七年级上册 Unit1-6 学案 一 基础知识巩固 词组
  1.用英语读 read in English
  2.拼写你的名字 spell your name
  3.用…号码给某人打电话 call sb at …
  4. 一串钥匙 a set of keys
  5.你的全家福(2 种)a photo of your family/your family photo
  6.为……而感谢你 thank you for doing sth.
  7. 问问题 ask questions
  8. 回答问题 answer the questions
  9.玩电脑游戏 play computer games
  10.做运动 play sports
  11.看电视 watch TV
  12.打排球 play volleyball
  13.有大量的体育收集品 have a great sports colletion
  14. 许多 a lot of/lots o f
  15.去野餐 go on a picnic
  16.在失物招领处 in the lost and found case
  17.一张身份证 an ID card 重要句型:
  1.What’s this in English ? 这个用英语怎么说? 回答: orange . 问 What’ this 或 What’ that 时, s s 英语中一律用 it is 来回答。 拓展: What’ those in English ? re chairs.
  2. What color is it ? 它是什么颜色的?
  1)color 颜色 造句:
  2)color sth. + 颜色 把…涂成…颜色 造句:
  3) be colorful 五彩斑斓的 造句:
  3. Is this your watch ? Call Alan at 49535
  39. A.对 划线句子进行回答:Yes, . Is that your bother ? No, . thi s 反义词: 复数: That is my brother.变复数 . this is … 这是… 也可用于介绍他人 造句: call sb. at … 拨打…联系某人 拓展: 总结打电话的词组:

  4) call on sb./ call at sp.拜访某人 造句: called = named 名为… 造句:
  4.Thanks for the photo of your family . 划线部分改写 Thank Thanks for sth. / doing sth. 为……而感谢你 造 句: 填空:Thanks for . (邀请我们)
  5.Here is my family photo ! 这是我的全家福 be 的单复数取决于后面的名词。 选择: Here my best wishes to you . A. is B. are
  6. Please take thes e things to your sister. 请把这些东西带给你的妹妹。Can you bring some things to school ? 你能带些东西来学校吗? 辨析: take … to 带/送…去某地 造句: bring… to … 拿来,送来 造句: 请用 take 或 bring 填空:
  1)My father is going to me to Beijing next week .
  2) I want to buy a tennis racket, but I forget to money with me .
  3) Please don’t it here, it smells too bad.
  4) She doesn’t the thing there, she just put it at home .
  7. Let’s watch TV. 让我们看电视吧! A.反义疑问句:Let’s watch TV, ? 划线部分改写:
  1) watch TV ?
  2) watch TV ?
  3) Watc hing TV ? let sb. do sth. 让某人做某事 造句: B: 易混词组辨析: watch 观看 造句: watch sb do/ doing sth. 观看某人做/正在做某事 造句: look at 看…不一定看见 造句: see 看见 看到 过去时/过去分词 造句: see sb do/doing sth. 看到某人做/正在做某事 造句:
  8.That sounds good. 听起来不错。 sound + 形容词 听起来…
造句: sound like + 名词 听起来像… 造句: 总结其他感官动词:
  9.Let’s play sports! 让我们锻炼吧! 划线部分还可以改写成:
  10. Runner eats well . 跑步者吃得好 good 修饰形容词 well 表示身体好或修饰动词/副词 请用 good 或 well 填空:
  1)He is at sports, he plays basketabll very .
  2) After the meat is cooked, you can eat it .
  3) The clothes feel pretty .
  4) She is feeling very now .
  5) He is a man, and gets on with others.
  6) The product sells , so I think the quality of it is rather
  11. 人称代词和物主代词:
  1)人称代词:主格:I , you , he, she, it 复数:, , . 用法:句首作主语 宾格: me, you , him , her, it 复数:, , . 用法:句中动词或介词后作定语 填空:
  2) 物主代词: 形容词性:my, your, his , her , its 复数: , , 用法: 名词前作定语 名词性:mine, yours, his , hers, its 复数: , , 用法: 句首作主语,句中动词后作宾语或系动词后作表语 填空: is a singer, song is very good. (her) We don’t know . Can you tell us some stories ? (he) That’s too hard for . (our) answers are the same as ours. (theirs) Where’s keys ? are on the bed. (she) Her CD is better than . (me) We both have kites, but are better. (he) Did you win ? Yes, our team beat . (they)
  12. 名词复数的不规则变 化形式。 box-, watch-, story-, lady-, knife-, leaf-, photo-, photatoes-, child-, foot-, tooth- , mouse-,
a piece of paper -, a man doctor-, a woman pilot-, deer-, Chinese- (二)基础知识练习
  1.His telephone number is 67522
  19.(对画线部分提问) telephone number.
