初三英语外研社(新标准)中考一轮复习??九年级上( 初三英语外研社(新标准)中考一轮复习??九年级上(M1-M
  3)同步练习 ??九年级上 ) (答题时间:45 分钟)
  1. When and where to build the new school . A. is not decided B. are not decided C. has not decided D. have not decided
  2. The shopkeeper said they the shoes . A. have sold out ; in my size C. had sold out ; for my size A. didn’t forgot; told B. sold out ; of my size D. had sold out ; in my size B. don’t forget; tell

  3. Mother said to Mike," I hope you what I you to buy." C. won’t forget; have told D. haven’t forgotten; will tell *
  4. ?Who told you to clean the windows???Father .He said they are too dirty. A. told B. did C. had told D. has told C. will see; will go C. were working D. was talking D. are inviting D. see; will go D. had worked *
  5. If you him tomorrow, please ask him if he to work on the farm with us. A. see ; goes A. have worked A. talk A. invite A. tell B. talked B. invited B. told B. will see; goes
  6. I first met Lisa three years ago when we at a radio station together. B. had been working C. is talking C. will invite
  7. Mr. Green to the manager now. You’d better call him later.
  8. They her to the party, so she was very happy.
  9. If I find his phone number, I you. C. will tell B. works B. was taken B. played D. have told D. worked D. took D. are playing
  10. She as an animal trainer since 20
  03. A. has worked A. is taken A. play better. A. makes B. will make C. made D. has made D. cleans
  14. The room , but now it's dirty again. A. was cleaned A. came B. is cleaned C. cleaned
  15. My sister has worked as an engineer since she back from the United States. B. had come C. comes D. has come
  16. ?John, what was your sister doing while you the piano? ?Oh, she with toys. A. played, played C. were playing, played A. cleaned B. cleans B. played, was playing D. were playing, was playing C. has cleaned D. is cleaning C. will work C. takes
  11. The sick boy to hospital by the police yesterday.
  12. ?What do you often do after school??I basketball with my friends. C. will play
  13. The English people are sure that the 2012 London Olympics the city environment

  17. ?What’s your father doing now? ?He the room
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  18. Tom will call me as soon as he home. A. gets B. has got B. live C. got D. will get D. has lived D. was raining D. is built D. isn’t raining
  19. Rose came to Beijing in 20
  02. She here for eight years. A. was living A. rains A. builds A. won’t rain C. will live C. is raining C. was built
  20. It heavily when I left the cinema. B. will rain B. built
  21. The road last year.
  22. The children will go to the park if it tomorrow. B. didn’t rain C. doesn’t rain
  23. ? How was your weekend in Paris??Great! We a good time there. A. have B. are having C. will have D. had
  24. ?Where is Mr. Read??He to the wash room. A. goes A. listen A. is made A. prepare B. will go C. was going C. listened C. made D. has gone D. am listening
  25. Don’t turn off the radio. I to the news. B. have listened B. makes B. prepared
  26. This camera is nice. It in China. D. make a special dinner for my grandpa now. D. will prepare
  27. Today is Father's Day. My mother
C. is preparing

  28. Tina and her parents to England for sightseeing last summer. A. go B. went C. will go D. have gone *
  29. A Disneyland Park (迪士尼乐园) in Shanghai Pudong New Area in the near future. A. builds B. has built C. will build D. will be built *
  30. ?How long you a fever? ?Ever since last night. A. have, got 二、完形填空 Denny Crook was a famous photographer. He traveled all over the world, taking pictures for magazines and newspapers, and won many prizes. “I’ll do anything to get a good photo,” he often said. “I’ll go anywhere at any time, even if it is (
  31).” And he told the (
  32). He had photos of earthquakes, forest fires, floods and even wars. If something interesting happened, Denny went to photo it. He was a married man and his wife often asked him to take her with him, but he always (
  33).“I’ll travel for my work, not for (
  34),” he told her . “You won’t enjoy yourself, and I won’t have (
  35) to look after you. Sometimes there’s not even anywhere to (
  36), and I have to sleep outside. I often don’t have a good (
  37) or a bath for days. You won’t like it.” “Denny, I’m not a child,” his wife didn’t (
  38). “I can look after myself. Please take me with you the next time you go overseas.” Denny did not say anything, but he (
  39) about it, and when he was asked to go to Africa he said to his wife, “You can come to Africa with me if you want to. I’ve got to take photos of wild
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B. have, had
C. have, caught
D. did, have
  40) there. It should be interesting and not too uncomfortable.” His wife was very (
  41), and at first she had a very enjoyable time. Then Denny went off to (
  42) some lions to photo. His wife went with him, but before long they became separated. She walked down one path while he walked down the other. Suddenly, Denny heard her (
  43). He ran back and saw her running toward him. A huge lion was chasing her. Quickly Denny took his camera out of its case and (
  44) it at his wife and the lion. Then he shouted, “(
  45), woman! I can’t get you both in the picture!”
  31. A. dangerous
  32. A. lie
  33. A. allowed
  34. A. wealth
  35. A. money
  36. A. meet
  37. A. meal
  38. A. agree
  39. A. worried
  40. A. land
  41. A. confused
  42. A. find
  43. A. singing
  44. A. threw
  45. A. Hurry up B. natural B. reason B. refused B. prize B. time B. work B. picnic B. understand B. forgot B. flowers B. excited B. feed B. crying B. fired B. Look out C. convenient C. news C. failed C. pleasure C. interest C. shop C. room C. reply C. asked C. animals C. surprised C. drive C. laughing C. showed C. Slow down D. impossible D. truth D. joked D. luck D. ability D. stay D. party D. complain D. thought D. people D. disappointed D. shoot D. cheering D. pointed D. Go ahead
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一、选出最佳答案 1-5 ADCBD 11-15 BABAA 21-25 CCDDD 解析: 6-10 CCBCA 16-20 DDADD 26-30 ACBDB

  4. 用单词 did 代替动词 told 以避免重复,且 told 是及物动词,其后应接宾语。
  5. 第一个 if 引导条件状语从句, 用一般现在时代替将来时, 第二个 if 引导的是宾语从句, 表达“是否” ,因此仍然用将来时。
  18. as soon as 引导的是时间状语从句,因此用一般现在时表示将来。
  29. 根据时间状语 in the near future 可知,谓语动词应用将来时,又因主语是 park, 谓语应 用被动语态,所以选 D。
  30. 据答语可知,谓语动词应用延续性动词,get 和 catch 都是非延续性动词,因此排除 A 和 C 选项,D 选项时态错误,因此选 B。 二、完形填空
  31. A
  36. D
  41. B
  32. D
  37. A
  42. A
  33. B
  38. A
  43. B
  34. C
  39. D
  44. D
  35. B
  40. C
  45. C
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