1.?Is the woman a teacher? ?Yes. She teaches English. A.you B.us C.our D.your
  2. ?Do you think yesterday’s math problem was difficult? ?Yes. I could work it out. A.hardly B.easily C.finally D.nearly
  3. ?Which province is the one in winter? ?It should be Hainan Province, I think. A.coldest B.hotter C.warmest D.cooler
  4. ?Are you going to Tibet for vacation? ?Yes. I want you to me with some information about it. A.offer B.give C.show D.provide
  5. ?Where’s her second son? I haven’t seen him for a long time. ?He Maine looking for a place to work. A.will go to B.has gone to C.had gone to D.goes to
  6. ?Peter, what if your parents go out? ?They ask me to myself. A.look after B.look up C.look for D.look through
  7. ?Meat isn’t really dangerous, is it? ?Oh! ! It’s not at all good for our health. A.Yes, it isn’t B.No, it is C.Yes, it is D.No; it isn’t
  8. ?Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? ?. I’ll have to help my parents. A.Sorry, I can’t B.Yes, I’d love to C.Let’s go D.No, I don’t thi nk so
  9. ?Why didn’t Betty come to school yesterday?? she was ill. A.But B.Though C.If D.Because
  10. ?When will the 2010 World Expo(世博会) come to a close? t’ll close at the end of A.September B.October C.November D.December
  11. -Hey, Tina. are you going for your vacation? -Hmmm, I think I’m going to Shanghai. A. How B. Where C. When D. Why
  12.. -What do you think of Lucy’s birthday party?[来源: -. I hope I can have such a party too. A. Just so so B. Boring C. Terrible D. Wonderful
  13. -Do you know the way to the post office? -Yes. Follow me and I’ll you. A. call B. pick C. show D. invite
  14. -Are you the dark? -Oh, yes. I always go to sleep with the light on. A. used to B. afraid of C. interested in D. good with
  15. -Ma ry dances best in our school. -I agree. I’ll never forget her dance for the first time. A. seeing B. to see C. see D. seen
  16. Money is very important it’s not the most important thing. A. or B. and C. so D. but
  17. -Where is my watch? I can’t find it. http://www-Don’t worry. It must be in your room. A. somewhere B. anywhere C. everywhere D. nowhere 18 -How was the youth club la st night, Mark? -It was great fun. You come. A. must B. can C. should D. may
  19. -Oh! What’s the matter? -I’m really all the time. I have no energy. A. busy B. happy C. tired D. excited 20You don’t look well. You’d better see the doctor. -I .But the doctor said there was nothing serious. A. have B. am C. will D. was
  21. -What do you have for Paul? -I think he should study harder than before. A. news B. advice C. help D. information
  22. -I prefer to eat cakes that have cream on top. -!They are delicious. A. Good luck B. Me, too C. I hope so D. You’re kidding
  23.Can you tell me how to make apple juice? -Sure. Please watch carefully and you will see how it . A. is made B. is making C. makes D. will make
  24. -Look at that model ship. -I know, but it looks like a real one. It’s just . A. small B. very small C. smaller D. smallest 25 -Hello, Sandy. This is Jack. What are you doing?-I’m watching a match. It started at 7 p.m. and on for another half an hour. A. has been B. was C. had been D. will be
  26. There a big cake and many candies at the party yesterday. A. was B. were C. is D. are 27 ?Excuse me, is this new camera? ?Yes, it’s .
A. your; my B. your; mine C. yours; my D. yours; mine
  28. great man Huang Furong is! He lost his life while saving the students in the Yushu earthquake. A. How B. How a C. What D. What a
  29. ? should we clean the library? ?Tw ice a week. A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How often
  30. I the charity show on TV when the telephone rang. A. watch B. watched C. am watching D. was watching
  31. ?I’m going to Sanya for my holiday tomorrow. ? A. Have a good time! B. You’re right. C. It’s good. D. Goodbye!
  32. This piece of music beautiful. A. looks B. sounds C. tastes D. smells
  33. You can’t sneeze and keep your eyes at the same time. A. open B. opens C. opened D. opening
  34. They would rather colours like orange or yellow than blue or white. A. use B. to use C. using D. uses
  35. We will fly a kite as soon as your homework . A. finishes B. will be finished C. has finished D. is finished
  36. It’s nice Andy me with my English study. A. at; to help B. of; to help C. with; help D. of; help
  37. This is difficult problem that few students can work it out. A. so B. so a C. such D. such a
  38. Sandy didn’t tell her parents that she was going home because she wanted to give them a . A. gift B. call C. surprise D. note
  39. ?Do you mind if I smoke here? ? You can go to smoke in the next door. A. Yes, please. B. Never mind. C. You’d better not. D. Of course not.
  40. they are twin brothers, they don’t look like each other. A. Though B. Since C. However D. When
  41. ?I don’t know now. ?She is much better today. A. how is she B. where is she C. how she is D. where she is
  42. Tom the USA. He back in two months. C. has been to; comes D. has been to; will be A. has go ne to; comes B. has gone to; will be
  43. ?The Mars-500 test will take about 520 days. ? I hope it goes well. A. It’s a pleasure. B. Good luck! C. That’s OK. D. Congratulations!
  44. Dear students, please read every sentence carefully. you are, mistakes you’ll make. B. The more careful, the less A. The more carefully, the fewer C. The more carefully, the less D. The more careful, the fewer
  45. - hard work you have done! -It’s very kind of you to say so. A. What B. How C. What a D. How a
  46. -When shall we go to the museum, this afternoon or tomorrow morning? - is OK. I’m free these days. A. Both B. All C. Either D. Neither
  47. Danny did all kinds of things to make the baby . A. to stop crying B. stop crying C. to stop to cry D. stop to cry
  48. -What are on show in the museum? Some photos by the children of Yushu, Qinghai. A. have been taken B.were taken C. are taken D. taken
  49. You shouldn’t your hope. Everything will be better A. give up B. fix up C. cheer up D. put up
  50. How much does the ticket from Shanghai to Beijing? A. cost B. took C. spend D. pay
  51.They were all so tired that they could . A. do nothing but sleep B. d o anything but sleep C. do nothing but to sleep D. do anything but to sleep
