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名词 advertisement 广告,广告活动,广告业(ad,advertise,-ment 名词词尾:-tion, -sion) I don’t know how to use this machine. It doesn’t matter. Here is the __. (07 南昌) A. instruction B. explanation C. information D. advertisement 答案:A,instruct-instruction 指导,说明,explain-explanation 解释说明,inform-information 通知,信息, Always read the __ on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine. A. explanations B. instructions C. descriptions D. introductions 答案:B -ment, -tion, -sion 名词词尾: equipment 装备,器材 experiment 试验,实验 attention 注意,专心,留心 expression 表达,表达方式 business 商业,生意,businessman 商人,businesswoman 女商人, It’s none of your business.不关你事 custom 风俗,习惯,复数 customs 海关 形容词和副词 afraid 害怕的,犯愁的,相关词组:be afraid of sth.害怕某事, 区别:be afraid to do 害怕去做,不敢去做(主观) be afraid of doing sth. 担心某事会发生(客观) , He is afraid of waking up his father. 他生怕吵醒爸爸。He is afraid to wake up his father.他不敢叫醒爸爸。 after all 毕竟,终究,究竟 It’s not surprising you are tired .After all you were up until three last night. 你感到疲惫并不奇怪,毕竟你昨晚三点才睡。 anyway 不管怎样,不论用何种方式 It seems that it will rain. Take my umbrella. __. I have a raincoat in my bag. (06 江西) A. I’d love to B. Sorry C. Thanks anyway 答案:C
D. No problem
excited 兴奋的,激动的 Chinese people were cheering at the most __ moment when Liu Xiang broke the world record. (07 四川乐山)
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A. excited 答案:D
B. to excite
C. excite
D. exciting
full 吃饱的,过饱的,相关词组:be full of…充满,be filled with…用…充满 The handbag is full with papers. 错误(The handbag is filled with papers.正确) The handbag is full of papers. 正确 instead of 代替,而不是 instead 取而代之,反而,
  1. He put the money on the chair __ in his pocket.
  2. Tom didn’t answer. __, he asked his father. A. instead B. instead of 答案:
  1. B,
  2. A plenty of 很多的,足够的,plenty of+可数名词复数/不可数名词 There __ plenty of room to have 5 people in this car. (is) There __ plenty of rooms for the guests in the hotel. (are)
It’s __ your health to stay up late in the evening. I’m not __ do so, but my mother was __ me. I didn’t go to bed until I finished all my homework. A. bad for, interested in, angry with B. bad for, willing to, angry with C. interested in, angry with, willing to D. interested in, angry with, good for 答案:B, be angry with 生…的气,对…感到气愤 be good/bad for 对…有害 be interested in 对…感兴趣 be willing to 乐意(做某事) 代词 myself 我自己 yourself 你自己 herself 她自己 himself 他自己 itself 它自己 ourselves 我们自己 yourselves 你们自己 themselves 他们自己 __ saw __ in the mirror. A. me, yourselves B. She, him 答案:B,C
