1) as soon as… ask sb. for sth (not) as/so…as… as… as possible
ask / tell sb (how) to do sth.

  1、昨天他一写完作业就去游泳了。 He went swimming _as soon as _ he finished his homework yesterday.
  2、我一到家就给你打电话。 I will call you _as soon as I get home_.
  3、我和她一样忙。 I am _as busy as_ she is.
  4、Lucy 不如 Lily 漂亮。 Lucy is not _so/as bueatiful as _ Lily.
  5、我会尽快去看我妈妈的。 I will go to see my mother _as soon as possible_ .
  6、昨天他尽早地洗完了衣服。 Yesterday, he finished doing the washing as early as possible .
  7、如果你有问题,请向警察求助。 If you have any questions, please call the police for help.
  8、请不要再向你父母要钱了。 Please don’t ask your parents for money again .
  9、她妈妈问她怎样玩游戏。 Her mother asks her how to play computer games.
  10、请你告诉我怎样解出这道题,好吗? Could you please how to solve this problem?
  1) ask/tell sb. (not) to do sth. be afraid of doing sth / be afraid that 从句 be busy doing sth. be glad that 从句
  1. 妈妈要求我每天吃早饭。 Mother asks me to eat breakfast every day.
  2. 老师让我们坚持每天早晨大声朗读英语。 The teacher asks us to keep reading English aloud every morning.
  3. 我过去害怕在公众场所说话。 I used to be afraid of speaking in public.
  4. 我的小妹妹害怕独自呆在家里。 My little sister is afraid of staying at home alone.
  5. 他们正忙着为旅游做准备。 They are busy getting ready for the trip.
  6. 她正忙着学习弹钢琴。 She is busy learning to play the piano.
  7. 中国以长城而闻名。 China is famous for the Great Wall.
  8. 上课不要迟到。 Don’t be late for class.
  9. 我们为你的行为感到难过。 We are sorry for your behavior. be famous/ late/ready/sorry for

  10. 我很高兴你一直都在帮助我。 I am glad that you are always helping me.
  1) both…and either…or get+ 形容词比较级 enjoy/finish/mind/keep/go on
doing buy/give/show/send/pass/bring/lend/tell sb. sth
  1. 他既会讲英语,也会讲法语。 He can speak both English and French.
  2. 老师和学生都喜欢运动。 Both teachers and students like sports.
  3. 要么是你要么是她通过了考试。 Either you or she has passed the exam.
  4.他乘地铁或开车上班。 He goes to work by either subway or car.
  5. 天越来越暖和。 It is getting warmer and warmer.

  6. 她变得越来越漂亮。 She is getting more and more beautiful.
  7. 他们喜欢在假期旅游。 They enjoy traveling_on vocation.
  8. 写完作业之前,你不可以出去玩。 You can’t go out and play before you finish doing your homework.
  9. 妇女节来了。为什么不给妈妈买件礼物?
Women’s Day is coming. Why not buy your mom a gift?
  10. 他给了儿子一本字典。He gave his son a dictionary.
  1) get on with get ready for / get sth. ready give/ show sth to sb had better( not ) do sth help sb ( to ) do
  2. 2 你能告诉我如何与同学相处吗? Can you tell me how to get on with my classmates? 跟同学相处不是很难。 It’s not difficult to get on with classmates.
  3. 你们把晚会准备好了吗? Did you get ready for the party?
  4. 我们已经作好了告诉他事实的准备. We have got ready to tell him the truth .
  5. 请把这个书包给我的朋友。 Please give the schoolbag to my friend.
  6. 把你的票出示给他看是礼貌的。 It’s polite to show him your ticket.
  7. 你最好不要让自己失望。 You had better not let yourself down.
  8. 你最好告诉他多读英语。 You had better tell him to read English more.
  9. 老师让我帮助 Jim 学功课 The teacher asked me to help Jim with_his lessons.

  10.帮助他学好英语我很开心。 Helping him learn English well made me happy .
  1) I don’t think that It’s bad/good for
  2. I would like to…/ Would you like to…? It’s important for sb to do sth It takes sb some time to do sth
我认为抄作业是不会对我们的学习有帮助的。 I don’t think copying homework is helpful to our study.