  52. -Where would you like to go on your summer holiday, Mike? -I’d like to go . A. nowhere interesting B. interesting anywhere C. somewhere interesting D. interesting somewhere
  53. -He didn’t go to the lecture this morning, did he? . Though he was not feeling very well. A. No, he didn’t. B. Yes, he did. C. No, he did. D. Yes, he didn’t.
  54. In the past few years there great changes in my hometown. A. have been B. were C. had been D. are
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  55. We have two rooms , but I can’t decide . A. to live, to choose which one B. lived, choose which one C. to live in, which one to choose
  56. Many Chinese students think science subjects are foreign languages. A. more difficult as B. less difficult than C. much difficult than D. so difficult as
  57. -Have you found the information about the famous people you can use for the report?
D. live, which one
-Not yet. I’ll search some on the Internet. A. who B. what C. whom D. which
  58. -Tommy, do you know if Frank to the theatre with us this Sunday if it ? -Sorry, I have no idea. A. will go, is fine B. goes, is fine C. will go, is going to be fine D. goes, will be fine
  59. We have up early in order to catch the early bus. A. used to get B. been used to get C. used for getting D. been used to getting
  60. I think of the materials I listened to at the beginning of the exam easy. A. three fourths, is B. third four, are C. three fourths, are D. three fourth, are
  61. -May we leave the classroom now? -No, you . You to leave until the bell rings. A. mustn’t, are allowed B. don’t have to, are supposedC. needn’t, aren’t allowed D. can’t, aren’t supposed
  62. The plane when we got to the airport. A. had taken off B. was taken off C. will take off D. is takin g off
  63. -I hear Huang Gang made an English speech at the graduation ceremony yesterday. - , and . A. So he did, so did I B. So did he, so I did C. So he was, so was I D. So was he, so I was
  64.Come on,children! Help to some. A.yourself;meat B.yourselves;chicken C.yourselves;beefs
  65.What a pity! Liu Xiang didn’t win thehurdles(跨栏). A.110-meter B.110-meters C.110 meter
  66.? What is theof the 2010 World Expo(世博会)? ? It is “Better City, Better Life”. A.song B.theme C.custom
  67.The boy foundhard to get along with the other classmates. A.this B.that C.it
  68. Let’s search the Internet for some information about famous people,? A.will you B.won’t you C.shall we 70 .the afternoon of April 30th,many foreign visitors arrivedShanghai. A.In;at B.On;in C.On;to
  71.Yoube tired after playing sports for a long time without a rest. A.must B.need C.can’t
  72.They preferred rather thana bike. A.to walk; to ride B.walking;riding C.to walk;ride
  73.In our school libray,therea number of books on science and the number of themgrowing larger and larger. A.is;are B.are;is C.have;is
  74. Several days has passedthe air crash(空难) happened. A.since B.after C.as
  75. My e-mailto you last night. Have you received it? A.sent;yet B.is sent;already C.was sent;yet
  76. ? can we board our plane? ? In twenty minutes. A.How soon B.How long C.How often
  77. ? Would you mind my taking this seat? ? . A.Sorry, I can’t B.No,not at all C.It’s a pleasure
  78.We had to our discussion because one of us suddenly got ill. A.take off B.turn off C.break off 79 . ? Could you tell me ? ? Yes. He to Australia.
  80. Do you know everyone from Class One? Er…, I know some of . A. they B. their C. theirs D. them ( )
  81. When I was a student, I liked to sit in the front of the classroom so that I could see the words more clearly on the . A. blackboard B. desk C. dictionary D. postcard ( )
  82. Tommy is looking for the watch his uncle him last month. A. gives B. gave C. to give D. has given (
  83. Would you like some coffee?- - No, thanks. I drink coffee. Coffee is bad for my stomach. A. almost B. already C. hardly D. still ( )
  84. I don’t have to in troduce him to you you know the boy. A. until B. unless C. since D. but (
  85. The tall man over there is our new English teacher, ? A. is he B. is there C. isn’t he D. isn’t there
  86. I got a good present on my birthday. A. nine B. ninth C. the nine D. the ninth ( )
  87. While I w as walking along the lake, I saw some fish out of the water. A. jumped B. to jump C. jumping D. are jumping (
  88. Several years ago, people knew Sean. But now he is famous in Jinan. A. few B. any C. many D. most
  89. I to take part in the English speech contest last week. A. ask B. asked C. am asked D. was asked (
  90. Mr. Yang’s daughter is pretty good drawing pictures and won many prizes. A. with B. for C. In D. at ( )
  91. Xiao Wang, will it take to fly to Guangzhou? -- Sorry, I don’t know. A. how far B. how soon C. how many D. how long ( )92 The TV play is about a true story happened in Mianyang in 19
  98. A. it B. what C. that D. when ( )
  93. Though Jack was poor and sick, he never any chance to write. That is why he finally became a successful writer. A. agreed to B. gave up C. looked for D. thought of ( )
  94. Could you tell me ? Of course, last night. A. when you reached Chengdu B. when did you reach Chengdu C. how you came to China D. how did you come to China
  95-My brother and I will go to the library tomorrow. -. Shall we go together? A. So am I B. So do I C. So I am D. So will I
  96. Do you know the boy is sitting next to Peter? Yes. He is Peter’s friend. They are celebrating his birthday. A. who; ninth B. that; nineth C. /; nineth D. which; ninth 97 You can use MSN to talk with Vivien on the Internet. I know. But can you tell me ? A. when I can use it B. what I can use it C. why can I use it D. how can I use it 98 What do you think of the lecture of Li Yang’s Crazy English? I think it’s , but someone thinks it’s much too . A. wonderful enough; bored B. enough wonderful; boring C. wonderful enough; boring D. enough wonderful; bored
  99. It’s difficult for the village children to cross the river for school. - I think a bridge over the river. A. should be built B. is being built C. has been built D. was built 100 Zhao Rui, it’s said that many famous singers will come to Yangzhou on April 18th. How about watching the evening show there? --



