1. Do you know about David? Yes, I know very well.
A. he B. himself C. him D. his

  2. are league members.
A. Both you and me B. Both you and I C. Both he and her

  3. Mom, I want to ask grandpa a question. Oh. is reading a newspaper upstairs. A. He B. Him C. His D. Himself

  4. John, someone in your class phoned you this morning. Who was ? A. he B. she C. it D. that

  5. When Yang Liwei came back from space, many reporters interviewed and got some first-hand information. A. she B. him C. his D. himself

  6. My parents gave a nice toy dog for my birthday. A. I B. me C. my D. mine

  7. Whose are those books? They are .
A. our B. mine C. your D. their

  8. Tom, is this your dictionary? No, it's not . It's David's. A. yours B. mine C. his D. hers

  9. It isn't watch. I felt nime at home. A. my B. me C. I D. myself

  10. Is this your son's sweater? No. is on the chair behind the desk. A. He B. Him C. She D. His

  11. school is much bigger than .
A. Our; their B. Ours; theirs C. Theirs; our D. Their; ours

  12. As we all have grown up, we should learn to look after . A. ourselves B. us C. myself D. me

  13. Who taught French? Nobody. She learned all by . A. herself; her B. she; herself C. her; herself D. her; she

  14. Our teacher wouldn't give us the answers to questions directly. Why not work them out all by ? A. themselves B. ourselves C. himself D. itself

  15. Did you and your parents enjoy in Beijing last month? Yes. We had a good time there. A. yourselves B. yourself C. you D. yours

  16. What a lovely card! Where did you buy it? I made it by . A. me B. himself C. myself D. itself

  17. Let me help you to carry the box. No, thanks. I can do it by . A. me B. my C. mine D. myself

  18. My parents usually buy me some simple clothes can last a long time. A. who B. that C. whom D. whose

  19. The weather in Guangdong is hotter than in Qinghai. A. it B. that C. one D. /

  20. The pears in my basket are smaller than in Jim's. A. it B. that C. ones D. those

  21. Your coffee smells good! It's from Canada. Would you like ? A. it B. some C. this D. little

  22. Ted's mother kept telling Ted not to tell lies, but didn't help. A. which B. it C. she D. he

  23. Tommy, have you got a computer in your home? Yes, I have . A. it B. one C. some D. any

  24. Your digital watch is nice. Where did you buy ? I want to buy , too. A. one; one B. it; it C. it; one D. one; it

  25. How often are the Olympic Games held? four years. A. Every B. Each C. In D. For

  26. Jimmy's parents are teachers. of them teaches Chinese. They both teach French. A. Neither B. Either C. All D. Both

  27. Liu Ying lives with her grandparents in the countryside because of her parents work in the city. A. both B. either C. neither D. none

  28. Would you like some bread or cookies? , thanks. I don't have any food before going to bed. A. Any B. None C. Either D. Neither

  29. Here's coffee and tea. You may have . Thanks. A. either B. each C. one D. it

  30. Which of the twin sister is a doctor? are. A. All B. Both C. Either D. Neither

  31. Did your parents go to climb the Zijin Mountain last Sunday? No, they went to see a film. A. both B. all C. either D. every

  32. Do you want tea or coffee? . I really don't mind. A. Both B. None C. Either D. Neither

  33. It rained heavily this morning, but of my classmates were late for school. A. neither B. none C. all D. not

  34. Is there any milk in that cup? I'm afraid there is milk left. A. some B. any C. no D. not

  35. It was a long journey, but of them four felt boring. A. neither B. both C. none D. all

  36. This English newspaper is very easy for the students because there are new words in it. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

  37. What do you think of George? He's a man of words. He always stays alone. A. little B. much C. few D. many

  38. There is still meat on the plate.
A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

  39. She has friends at school, who she likes to play with. A. a little B. few C. a few D. little

  40. Nancy spoke in such a low voice that students in our class could hear her. A. all B. many C. few D. most

  41. Obey the traffic rules and learn to protect yourself. is more important than life. A. Nothing B. Something C. Everything D. Anything

  42. Who helped you with your English? ! I learned it all by myself. A. Nobody B. Anybody C. Somebody D. Everybody

  43. Be quiet, please! Miss Yang has to tell us. A. everything important B. something important C. anything important

  44. is watching TV. Let's turn it off.
A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Everybody

  45. is Tony's opinion about English food? Delicious. A. How B. Why C. Where D. What

  46. I'd like to tell you the table manners you should know when you visit Korea. A. which B. who C. what D. whom

  47. Is the girl in interviewing the manager of that company your friend? Yes, she is a journalist from CCTV. A. whom B. which C. who D. whose

