.-She didn't come to schoolyesterday,did she? -,though she was not feeling very well. A.No,she didn't B.Yes,she didn't C.No,she did
D.Yes,she did

  2.Few of them hurt themselves in the accident last night? A.don't they B.didn't they C.did they D.do they
  3.fine weather it is! A.What B.How C.What a
D.How a

  4.Miss Wang,angryyour students. A.doesn't be;to B.doesn't be;with C.don't be'to
D.don't be; with

  5.-When shall we meet ,tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? -is OK.I'm free these two days. A.Neither B.Either C.None D.All
  6.-? -Much wetter than yesterday. A.What's the matter with you B.Which is better,today or yesterday C.How are you feeling today D.What'a the weather like today
  7.-I know little Chinese. -You can hardly understand what I said,? A.can't you B.didn't you C.did you D.can you
  8.-Where is your friend? -At. A.Mr.Green's B.Green C.the Green's

  1.A 反义疑问句要根据事实回答 根据回答中有 though 一词 转折关系
  2.C .Few of them 表示否定 反义疑问句前肯后否 时间状语为 last night 选 C
  3.A. weather 为不可数名词 .What +形容词+ 名词 How+ 形容词
  4.D Miss Wang,有逗号 后面应是祈使句 所以不选前两项 be angry with 固定 搭配 “对??生气”
  5.B 句意是肯定 不选 A.C.根据谓语 is 两者选其一用 Either
  6.D 句意 日常对话
  7.D.hardly 是否定副词 反义疑问句前肯后否
  8.A 是名词所有格特殊用法 姓氏后加"s 表示在这人家里

  1.??Are you going to Beijing by plane? ??It`s fast,but expensive.So I am not sure.I take a train. A.should B.may C.must D.will
  2.??I feel very happy that I to be host. ??Congratulations! A.shoose B.am chosen C.was chosen D. haven chosen. (麻烦顺便把这个解释一下)
  3.??People find it hard to get across the river. ??I think at least two bridges it. A. need B.are needing C. will need D.are needed
  4.??It`s raining!When did it start? ??I don`t know exactly.In fact,it all this after noon. A.lasts B.has lasted C.lasted D.will last (麻烦顺便把这个解释一下)
  5.The Olympic Games every four years. A.are held B.were held C.are holding D.will hold
1A 因为说了 I am not sure.所以这里应该选择猜测语气弱的,may 的语气弱,其 他语气肯定。 2B 是被动语态表示:我被选作主持人我很开心。 3D 仍然是被动语态,two bridges 是被需要,所以选 D 4A 因为 last 是非持续性动词,用完成时,CD 选项时态不对. 5A 还是被动语态题型,陈述事实,选现在时 A.

  1.-Tom is ill.When shall we go to see him,on Saturday or on Sunday? -.Either will do. A.I don't konw B.I don't mind C.I'm not sure D.I'm afraid not
  2.-Can you come on Monday or Tuesday? -I'm afraidis possible. A.either B.neither C.some D.any
  3.-That's a good book.Can you keep it? -Only two weeks. A.What time B.How often C.How long D.How soon
1B 题干中说 Either will do(随便哪天都行)根据语意判断应选 B 我无所谓 2B 题干中说 I'm afraid(恐怕...)既然恐怕就应该是去不了,即哪天都不行,应 该选全否定 neither 3C 回答说 Only two weeks(只有两星期)说明问的是时间长短,所以应该用 How long,而 What time 是问具体的什么时候,How often 是问多久一次,How soon 问的是多快 -Did you get a ticket? -No, I,but there weren't any left. A. tried B. tried to C. had tried C 考察的是过去完成时的用法。 过去完成时表示一个发生在过去的动作, 一直持续到过去, 并且对过去造成影响, 也就是我们所说的发生在“过去的过去”的动作。 我发现没有票了这个动作发生在过去,try 这个动作又发生在他之前,所以用过 去完成时。 再如: By the end of last term, we had learned 2000 words. 上学期已经过去了,学了几个单词是在过去的过去,所以用过去完成时。

  1.My grandpa likes the house he used to live. A.where B.what C.which D.why
  2.Wang Ning rode his bike fast that couldn't stop it easily. A.so B.too C.such D.enough
  3.I didn;t my brother had told them a lie about it. A.reveal B.reply C.understand D.realize
  1、A,作定语从句的方法就是把从句倒过来, 这里先行词是 the house :he used to live the house ,很明显应该在 live 后 面加 in 才能使句子连贯。根据句子意思肯定不用 why,而定语从句里没有 what 做先行词的用法,应该用,但是这里没有,但是 in which 会等于 where。
  2、A,没有 enough that 和 too that 这种用法所以排除 BD。而因为 fast 是形 容词,所以应该用 so,如果是名词那么要用 such。
  3、D 根据句子意思可排除 A.reveal (显示) B.reply (回答) 我没有发觉我弟弟就这件事向他们撒了一个谎。 C (明白)



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