阶段检测 9B(unit1-unit
Ⅰ.基础知识 一,英汉词组互译
  1.wear space helmets
  3.make people feel very ill
  5.travel at half the speed of light
  9.prepare to do sth
  11.have sb. do sth.
  13.keep sb. away from
  15.return home from work
  17.move around easily and freely
  19.expect sb. to do sth.
  20.至少持续 2 个月
  21.make the bed
  23.catch virus
  25.wonderful rocks in strange shapes
  27.used to do sth.
  29.see with your own eyes
  31.care for the poor
  33.in one's spare time
  35.for further research
  36.据说 二,根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确.
  1.Many people believe that we will be cared for by (机器人)in the future.
  2.Our planet, Earth, is becoming more and more (拥挤的)and polluted.
  3.Scientists should be able to (开发)plants that can grow on Mars.
  4.What do you think is the most important for an (宇航员)?
  5.The public transport is (特别的)designed to be comfortable and they are never late.
  6.Last week, my computer caught a (病毒)and caused a lot of problems.
  7.There was something wrong with Daniel's robot last week. When he came home from school, he found his flat in a (混乱).
  8.Look, Tom's new car has got three (轮子). Unluckily, he had one of them repaired yesterday. 三,选用方框中合适的连接词,将 1-3 小题中两个句子合并成一个句子,将第 4 小题用两种方式改为同 义句. that, whether, where/when/what/how/why/who in order to, as a result
  1.The journey to Mars will be very uncomfortable. The students all agree. The students all agree .
  2.Does it take very long to travel from Earth to Mars? I don't know. .
  3.Why did my robot catch a virus? Can you tell me? .

  4.I had my robot do the laundry because I wanted to watch my favorite TV programme. 四,用所给词的适当形式填空.
  1. Something people like to do in their free time for (please) is a hobby.
  2. How (happy) they are playing!
  3. Tommy is drawing in the room next to (us).
  4. If (relax) is in your plan, you can go to Hainan.
  5. They got (lose) in the forest.
  6. Do you know how many (goose) there are on the hills?
  7. What's the population of (German)?
  8. (luck), she lost the game.
  9. It's (danger) to climb that tree.
  10.He (successfully) in reaching the top of the mountain at last. Ⅱ.自主检测 一,单项选择 ( )
  1. Mother was ill, father cooked for us instead. A. but B. or C. so D. and ( )
  2. The pears in my basket are smaller than in Jim's. A. if B. that C. ones D. those ( )
  3. Everyone except Bill and Jim there when the meeting began. A. is B. are C. was D. were ( )
  4. It is that he is sorry about the matter. A. true, true B. true, truly C. truly, truly D. truly, true ( )
  5. My father work in the factory, but now he is a teacher. A. used to B. use to C. is used to D. was used to ( )
  6. Liu Xiang is the first player in Asia(亚洲) won the gold prize in the 110-hurdle race in the 28th Olympic Games. A. which B. in which C. whom D. that ( )
  7. I need to give instructions to my robot all the time. , I need to do everything myself. A. And B. However C. But D. Otherwise ( )
  8. ??What will food on Mars? ?? I think it's not very tasty. A. like B. be like C. likes D. is like ( )
  9. ??Will the journey to Mars be ? ?? No, I think it will be . A. enjoy, frightened B. enjoyable, frightened C. enjoy, frightening D. enjoyable, frightening ( )
  10. My bike is broken. It needs. A. mend B. to mend C. mending D. mended ( )
  11.Some students think that living on planet is really pleasant. A. other B. another C. the other D. others ( )
  12.I think it's great to have a robot all the work for us. A. do B. does C. done D. to do
( )
  13.The boots are designed and they can keep us from in the air. A. specially; float B. especially; float C. specially; floating D. especially; floating ( )
  14.If you want to go , there are two moons to visit. A. somewhere quiet B. quiet somewhere C. somewhere quietly D. quietly somewhere ( )
  15.The students are afraid of aliens on Mars. Some of them think they are dangerous and will do harm them. A. see; to B. seeing; to C. see; for D. seeing; for 二,词汇适用 A,根据句子意思和首字母提示填空,使句子完整正确.
  1. By the year 2100, the j to Mars will take only a very short time in space shuttles that travel at half the speed of light.
  2. We will t ourselves to the planet so that gravity will not be a big problem.
  3. Are you c whether transport on Mars will be much better than on Earth?
  4. I'm w if there will be many people willing to move to Mars.
  5. Can you d what you think life on Mars will be like?
  6. The Smiths love doing sports. They used to spend a lot of time washing clothes. So Mr Smiths plans to have a robot do the l.
  7. Robots can help us s the floor, wash the d, i clothes and so on.
  8. ??How long do you e the floor, wash the d, i clothes and so on. ??For 20 years. B,根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空.
  1.Our planet, Earth, is becoming more and more crowded and (pollution).
  2. (hope), we can start again and build a better world on Mars.
  3. Tom wants to be a (science) when he grows up and try to develop plants that can grow on Mars.
  4. Humans on Mars have to wear special boots to make themselves heavier. These boots will probably become very (fashion) and they have a power that keeps us from (float) in the air.
  5. Living in a dome with 10 bedrooms (be) highly possible.
  6. We have many kinds of food with different (taste) and flavours on Earth. However, meals on Mars will probably be in the form of pills and will not be as (taste) as they are on Earth.