C. He, himself
D. Him, himself
both 区别:both, either, neither, every, all
  1. There you can see beautiful tall buildings on __ side of the square.
  2. There you can see beautiful tall buildings on __ side of the road.
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  3. There you can see beautiful tall buildings on __ sides of the road. A. neither B. either C. all D. both E. every 答案:
  1. E,
  2. AB,
  3. D 动词 appreciate 感激,用法:appreciate doing I would appreciate __ it a secret. A. your keeping B. you to keep C. that you keep 答案:A
D. that you will keep
arrive 到达 区别:arrive at/in, get to, reach“到达” :get to + 地点,reach + 地点, arrive at+小地方,arrive in + 大地方 With the help of the Internet, news can __ every corner of the world. A. arrive B. reach D. get 答案:B ask 问,相关词组:ask for…要,请求,要求(ask for help 请求帮助) ask sb. to do sth. 请求某人去做某 , 事 If you have difficulty in learning English, you should ask your teachers or your classmates __ help. A. to B. for C. with D. on 答案:B Where did you go last night? I __ to go to Li Lei’s birthday party. A. asked B. am asked C. have been asked D. was asked 答案:D belong 属于,相关词组 belong to 属于 Everyone knows that Taiwan __ China. A. belongs B. belong to C. belongs to 答案:C buy 买 How long have you __ the book? For several weeks. A. bought B. borrowed 答案:D
C. lent
D. had
catch 赶上(车船等) ,捕获,相关词组:catch up with 赶上 区别:catch up with, keep up with Peter tried very hard to __ up with the others in the relay race, and he __ up with them to the finishing line. 答案:catch, keep cause 造成,使发生 We are very sad and angry to hear that the bad milk powder (劣质奶粉) __ the death of over 30 babies. A. made B. did C. brought D. caused 答案:D
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come 来,相关词组: come out 出版,发表,come true 实现,成为现实,come up with 提出,想出 After years of hard work, his dream __ in the end. A. came out B. came true C. came in 答案:B She is planning on driving. Let’s help her __ some good ideas. A. come out B. come up with C. catch up with 答案:B drop 落下,掉下,相关词组 drop by 顺便(或偶然)拜访 People in Colombia needn’t make plans to meet their friends. They often just drop by them. A. give a ride to B. give up visiting C. forget to visit D. come over to 答案:D expect 期待,预料,相关词组:expect sb. to do sth. Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in World Cup today? Yes. They have better players, so I __ them to win. A. hope B. prefer C. expect 答案:C enjoy 喜欢,享受,相关词组:enjoy oneself 玩的开心,enjoy doing 喜欢做某事 In the park, children enjoyed themselves yesterday. A. liked themselves B. had a good time C. loved them 答案:B Laura enjoys __ story books. Me, too. A. read B. reads C. to read D. reading 答案:D go 去,走 相关词组:go shopping/swimming 去购物/游泳,go through 经历,go for a walk 去散步,go home 回家 区别:have gone to 去了…(某地) ,have been to 曾经去过…(某地) Where is your father? He __ Shanghai. He’ll be back next week. A. has gone to B. has been to C. have gone to D. have been to 答案:A My aunt isn’t here. She __ Shanghai on business. She will be back in three days. A. went B. has gone to C. has been to D. will go to 答案:B hand(名词)手, (动词)交出,传递,相关词组:hand in 提交,呈送,hand out 分发,发放,give a hand 帮助 Brian is so kind that he often gives me a __ when I’m in trouble. A. reply B. seat C. hand D. reason 答案:C
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help 帮助,相关词组:help…do/to do…, 帮助…做某事,help..with…帮助(某人)某事,help oneself 请随 便吃,can’t help doing 禁不住(做某事) __ yourself to some tea after the hard work. Thanks a lot. A. Enjoy B. Drink C. Cook D. Help 答案:D hold 拿着,握住,持有,相关词组:hold on 等一会(别挂电话) May I speak to the headmaster, please? __. A. Call again, please B. Speak clearly, please C. Speak louder, please 答案:D
D. Hold on, please