  2. I can spell it. N-E-W. you spell it ?
  3. 用英语表达这是什么?它是一只桔子。 --What this English? It orange.
  4.--非常感谢你。不用谢。 Thank you .=Thank you . You are .=That’s .=That’s .
  5.他的姓是什么?他的姓是布朗. -What’s his name?=What’s his name? ? is Brown.
  6.你能告诉我她的名是什么? Could you tell me What name ?
  7.用 take 或 bring 填空 Pleaseme some books. Pleasethese books to your mother.
  8.打扰了!那是一本书吗? ! a book?
  9.Is this her clock?(作肯定回答) Yes, .
  10.Is that a telephone?(作否定回答) No, .
  11.This is a dictionary.(改为复数) .
  12.Are those erasers?(肯定回答) .
  13.她的钥匙在哪?他们在梳妆台上。 keys? They the dresser.
  14.Mary’s bag is under the bed. (对画线部分提问) Mary’s bag?
  15. 书桌在书橱和床之间。 The desk is the book case the bed .
  16.He has a tennis racket.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答) he a tennis rack et? No, .
  17.--我没有足球,让我们打网 球吧。那听起来真好。 I a soccer ball. tennis. That .
My father news TV .
  19.汤姆不喜欢吃沙拉做晚餐! Tom salad dinner.
  20.用括号内所给单词的适当形式完成句子 (
  1).We like(strawberry)for brekfast.I don’t like (broccoli) for supper. (
  2).Here (be) my family photos. (
  3).Victor (have)five ping-pong bats. (
  4)Dale and Bob are my good friends.I like (they) (
  5) --Do you know Liu Xiang?Yes,he is a (run) star. (
  6)It’s good for you to eat some (tomato) (
  7)Three and two (be) five.
  21.选词填空 am , is , are , do , does , don’t , doesn’t , his , her , my , your , he , she (
  1)I have a brother . name is Bob . (
  2)Miss Sun is our English teacher . favourite food is ice cream . (
  3)What this in English ? (
  4) your parents like noodles ? (
  5)My friend like bananas . 中考链接
  1. Tom’s card is much more beautiful than. A .our B. her C.mine D.me
  2.Everyone can have ID card ,even a newly-born baby. A. a B.an C.the D./
  3.It isn’t watch.I left mine at home. A.my B.me C.I D.myself
  4.Kate has lost key.askedfor help. A.her ;He ;I B.his;He;me C.his;She;I D.her;She;me
  5.Mike is Englishman.He studies in university in Changsha. A.the ;a B. a;a C.an;a D.an ,the
  6.We traveled all night to London and got thereSunday morning. A.for B.on C.at D.to
  7.?Who will be duty tomorrow?Susan will. A at B.on C.for D.in
  8. Tom is good at playing , but he can’t play well . A. soccer, the drums B. the basketballl, violin C. tennis, trumpet
  9. No news good news. A. is B. are C. be
  10. The bigger basketball is and the smaller one is . A. Ben’s, my B. Ben’s, mine C. Ben, I’s
  11. It’s about train ride from Beijing to Jinan. A. 4 hours B. 4-hour C. 4 hours’
  12. This is bedroom. A. Tina’s parents B. Tom’s parents’ C. Bob’s parents’s
  13. Where are you going ? I’m going to .
A. the doctors’ B. Uncle Liu C. Mrs Brown’s
  1)I have two(knife).Which one do you want? (
  2).Are they any(sheep) on the farm? (
  3).This is (Jim and David) picture. (
  4).These are (Lily and Lucy) rooms. (
  5).My daughter(go) to school from Monday to Friday.
  22. 写一段话,谈谈你喜欢什么东西,有什么收藏。80 字左右。



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