2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题五?句子翻译 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题五? 考点一、根据中文补全句子 (2010 江苏省宿迁市五、根据所给汉语完成下列句子,每空词数不限 ,满分 10 分)
  61. 迈克敲了敲门,但没有回应。 Mike ▲ the door, but there was no answer.
  62. 昨天这位医生为病人做手术了吗? Did the doctor ▲ the patients yesterday?
  63. 我认为用毯子扑灭火是个好方法。 I think it’s a good way to ▲ the fire with a blanket.
  64. 林先生今天早上乘公交车上班而不是步行。 Mr Lin went to work by bus ▲ walking this morning.
  65. 我和妹妹合用一间卧室。 I ▲ a bedroom ▲ my sister. 【答案】
  61. knocked at/on
  62.operate on/do(perform/carry out) an operation on/do(perform/carry out operations)
  63. put out
  64.instead of
  65.share, with (20
  10.江苏省盐城市五、写作 A 根据所给提示将下列各句译成英语。 (共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分)
  81、还是孩子时她就对表演产生了兴趣。 She acting she was a child.
  82、在过去的十年里,中国发生了巨大变化。 Great changes in China .
  83、他非常聪明,总想到一些好主意。 He is to some good ideas.
  84、我认为父母在日常生活中一定要严格要求孩子们。 I think parents must their children.
  85、参加篮球比赛能给我们提供学习团队精神的机会。 Playing basketball games can with chances . 81 has been interested in since 【 答 案 】 82 have taken place in the past years 83always clever enough come up with 84be strict with in daily life 85provide us to learn team spirits (20
  10.四川省自贡市 第一节:汉译英 每空 1 分,满分 10 分) 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。将答案答在答题处。
  86.每天傍晚,我妈妈喜欢看杂志。 My mother likes every evening.
  87.今年因为干旱,蔬菜价格增长了 10%。 Because of drought,the prices of vegetables have 10% this year.
  88.无论这道题有多难,我都将尽力把它解出来。 how difficult the problem is ,I will try my best to work it out.
  89.我在 2010 年上海世博会上遇见了一位奇怪的人。 I a person in World Expo 2010 Shanghai.
  90.在玉树地震中,很多故事深深地感动了我们。 We were by many stories in YuShu earthquake. 【答案】86 reading; magazines 87risen; by 88No; matter 89met; strange 90 deeply; moved
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(2010?湖北省荆州市, Ⅶ.,
  10) 根据括号内的汉语和句末括号内的英语单词提示完成句子。 例:When we(起床)early in the morning, it was still dark.(get) 答案:got up
  61.The teacher says he (擅长)listening and speaking.(be)
  62.Li Ming is a funny boy because he loves(讲笑话).(tell)
  63.The sports shows(将推迟)because of the rain.(put)
  64.Now you (已长大),you should act like a man.(grow)
  65.I didn’t know(你是否取得进步)last year.(make) 【答案】
  61. is good at
  62. to tell / telling / jokes
  63. will be put off
  64. have grown up
  65. if you (had) made progressB 根据所给汉语和句子意思,用英语补全句子。
  1. We have (更多的空余时间)for our hobbies now.
  2. You’d better(不戴太阳镜)in the room.
  3. Mr.Wu is patient enough to spend lots of time (为我们讲 解) 【答案】
  3.more spare time
  4.not wear sunglass
  5.explaining things to us (2010?福建省福州市,Ii,
  5)根据中文提示,用所给词组的适当形式填空,每空一词。 (每 小题 1 分,共 5 分)
  81.Look! Some kids are (放风筝)on the beach.
  82.Mrs.Brown is always (对……严格要求)her child in the study.
  83.Nowadays ,more and more people like going to work (步行)
  84.Let’s remember our friendship and keep our dreams alive (永远)
  85.On National Day, (成千上万) people go to Tian’ anmen Square and watch the national flag go up. 【答案】
  81.flying kites
  82.strict with
  83.on foot
  84.for ever
  85.thousands of (2010?湖北省黄石市,Ⅺ.,
  86. 他家的日常开支占总收入的 30%。 The everyday expense 30% of the total income of his family .
  87. 当我到达时,我发现很多人正躺在沙滩上。 I found that many people on the beach when I arrived there .
  88. 优质产品总是畅销的。 Products of good quality always .
  89. 学生应该独立完成作业。 Students should finish their homework .
  90. 我不知道我们国家过去是否举办过世博会。 I don’t know whether EXPO in our country in the past . 【答案】
  86.makes up
  87.were lying
  88.sell well
  89.by themselves
  90.was held (2010?广西省定西市,五,
  6.对许多外国人来说使用筷子是很难的。 It’s for many foreighners use Chinese chopsticks.
  7.我每天步行去学校只需 10 分钟。 It only me ten minutes to to school every day.
  8.公园很近,为什么不肯走在去呢? The park is quite near, go threr on foot?
  9.他们总是让我等很久。 He always makes me a long time.
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  10.你介意我把门打开吗? Would you my the door? 【答案】
  6. hard?difficult,to
  7. takes,walk

