仍是没有研究透。好东西不敢独专,发给大家共享之。 但觉得仍是没有研究透。好东西不敢独专,发给大家共享之。当然文章中的观点不一定全 部正确,但有些说的确实有道理,欢迎大家各抒己见。 部正确,但有些说的确实有道理,欢迎大家各抒己见。 1 ○ 学好英语非常重要。因为英语的已经成了事实上的全球通用语言, 学好英语非常重要。因为英语的已 ...



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