   中考英语试题分类汇编专题一 中考英语试题分类汇编专题一 " 专题一 单项选择 考点一、 考点一、名词 C.some good piece of newes D.some piece of good newes 透析中考英语语法名词考点 【名词命题趋势与预测】 名词命题趋势与预测】 根据近几年全国各地中考试题对名词部分考查的分析可知,今后对名词部分的考查重点为: 1、 名词的可数与不可数性。 2、 名词单复数在特定情况下的使用。 3、 名词的普通格与所有格作定语的选用。 4、 物质名词、抽象名 ...


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   1. 冠词(4点) 冠词( 点 除复习冠词的基本用法外, 除复习冠词的基本用法外,其 例外”用法值得注意。 “例外”用法值得注意。 1). 表示“某一”的意思时,专有名 表示“某一”的意思时, 词及月份、星期的名词前用a或 词及月份、星期的名词前用 或 an。例如: 。例如: On a Saturday morning he got lost in the mountain. 2). a / an + 名词 + 修饰性的定语 从句或介词短语。例如: 从句或介词短语。例如: Mrs. Tayl ...



   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   1. What do you think about the parents’ true love for children? Nowadays in China, parents, especially those of teenagers, care about their children’s education more than anything else. They would do anything for their children when it comes to the ...


   1, stay healthy 保持健康 , = keep healthy = keep fit 2 healthy a. unhealthy health n. eg. My grandfather is very (health). But my grandmother is (health) because she does no exercise. e.g. He is much than before because he eats more vegetables. 3 like ...


   2010 年全国大学生英语竞赛(NECCS) 简 章 全国大学生英语竞赛(National English Contest for College Students,简称 NECCS)是 经教育部有关部门批准举办的全国唯一的大学英语综合能力竞赛活动。 本届竞赛是第十 二届全国大学生英语竞赛。 为了保证本届竞赛各项活动规范有序地开展, 特制定本简章, 请各参赛单位严格遵照执行。 一、竞赛宗旨与目的 本竞赛旨在配合教育部高等教育教学水平评估工作, 贯彻落实教育部关于大学英语 教学改革精神,促进大 ...


   第一课 一、经典实用句: 1. When she loses her temper, there’s nothing you can do about it. 当她发脾气时,你简直拿她没办法。 2. Don’t worry about her, she was rather ill this morning, but now she’s full of beans. 别为她担心,她今天早上病得蛮厉害,但现在已经活蹦乱跳了。 3. It won’t be a surprise; my child ...