  7. Don't make a robot do your homework, Mike. Do it (you).
  8. The robot that was made in China (design) to do housework.
  9. In some ways, life on Mars will be (good) than life on Mars.
  10. Meals on Mars will probably be in the form of pills and will not be as (taste) as they are on Earth.
  11. (hope), we can start and build a better world on Mars. C,完成对话 补全对话 从方框内所给的七个句子中选出五个句子完成对话,并将其代号填在相应的表格内. A A: Hello! May I speak to Miss Liu? B: 1 . (A minute later) I'm sorry, she isn't here right now. Could I take a message? A: Certainly, it's very kind of you. I want to speak to her about my son Ben Jones. 2 . I'm afraid he isn't able to go to school today. B: I'm sorry to hear that. 3 . A: Thank you. Could I leave my telephone number to you?
B: OK. Wait a moment, please. I'll go and get a pen and a piece of paper. Well, please give me your phone number. A: 78041
  96. 4 . My name is Mark Jones. B: OK! 5 ? A: No. Thank you. Good-bye! B: Bye! A. He's playing computer games B. That's my office telephone number C. I hope he'll be all right soon D. Hold on for a moment, please E. Anything else F. Stay there for an hour G. He's got a bad cold B A: Hi, Kate! Did you go to the concert last night? B: Yes. 1 A: 2 B: Wonderful. Many famous singers sang at the concert. 3 A: What does it mean? B: 4 You know many children in the world don't have enough food. A: 5 B: I think people all over the world should help them. A: That's right! A. That's true. B. How did you like it? C. The concert ended at 10:00 p.m. D. I went there with my parents. E. How did you go there? F. It was called"Saving the Children". G. The concert was held for collecting money for poor children. 四,短文填词 In 1995, Osceola McCarty gave $ 150,00 to the University of Southern Mississippi. She wanted to help p 1 students. Her friends and neighbors were s 2 when they heard the news. McCarty was a good woman and was always friendly and helpful. Everyone in her town knew that she was not r 3 . In fact, she was poor. How did a poor 86-year-old woman have so m 4 money? Osceola McCarty was born in 19
  08. She had to l 5 school when she was eight years old to help her family. Her job was washing clothes. She got only a few dollars a day. She washed the clothes by hand. Then she h 6 the clothes to dry. She did this for nearly 80 years. McCarty never m 7 and she had no children. Her life was very simple(简朴的). She went to work and to church. She had a black-and-white television but she did not watch it very often. Osceola McCarty s 9 money all her life and had about $250,0
  00. At the a 9 of . She just wanted to help 86,she left money to the church, the university and her r 10
others. She was a shy woman. But she became famous.
  10. 五,完形填空 One weekend all of the hotels in Green City were full because there was a large meeting. Mr. Black was the manager(经理) of a 1 in the city. On Friday night, three men came into 3 rooms ready because of the the hotel and asked for 2 . Mr. Black said there were meeting. The men were unhappy. Mr. Black wanted to help them. He remembered that Room 418, a small room, was 4 . He asked them if they would share(共享) a room. The three men said they would. Mr. Black said the room would be thirty dollars, 5 for each one. Each man gave him the money and then went up to the room. Mr. Black soon began to feel sorry, so he called his assistant over, gave him five dollars and said," 6 the money to those three men in Room 4
  18. I asked too much for their room." The assistant took the money. While he was 7 the way there, he started to think, "How can three men divide(分配) five dollars? I will give them each only one dollar and keep two dollars 9 to get something back, And Mr. Black will never know."So for 8 . The men will be the assistant returned one dollar to each man. The next morning, the three men went to thank the manager before they left. They said, "Thank you for 10 us 3 dollars back."Mr. Black was surprised but he didn't say anything. After the three men left, Mr. Black called the assistant to his office and said,"I'm sorry, but I don't think you can stay here anymore." ( )
  1. A.library B.shop C.factory D.hotel ( )
  2. A.drink B.rooms C.money D.food ( )
  3. A.no B.some C.many D.several ( )
  4. A.dirty B.empty C.dark D.full ( )
  5. A.thirty B.three C.ten D.two ( )
  6. A.Bring B.Carry C.Take D.Lend ( )
  7. A.on B.by C.in D.off ( )
  8. A.themselves B.himself C.yourself D.myself ( )
  9. A.happy B.angry C.sorry D.worried ( )
  10.A.lending B.giving C.returning D.taking 六,阅读理解 A Mother's Day is a holiday for mothers. It was celebrated first in the United States, and then England, India and some other countries. In a short time, it was widely celebrated. Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May. On that day, many people send presents of love to their mothers. Those whose mothers are still living often wear a pink or red rose or carnation(康乃馨), while those whose mothers are dead wear a white one. The idea of a day for mothers was first given by Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia(费城). As a result of her hard work, the celebration of the first American Mother's Day was held in Philadelphia on May 10, 19
  08. Soon the holiday became popular all over the country and around the world. In China, people do the same on the day for mothers. And in some cities, people sometimes ask a song to
be broadcast(播放) for their mothers only or send flowers to their mothers only. This might cost some money for them, but, as it is said,"Love is invaluable." ( )
  1. Mother's Day is on the Sunday in May every year. A.first B.second C.third D.fourth ( )
  2. On Mother's Day, people. A.send some flowers to their mothers B.wear a rde or pink rose or carnation C.wear a white flower D. send presents of


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