  2. 我认为听音乐学英语是没有效的。 I don’t_think _learning English by listening to _music works.
  3. 我愿意志愿帮助需要帮助的人。 I would like volunteer my time to help people who need help.
  4. 你愿意参加我们的学习小组吗? _Would you like to _ join our studying group?
  5. 昨天修理自行车花了他一个多小时。 It took him more than one hour to repair / fix up he bike.
  6. 每天骑自行车上学要花我半个小时。 It takes me half an hour _to go to_ school _by bike_.
  7. 吃蔬菜和锻炼身体对我们的健康有好处。 It’s good for us to exercise and eat vegetable.
  8. 在阳光下读书对我们的眼睛不好。 It’s bad for our eyes to read in the_sun.

  9. 掌握学习的方法对我们来说是很重要的。
It’s important for us to master the ways of studying.
  10.保护环境对我们来说是很重要的。 It’s important for us to protect our environment.
  1) It’s time for…/to do sth. keep/make sth+adj.
  1. It’s two meters (years) long (old) keep sb doing
like to do/ like doing
It’s half past seven. It’s time to read English.
  2. 天变得越来越热,是游泳的时候了。
It’s getting hotter and hotter. It’s time for swimming.
  3. 这个游泳池有五十米长,二十五米宽。
The swimming pool is fifty meters long and twenty-five meters wide.
  4. 那个小男孩只有五岁,但他小提琴拉得很好。
That boy is only five, but he can play the violin well .
  5. 抱歉让您等了这么久。
I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long.
  6. 小沈阳总能让观众们笑个没完。
Xiao Shenyang always keeps the audiences laughing.
  7. 玛丽老师总能让她的课堂充满欢乐。
Miss Mary always makes her classes full of happiness .
  8. 保持教室干净是我们每个人的职责。
It’s our duty to keep the classroom clean.

Sister Ma liked helping others when she was young.
  10. 因为英语有用,所以我们都喜欢学。
We all like to _learn English because it is useful.
  1) make/ let sb (not) do sth not only… but also… neither…nor… not…until… not…at all

  1. 别让孩子们在马路上踢足球,太危险了。 Don’t let students play football in the street. It’s dangerous.
  2. 为了学好英语,老师总是让我们早晨大声朗读。 To learn English well, the teacher always makes us read aloud in the morning.
  3. 这个女孩和她妹妹都不喜欢骑自行车上学。 Neither this girl nor her sister likes going to school by bike.
  4. 她既不喜欢唱歌也不喜欢跳舞。
She likes neither singing nor dancing.
  5. 我一点也不想把笔记借给他, 因为他从来上课不听讲。 I wouldn’t like to lend him my notebook at all , because he has never listened to the teacher in class.
  6. 我对那部电影一点都不感兴趣。 I am not interested in that movie at all.
  7. Mike 不仅写完了作业,而且还帮妹妹学习了英语。 Mike not only finished his homework but also helped his sister with her English.
  8. 他们不仅在唱歌,而且还在跳舞。
They are not only singing but also dancing.
  9. 昨天直到做完作业,他才去游泳。 Yesterday he didn’t go swimming until he finished his homework.
  10. 今天下午直到五点他才能回去。 He won’t go home until five o’clock this afternnon.
  1) One…the other…/ Some…others… see / hear sb. do / doing sth spend...on / (in) doing sth so…that… stop sb from doing sth…

  1、他有两个儿子,一个在学校教书,另一个在公司工作。 He has two sons. One teaches in the school, the other works in the company.
  2、看,学生们都在图书馆。有人在看书,有人在上网查资料。 Look! The students are all in the library. Some are reading books, others are surfing the internet for information.
  3、他看见他的同学在操场踢足球,也加入进去了。 He saw his classmates playing football on the playground and joined them.
  4、我晚上经常听见隔壁有人唱歌。 I often hear someone sing in the next room in the evening.
  5、这部电影如此无聊,很少有人喜欢看。 The movie is so boring that few people like to see it.
  6、这本字典太贵了,我买不起。 The dictionary was so expensive that I couldn’t afford it.