  8. why not
  9. wait for
  10. mind,opening
  14)阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内 的英语单词完成句子,并将答案写在答题卡上的相应题号后。 (注意:只写答案,试题的其 它内容不得抄入答题卡)
  66. What are you going to be (你长大了)? I’m going to be a basketball player . (when)
  67. Ann is only five years old . She is (太小而不能上学).(too)
  68. I (数学学得好) this term than I did last term . (do)
  69. Would you (不要把音乐的声音调大了)? My baby is sleeping . (mind)
  70. It’s a bad habit to (开着灯睡觉). (with)
  71. Why not consider (给他提供信息) about student exchange programs ? (provide)
  72. Do you know the boy (被那个大学生救起的)? Yes , he’s my classmate . (who) 【答案】
  66.when you grow up
  67.too young to go to school.
  68.did better in math
  69.mind not turn up the music.
  70.to sleep with the lights on.
  71.providing him with information
  72.who was saved by the college student. (2010 广西南宁八、情景交际 ,共 5 分) (2010?广东省,五,
  10)根据所给的汉语内容,用英语完成下列句子。 (每空只写 一词)
  71.从广州开车到清远需要多长时间? to drive from Guangzhou to Qingyuan? How long does 答案:it take.
  72. 如果你晚上早些睡,早上就不会感觉疲惫。 You go to bed earlier at night, you won’t in the morning. 答案:If be tired
  73. 到处湿漉漉的。天气真糟糕! 答案:how bad
  74. 我经常请教音乐老师怎样才能够弹好钢琴。 I often ask my music teacher play the piano well. 答案:how can I
  75. 昨天的会上问了很多问题。 Many questions at yesterday’s meeting. 答案:were asked.
  6) 1
  06. 无论你遇到什么困难都要充满自信。 You should be full of whatever difficulties you meet. 1
  07. 在春节吃饺子是中国的传统习俗。 Eating dumplings in spring festival is a Chinese custom. 1
  08. 你本应该完成作业,但是你没有。 You should your homework, but you didn’t. 1
  09. 红十字会给遭受洪水的人们提供了一些食物和衣服。
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People suffered from the flood were provided some food and clothes by the Red Cross. 1
  10. 他说等她一回来就把礼物送给她。 He said that he give her the present as soon as she came back. 【答案】1
  06. self-confidence / confidence 1
  07. traditional 1
  08. have finished/done
  09. with 1
  10. would
  10)第三节 根据下列句子的汉语意思和英文提示,完成句子; 第三节 根据下列句子的汉语意思和英文提示,完成句子; 每空一词。 (满分 每空一词。 满分 10 分;每小题
  0.5 分) (
  81. 水太脏,我们不能饮用。 The water was dirty drink.
  82. 这部电影太滑稽了,它告诫人们不要抽烟。 This film is really , which advises people to
  83. 我们必须保护好这些树木,让它们不遭火灾。它们已有三百年历史了。 We must the trees fire. They are three years .
  84. 她在中国所见到的情景使她感到惊奇。 She at
  85. 我总是认为学好英语很重要。 I always think important English . she in China. .
  81. too, for, us, to
  82. fun, give, up, smoking
  83. protect, from, hundred, old
  84. was, surprised , , what , saw 85 it , to , learn , well.
  66. 我们知道昆明一年四季都很暖和。 We know the weather is warm round in Kunming.
  67. 最后我们算出了那道数学题。 We the math problem in the end.
  68. 孩子们,请随便吃水果。 Boys and girls,
  69. 明天下雨怎么办? it rains tomorrow?
  70. 为什么不找她谈一谈呢?
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to some fruit.
Why a talk with her?
  66. all year

