1. I can’t remember all these great (explore) names.
  2. All those foreign (thief) have been caught.
  3. Is Australia the (three) largest island country in the world?
  4. Look, our dog Colly is lying(comfort) on the grass, (enjoy) its sunbath.
  5. What a (please) it is for me to play the piano with you!
  6. There are a lot of differences between John and (I)
  7. Here is some delicious (orange ) for you.
  8. It is (pain) to get an injection.
  9. Mother asked the Greens to help (they) to some pears.
  10. A few big eggs (lay) by these ducks last night.
  11. The porridge smells (terrible).
  12. He felt (true) sorry for what he said.
  13. Our (know) of the universe is growing all the time,
  14. The window (break) by Jim yesterday has been mended.
  15. There is a dog (lie) on the floor.
  16. Please turn left at the second (cross).
  17. (wool) sports sweaters are popular among young people.
  18. Here (be) some good news for you.
  19. He went to school early as (usual) .
  20. How(live)the student is!
  21. I want to learn how to eat (health).
  22. Do you know the girl? She is a friend of my (sister).
  23. The teacher looked (angry) at me than before.
  24. Mr. Wang taught (he) English last year and now he was good at it.
  25. The coats are those (visit).
  26. Vivian sings even (badly) than before.
  27. Work must come (one).
  28. She looked at me in (surprised).
  29. (clean) work is to sweep the road.
  30. She spent as much time as she could (read) this book yesterday.
  31. Eight (forty) is one fifth.
  32. I don’t like (rain) seasons.
  33. There are (two) as many books in the reading-room as in that one.
  34. He prefers (read) rather than (watch) TV.
  35. The students really enjoyed (work) on the farm.
  36. We wear glasses to keep our eyes (safely).
  37. The shop sells (woman) hats.
  38. The inventor has many (invent).
  39. He seemed (happily) because he failed his exam.
  40. They have lived here all their (life).
  41. The wind often blows strongly in spring in the (north) part of China.
  42. Mike thought hard, but he could (hard) remember what he did last week.
  43. They (go) swimming if it (not rain) this weekend.
  44. His father doesn’t let him (smoke).

  45. (luck), he failed the English exam this time.
  46. He has (always) been there before, has he?
  47. I went to the biggest (scientist) museum in town yesterday.
  48. (when) you are free, you can come.
  49. By the time we got there, the train (be) away for ten minutes.
  50. We’ll have fun (learn) English well.
  51.. Our physics teacher told us that light (travel) faster than sound.
  52. Tom had two of his (tooth) pulled out last year.
  53. It’s (wet) today than yesterday.
  54. Even though he is eighty years old, he never gives up(learn)
  55. He can work out the problem (exact).
  56. We just need to keep (work) on it.
  57. Let’s see what (happen) in the last few years.
  58. It’s a (please) way to keep our city clean.
  59. It’s (father) Day tomorrow.
  60. It’s five o’clock. The twins (feed) their dog.
  61. Do you mind (I ) opening the window?
  62. There is a sweater (hang) on the clothes line.
  63. Those boys walked out of the classroom (noise)
  64. Do you think Lu Xun was one of the greatest writers in the (twenty) century?
  65. Sally was going to start work the (follow) month.
  66. The porridge smells(terrible).
  67. He was so (luck) that he didn’t catch the last train.
  68. There will be (rain) tomorrow.
  69. This is (real) an interesting story.
  70. (safe) comes first.
  71. For(who) are you going to buy a present?
  72. Kate likes (fish) best of all the food.
  73. What is the (high) of that mountain?
  74. Look! How (terrible) he is coughing!
  75. The parks in Suzhou are nicer than (that ) in Shanghai.
  76. He (tell) to answer the questions in public.
  77. I felt better, so I didn’t go to the (doctor).
  78. That means we must have smaller families with fewer, but (heath) children.
  79. It’s snowing (heavy) when he got home today than yesterday.
  80. His father’s (dead) made him very sad.
  81. It was the first newspaper (sell) on train in America.
  82. Japan is a (develop) country, but China is a (develop) one.
  83. The book (write) by Lu xun (sell) well..
  84. Why do you look much (sad) today?
  85. The visitors from (German) are playing at the beach.
  86. They deserved to lose, because they played .(care)
  87. Do you have any (fly) on Sunday afternoon?
  88. The ice in the (freeze) river is thick that you can skate on it.
  89. He failed the maths exam. That’s why he sat there (happy).
  90. The dog moves little. It’s (die).

