初三复习八下 Units 1-2 基础知识巩固 I 词组
  1) fall in love with 爱上(某人和某物
  2) the same as 与。。同样 。
  3) keep out 不让… 进入
  4) 和某人相处得好 get on well with
  5) argue with sb. about sth. 就某事于某人谈论
  6) come true 实现
  7) out of style 不时髦的,过时的
  8) call sb. up 打电话给(某人)
  9) pay for 付。。帐 。
  10) compare with/to 对比。比较
  11) on the one hand;on the other hand(在)一方面…在另一方面
  12) fit … into 找到时间(做某事)
  13) as … as possible 尽可能 II 句型 1 Will there be fewer trees in the future ? No, there won’t . 未来将会有更少的树吗?不,将不会的 2 What’s wrong?=What’s the matter ? 怎么了? 3 What should I do ? You could write him a letter . 我该做什么? 你可以给他写信 基础知识 I 用所给词的适当形式填空
  1. Mothers’ Day is coming. I (buy) a gift for my mother.
  2. Everyone else (be) at the party last Sunday except(I)
  3. Shall we invite the alien (see) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
  4. Mr. Wang told us (work) hard for a brighter future..
  5. I was at the (doctor) from 9:00-9:30 on Saturday morning. II 选择填空 ( ) 1We can see stars at night if there sre no clouds in th e sky. A thousand of thousands of C a thousand ( ) 2She doesn’t want to talk it the phone. A. over, about B. with, on C. about, on D. to, over ( )3 The students found difficult to work out the maths problems . A that B it C one D this ( ) 4 Tell your friend buy the same clothes as you do. A. don’t B. not C. not to D. don’t to ( )5 There will be even pressure in 10 years. A. little B. few C. more D. fewer ( )6 There will be healthy food in the future because of all kinds of pollution . A fewer B less C much D more ( ) 7There a personal computer in his or her home . A is going to have B will have C is going to be D are going to be
( )8 do you think Jane will be in 2020? She will be a famous nurse. A Who B What C How D When ( )9With the mac hine , we can do the work with money and people .That sounds wonderful A less, fewer B fewer,less C fewer, fewer D les, less ( )10 My father got really me because I my physics test. A. angrily with, passed B. angry with, failed C. angrily at , passed D. angrily at, failed. III 句型转换 1 There will be fewer cars twenty years from now.(一般疑问句并做否定回答) there fewer cars twenty years from now.? No, 2He seemed to know the whole thing 同意句改写) that he knew the whole thing 3 There won’t be as much pollution in the future as now .(同意句改写) There will in the future than now 4 The teacher is so kind that all the students like her . 同意句改写) She is a kind teacher all the students like her . 5 Most people will never use telephones.(改为被动语态) Telephones will never most people. 6 It’s bad for your health to play the CDs too loud. (同义改写) the CDs too loud bad for your health. 完成句子 1 明天的天气将会如何?will the weather __ tomorrow? 2 我的好朋友的生活方式和我一样。My friend has life style I do. 3 孩子们直到找到了问题的答案才上床睡觉。The children __ go to bed __ they the answer to this problem. 4 对于我们来说和别人友好相处很重要。 It’s important for us to others . 5 对家长来说,不要太多介入孩子们的生活. For parents , don’ t too much your kids’lives. 6 你越仔细,犯的错误会越少 careful you are , mistakes you will make . 中考链接 ( ) 1School allow students at least one hour a day for sports .(07 安徽) A would B could C should D might ( ) 2 Our family bought a car so we can travel than before . A most easily B less easily C easily D more easily ( ) 3 ?When the students to National Art Nuseum of China ? --After they finishtheir classes this afternoon. A did, go B will go C do, go ( )4 ? Where the 2010 World Expo (世博会 ) ? In Shnaghai . A does; hold B is , held C will, be held D will, hold ( )5Can you ima gine that little ants can carry many big worms ?
A so, so B such, such C such, so D so, such ( )6 ?I hear that Li Zhongtian will come to Wuhanand give a ta lk. -Really? Do you know ?(08 安徽芜湖) A what will he talk about B what will he give a talk C How will he come D when he will come 7 like this radio advice program.(同义改写) It seems that everyone likes this radio advice program.. 8 他 过去玩电脑游戏的时间太多,结果对学习不感兴趣了。 He much time in __ computer games that he wasn’t interested in his lessons .9 下周我要去香港度假, 我想我一定会很快爱上这个城市。 Next wewk I’ll Hong Kong and I think I it soon . 10 50 年后世界会是什么样子? the world _ 50 years ? 11 你同意这儿有更多地污染的说法吗?Do you there here ? 12 下周你能穿得更随意些吗? Will you ?



   初三英语第一轮复习八上 Unit 11 一.词组: 词组 1.take out (take it out)拿出;取出 3.sweep the floor 拖地板(swept,swept) 5 .work on 从事,忙于 7. take care of 照看,照顾 9. feed sb with sth 用…喂某人 2.do/wash the dishes 洗餐具 4.make one’s bed / make the bed 整理床铺 6. do chores/housework 做家务; ...


   八年级下 Units5-6 基础知识巩固 I 词组 take away 拿走 make a living 谋生 all over the world 全世界 all the time 一直 let … in 允许某人进入 have a difficult time doing sth.做某事有困难 做某事有困难 in order to improve my English 为了提高英语 get an educatioe 接受 教育 make money 赚钱 give money to 向。 ...


   www.91keys.com 育儿知识、家庭教育、影音资源、搞笑创意图片、试卷下载 尽在启思家长学校论坛 初三复习八下 units 9-10 基础知识巩固 I 词组 1) have a good time/ have fun/ enjoy oneself 玩得愉快 2) end up doing 以… 结束 :结果为…: 3) three quarters 四分之三 4) practice doing 练习做某事 5)wake up 醒来 6)look through 浏览 7) get a ...