  7、她非常喜欢看书,每月都花很多钱买书。 She enjoys reading so much that she always spends a lot of money buying books every month.
  8、我们应该每天花更多的时间练习英语。 We should spend more time practicing English every day.
  9、上周的交通事故使得我们没能准时到达。 The traffic made us not arrive there on time last week.
  10、我们必须阻止他做那件事,太危险了。 We must stop him from doing that thing. It’s too dangerous. 完成句子练习九(
  1) stop to do/ stop doing there is sth wrong with… take/bring sth with sb too… to… the+比较级…, the+比较级…

  1、战士们太累了,他们应该停下来休息一下。 The soldiers are so tired that they should stop to rest.
  2、当孩子见到他的妈妈后,他就不哭了。 When the baby saw his mother, he stopped crying.
  3、明天请把英语书带来。 Please bring your English book here tomorrow.
  4、他带了一些花和水果去拜访他的老师。 He took some flowers and fruit to visit his teacher.
  5、吃的垃圾食品越多,你就越胖。 The more junk food you eat, the heavier you are.
  6、你练习越多,进步就越大。 The more exercise you do, the more progress you make.
There is something wrong with my computer.
  8、锁坏了,我打不开门。 I can’t open the door because there is something wrong with the lock.
  9、学不嫌早。 You are never too young to learn.
  10、学不嫌晚。(只要开始学,任何时候都不晚) You are never too old to learn.
  1) What about/How about…? What’s wrong/the matter with…? Will (Would, Could) you please…?
  1. 我过去喜欢踢足球。 Why not…? used to
I used to like playing fooball.
  2. 她过去爱弹钢琴。
She used to like plying the piano.
  3. 散步如何?
What / How about having a walk?
  4. 我不喜欢这个颜色。那件怎么样?
?I don’t like the color. What about that one?
  5. 为什么不跟老师说说这件事?
Why not talk about it with your teacher?
  6. 为什么不写封信给你的朋友?
Why not write a letter to your friend?
  7. 你怎么了?我渴了。
?--What’s wrong with you? I’m thirsty.
  8. 你看起来很伤心。你怎么了?
?You look sad. What’s the matter with you?
  9. 请你带我去听音乐会,好吗?
Would you please take me to the concert?
  10. 请你别抽烟,好吗?
Would you please not smoke?
  2) as soon as… to do sth.
  1、我妈妈总是叫我一放学就回家。 My mother is always telling me to go home as soon as school is over.
  2、我爸爸一到上海就去参观东方明珠。 My father will visit Oriental Pearl TV Tower as soon as he gets to Shanghai.
  3、我妹妹和我跑的一样快。 My sister runs as fast as me.
  4、Lucy 不如 Tom 到校早。 Lucy doesn’t get to school so early as Tom does.
  5、她会尽可能认真写作业的。 (not) as/so…as… as… as possible ask sb. for sth ask / tell sb (how)
She will do her homework as carefully as possible .
  6、你要尽可能努力地学习英语。 You should study English as hard as possible .
  7、如果你有问题,请向我求助。 If you have any questions, please ask me for help.
  8、我可以向他要一本英语书吗? Can I ask him for an Enlish book?
  9、他刚才问我怎样植树了。 He asked me how to plant trees just now.
  10、请你告诉我怎样学好英语,好吗? Could you please tell me how to learn English well?



   完成句子练习一(1) as soon as… ask sb. for sth (not) as/so…as… as… as possible ask / tell sb (how) to do sth. 1、昨天他一写完作业就去游泳了。 He went swimming _as soon as _ he finished his homework yesterday. 2、我一到家就给你打电话。 I will call you _as soon as I get home_. 3、我和她一样 ...


   2008 年中考 50 个重点句型练习 1. as soon as 1. Mary 一见到她弟弟就会告诉他这个消息。 一见到她弟弟就会告诉他这个消息。 Mary will tell her brother this message 约翰和你的年龄不一样大。 2. 约翰和你的年龄不一样大。 John is you. 3. 这部电视剧不如那部有趣。 这部电视剧不如那部有趣。 This TV series is that one. 4. 她把她的书保管得像刚买的一样新。 她把她的书保管得像刚买的一 ...