  91. Could you get (dress) when you were three years old?
  92. You have (succeed) finished the work. Congratulations!
  93. He thought his (speak) English was very poor.
  94. Do you think Li Lei is (fat) of the two.
  95. You’d better spend as much time as you can (take) exercise after school.
  96. By the time the fireman arrived, the big fire (put) out.
  97. He left home ten years ago and (be) away ever since.
  98. Would you please speak louder to make yourself (understand) .
  99. The broken camera is (use) to the students. 1
  00. By today one hundred eggs(lay) by the duck I keep. 1
  01. The old man decided to refuse the little boy in a (politely) way. 1
  02. They kicked a goal, but we soon got one (we) 1
  03. Can you tell me what to do after your homework (do)? 1
  04. The woman said that she (lie) in bed from eight to ten last night. 1
  05. I met her yesterday. We (not meet) each other for ten years. 1
  06. She went out of the room, (leave) her daughter crying. 1
  07. Seven (twelve) of the students were asked to do such a job. 1
  08. By the end of the 21st century, the number of the workers in this factory(pass) 20
  00. 1
  09. The problem seems (terrible) serious. 1
  10. So far neither of the twins (leave) for a long time. 1
  11. The thief was brought in, with his hands (tie) behind his back. 1
  12. What’s the number of the Smith’s flight (leave) Beijing? 1
  13. The more he said, the (angry) we felt. 1
  14. Which colour is (bad), Green, white or black? 1
  15. The physics teacher told us that water (freeze) below zero. 1
  16. The cars are those (German).but they’re made in China. 1
  17. Mr. Smith had his wallet (steal) on the bus yesterday. 1
  18. Be careful (not make) friends with bad boys. 1
  19. This year alone, there (be) many new buildings here. 1
  20. How (noise) they are talking over there! 1
  21. You can travel (safety) by train than by air. 1
  22. The rice (grow) in South China tastes nice. 1
  23. There are many more trees(plant). 1
  24. There are many more trees for us.(plant) 1
  25. The two (rob) both happened on a rainy night. 1
  26. Of all the books, I like it (well), for it’s not interesting at all. 1
  27. It is (terrible) cold today, isn’t it? 1
  28. They are waiting for you at the front (enter) to the building. 1
  29. At last I saw the stars (appear) in the sky. I couldn’t find them any more. 1
  30. Why don’t you like the story? It’s (interest) one that I have ever heard of. 1
  31. When I passed the window, I saw her (canoe) on the lake. 1
  32. If you do your homework (care) you’ll make a lot of mistakes. 1
  33. Can you give us a full (describe) of this accident? 1
  34. Jim like his classmates(travel) to many places so far. 1
  35. The trees in the forests can keep the soil from (wash) away by floods. 1
  36. (most), this kind of pencil is used for drawing.
  37. Look! This pair of trousers (wear) out. 1
  38. A quarter (multiply) by two thirds is a sixth. 1
  39. He looks (relax) as if nothing has happened. 1
  40. Many tall buildings (build) in our city during the last few years. 1
  41. The radio says there will be much (rain) this afternoon. 1
  42. Look! The road (build) by the workers. 1
  43. The teacher often gets us (try) out new ideas. 1
  44. (when) you see him, he is setting his mind to study his lessons. 1
  45. I broke the glass. The woman looked at me (straight) and angrily. 1
  46.I’ll spend as much money as I can (decorate) my house. 1
  47. Thanks to the (invent) work. We are living better and better. 1
  48. He (angry) pointed at my nose and said shouted, 1
  49. He told me he would tell us something (surprise) 1
  50. He has been very ill, but the doctor says he is now out of (dangerous). 中考同义句句型精选 50 题
  1. Do remember to lock the door when you leave. you lock the door when you leave.
  2. The little girl wanted to know when her father could take her to Paris. The little girl wanted to know be taken to Paris.
  3. French is not the first language in any of these countries. French is the first language in these countries.
  4. My uncle left the room. he said nothing to us. My uncle left the room anything to us.
  5. He wasn’t good at English. I thought. I he was good at English.
  6. Both Mike and Mary have been to Beijing.(否定句) Mike Mary been to Beijing.
  7. It took him an hour to write the letter. He an hour the letter.
  8. We should knock a long stick into the earth. A long stick into the earth.
  9. She paid 400 yuan for the new bike. The new bike 400 yuan.
  10. How about playing basketball with us? play football with us?
  11. "Will Wang Feng come here in a minute?" she asked. She asked Wang Feng come here in a minute?
  12. Jim didn’t visit the museum yesterday. He stayed at home. Jim stayed at home yesterday visiting the museum.
  13. There are more people in China than in India. The of China is than that of India.
  14. The talk is very important. The talk is great .
  15. He can’t catch the bus if he doesn’t run fast. He can’t catch the bus he fast.
  16. You should let someone repair the TV set. You should the TV set .
  17. Jim wants to go boating and his parents want to go boating, too. Jim wants to go boating and his parents.
  18. The ice on the lake was so thin that people couldn’t skate on it. The ice on the lake was not enough people to .
  19. How many people are there in France? the population of France?
  20. We hold the International Kite Festival in Weifang every year.
The International Kite Festival in Weifang every year.
  21. They say that Mr. liu can speak German. that Mr. Liu can speak German.
  22. My sister prefers reading to going shopping. My sister likes than going shopping. My sister prefers rather than shopping.
  23. I feel like going to the zoo with my friends this Saturday. I like to to the zoo with my friends this Saturday.
  24. He doesn’t do any other things. He is only on internet. He is always on internet doing other things.
  25. The picture was usually put up in the park near the playground. The picture was put up in the park to the playground as.
  26. It seems that he has had a cold. He seems had a cold.
  27. The tree is so tall that we can’t reach it. The tree is tall us .
  28. I’m interested in the old museum in this city. The old museum in this city me.
  29. They knew everything only after you told him. They knew you told him.
  30. There are many trees around the house. It’s my



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