  48. are you going to the concert with this weekend? My cousin. I'm sure we will enjoy . A. Whom; ourselves B. Who; us C. Whom; myself D. Who; herself

  49. I have to do. Please give me to read.
A. something; anything B. nothing; something C. nothing; everything D. anything; nothing

  50. Most young people find exciting to watch a football match. A. it B. this C. that D. one

  51. Many young people love the songs have great lyrics. A. who B. those C. which D. when

  52. My aunt has two children. But of them lives with her. A. each B. neither C. either D. both

  53. Do you like the pop star Zhou Jielun or the movie star Liu Dehua? . I am not their fan. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. All

  54. Yao Ming is a famous basketball star is playing in the NBA. A. whose B. who C. what D. which

  55. Xiao Li is the right person to show the foreigners around, for of us can speak English. A. all B. each C. both D. none

  56. On sides of the street are a lot of colorful flowers. A. each B. both C. either D. all

  57. of my parents are on business, but I can take good care of myself. A. Both B. Neither C. Either D. None

  58. Miss Liu, we'll have a class meeting. Could you give some advice? OK. A. her B. us C. you D. our

  59. Is this book? No, it is not . It's Li Ming's. A. yours; my B. your; mine C. your; my D. yours; mine

  60. What else do you want? else. I think I have got everything ready. A. Something B. Nothing C. Anything D. Everything

  61. Mum, Jim bought a parrot yesterday. Could you please buy for me? Sure. But you must look after it yourself. A. one B. this C. it D. that

  62. I asked John for ink. But he didn't have . A. any; some B. any; any C. some; any D. some; some

  63. The book is . I wrote name on its cover . A. my; my; myself B. mine; my; myself C. mine; myself; my D. myself; mine; my

  64. We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of fun, so let's have one this month. A. the other B. some C. another D. other

  65. Some of the stickers belong to me, while the rest are . A. him and her B. his and her C. his and hers D. him and hers

  66. Frank can't find dictionary. Can you lend to ? Certainly. A. her; mine; her B. /; your; his C. my; yours; he D. his; yours; him

  67. You look sad, Kate. Yeah, I have made mistakes in my report. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

  68. Whose bike is this? Is it David's? No, it isn't. is black. A. Mine B. Hers C. His D. Yours

  69. What a hot day! Have you had a drink? Yes. But I'd like to have after work. A. it B. one C. other D. another

  70. Class 2 will go for a picnic. They made 6 o'clock to meet at the foot of Mt. Tai. A. it B. that C. them D. /

  71. Which tie is more suitable for me, the red one or the blue one? I have no idea. You'd better take them . A. all B. each C. every D. both

  72. Miss Zhang told us that we shoud finish our homework all by . A. we B. our C. ours D. ourselves

  73. Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? . I enjoy using QQ. A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. None

  74. There's cooking oil left in the house. Would you go to the supermarket and get ? A. little; some B. little; any C. few; some D. few; any

  75. Julia, could you go and help your father wash the car? Why ? I'm busy now. Amy is lying on the grass doing nothing. A. me B. I C. him D. her

  76. Come on, Sue! Here's about the English Speech Contest. A. something useful B. anything special C. nothing exciting

  77. What do your classmates talk about most in your school now? might be "eight honours and disgraces (八荣 八荣 八耻)". 八耻 A. They C. It B. It's D. Its

  78. Hey! There is a bag on the ground. Whose is it? There is a woman over there. Maybe it's . A. her B. hers C. she D. herself

  79. We visited the students in a rural school last month and gave away a lot of school things to . A. they B. them C. their D. theirs



   1. Do you know about David? Yes, I know very well. A. he B. himself C. him D. his 2. are league members. A. Both you and me B. Both you and I C. Both he and her 3. Mom, I want to ask grandpa a question. Oh. is reading a newspaper upstairs. A. He B. ...


   1. Do you know about David? Yes, I know very well. A. he B. himself C. him D. his 2. are league members. A. Both you and me B. Both you and I C. Both he and her 3. Mom, I want to ask grandpa a question. Oh. is reading a newspaper upstairs. A. He B. ...


   1. Betty arrived London the evening of June 1st. A. at; in B. at; on C. in; in D. in; on 2. When did Hong Kong return to our motherland? July 1st, 1997. A. On B. In C. At D. For 3. Children’s Day, all the children are very happy. A. To B. In C. On ...


   定州市兴华西路中学 崔凤英 1. What's your favorite Chinese traditional festival? It's . A. April Fool's Day B. Father's Day C. Christmas Day D. The Spring Festival 2. In the coming summer holidays, my family going to take a one-week trip to Qingdao. A. is B. ar ...