   50 个句子记完的 7000 单词??俞敏洪 单词?? ??俞敏洪 1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn. 1.美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 2. Of the millions who saw Haley’s comet in 1986, how many people will live long enough to see ...


   中考重点句型练习 1.as 1.as soon as 1. Mary 一见到她弟弟就会告诉他这个消息。 Mary will tell her brother this message he sees him. 2.我们一到那儿就去爬山了。We went climbing . 3.我一买回来哈里波特就给你看的。 I’ll show you Harry Potter I buy it. 4.昨天雨一停孩子们就回家了。 The children went home 5.我一回来我妈妈就开始做饭。 ...


   英语 5A 句型转换练习(一) 一般疑问句 一、 be 动词 am 把 ( is are) 和情态动词(can, may, I/we?you, must...)放到句首,其它照写。 遇 句号变成问号(?) He can play the guitar.. Can he play the guitar? They are in the park. Are they in the park? my?your. some?any. 例如:陈述句: 一般疑问句: 把下列句子变成一般疑问句 1. I ...


   1. a (large) number of 许多 2. a great deal of 很多 3. a great many 很多的,非常多的 4. be able to do sth. 能够(有能力)做某事 5. add to 增添 6. be afraid of 害怕 7. after a (short) while过了一会儿 8. after all 毕竟,终究 9. again and again 反复地,再三地 10. agree to do ...


   1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn. 1.美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 2. Of the millions who saw Haley’s comet in 1986, how many people will live long enough to see it return in the twenty-first cent ...


   200 个句子涵盖了高中英语 4500 词汇 (原创人用了一年时间哦) 原创人用了一年时间哦) 1 .We should always bear in mind that if we are ignorant of our health for promotion, disease will gradually approach us with the help of tiredness.我们应该牢记: 如果我们为了晋升而忽略 了我们的健康,疾病便会借助疲劳乘虚而入。 2.I looked ...


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   PEP 英语四年级下册第一单元练习卷 Class: Name: 一、写出下列单词的中文意思。 1.playground 8.that 2.canteen 9.art room 3.teacher’s office 10.computer room 4.garden 11.washroom 5.library 12.music room 6.first 13.TV room 7.this 14.gym 二、选择正确的选项。 ( )1. ?Where is the TV room? ?It’s ...


   http://www.zhnet.com.cn 或 http://www.e12.com.cn 2008?2009 学年度第一学期阶段性检测 高三英语试题 本试卷分第 I 卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分;满分 150 分;考 试时间 120 分钟。 第 I 卷(共 105 分) 注意事项: 注意事项: 1.答第 I 卷前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号、考试科目涂写在答题卡 上。 2.每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如 需改动,用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂 ...


   一个孤独而封闭世界 英语口语 英语口语 一个孤独而封闭世界 作者:王宏 从小到大,除了汉语之外,我只学了两门语言??德语和英语,父母就是某外语大学的 德语老师,从小学开始起我就学习德语,而英语我是从初一才开始学的,人家说德语非常的 难,是个从一开始就困难重重的语言,而对我来说,英语才是个味同嚼蜡的“低产”学科,付 出和收获完全不成比例。中学,大学,我都尽力逃避它,可是就在几年前我工作了,这个难 题就无法避免了。老板是个德国人,英语说非常溜,我经常要处理一些英文的信件,应付一 些不得不应付的 ...

服装专用英语 1



   bag n.书包 书包; n.书包;提包 bed n.床 n.床 boy n.男孩 n.男孩 cake n.蛋糕 蛋糕; n.蛋糕;饼;糕 cat n.猫 n.猫 circle n.圆 n.圆;圈;环 desk n.书桌 n.书桌 dog n.狗 n.狗 egg n.蛋 n.蛋 English n.英语 a.英语的 n.英语 a.英语的 fan n.扇子 扇子; n.扇子;风扇 fish n.鱼 n.鱼 girl n.女孩 n.女孩 globe n.地球仪 n.地球仪 hello int.喂 ...