   初三英语第一轮复习 八上 Unit 3 一 Phrases: : 1.babysit her sister =look after =take care of 照顾她的妹妹 2.spen d time with friend 和朋友度过时光 3.go camping/ hiking /sightseeing/ fishing/shopping 去宿营/徒步旅行/观光/钓鱼/逛 4.go bike riding 骑车观光 5.go away for too long 6.sleep a lot ...


   Unit10 I’m going to be a basketball player. 一、 单元教学内容分成析: 单元教学内容分成析: 本单元的主要目标是用一般将来时谈论未来我自己与他人理想的职业及原 因,为实现理想所做出的打算和安排,以及制定未来一段时间内的学习计划。 本单元的语言目标: What are you going to be when you grow up? I’m going to be a computer programmer. How are you going t ...


   八年级上册 3a 翻译 第一单元 格林高中的学生做什么 第 3 面 3a格林高中的学生做什么? 格林高中的学生做什么? 这是格林高中的学生活动调查的结果:大多数学生每周锻炼三或四次。 这是格林高中的学生活动调查的结果:大多数学生每周锻炼三或四次。一些学生每周 锻炼一两次。一些学生非常活跃,每天都锻炼。至于家庭作业, 锻炼一两次。一些学生非常活跃,每天都锻炼。至于家庭作业,大多数学生每天都做家庭 作业。一些学生每周做三或四次家庭作业。没有学生每周只做一两次作业。关于“看电视” 作业。一些学生每 ...


   Unit 1 1. Will people have robots in their homes in 20 years? 二 十年后人们家里会有机器人 吗? 2. People will live to be 200 years old. 人 们 将 会 活 到 200 岁. 3. I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love with it. 我去 年去了上海, 并且爱上了这 个城市. 4. I don’t like living alone ...


   RR365.COM 为您提供初中英语教学资源 新目标英语八年级下第九单元教学重难点学案 Unit 9 第一部分 Have you ever been to an amusement park? 本单元要点 1. 谈论过去的事情和经历及其感受 2. 学会用 have / has been to …谈论曾经去过的地方 3. 语法:现在完成时 4. 一般过去时,现在完成进行时和现在完成时的区别 5. 了解国外的风情和文化 第二部分 语言目标 1. 重点词汇: space museum, amuse ...


   一. 教学内容: Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation? 二. 教学过程: (一)语言功能: Talk about future plans (二)目标语言: 1. ?What are you doing for vacation? ?I’m babysitting my sister. 2. ?What’s she doing? ?She’s going shopping. (三)Importants languages: 1. babysit: ① ...


   一. 教学内容: Unit 9 When was he born? (一)语言目标:Talk about famous people (二)目标语言:1. When was he / she born? 2. When were you born? 3. How long did +sb. +do sth.? 4. When did +sb. +do sth.? (三)重难点诠释: 1. When was he born? 他是什么时候出生的? 词组 be born 表示“出生”,常用一般过 ...



   1. 强调句的定义 强调是有效地进行思想交流的 重要手段之一。 重要手段之一。人们在交际过 程中, 程中,为了使自己的思想能为 听者或读者恰当的理解, 听者或读者恰当的理解,必须 突出重要的内容, 突出重要的内容,这就需要运 用强调的手段。 用强调的手段。 2. 强调的构成 在现代英语中, 在现代英语中,人们可以通过 语音手段、词汇手段、 语音手段、词汇手段、语法手 段来进行强调。 段来进行强调。 (1) 语音手段 在口语中, 在口语中,人们可以根据交流 的需要, 的需要,通过语句重音来对不 ...


   本文由yoonhomojae贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 广西高考英语口语考 试应试技巧 2008 年,广西壮 族自治区高考英语口 语考试将采用" 语考试将采用"计算机 考试, 化"考试,即"人机对 话".面对这种新的考 试形式, 试形式,究竟应该如何 备考? 备考? "人机对话"考试 内容方面包括了模仿 模仿 朗读, 朗读,角色扮演和口头 作文三 ...


   酒店英语资料 酒店英语资料 酒店常用英语口语100 100句 酒店常用英语口语100句 1、Good morning ,sir(madam) 早上好,先生(小姐) 2、Good afternoon ,ladies and gentlemen 下午好,女士们,先生们。 3、Good evening ,miss Price 晚上好,普莱丝小姐。 4、How are you today ,Mr Brown ? 你今天好吗?布朗先生。 5、I‘m quite well ,thank you. 我很好 ...


   英语四级听力短对话必考题型 根据选项的内容, 四级听力短对话可分为事实状况题、 行为活动题、 观点态度题、 地点场景题、谈论话题型、身份关系题和数字信息题七大类。对话内容不同,提 问的角度和方式也不同。 一、事实状况题 问题是关于谈话的一方或双方说了什么、所处状态、做某事的原因何在、结 果如何等。 提问方式通常为: What do we learn from this conversation? What does the man mean? What can be inferred fro ...


   I admire him for his skill. He was a very artistic man. The authorities should stop them doing that. I was a little cross when he played the They are cruel to animals. They are going to demolish that old factory. Her parents to marry a rich man. Wh ...