   1. Many local people in Leshan prefer to go to in Mount Emei for their summer holiday. A. somewhere cold B. cold somewhere C. somewhere cool D. cool somewhere 2. Can you tell me about your friends? A. something different B. different anything C. di ...


   代词 三、 代词 (一) 知识概要 英语中代词可以分为人称代词、物主代词、反身代词、指示代词、疑问代词、不定代词。人称代词主 要有主格和宾格之别。请看下表 人称 我 你 他 她 它 我们 你们 他们 主格 i you he she it we you they 宾格 me you him her it us you them 物主代词分形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词两种。请看下表 人称 我的 你的 他的 她的 它的 我们的 你们的 他们的 形容词性 my your his her ...


   高考语法复习系列三 代 词 高考考点分析 1、人称代词的替代和转换; 、人称代词的替代和转换 2、物主代词的性; 、物主代词的性; 3、else 的用法; 、 的用法; 4、不定代词的用法比较; 、不定代词的用法比较 5、it 的用法; 、 的用法; 更多资源xiti123.taobao.com 更多资源 1. 人称代词的指代问题 问题1 问题1: D It was who did it, but it was that we are talking about. A. he … she B ...


   中考总复习之 代词 代词的分类 中考说明及要求: 中考说明及要求: 人称代词 物主代词 反身代词 不定代词 指示代词 疑问代词 人称代词 数 单数 三 he 复数 一 二 she it 三 we us your 人称 一 二 主格 I you you they 宾格 me them you him her it 人称代词作主语时用主格, 1.人称代词作主语时用主格,作宾语 时用宾格 They all like him very much. 他们都很喜欢他. 他们都很喜欢他. She gave ...

初三英语课件 常用动词复习.asp

   教学岗位练兵 上杭四中 刘集凤 2005-10-26 对于初中英语学习者来说,动词是 最难学的一个实词类别。纵观历届中考 命题,有关动词的内容占的比例相当大, 它常常与时态、语态,语境交流等诸方 面结合起来进行综合测试。通过研读中 考试题,我们会发现常考的英语动词有 以下一些: 一、“使/让……”概念的动词 概念的动词 [考题 考题]Be careful , Jane. Don’t your hands dirty. 考题 A. get [分析 分析]选A。 分析 B. keep C. ha ...


   Drills and Guide to Techniques of Listening Comprehension (the first period) 第一课时) 听力训练与解题技巧指导 (第一课时 第一课时 1.Where does the conversation most probably take place?08湖北 湖北1 ? 湖北 A. In an office M: …Is this dictionary available? : ? Michael Owen has W ...



   巴斯克维尔家族的手稿-巴斯克维尔猎犬-中英对照-久久小说下载网搜集整理 巴斯克维尔猎犬目录 2 巴斯克维尔家族的手稿 The Baskerville Papers 'These papers were given to me by Sir Charles Baskerville,'said Dr Mortimer.'He asked me to take good care of them.You may remember that Sir Cha ...


   皖南八校2011届高三第三次联考?英语试卷答案 答案与解析 一、听力:1~20: CBACC ABCBA CABCB CCACC 二、单项填空。 21.C 考查冠词。第一空特指说话双方都知道所在地的空气,故用the;第二空指“一些新鲜空气”,故用some。 22.A 考查动词。make a good researcher“意为成为一个的研究员”;turn作为系动词,后接可数名词单数做表语时,单数名词前不用冠词。 23.A 考查非谓语动词。measure作为动词“测量”解时,无被动语态。此处的 ...


   《新目标英语》七年级下册重点句型、短语一览表 标记为听力材料语句 Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from Ⅰ、Useful expressions 1. be from 来自于 2. New York 纽约 3. the United States 美国 4. he United Kingdom 英国 5. one’s (new) pen pal 某人的(新)笔友 6. in Paris 在巴黎 7. want a pen pal 想要一个笔友 8. a pen pa ...


   2004 年 5 月英语二级笔译综合能力试题 试题部分: 试题部分: Section 1: Vocabulary and Grammar (25 points) This section consists of 3 parts. Read the directions for each part before answering the questions. The time for this section is 25 minutes. Part 1 Vocabulary Selectio ...


   学英语 要统筹 学英语 要统筹 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程:http://www.pacificenglish.cn 冲击 2010 年考研复习的最后阶段正在进行, 每个考研人也都在按照自己的 复习方式按部就班地进行着,如果说考研政治是一个厚积薄发的过程的话,考研 英语则更 ...