  67. worked out
  68. help yourselves
  69. What if

  70. not have
  10) 将下列句子译成英语,并将所译句子写在答题卡
  76.Why not go fishing with us?
  77.My Chinese teacher often encourages me to read more books.
  78.He was playing the piano at this time yesterday.
  79.It’s very important for young people to learn team spirit.
  80.If it rains tomorrow, we’ll do our homework at home.
  4)I 将下列句子译成英语。必须用上所给提示词。 (每小 题 2 分,共 4 分) 1
  11、我妹妹长着一张圆脸。(have ,round) 112 上周五汤姆病了,因此他没有去上学。(be ill,so) 【答案】1
  11.My sister has a round face. 1
  12.Tom was ill last Friday, so he didn’t go to school.
  8) A: Hi! You look unhappy. (
  78) ? B: I got very bad news from the News Report. It happened in Jiangsu Province. A: What was it? B:A crazy man entered a kindergarten and wounded(杀伤) 31 persons, including kids and teachers. A: (
  79). Something must be done to keep schools safer. B: Right. (
  80) when I grow up. Police can protect them from being hurt. A: I think that’s a good choice. (
  81) if you want to be a policeman? B: I am going to study harder and exercise every day to be stronger. A: Oh, cool enough! I wish your dream come true. B: Thank you. 【答案】
  78.What happened to you / What’s the matter / What’s wrong / Anything wrong/ What’s your trouble / What’s up
  79.That’s terrible / That’s too bad / Bad enough/(I am) sorry to hear that/ How terrible
  80. want/wish/plan/hope/would like to be/become a policeman/I’m going to /will be a policeman I
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  81.What are you going to do / How are you going to do that / What’s your plan (2010?山东省滨州市,八,
  91. 学英语最好的方法是尽可能地多说。
  93. 没有人知道将来会发生什么事。
  94. Liu Ying is not as good at sports as her sister.
  95. Maybe when I leave school I’ll think about becoming an English teacher rather than a tour guide! 【答案】
  91. The best way to learn English is to speak as much as possible.
  92. Could you tell me where the new bus stop of Binzhou is?
  93. No one knows what will happen in the f



   1 稍等一会儿,我会帮助你的. (for a while)Just wait for a while and then I'll help you. 句型:祈使句, and / or 主语+谓语… 如:请尽早做出决定,不然你会坐失良机.(or) Please make your decision as early as possible, or you'll miss the golden chance. 2 他们作了自我介绍.(introduce) They introduced them ...


   翻译策略 1) 分句法 把原文中一个单词或短语译成句子,使原文的一个句子分译成两个或两个以上的句子。 或干脆把原文的一个句子拆开,译成两个或两个以上的句子。 例 1 八月中旬,修理组人员在骄阳下工作。 译文: It was in mid-August,and the repair section operated under the blazing sun.(一个单句 拆分成了一个并列复合句) 例 2 他为人单纯而坦率。 译文: He was very clean.His mind was ...


   六年级英语句子翻译练习 U1 班级 姓名 1. 这个标志表示什么意思? 它表示的意思是禁止吸烟。 . 这个标志表示什么意思? 它表示的意思是禁止吸烟。 What this sign ? It . 2. 我可以去公园吗?不,你不能。你应该回家了。 你不能。你应该回家了。 . 我可以去公园吗? I go to the ? No, . You go . 3. 杰克只有四岁,但他总有许多问题。 . 杰克只有四岁,但他总有许多问题。 Jack is only , but he always . ...


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   1。去年我爸爸许诺:如果我在考试中取得好成绩,她就带我去度假。 。去年我爸爸许诺:如果我在考试中取得好成绩,她就带我去度假。 Last year Father promised to take me on a holiday if I did well in the exam . 2. 大家都认为杰克是个非常聪明的孩子,因为他考试总是很好。 大家都认为杰克是个非常聪明的孩子,因为他考试总是很好。 Jack is considered very smart, for he has always ...


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   1,不管将来会怎样,我们都应该对自己有信心. Whatever the future will be like, we should have faith in ourselves. 2,他躺在路旁,头部受到严重损伤. He lay on the roadside with his head badly damaged. 3,他是一名推销员,卖些家庭药品,香料或诸如此类的东西. He is a salesman, selling home remedies, spices or someth ...


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   1、 On this area of the sea, the pandas like to drink tea with peas in soda.在 海里的这个地区,熊猫们喜欢就着苏打碗豆喝茶。 2、 And the Oceanian militias like to go to cafeteria via the peninsula with a formula of dramas.而大洋州的民兵则喜欢经过半岛,带着编剧本的公式上餐厅去。 3、 T### are extra opera ...



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   Ing-form as Predictive, Attributive and Complement How to and what to about ing-form 更多资源xiti123.taobao.com 更多资源 I. ing-form作表语的两种不同含义: 作表语的两种不同含义: 作表语的两种不同含义 a. 动名词作表语,表示主语的内容是什么。如 动名词作表语,表示主语的内容是什么。 His job is looking after the children. 他的工 作是照看 ...


   2009 中考英语形容词和副词考点专练 2009-01-22 11:56 来源:网络 作者:佚名 [打印] [评论] 一、选择最佳答案填空 1. I have never seen her sister . A. ago C. often B. before D. sometimes 2. “ do you go swimming?” “Once a week.” A. How often C. How fast B. How long D. How soon 3. It‘s we last ...


   一、根据句意和汉语注释,在空格上写出单词的正确形式(10 分) 1、These swim suits are those 2、His job is 4、English is 5、 (喂)animals. (称的重量) it. .(广泛地) used. (老鼠)can be seen everywhere in the old room. (编辑) in that press. (高度) can’t go into the cinema by themselves. (微笑的) face. ( ...