increase 增加,增大,相关词组:increase to 增长到,increase by 增长了 increase to 100 RMB:增加到 100 元,increase by 100RMB:增长了 100 元(如果原价是 50 元,增长后变 为 150 元) join 加入,参加,相关词组:join in sth./doing sth.加入(某种活动) ,join the army/party 参军/入党 I suppose we’ll go to plant trees next week. Terrific! Planting trees is a lot of fun. I’d like to __ you. A. visit B. join C. follow D. meet 答案:B laugh 笑,相关词组:laugh at sb.嘲笑某人 Don’t laugh __ the students who make mistakes while speaking English. A. at B. to C. for D. of 答案:A mind 介意,在意,相关词组:never mind 不要紧,mind doing 介意做(某事) I’m sorry for losing your book. I will buy a new one for you. __. I have another copy. A. Thank you B. Happy to hear that C. Never mind D. Of course 答案:C Would you mind __ more slowly? I can’t follow you. A. speak B. spoke C. spoken D. speaking 答案:D prefer 更喜爱,更喜欢,相关词组:prefer to do rather than do 与其…不如…,prefer A to B(AB 相比)更喜 欢 A,注意 AB 同为 sth.或 doing Little Tom preferred to __ rather than __. A. swimming, skating B. swim, skating C. swimming, skate D. swim, skate 答案:D I prefer __ the net to watching TV at weekends. A. sailing B. swimming C. surfing D. running 答案:C
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raise 使升高,举起,养育(及物动词) rise 上升,上涨(不及物动词) The sun in the ease. (rises) KFC the price. (raised) say 说 区别: say/speaktalk, say+ 说的内容, speak+ in+语言, speak in English, 谈论 talk about sth.或 talk with 如 talk sb.,tell 告诉 tell sb. sth. 或 tell sth. to sb. When Alice telephoned me, I couldn't hear what she was __ A. telling B. speaking C. saying D. talking 答案:C stop 停止,相关词组:stop sb. from doing sth.阻止某人做某事,stop to do 停下来去做某事,stop doing 停止 做某事 She should stop __, she has a headache because she __ too long. A. to work, was reading B. to work, has read C. working, has read D. working, read 答案:C stop, remember, forget + to do/doing: to do 表示还没做的事,doing 表示已经做了的事情 Mary is looking forward to __ from me, please remember __ this letter on your way to school. A. hear; post B. hearing; to post C. be heard; posting D. hearing; posting 答案:B thank 谢谢,相关词组:thanks to 幸亏,由于,因为,thank for…由于…向某人表示感谢 __ the rain, the farmers had a good harvest. A. Thanks for B. Thanks to C. Because D. Without 答案:B turn 旋转,翻动,相关词组:turn off 关掉,turn on 开启,turn down 关小,调低, Please __ the TV. It’s time for the evening news. A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn up 答案:A I’m writing a letter here. Please don’t __ the light. A. turn on B. turn up C. turn down D. turn off 答案:D water 浇水,浇灌 Where’s your mother, Helen? She __ the flowers in the garden. A. watered B. is watering 答案:B
C. waters
D. has watered
invent 发明,创造 区别:invent 原来没有的东西被创造出来,discover 原本存在的而没有被发现东西被发现了 Gilbert __ electricity, but Edison __ the light bulb. A. invented, discovered B. invented, invented C. discovered, invented D. discovered, discovered 答案:C
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worried 烦恼的,焦虑的,相关词组:worry about 为…担心 Mum, the exam is coming. I’m afraid… __. I’m sure you can pass it. A. Good luck B. It’s nothing C. Don’t worry. 答案:C 介词 表时间 in, on, at 在… at+具体时间 in+一段时间 on+具体的某一天 during+一段时间,在…期间 Father’s Day came __ June 10th this year. A. on B. at C. in D. during 答案:A Oh, so many people in the amusement park! Nobody likes to stay at home __ Sunday morning. A. in B. on C. at 答案:B Can you finish the work __ two days? Yes, I can. A. for B. about C. in 答案:C The accident happened __ a cold winter morning. A. in B. on C. at D. of 答案:B 表地点 in, on, to in 表示在某一地区范围内 to 表示在某一地区范围之外 on 表示与某地毗邻,挨着 Xinjiang is one of the largest provinces in China. It’s __ the northwest of China. A. at B. in C. to D. from 答案:B 其他 区别:in the tree(外来物)在树上,on the tree 长在树上 in front of 在…前面(外部的前面) ,in the front of…在…前面(内部的前面) in, with, by 表使用,in +语言/原材料,with+具体的有形的东西(交通工具除外) ,by 表示“用…方式或手 段” How are you going to the Summer Palace? We’re going there __ bike. A. for B. at C. of D. by 答案:D
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